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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameScooby Fantasy IX
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy
DescriptionBack story: Xander convinces the gang to go as the characters from his and Willow's favorite video game.
Plot points:-Buffy dresses up as Dagger aka Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
-Xander dressed up as ZidaneTribal
-Willow dressed as Vivi
-Jenny dressed as General Beatrix
-Joyce dressed as Quina Quen
-OZ dressed as Amarant Coral
-Giles dressed as Adelbert Steiner
-Cordelia dressed as Freya Crescent (If you add her to the group.)
-Each of their costumes remain and stay 100% real after the spell ends as well as they keep all the memories, abilities, an skills. They will still remain human but the costumes will remain real.
-Their memories are up to the end of the game when Dagger leaps in to Zidane's arms.
-They use the memories, abilities, and skills they got from the Halloween incident to start their own company and help them save the world.
Recommendation, but not necessary: They find their worlds version of the Quantum Mirror and it leads to a different reality. : Info on Quantum Mirror
Challenge Date11 Oct 13
Last Updated12 Oct 13

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