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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerMuroshi
Challenge NameWellspring of power
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Warcraft
DescriptionDuring the Halloween spell Xander finds out that Dawn will be in his escort group and so they decide to get costumes together. Then Joyce decides to pay for them to have matching costumes.
Xander went as the human form of the blue dragon Kalec while Dawn went as Anveena (The Sunwell Trilogy manga).
Now the Key is also a living Sunwell capable of opening herself and any other she chooses to a vast untainted wellspring of power but the demons want to capture and taint her into a living mobile Hellmouth. With Xander being a magic wielding dragon dedicated to the protection of magic, Willow Jenny and Giles as Magi she can empower, and her sister the slayer its going to be a heck of a battle.
Challenge Date18 Oct 13
Last Updated18 Oct 13

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