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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerGwynApNudd
Challenge NameYAHF Aftermath: Avenging League of Justice
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionStart your fic the morning after Halloween. The Scoobies had all dressed as their favorite Justice Leaguer/Justice Societier. Their costumes remain enchanted, giving them powers. They also have interactive memories/fictional possessions, but not of their costumes'owners. Their new personalities are of the Avengers/Defenders closest equivalent.

·Xander has a Batman suit, but his mental passenger is Nighthawk

·Willow's Zatanna tux hides the Scarlet Witch's Wanda personality

·Dawn, as a Valkirie in a Wonder Woman outfit can now hold her own at Buffy's side

·The Clint "Hawkeye" Barton personality grouses about Andrew "prancing around in a Peter Pan costume" no matter how many times Andrew explains that Green Arrow patterned it on Robin Hood, not Peter Pan. Xander and Oz agree with Clint, but mainly because of the entertainment value of keeping the argument going.

Other than the four above, you can assign the costume choices as you will. Buffy gets a costume, but not much in the way of extra abilities. She should pick a non-powered heroine.

Since it will already be AU from the beginning, you can add other supporting characters, even if they did not join until later in canon, or were already gone: Jesse, to Kennedy.

Other possible suit/personality pairings are Catwoman/Hellcat, Black Canary/Black Widow, Dr Fate/Dr Strange, Aquaman/Namor, Flash/Quicksilver. There are other pairing possibilities, but keep the powers appoximately identical. Gender-flipping the suit/personality is OK, but not preferred. Similarly one or the other can be from a group other than the four preferred, or a loner, but I would rather yo stayed with the four. Their combined rosters were rather full.
Challenge Date20 Oct 13
Last Updated20 Oct 13

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