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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameTara-Ethos a new Beginning
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Warcraft
DescriptionBack Story: -Sunny Hell High school Library-

The Scooby gang was setting up a game of WoW RPG. A weekend past time none of them were quite sure when it started, but were all glad that it was still going on. after they all got out all their respective character sheets they turned to the local WoW chapter master, whose job it was to write up/invent a story line that the RPG group could play through, and listened as he told them the description of the environment that they were starting the game in. As he spoke each member of the WoW RPG group started to glow until all the members were completely engulfed in light all, but the chapter master wasn't. As fast as the light appeared it faded but as the light completely faded all the players were gone and all that was left was the chapter master. He looked around and muttered a inedible phrase under his breath which caused his image to flicker then in his place stood Ethan Rayne. He spoke aloud to the room and said. "Have fun in your new home Ripper. Cause as much chaos as possible." With that he walked out of the library.
-Somewhere in the WoW World-
The group appeared next to a stack of crates with the closest one having a note on it telling them were they are and what is in the crates signed "I'm not going to transport you to a different world with nothing but your new skills to keep yourselves alive. So here are some items to help you cause some chaos in your new world and help keep you alive. Ethan Rayne,"

Plot Points: -The boxes contain containers/bags of the best quality for their respective professions and they are at least half way full of tools and materials for their respective professions as well.
-They find a place and create their own community.
-The group can all speak English and their respective races language.
-The groups participants retain all their respective characters abilities, traits, skills, knowledge, whatever their character new, and could do whatever their character could do.
-The time line is that of the WoW computer game. You have three choices on when to appear.:A)Right after the Burning Crusade B)Right after Cataclysm C)Right after Pandarens started to show up.
-They will appear in one of six choices:1)Out side of Booty Bay. 2)Out side of Mudsprocket. 3)Out side of Shattrath City. 4)Out side of The Nesingwary Base Camp. 5)Out side of Town-In-A-Box. 6)Out side of Halfhill.
-The groups participants, their races, one of their professions are all listed below (Cordelia you can pick both of her main professions, but Joyce must already know the secondary profession Cooking). Their classes are up to you and the rest of customizing them is up to you.
Xander: Race:Gnome profession:Engineer
Buffy: Race:Ork Profession:Blacksmith
Willow: Race:Tauren Profession:Herbalism
Oz: Race:Wargon Profession:Skinner
Dawn: Race:Goblin Profession:Alchemist
Giles: Race:Dranei Profession:Jewel-craftier
Jenney: Race:BloodElf Profession:Enchanter
Joyce: Race:Panaren Profession:Tailoring Secondary:Cooking
Cordelia: Race:Human Profession:?
Angel: Race:Troll Profession: Skinning

Listed below are some sited that will have some helpful info on WoW.:
Challenge Date21 Oct 13
Last Updated22 Oct 13

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