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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerremovedauthor
Challenge NameThe Scoobies Reborn
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionPlot Points: -During the spell the Scoobies and whoever else you what get transformed in to their costumes'
-They retain their costumes skills, abilities, and memories.
-The Scoobies and whoever got transformed into their costume will undergo any physical or physiological changes required to leave them permanently as the character/a member of the character’s species after the spell ends, even though their own personality returns to control their mind.
-They leave the planet by some means and reach their ship/fleet.
-They Choose to keep the ship/fleet and live on it/them.
-They still help Earth with the tech they have as a third party. They don't just hand over the tech and their ship/fleet to Earth.
-Said ship/fleet should contain on board a full complement of fuel, supplies, and armaments, including any smaller craft such as shuttles ordinarily associated with the ship.
-Said ship/fleet should NOT possess any of its usual crew complement beyond digital sentience. I.E. if the ship possesses artificial bodies controlled by the ship’s AI then they should still exist on the ship. An example is the “Ship Made Flesh” android body of Rommy on the Andromeda Ascendant.
-The Scoobies and whoever ells that got transformed into their costume must have a means to access the ship/fleet, either via remote access of computer systems to teleport aboard, remote piloting of a shuttle, or a shuttle being created near his location when the spell activates.
-The ship/fleet is above the orbital plain of the solar system. The ship/fleet is up from the solar system's X axis on the Y axis.
-No matter what the normal means of FTL propulsion is native to Xander’s universe, the technology of his ship should still operate as presented in the source material. This applies to everything from sensors, to propulsion, to medical technology.
-Below is listed the ships/fleet you will have to pick from that the Scooby gang will dress as some of its crew. If you don't want to use all the ships in a group you don't have to but I would prefer that you did. An I if you want go ahead and mix and mach ships from different ship groups if you want.
A)New Macross Class Colonization Ship, Sunnyflower Agricultural Ship, and Three Star Factory Ship (Macross7)
B)The Kukai Foundation with the Durandal
C)Deep Space 9, USS Voyager, and The Prometheus-class (USS Prometheus)
D)the Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute (The paragraph right before the chapter end notes at the bottom of the page describes the ship and it gos on to the next chapter/page.)
E)Arkology, Andromeda Ascendant, and Eureka Maru
F)The BC-304, A City-ship, and Seed ship
G)Babylon 5, Warlock class destroyer, and White Star
H)The UNSC Infinity, ONI Medical Facility, and Anchor 9
J)The Emperor-class Battleship, Dauntless-class Light Cruiser, and A Claymore-class Corvette
K)Orbital command, starport, and tech lab

It is preferred that you use more than one of the options of ships/fleets as the ones that appears but you can have one of them appear if you want for this challenge. Each letter is a ship/fleet group of its own.

A.N.:Other crossovers recommended preferred Sci-Fi crossovers but wouldn't pass up an offer of somebody crossing it over with a fantasy universe. Example: Use the Quantum mirror (Stargate SG-1) or the timer from the show Sliders or some other way crossing it over with another universe/reality or Have the Powers That Be transport Xander to a different reality/universe to stop him from messing up their plans. Examples: Stargate, Star wars, Alien, Predator, Masseffect, Prototype, Halo, Warhammer 40K, Andromeda, Ben Ten, Star Trek, Babylon-5, Robotech, Macross, Smallville, Marvel, D.C., Lost in Space, X-files, Pokemon, The Hobbit, D&D, Book series, etc etc.
Challenge Date23 Oct 13
Last Updated26 Oct 13

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