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Meetings, Old Friends and New Friends

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from Elleria
Love this.
Comments from author:
Well this trilogy was part of the Lorne tribute, and links back into my NY Heartbreak story . And yes, I'm slowly working on the sequel to it. Too many other fics that I'm working on as well so it's slow going.
Review By [Elleria] • Date [6 Oct 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from kayron
HMM...kid with problems, needs to be trained and protected, emotional and physical injuries, surrounded by people he can't trust, and locked into a prophecy. I'm thinking Harry Potter. The problem with that is that Danny and Xander can't help him with magic. So maybe not Harry. I'm interested to find out, so I'll be watching for the next installment of the series. Nice memorial/tribute to Andy Hallett/Lorne. It speaks well for him that his performance is still so well thought of by fans.
Comments from author:
*smiles* I figured Xander was the perfect person to sing for the Host and get given some sort of help. After all he helps so many others and gives so very much of himself....

As for the person, well Xander and Danny may not know magic, but that's not all there is to fighting. Plus Xander has many unusual and odd contacts who he can call on for never know who he could get to help with someone's training *evil smirk*

I can't offer a definite time frame for the next story in the series, as I've got many others going at the moment. It will be as soon as I can though.
Review By [kayron] • Date [20 Apr 09] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from ShinseiTonbo
NO! PLease continue the series. I Like Danny and Pairing him with Xander (whom is my favourite next to Spike) in just Awesome.
Comments from author:
There will be further adventures. I promise . I can't say how soon, as I've got multiple other stories that I'm working on at the moment. The first two in this series were pre-quels to NY Heart Break, this is a sequel of sorts. So check that one out if you haven't. I can't promise a definite time frame for the next sequel. I would if I could.
Review By [ShinseiTonbo] • Date [19 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from kaleecat
I do like this series. A lovely tribute to Lorne, and the wonderful man who embodied him, as well as good storytelling. I like Xander & Danny together.

And I am really looking forward to the arrival of a certain green-eyed young man who needs to be loved and cared for by his own family. I can visualize Xander telling off a certain bearded meddler & a 'bat' quite clearly (you don't mess with the White Knight).
Comments from author:
*smirks* What Xander beating up idiots all around *smirks and cackles* Nah not Xander...roflmao.

Yeah, for the moment that's a story that just barely an outline. I've got a few others I'm working on but it was too perfect of an option to create a tie in like that. It makes the 'flow' of events a bit more smooth and natural.

Yep Danny and Xander are a sweet pairing.
Review By [kaleecat] • Date [19 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from BloodPhoenix
Interesting. I'd like to see this sequel. Is it with Harry Potter perhaps?
Comments from author:
Yep it's going to be Harry Potter. At the moment the pairing is definitely still going to be Danny/Xander. Now for Harry...not sure yet. But he will be getting some much needed help.

It's still in the vague plot/idea/tenative outline stage. Once I get some more free time I'll work on it a bit more.

*sighs* Free times at a premium any more it seems.
Review By [BloodPhoenix] • Date [19 Apr 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from (Past Donor)KatrinaC
It's gonna be Harry Potter... isn't it.....

*snickers* great fic! I loved it!

Comments from author:
*evil smirk, peers into the magic eight ball* The magic eight ball says probably ...what can I say. It's a bunny spawned by some of the stories by Vo and other people wanting more HP/CSI:NY crossovers...still in the vague idea stage, nothing too concrete yet. But it will happen eventually...I hope.

As for this one, well it just fit so right. After all it's a perfect wrap up to the previous two, and a nice sequel to NY Heartbreak...
Review By [(Past Donor)KatrinaC] • Date [19 Apr 09] • Not Rated
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