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Let All the Pranks Come to a Complete Halt...

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Review of chapter "Let All the Pranks Come to a Complete Halt" from eriktheviking
Good gentle fun but I didn't get the characters until you swept the curtain back.
Comments from author:
That's how I hoped it would be... ;)
Review By [eriktheviking] • Date [30 Apr 11] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Let All the Pranks Come to a Complete Halt" from LostSpartan
Well, I thought it might have been Wedge Antilles disciplining Wes Janson - so big fail there. Still a funny story!

And on a side note: Luke Skywalker is played by Mark Hamill. Mark Hamill is also a voice actor for a certain big bad - one with GREEN HAIR.

"Why so serious?"...
Comments from author:
Glad you thought that. It was purely intentional... ;)

As for the Hamill with green hair... pure fluke... honest... ;)
Review By [LostSpartan] • Date [29 Apr 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Let All the Pranks Come to a Complete Halt" from deathzealotzero

At first I thought Anakin Solo, for he along the Solo Children would pull pranks. Then I threw that out when you introduce Cal as President and mentioned the Galactic Alliance not the Republic therefore it had be something further into the timeline. Then I thought perhaps it is someone else. Then the bit about Ewoks I thought perhaps Wes Janson or Face had a kid or something. Then you get to the bit about the POV guy's wife, and her shuttle. I then starting thinking that i has to be a character with an known character as a wife. Finally right before the grand finale i realized it had to be Ben, and therefore making the POV Character Luke. Sadly, I wished this happened in the canon Universe but with Mara dead and Ben recovering from whatever Jacen did to him i don't see it happening. On a more positive note, I would think Mara would be the one to hand out the punishments for poor Ben. Having Mara being the cool-healed one of the two is a kind of a complete 360. But still quite funny anyways.
Comments from author:

Yeah, I wrote this prior to Dark Nest and Legacy of the Force, so its very different from the canon plotline... ;)
Review By [deathzealotzero] • Date [29 Apr 11] • Not Rated
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