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Patch tribe

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Review of chapter "Chapter One" from BuffyKaibaHunt
Excellent job writing this. :) You just inspired me to write a new Buffy/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover story... :) (Yu-Gi-Oh is my favorite anime, of course.)
Comments from author:
I'm glad that you liked it, :)
Review By [BuffyKaibaHunt] • Date [9 Jul 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from SlowMercury
This is a very interesting concept; I like it a lot. I am confused about one thing, though -- is Buffy's spirit the mountain lion, whom she named Kendra, or is it somehow *actually* Kendra (the Vampire Slayer Kendra)?

I would be very curious to see what happened next -- Buffy is, I'm assuming, going to kick ass and take names, which will be a bit of a shock to the other competitors, who probably won't have seen her coming. But she seems screwed up mentally, so even if she does win, it's doubtful that everything will be all rosy. Anyway, very intriguing. I am glad you chose to share this fic.
Comments from author:
I like the idea of Kendra being the Slayer Kendra. Who knows, maybe she is, maybe she isn't... :p

And yes, Buffy IS not fine. Let's see: at fifteen she is told that she has to learn how to kill, at sixteen she's killed for the first time, at seventeen she sends Angel to hell... She fought in a war for six years. At the end of season 5 Buffy had two options: let jump Dawn, save the world and keep fighting a war that may not end or... jump at the portal, save the world and *finally* get some rest (and perhaps meet her mother once more).

Of course, Buffy doesn't get her rest and is reborn in the Patch tribe and in the middle of another war (Shaman Fight).

But don't worry, she's going to meet Yoh at some point. That guy can cheer up anyone, xD
Review By [SlowMercury] • Date [13 May 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter One" from cloudleonsgurl
It's really good. I see this could stay a one-shot, or a series of oneshots, or a full length story, which is quite a feat. I applaud you. Good job. :)
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review, :)

I don't think I'm going to continue this, at least for now. I have another fic to finish, this was a plot bunny that decided to not let me study until I wrote it, xD
Review By [cloudleonsgurl] • Date [12 May 11] • Not Rated
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