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It's a Fae-tastic world

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Review of chapter "It's a Fae-tastic world" from Blackguard
Funny, very funny. I could totally see Dawn and Kenzie getting in all sorts of trouble, and could also easily see Xander and Bo getting together and pulling them out of hot water.
Comments from author:
Thanks. That's what I was thinking too. Glad that you've liked it!
Review By [Blackguard] • Date [6 Sep 11] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "It's a Fae-tastic world" from (Past Donor)Pax
Cute. I can't wait for the second season to start! So, you know, more please? Bo and Xander would be kind of fun in any way, platonic or romantic.
Comments from author:
Eh, that was just a one-shot... but they're probably platonic, and yes, I cannot wait for season 2 either.
Review By [(Past Donor)Pax] • Date [8 Jun 11] • Not Rated
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