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A Tail of Two Cities

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Review of story "A Tail of Two Cities" from (Past Donor)ScottWanderer
Actually, I would assume spike had the negative Ki level.

This crossover could be a lot of fun. While Vegeta is not a nice guy or even a good guy he is at the point in his life when he is no longer evil and easily influenced by those around him. I could actually see him taking Buffy and Xander under his wing a bit, after all Saiyans respect warriors who stand up to improbable odds.
Comments from author:
Actually, you're right. Spike has the negative ki a vampire needs others' life force to survive, to bring his key "positive" as it were. Ought to make for some fun storytelling... ;-) Thanks for the review!
Review By [(Past Donor)ScottWanderer] • Date [27 Nov 11] • Rating [10 out of 10] • Edit Comment
Review of story "A Tail of Two Cities" from Jaylynn
I'm just shaking my head at the possibilites. Soo is Xander the negative power one and what does that mean? Interesting story so far and I hope you continue it.
Comments from author:
I have the story outlined so far, and there's so many things I can do with it, but i will try to update as often as I can! Thanks for reviewing!!
Review By [Jaylynn] • Date [27 Nov 11] • Not Rated • Edit Comment
Review of story "A Tail of Two Cities" from Muadzin
Whoa! First review!

Good thing, Saiyans in Sunnydale. Even if it is the 'I've just become a Super Saiyan so I'm now insufferable' Vegetable. Now that he's gone the other Z-fighters might actually stand a chance against the Androids and Cell.

Bad thing, way too short chapters.
Comments from author:
Thanks for the review. Sorry about the short chapters, i'm just trying to get the story out before it leaves my head! :-) Hopefully later chapters will bulk up. The story is completely outlined, with 11 more chapters to come. Hopefully my life will allow for fast typing. Glad you enjoyed the story so far!
Review By [Muadzin] • Date [22 Aug 11] • Not Rated • Edit Comment
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