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Dansende Ekorn og Andre Dumheter

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Review of chapter "Irish Hunger Memorial 1" from raxadian
Power Girl and a Raven from Teen Titans wannabe... wonderful!
Comments from author:
Actually, all of the characters from this chapter are derived from classic mythology...
Review By [raxadian] • Date [23 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from raxadian
Ah yes, those who bed the gods....
Comments from author:
...limp away in the morning with sore hips.
Review By [raxadian] • Date [23 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "New York by Gehry" from raxadian
That WAS Power Girl, right?
Comments from author:
Kára is actually a mythological valkyrie, whose name means "the wild, stormy one". We decided to do a bit of a play by combining that with Power Girl's real name (Kara Zor-L) to create a valkyrie who looked like a fictional character. There's also one in Blue Belle whose in this weird temporal paradox with Scarlet Witch as to who influenced whose costume...
Review By [raxadian] • Date [23 Feb 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Irish Hunger Memorial 1" from Morgomir
Nice piece of art and another great chapter. Keep up the good work.
Comments from author:
I plan on it. :)
Review By [Morgomir] • Date [9 May 13] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Irish Hunger Memorial 1" from Meneldur
Huh. Nice art of Thrud. And I liked this chapter a lot. It had some important information, and the characterization was splendid.

Amora was great. I enjoyed the 'medieval speech' they shared, but even more her dismissive attitude towards it when not in public as Thrud, and her approach towards clothes. Even better were her wrds about Thor. That goddess is simply brilliant, especially in how open she is about her sexual desires and the fact that half of them are just conquests.

So, Thrud is Jarnsaxa's daughter? That's an interesting twist, but I like it. It makes for more tension between her, Thor, Sif and the rest. Is Thor's lost love Jane Foster? I wonder what Sif thinks of that. I enjoyed them ridiculing her as well. It was interesting, because it really brought across that even if Thrud is a goddess from another dimension who doesn't exactly fit in there but still has power, she's not infallible, and has weak spots like a certain cattiness towards others, her pride, and so forth.

The Morrigan (I prefer 'Unkindness' to 'conspiracy', by the way) was great, and drove this point even further. In the end, Thrud is as human as the rest of us in some ways, and so are the others with her. Though Amora as a mother figure is a bit much. She may be much older than Thrud, but she has a certain... style... that is hard to imagine as motherly.

Your descriptions of their outfits were great - I assume you're saving the actual art for when Aphrodite shows up? Anyway, great chapter, can't wait for more.

EDIT: Oh, right, you told me, it completely slipped my mind... man, this is probably going to be the heaviest concentration of this thing in your fics, no? Though it makes me wonder if Amora fathered any children as well... I once read a great fic with Loki/Amora using magic to switch genders...
Comments from author:
I'm not sure if I never told you about Thrúd's parentage or if you're trying not to spoil it... but while Thrúd is indeed half-jötunn, there is a jötunn who is far, far more famous than Járnsaxa. They're even on Amora's list of Thor's conquests. ;)

Thor's lost love is indeed Jane Foster as per the Thor movie, which unfolded fairly close to canon. What differences there are will be covered in this chapter and other, future chapters focusing on Thrúd and her demented family tree.

The final giant piece of art will be at the bottom of the scene when it's all put together because it's landscape orientation and needs to be centered. TtH doesn't handle that particularly well, so I try to avoid doing centered images in the middle of chapters. I think I did it once in 17, with the image of Wanda and Anya but even then it was between the end of the text and the horizontal rule for the next scene.

EDIT: Well, there is a historical basis. When Thrúd's half-brother and half-sister via her mother drop in to say hi, for instance, that one parent was the mother of the half-brother and the father of the half-sister in both Marvel and Norse mythology...
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [15 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "New York by Gehry" from JJDudeman
For me, the Agent Danvers and Morse references went a long way here - a bit surprised you went with Thor Girl over, say, Valkyrie, because Marvel 'verse Thor doesn't seems to be of age, but that's no big deal, and I loved her valley girl impression.
Comments from author:
Well, we've met Carol once in Blue Belle and again in East Coast Adventurers, so we know she exists. Bobbi's likewise been mentioned twice in Blue Belle proper and just got a first appearance in When Kate Met Buffy.

Despite Tony's mocking nickname, Thrúd isn't the 'Thor Girl' of the comics; you're thinking of Tarene. Thrúd is the daughter of Thor and Sif in both Poetic and Prose Edda and serves as both a goddess and a valkyrie. That's why she uses the sword rather than Tarene's imitation of Mjölnir and is familiar with the different valkyries that Sif sends down to Midgard with Amora. I've reworked the mother of my Thrúd to have a bit of fun, hence her half-jötunn nature, and reconciled the conflicting mythological accounts of Thrúd by making it that mine is in fact the second Thrúd; Thor named her after a valkyrie who served under Sif.

As for Thor, it's quite easy for him to have a 150-year-old daughter when you realize that Odin brought Loki to Asgard in 965 CE in the movie continuity and Thor and Loki grew up together. That'd make them both a minimum of 1046 years old as of the date associated with this chapter. :)
Review By [JJDudeman] • Date [15 Apr 13] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Irish Hunger Memorial 1" from Zaz
I still cant get over the name of that sword. It takes me out of suspension of disbelief every time I read it. ^^

(If you wonder what I mean, make a google image search for 'rensa fisk' and/or 'rensa avlopp'.)
Comments from author:
Considering how many gutted fish pictures I get when I do 'rensa fisk', it means that the Norwegian user who donated the name gave me what I'm looking for...
Review By [Zaz] • Date [15 Apr 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from DesitaniaF
YES about Christina Hendricks! As a happily married straight woman I'd still fall at her feet
Comments from author:
We'll actually be using her as the base of Emma if we do art of her.
Review By [DesitaniaF] • Date [26 Feb 13] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from TharzZzDunN
Goddesses running zumba classes, Tony getting a shot to the jewels, divinity working retail, this was an interesting story!

Comments from author:
Well, Squirrel Girl is powerful but not quite divinity. :)

It's really just a fun little way for me to test certain ideas before I put them into fic for real. I mean, sometimes I think stuff is hilarious or awesome and people are just like... no, sir, I don't like it.
Review By [TharzZzDunN] • Date [17 Nov 12] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from DofEire
Nicely executed. Amora's a fun character to toss in here, be nice to see more of her.
Comments from author:
We'll get more of her. Thrúd is both her parents' daughter, and so there's a touch of magic in her that needs to be fanned and refined appropriately. Amora's the perfect character to do that.
Review By [DofEire] • Date [21 Sep 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from Morgomir
Great chapter. Keep up the good work.
Comments from author:
Thanks. I'm hoping to get down to the Irish Hunger Memorial - the site of the next chapter - soon because the virtual tours and movies I've found just don't do it justice.
Review By [Morgomir] • Date [20 Sep 12] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from Meneldur
Pretty sure I saw this (twice?), but I like the edited version very much. I loved seeing Amora actualy speak in the old way, rather than be modern, and the mention of the other goddesses was an excellent tease. And the best part was of course Lexi and her appreciation of Amora. Because not enough people appreciate how divine she really is, and her interaction with Amber was brilliant, and the jokes were hilarious.
I have to wonder though, what would Thrud co-worker's reaction be whens he came back...
Comments from author:
There was the rough original version of Courtney at Borders in the '10 version of Blue Belle, then the piece I emailed around as a gift that had the modern English Amora. Thankfully AnotherJD came through and turned her properly old-school for me, because I couldn't do it without coming off as cartoonish as... well, comic Thor. As for Aphrodite and Morrigan... we'll be seeing at least one of them sooner rather than later in Blue Belle proper.

Oh, and you're not the first to ponder the coworkers' reactions. I'm ashamed to say I hadn't really thought of it, but will do my best to slip something in so we can see it. It might only be a few lines, but I'll do something.
Review By [Meneldur] • Date [18 Sep 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "GameStop on Greenwich Street" from skychan
You really are making Thrud an enjoyable character. I am enjoying more and more the idea of the person you are building up with these little bits. I for one am appreciative of the warning of their arrival and the chance to get used to it. Now of course I begin to wonder more about her co-workers and just how they are going to relate to her when she gets back from being on break.
Comments from author:
I got a lot of people complaining about how they got hit with 4-5 chapters of Avengers' backgrounds last time around, so I've been trying to spread things around through the story so that you don't get walloped that hard again. We're probably still going to get a three chapter chunk that's Avengers-heavy, but even then Buffy will get a side story in that chunk (When Kate Met Buffy).

I hadn't even thought to cover her coworkers after break; I might add a little piece to cover it now that you've said something, though.
Review By [skychan] • Date [17 Sep 12] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "New York by Gehry" from Ironfelix
Well another story that you will never finish. I do not know why the boss's put up with your crap. Plenty better writers than you. How many more are you gonna run off before this site crashes. Toddles
Comments from author:
I'd say I'd run you off, but that would require you to be an author. :)

Also? I am the boss.

EDIT: Also, thanks for review #1044 on the Blue Belle goliath. :)
Review By [Ironfelix] • Date [13 Sep 12] • Rating [1 out of 10]
Review of chapter "New York by Gehry" from skychan
Really I think the fact that they are with Squirrel Girl is what makes this fic work. Three cheers for Squirrel Girl and Zumba Squirrels!
Comments from author:
Squirrels are made of awesome. And fur. And biting.
Review By [skychan] • Date [6 Sep 12] • Not Rated
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