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Review of chapter "Once Upon a Slayer" from souldriven
I swear, work makes me miss all the fun. Lovely updates, nice to see you fall prey to MPBA (massive plot-bunny attack) and start a misc. idea collection as well. Can't say I get the once upon a time idea since I don't watch the show but I loved the resident evil one. Wesker's in Buffy's mind is just... There are no words for the creepy but awesome factor. Which reminds me re6 is out this month and Wesker's son is in it. Still hate cap com for how they killed off Wesker; it was just so poorly done. Although I must admit the movies were even worse at managing Wesker's character.
Comments from author:
Thank you. Yes, it attacked me and I couldn't get away. Basically OUaT, the curse was broken and everyone remember who they were, but they are still stucked in this world and Buffy is a character who got sent away before curse and now can return for revenge, lol.

I know! Wesker in Buffy's head, the Buffyverse would have been very different. So tempted to make into a long fic, but I want to at least get my AC or Buffy fic done before starting another. :(

I know, I still don't believe Wesker is dead. They need to bring him back. RE6 had mixed reviews, but from my RE fan of a sister in law she says, "It's fricking awesome!" I love the movies, don't like how they made Wesker...he'd not bad persay(even though they could have probably gotten a better actor), it's just they didn't have enough of him for me. Wesker was a badass always coming in when you least expected it and always tautning them.
Review By [souldriven] • Date [8 Oct 12] • Not Rated
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