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Ship of the Line: The Death Star

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Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Chan
This whole work is going in a number of interestesting directions curiously getting so many to work together might be a growing progress for humanity as it were in the intergalactic trade front.
Review By [Chan] • Date [12 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from (Past Donor)ScottWanderer
Excellent updates. Especially loving how Kinsey got shut down. It should be pointed out that Xander can and would lock out the main computer after sending the Death Star on a blind hyperjump if ANYONE form Earth attempts to violate the Sovereignty he wants. No Earth hacker could even think of trying to reprogram the Main Computers as code would be thousands of years more advanced than the best Humans have come up with. For all intents and purposes trying to take the Station is impossible short of some serious mind magic and I pity the Idiot that tries it with Xander now that he has Tarkin in his head.

Some points about the crew capacity of the Death Star:
1: It is mentioned the Death Star carries 1 million Storm Troopers. Storm Troopers are much like Marines and are not crew.
2: The Executor has a crew of 250 thousand before adding in Storm Troopers and so on.
3: While the Death Star absolutely dwarfs the Executor it probably has a optimum crew of ten million, with One million being the minimum needed to function without sacrificing performance
4: While the optimum crew is around ten million, the Death Star could likely support 100 million for emergencies.(a few weeks)

A point about the Hyperdrive: The Death Star is the largest manmade object with a Hyperdrive. It's slow in the terms of Hyperspace as a x3 or x4 meaning it could cross the Milky Way in a matter of a few weeks even without mapping hyperspace lanes

Another point for the Death Star is it does carry Capital Ships. Mostly Carrack cruisers which would make good vessels to offer Earth for self defense.

As for Kinsey making trouble for the Vigilant Watcher, there are groups that would silence him very violently for risking the Annihilation of Earth and that is before you add in the Watchers, the Terakens, Wolfram and Hart and so on.


Yeah the Carrack is a defense craft and if I remember correctly they are capable of landing on planet side. All their weapons are energy based giving the craft excellent space legs if needed. While best at fleet and planet defense, Earth could press them into exploration duty with minimal effort. Of course with the appearance of the Vigilant Watcher, I would hazard that Sam would radically change her ship designs to the proven KDY or CEC designs. Imagine the demoralization of the Goa'uld when they meet an ISD for the first time.
Comments from author:
So Earth now has a Starfleet and doesn't yet know it. This will be good for the SGC, but it stands to reason that there would need to be a shakedown cruise for each vessel in the fleet before sending them after the System Lords. I think some simulation studies are in order, and Teal'C will need to be involved as he is the SGC's foremost expert in Star Wars lore. Will need to find out the specs on the Carracks, of course; I can Google that with no prob.

The Star Wars Wookieepedia says the Carrack is essentially a light cruiser that doubles as a fast attack, much like the 688-class submarines in the US navy, and though small, they are heavily armed and well-suited for theie purpose. Being so small means there is no room for an internal fighter bay, but after the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Carrack was modified to include an external hardpoint which could hold up to five TIE craft. It can serve well as a system patrol craft or as a reconnaissance vessel, and in a worst-case scenario, a group of Carracks can take on a ship at least ten times the size of one Carrack cruiser.

Teal'C would probably recommend facing off against a Ha'Tak with about five Carrack cruisers.

Now Kinsey. Ah yes, everyone's favorite Senator...I have an almost firm opinion that once Hammond converses with President Hayes about the Watcher, after making his case to Congress about posting troops to the Watcher as part of a multinational force, he'll give Kinsey a stern talking-to and force a vote on the Senate floor to censure Kinsey. Political career, ruined much?
Review By [(Past Donor)ScottWanderer] • Date [1 Aug 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Et tu, Machiavelli?" from ecsnorway
A Senator is not a General's superior officer.

A Senator is not a PRIVATE's superior officer.

He is not in their chain of command at all.

He is most certainly a VIP and to be shown respect and courtesy.
He is NOT able, entitled, or wise, to give them ORDERS.
Comments from author:
All true. However, the Senate and the House of Representatives do wield considerable political influence over military affairs in their capacity to make constitutional legislation. The President, his or her own considerable power notwithstanding, can only enforce laws and sign bills into law, but either the House or the Senate can override the President 's veto power with a two-thirds majority vote. In that light, certain Senators who have held office for more than two terms do wield considerable political influence over the others, and generally get their way unless their vote is in the minority. Add to that certain senatorial powers such as the filibuster, for example, and they can literally talk a bill to death before it ever sees a vote. If the President tries to get around that by, an executive order, say, then the Congress can in essence call his or her bluff. Nothing like checks and balances to ruin your day, right?

Kinsey knows all this as a senior member of the Senate. He drew upon that in his wrongful assumption that he had authority to confiscate the Death Star, but rhe fact of the matter simply is this. He was not on US soil. The Death Star is not a US military asset. Kinsey couldn't do shit, and he will later find that somebody else has about as much real power as he does, and maybe more, when he's called before the full Senate for a vote of censure. Let's see him try to filibuster his way out of that one...
Review By [ecsnorway] • Date [1 Aug 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from espinosaca
You're slightly wrong when it comes to the powers of the President. Yes he's Commander-in-Chief, but he really can't unilaterally approve assignment of troops to a foreign location. Under the War Powers Resolution, the President can't post American troops overseas without certain conditions being met. None of those conditions are met with the posting of troops to this space station and therefore authorization for their posting rests with Congress. The posting of forces in foreign territory is done through treaty negotiations and approved through Congress. The President simply doesn't have the authority to do it unilaterally. The posting of soldiers in a host environment is done through a Status of Forces Agreement, which is negotiated by both sides generally through the legislative in order to make it legal.

Other than that point, which would be a major stumbling block to any posting of forces on this space station, the fic is good.
Comments from author:
Damn, I've been out of touch with my military knowledge since leaving the service in '01, so it's a good job that you've reminded me. A Status of Forces Agreement...the War Powers Act...yeah, this gives me something to work with

Thanks for the hint.
Review By [espinosaca] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Edman
Awesome chapter
Hey, would Bacta work on Egria?
Also, any chance that later on Teal'c can receive a Super Star Destroyer, or at least a normal Star Destroyer as gift? That would make him do something nobody has seen before, faint from happiness.
Comments from author:
What is Egria, I have to ask?
Review By [Edman] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Bobboky
Very good work
Review By [Bobboky] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Omegaprime
Keep dreaming Kinsey, keep dreaming and reaching for that (Death) star.

Then your downfall will hurt more than being burnt alive on a volcanic planet and it will be more satisfying for others.

(evil laugh).

Keep up the good work.
Review By [Omegaprime] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from ElldenStorm
Darth, I believe Wayneenz was referring to the following image, which has been out there it seems like forever:

The idea that the Death Stars were capable of docking Star Destroyers has been around since the 90s atleast with the Book Star Wars RPG source materials suggesting the Death Star had an assigned squadron of star destroyers that it was capable of docking. It was likely a result of the A New Hope Death Star / Star Destroyer approach sequences in which the Star Destroyers were clearly heading toward the equatorial trench at full burn at an extremely close distance. In Return of the Jedi, the hanger complex depicted some truly massive hangers, hangers that could dock at the least cruisers and dreadnoughts. Given the Death Stars sheer size, it is not out of the realm of possibility for it to possess Star Destroyer docks as well. After all, a Star Destroyer is approximately 900-980 meters in width and the hanger we saw in Return of the Jedi was at least 100 meters in width, if not more. It's largest neighbor being in the neighborhood of 600 from visual inspections, conservatively. Simply because we do not see it does not imply it's non-existence.

This is especially true since I believe I recall you increasing the Death Star size from the canon 120 kilometers to something on the order of three or six hundred kilometers in diameter. Consider the resources, time and effort devoted to the Death Stars construction. You do not design and build something that large and disregard the ability to dock a veritable fleet within it, both to serve as a forward operating base for Fleets (it is a mobile battle station after all) while supplying and maintaining those fleet elements, but to also recover and salvage Fleet elements as well.

Anyways, really enjoying this story. Keep it coming!
Review By [ElldenStorm] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue - Doomsday" from fanreaderonetwo
"And if they decided to commit the resources to build off-world living spaces I suspect that it would cheaper to build "habitats" in orbit or on Luna, Mars or the asteroids than making wholesale changes to the VW. Noting that such habitats could be used to house _workers_ at those locations (and the orbital ones could be self-propelled or moveable, as work sites change, think house trailers) rather than being merely "refugee camps in the sky".

Comments from author:

Again, you raise a valid point. It had honestly not crossed my mind to add orbital habitation modules to the list of things that will occupy the mind of our new favorite Grand Moff."


No need for Xander to pull his poorly educated head out of his ass,
have Carter or someone from the SGC suggest it.
Maybe they can point out the downsides and risks to having large numbers of uncleared refugees on the VW, and suggest habitats as alternatives. I suspect that there will designs for such habitats in the VW's database.

When I mentioned "moveable" habitats, I was thinking of self-contained modules with enough maneuvering thrusters to remain stable and to _slowly_ adjust its orbit as necessary, but without enough thrust to make major movements (say from earth orbit to lunar orbit or to the asteroid belt) without a tug.
Obviously they are designed and structured to allow such tugs to dock with them and move them. IOW they have trailer hitches. grin
As I said, think of a house trailer vs a self-propelled RV.
Comments from author:
House trailers, mobile homes, RVs in space. why am I suddenly thinking about rednecks in space? Lol...

Sunnydale has to have its fair share of those. Now about that NASCAR event that everyone's been talking about. ..the one taking place near the L5 Lagrange point. ..people are saying it's gonna be like the Talladega 500 in space...
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [30 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from wayneenz
Really enjoying it. I haven't seen Star Wars in some time, but I seem to recall a shot of a Star Destroyer entering the Death Star. Are there any aboard?
Comments from author:
You should have paid more attention, friend. No Death Star-class station was ever made to dock and service Fleet capital ships. What you saw was more than likely Anakin's command vessel, the EXECUTOR, crashing into the surface of the Death Star.

That's not to say, however, that the designs and specifications for every vessel class in the Imperial Starfleet aren't to be found in the Vigilant Watcher's central database, as well as some Republic and Rebel designs. We've got the beginnings of a bona fide Terran Starfleet right here! Just as soon as, you know, somebody like the Ancients or the Asgard discover hypermatter...
Review By [wayneenz] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Traveler
I was impressed with the extensive reviews and responses made earlier. I, however, just wish to thank you for continuing a story I enjoy reading. In the forty years since I last went to college my reading has mostly been for pleasure, such as this story and the other Ship of the Line stories. Again thanks for sharing with the readers and hope to see more soon.
Comments from author:
You are most welcome, true believer!
Review By [Traveler] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue - Doomsday" from fanreaderonetwo
"True that the Death Star can house a huge population, to start with IIRC its _crew_ was in the 100,000+ range, and presumably quarters for huge numbers of troops stationed aboard or carried.
OTOH much of its colossal volume is filled with its structure, drive engines, power plants, weapons, fuel, etc and is unavailable for habitation, particularly if its _pressurized_ 'open spaces' like hangar decks and shuttle bays are in use.

Then there are the huge volumes of the Death Star that are uninhabitable due to being unpressurized, unheated/cooled or exposed to dangerous radiations.

Think about the Falcon and fighters buzzing around inside the incomplete DS2 in "Jedi", I suspect that many of those huge spaces would have stayed empty if it was completed.

I suspect that if its properly crewed there wouldn't be space for more than a million or so extras without massive projects to, enclose, convert and fit out habitable spaces. And keep in mind that troop quarters might not be suitable for long term _civilian_ housing.

Think of the size of a super carrier and think of how little of it would available for extra housing _if_ the ship was sailing and maintaining and operating aircraft in its hangar deck and machine shops. Then there are the huge fuel tanks of jet fuel (assuming its a CVN, if not then it also needs fuel for its own engines), large ammo magazines, spare parts, food, etc. Big ships without a lot of surplus empty spaces........

Comments from author:

Ah, but once Xander starts releasing the isometric drawings for each of the big capital ships in the Imperial fleet service, then Earth will start increasing its capability to house more passengers and care for refugees than ever it did before the Vigilant Watcher showed up."


What does the earthers knowing it layout do? I suspect that the ships on-board maintenance and self-repair droids could do any renovations necessary better than a bunch of people who don't know how to repair an Imperial light switch.

And if they decided to commit the resources to build off-world living spaces I suspect that it would cheaper to build "habitats" in orbit or on Luna, Mars or the asteroids than making wholesale changes to the VW. Noting that such habitats could be used to house _workers_ at those locations (and the orbital ones could be self-propelled or moveable, as work sites change, think house trailers) rather than being merely "refugee camps in the sky".

And then there are the colossal security concerns with housing huge numbers of "politically unreliable" refugees aboard the VW.

I refer you to my earlier (May) review discussing the security problems with recruiting crew (with US or allied security clearances) from the US and elsewhere. Putting masses of uncleared refugees aboard the VW makes those risks look miniscule.

How long would it be before there was sabotage or espionage or there were riots or coup attempts by them or people infiltrated among them (or sent aboard to handle them). Image of a few thousand Hamas supporters trying to take over the VW or use to destroy Israel.

Image of a major uprising aboard, forcing Xander to order troops and battle droids to _bloodily_ suppress it or even open the zone they occupy to vacuum, killing everyone in it. Great PR......
Comments from author:
Again, you raise a valid point. It had honestly not crossed my mind to add orbital habitation modules to the list of things that will occupy the mind of our new favorite Grand Moff.

I'll just have to find a way for it to "occur" to Xander in a later chapter, perhaps as one of those bits of knowledge that will come to him when he needs it.
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from RoyalTwinFangs
Well this is nice. Why not have currency like electronic credits instead of hard currency? It is much easier to carry around. Well they sell weapons too?
Comments from author:
You could ask those same questions about our own economic troubles, and I'd give you the same answer. Electronic money is the same as paper money that's not backed by some sort of precious commodity -- it's worthless without that.

As for weapons sales...that's a tricky question to answer. I'll have to think about it and get back to you in the form of another chapter. Suffice it for now to say that you wouldn't want Mexican drug cartels or radical Islamists to get their hands on Blastech E-11s or thermal detonators.
Review By [RoyalTwinFangs] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Diplomacy of Generosity" from Harry
Well, Xander spotted Kinsey's attempt at a trap and SPRUNG IT! Kinsey has been out maneuvered and isolated. at least for now. What Xander offered, in the way of trade with the world, sounds good. The idea of Xander and Willow moving up to the station is good. With the trouble that these two have had in their lives, the alcoholic abuse of Tony Harris and Tony's abusing Xander in those drunken rages, as well as Willow being a psychological experiment for her parents, are good reasons for them to move out. Time will tell if Xander's plan for the station will truly pan out or not.
Comments from author:
Well, you don't want to just toss someone as powerful and influential as a US Senator out of an airlock. As I indicated in previous commentary, the way to stop a slimy-ass Senator is to have him censured by both houses of congress, and that would pretty much guarantee a quick death to his political career.
Review By [Harry] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Prologue - Doomsday" from fanreaderonetwo
I'm puzzled as to why Xander and maybe Willow is so concerned about getting legally separated from his and her parents. He has already told a US Senator to piss off, and plans to tell the US to piss if necessary. Its not like he has to worry about Child Services dragging him off the VW.

Joyce is already aboard, so Buffy is in the clear. Willow is nearly ready to leave her parents and I suspect that Cordy and most of the rest would leave Sunnydale behind without a second thought.

Since the Imperial language is English, and there are droid and computer translators for OMG different humanoid and alien languages I doubt it would be a big a deal it would be to translate its written form. Think about having a droid like C3PO translate the labels and write a primer.
Comments from author:
He's trying to petition for sovereignty for the Vigilant Watcher so that nations that would bully the rest of the world into submission, such as China, North Korea, the United States and others, do not get their hands on WMDs like the Death Star. As for moving to the Watcher, Xander and Willow weren't planning on renouncing their American citizenship, but establishing commerce with the other nations of the world, having first demonstrated the benevolent nature of the station's crew and populace, would go a long way towards securing that protection, while establishing a multinational security presence aboard would take that protection one step further.

I'm thinking the Mayor first will have to be dealt with, using clear and concise language, before the rest of Sunnydale's populace can be freed from Sunnydale Syndrome and decide for themselves whether they wish to pull up stakes and flee the town. Starving the Hellmouth does go against the very reason the town was established to begin with, so Wilkins would necessarily be opposed to any such plans to put distance between the townspeople and the Hellmouth.

And Xander's difficulties with Aurebesh, or the lack thereof, notwithstanding, his goal is not to make it easier for him, but for others to make the transition towards life on the battle station easier, thus the desire to alter the default font of the central operating system. Xander and Teal'C could both read Aurebesh rather well before the Halloween event, so either of them would only need to run something by one of the protocol droids to put the finishing touches on it.
Review By [fanreaderonetwo] • Date [29 Jul 14] • Not Rated
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