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Code Ragnarok by HMaxMarius


Many thanks to Pythia for the awesome banner!

'Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted' is open to any author to bring in your favorite fandom.

During the Vietnam War, when things were at their worst, the soldiers would say it was time to 'call in the world'. With an open Hellmouth, the Slayers are doing this literally. The International Slayers and Watchers Council has signed a new treaty with the world's governments and quasi-governmental organizations. Under Article 9 of the treaty, any signatory has the right to declare a Code Ragnarok in the event of an apocalyptic scenario. Once a Code Ragnarok is declared all signatories are required to mobilize to defend the world's populace.

The ISWC has declared a Code Ragnarok. Bring forth the heavy hitters!

Chapter Two of 'Stand and Be Counted' is the official communique that the SGC transmitted across the multiverse. Many thanks to Darth Tenebrus for the memo. Please use it as the launching point for your team's response.

Article 9 of the treaty signed between the ISWC, the world's governments and the quasi-governmental agencies reads as follows:

In the event of an apocalyptic or other potentially world ending scenario any signatory to this agreement has the authority to declare a Code Ragnarok. Such a declaration requires the immediate mobilization of all forces by the signing parties to defend the global populace against said event.

The following are a limited selection of examples of Quasi-governmental agencies that might be included in the treaty: IOA, SHIELD, NERv, Justice League

'Code Ragnarok: Battlefront' will be open to those authors who write a chapter for 'Stand and Be Counted'.

'Code Ragnarok: From the Files of Mark Brainerd' has now been added as an open author story. Per Manchester, poor overworked, under appreciated Mark is available if you wish to use him in a more serious vein (ex: ch31 Passing Muster) within the regular 'Stand and Be Counted' story. All comedic efforts should be placed with this story otherwise.

Code Ragnarok Writer's Rules:
Please take into account that others will be writing in this universe.

1) DO NOT jump into other people's crossovers and scenes without their explicit permission. You do not know where they may be planning to take their storylines. (This is about respect for your fellow writers people!!! It should not have to be codified as a rule!)

2) Feel free to reference any published event historically (However, make sure that it happens chronologically before your story).

3) Common characters may be referenced and used so long as it is consistent with how they're being portrayed in previous stories. ie Buffy is severely injured and will take some time to recover - Giles is working out of the SGC where Buffy is recovering - Samantha is in charge of her sector of the containment perimeter and would coordinate with other sectors of the battlefield.

4) The Hellmouth is part of the fight, not just a portal. It's energies are disrupting the ability to attack it directly by any indirect fire (missiles) or distance technology (energy weapons) while demonic forces are coming through at a rate that exceeds the current capacity of the on-hand and arriving forces to fully contain. This makes it virtually impossible to attack via 'orbital bombardment' and use of this tactic in the battlezone should take into account a significant increase in the probability of friendly fire incidents due to the impact of the disruption.

5) Do not kill another author's characters without that author's permission.

6) Scoobies are a roving force that has been virtually exhausted in the first day's fighting. While they might appear as a point of contact for your forces or even to review your troops, don't expect Willow to atomic fireball your front line. (In fact, she'll probably be using SGC's Asgard transporters for a couple weeks.)

Advice: Try to stick to a single primary crossover. While your forces would coordinate through the SGC and would have knowledge of what is going on elsewhere. And while they would potentially make use of SGC and ISWC resources, it is better to focus on your team rather than attempting to merge into an existing battle scenario. The basis here is that there is more than enough badness for everyone. Your arriving forces will be assigned a new sector of the front with your own battle to fight to stem the tide.

Among the assumed resources that your team has available is an ISWC team of up to 12 Slayers with supporting watchers and witches. Certain known names have been placed in specific roles already. Others have been requested. If you have interest in a Buffy character not on the current list, speak up.

Buffy - Incapacitated At SGC (spends at least 1 week confined to bed in Infirmary)
Giles - At SGC (spends most of his day by Buffy's bedside)
Xander - Recuperating from injuries aboard ODYSSEY (Out of fight 1-2 weeks- in infirmary for 2-3 days.
Willow - Recuperating from magical exhaustion aboard ODYSSEY (see Xander)
Faith - ISWC frontline commander - Based out of Joyce Summers' School
Dawn - ISWC frontline watcher - Based out of Joyce Summers' School
Vi - Head Slayer for SGC - Deployed to Joyce Summers' School
Kennedy - Brazilian Slayer Team - Deployed to Joyce Summers' School
Rona - (requested as ISWC Liason to SHIELD)

If there's interest in speaking for SGC personnel as liaison's let me know and I'll start a list. See existing stories for current assignments otherwise.

Based on published statements, General O'Neill's current battle-plan has been to establish containment around the Hellmouth, which for purposes of this story is located about 15 miles east of Cleveland. 'Relief at Council House One' is but one example of what is going on all around the perimeter. Note: Perimeter is a half-circle bordering on Lake Erie. Of course, some demon's can swim... someone want to bring in the Navy?

Per the advice of Watcher Giles, SG and Slayer teams have been dispatched to establish strong-points in defensible locations all the way around the perimeter. The purpose of these strong points is to create new meeting engagements to draw off demonic forces from rampaging freely across the countryside.

Your forces would most likely enter the arena by replacing an SG team in supporting the slayer unit for that sector. Such SG teams are rotated off to become part of the strategic reserve or to create new pockets of resistance. Currently SG-1 and SG-3 are assigned to the Joyce Summers' School, but any other team is available for your stories at this time.

Below is a list of Code Ragnarok stories by other authors that I am currently unable to link to the series list:

Code Ragnarok: The Black Widow Company by Rich

Code Ragnarok: The Unfortunate AUs by Marcus Rowland

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