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Not My World Anymore

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Willow in Atlantis". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Season 4 Willow is sucked into a portal and into the Pegasus Galaxy! Aiden Ford/Willow pairing... This is a challenge response! (Complete)

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other(Recent Donor)kribbyFR1525102,239714567,65317 Aug 066 Nov 06Yes

Chapter 1

Challenge Details:
Crossover of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Stargate Atlantis
Main Character: Willow Rosenberg
Pairing Up For Grab: One of these pairings - Willow R./Rodney McKay - Willow R./John Sheppard - Willow R./Ronon Dex.
Plot: Willow is thrown into a vortex and is either sent to a planet in the Stargate Atlantis area and is found by the SGA 1 Team or she is sent right to the Atlantis Home Base. If its the planet they find her on, Wraith must be chasing her. If it is the the Base itself she comes to, she is not awake and must be rushed to the infirmary.
Willow must end up with one of the pairings above and stay at Atlantis for good.
Other then what has been said, its up to the writer what they want in their story.
Must Have: Willow saying: I do doodle, you do doodle to.
Wow that's big.
Must Have: Atlantis character saying : She babbles as much as Rodney
My Eyes, My Eyes... Must not look.
Disclaimer & etc:

Of course I do not own SG-A or BTVS. I actually do own a tv—and I watch reruns of BTVS… I do own the SGA, Season 1 DVD’s, and I do watch those, as well.
Time: Season 1, SG-A—I would actually love for this to be season 2 and with a Ronon/Willow pairing except—he is just an attractive lug—I can’t see Willow with him… I can see ME with him though… hmm… that’s a thought.

Season 4 BTVS… that is the first year of college season; right… anyway… this will be set right after Oz left. Willow has become friends with Tara—not lovers. So she hadn’t realized she was lesbian (bi) whatever yet… I personally think sexuality is fluid… if I thought of Teyla as being bi… it would be really interesting to write a pairing of Willow/Teyla?? Alas, my mind does not work that way. I got nothing.

Pairings: Willow/Mckay (friendship), hints of Sheppard/Teyla, Aiden Ford/Willow


One after another, her footsteps fell. She was running and running, trying to escape something so obviously inevitable. She had never been one to give up or give in. Willow was alive, living in Sunnydale and in her first year of college. Life was good and she wanted it to stay that way. The unnatural wind from the vortex slapped her red hair against each side of her face. If she could see beyond the blinding spiraling light, she would see her features illuminated like a Madonna in an old painting. Even though the hair on her nape was damp with her sweat, she could still feel tendrils fighting to stand up.

Perhaps they were meant to be some prehistoric warning of danger. Willow would have paused to chuckle if she had the time. She didn’t need the warning—there was danger right behind her, in the form of a whirlpool seeking to pull her in. She was slipping. Her feet, encased in her too old black Chucks, that were perfect for quietly sneaking around and hunting stray fledglings, did not give her any real grip, instead Willow tried to twist her ankles and dig her heels trying anything to remain. Willow could no longer run. She slid further and further backwards towards the portal. She was so tired.

“Gaia, plant me, make me immobile. Leave me be.” Nothing. She was still being pulled towards the vortex.

Willow cried out to all the gods of the earth, repeating her spell. Nothing. In her last desperate act she dropped to the ground gouging her fingers into the nearest headstone. Her back faced the portal. The inane thought popped into her head, “What you can’t see, can’t hurt you!” She wanted to close her eyes but knew oblivion wouldn’t be found behind her eyelids.

She was trying anything to hold on. It was no use. She was still being pulled. The abnormal wind began to spin faster and faster. For a moment she was no longer moving. Her prayers had been answered. The graveyard was quiet except for the wind and the vortex, which had became so noisy. Willow was afraid to let go of the headstone. She was no longer moving.

Who knew if the gods she had called on could fail? Was it Enki, or Ninsaur? No matter, she was planted, immobile, motionless, stock still. She could stay.

Again, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. Surely she was just jumpy? She wasn’t moving. Her prayers… had been… the noise from the vortex became deafening. She looked behind her to see the vortex moving at a rapid pace spiraling straight towards her. Even though she knew it would not work... she ran.

Surely she couldn’t outrun this? She was no slayer—in a precious second she was up and trying to run. She slipped hard over a mostly grass covered flat headstone. She fell.

Her last action before succumbing to the unavoidable concussion was to put her hands around the strap of her messenger bag.

Her last thought before drifting into the awaiting darkness…

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