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San Greal ou Sang Real

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Light and Hope". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy has to save the galaxy from the Ori. A quest for the Holy Grail begins... will it be enough to save them all. Or is their something out there better suited for the job. Buffy/Digimon/Stargate.

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Anime > Digimon
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Action
PlutronFR1839,463042,99523 Sep 0631 Dec 06No

The First Problem pt 2

Sorry for the long wait. Here's the next chapter.

Diclaimer: Don't own Buffy/Digimon/ or Stargate

(Here put the song ‘He Lives in You’ from Lion King 2… Since I’m trying to do this TV stylish I needed a theme song… I’ll make it easy to skip the TV style stuff…)

Chapter 1: The First Problem pt 2
Never Trust Strangers who Give you Cards

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”
~Karen Ravn

The next day after Buffy got the card

In Buffy’s opinion it had been a great morning.

They had started with a room serves breakfast. This had been comprised of eggs, bacon, and orange juice. It was great. Then they had decided; or rather Buffy decided that since they were going to the conference at one o’clock (which is when it started) they would spend the first half of the day shoe shopping. Andrew complained a little but after Buffy pointed out that not only was it she who got him his precious tickets but that if she didn’t get to do something she wanted to he just might not get to go. This had gotten Andrew to agree quickly.

So they went on their way with Buffy going from store to store and with Andrew carrying the bags. She was having a great day and if you were to ask her that’s what she’d tell you. Unfortunately in the back of her mind Buffy was plagued with a single thought.


“Buffy, why don’t you leave this card with me and tomorrow I’ll give it back to you” Koushiro was trying to be clam and nonchalant and if she hadn’t been a slayer she would have missed the subtle clues that told her he was really worried. She didn’t know what could be wrong with the card that could get him so worked up over it but it made her worried. Then there was the fact that she felt nothing evil about the card. As far as she was concerned it was a normal card.

“Sure? Is there something wrong with it?” He looked at her through the corner of his eye and sighed.

“I won’t know until I put it through a scanner… but it’s probably nothing” He didn’t look too convinced when he said that.

For the millionth time that day she swore to kill the brown haired guy.

End Flashback

So Buffy was worried… but it was nothing a little shoe shopping couldn’t fix. She had gone into quite a few stores at this point and each one held clothes of the most recent fashion. Mostly she just looked. It just wouldn’t be practical for her to buy top notch stuff when it would only get destroyed later. This didn’t stop her from buying a few items here and there though. As the time to head back to the hotel approached Andrew said he would go back early to ‘square away’ all that was bought. Buffy though about heading back too, but there was something bothering her. She suddenly had this strong feeling that she was being watched.

She watched Andrew disappear into a taxi and drive off before she set off to find who was watching her. She went up and down the block a few times earning her some curious glances as to what she was doing. She had to admit she looked weird concentrating on what; to them, would be thin air. Finally she settled on a café toward the end of the block. The second she walked in she knew exactly who had been staring at her and he was doing nothing to hide it from her. He was looking right at her with a bright affectionate smile and sparkling silver eyes. It was almost as if he were proud that she was able to find him. With a look he indicated that she should join him at his table. He was over in the corner near the fireplace and the lighting caused by the flickering flames gave him an air of mystery.

As she made her way over to him it seemed as if time slowed down. Her heartbeat quickened and if it was in fear or excitement she could not tell you but she would bet it was the former. The closer she got the more the world around her seemed to fade away and in this moment everything became clear. He was her fate. And so not in the ‘this is the guy you will marry’ way. It was in the he knows what’s going on way and he has all the answers way. When she reached the chair time seemed to stop and all she could see were endless pools of silver. Suddenly her mind seemed to be swept up in something akin to a river she tried to fight it but…

“Please have a seat.”

The words grounded her and pulled her soul back into her body. She didn’t know when the man gotten up but she knew that if he hadn’t she’d be on the floor right now as he was holding her upright and placing her in the chair adjacent to his.

“It seems you keep falling for me.”

It was in this moment that she fully remembered who he was. He was the man from the plane. The same man who asked her that annoying question and at this moment she was so not amused with him. Whatever he had done to her left her feeling weaker then she had ever felt in her entire life.

“What did you do to me?” To his credit he seemed slightly confused at her question and the sly smile he had been wearing quickly faded from his face as he really took in her appearance. Unlike a few minutes ago when she had felt and looked quite strong and awake she now looked like a woman on her death bed.

“I’m sorry but I have no clue what you’re talking about. I do however have something important to discuss with you.”

She should have left without hearing him out but something in his expression; the desperation that she stays, moved her. The concern for her that he was showing at this moment scared her. He acted as though he was one of her friends who was about to tell her something that would change her life for ever.

“Ok whats the what?”

He sighed in relief but the worried look on his face didn’t leave.

“Yesterday; were you approached by a man who gave you a blue digi-card?”

Now she was interested.

“Ok what do you know about that creep?” She asked in an angry tone. What that guy had done to her still fresh in her mind.

“Nice to see Ryo hasn’t changed… I’m Jenrya Lee by the way.” Finally names not only for her gropist but the blue haired wonder as well.

She looked at Jenrya to see him looking at her expectantly. Then it hit her he was waiting for her to introduce herself.

“Oh… I’m…” but before she could say anything more he finished for her.

“Buffy Summers… I know… I’ve been watching for awhile. That was my business here.”

“Ok but then wh…” Again he cut her off.

“I was waiting for you to ask about the blue card. But I suppose I’ll just continue. It’s important so don’t lose it. Keep it with you at all times. You’re about to enter a new world Buffy. This road will be hard and your slayer abilities won’t help you.”

Ok this was way past creepy not only was he her own personal stalker but he knew she was a slayer. She opened her mouth to reprimand him when his hand came up indicating that she should let him finish.

“There’s an evil force building. I suppose it would be nice if we could stop it now but to defeat it certain events must occur first. You won’t be alone Buffy. You don’t have to walk in darkness any more. So pick a direction and walk.”

With that final confusing statement he got up to leave. By the time he made it to the door Buffy came to her senses.

“Where are you going?”

He turned around with a sad smile.

“My turns up… we will meet only one more time when your journey begins and then we won’t see each other until the end.”

And he was gone. Just like that other guy; Ryo, he disappeared into thin air before Buffy could catch him.

Shinjuku Japan: Hypnos Building

Xander had a bad feeling about this. Ever since yesterday when he first got the card he knew that he wasn’t going to like what it meant for him and the world in general. When weird things happen they are usually of the bad after all.

He was in a waiting room waiting for Dr. Ichijouji to see him. He was nervous. He didn’t know what was going to happen and to make it worse Willow had been bugging him all night about the card. Speaking of Willow that was another really big coincidence they both were going to meet with the good Doctor today. At the same time of course. The Dr. didn’t really know he’d be here with her. Let’s just hope Ryo’s name was worth something.

Anyway who would have guessed he and Willow would be caught up in a digimon conspiracy so fast? Not to mention how deep they already were into it. God how he wished he never got on that plane.

“… and then you’ll be wisked away to the digital world or maybe it…” ‘Willow ranting that’s a check.’

“Hey Will slow down we’re getting all are answers just as soon as Ken-man gets out of his meeting.”

“I know but what if this card means you’re a digidestined? What if the whole TV show thing really happened and now you’re going to get to go on an adventure… and how come I don’t get to go?” It was cute she was now ranting and pouting at the same time but she had a point what if this card did mean that now he was going to have to go on some cheesy over dramatic mission to save the world. God he hoped not but getting a real life digimon seemed cool.

Just then the doors opened and a Japanese man with long black hair and a business suit came out. He scanned the room quickly and then smiled when he found Xander and Willow.

“Willow-san and….” Xander smiled at his falter when he looked over at him. After all this was Willow’s meeting he was just tagging along.

“I’m Xander… hope it’s not a problem… me tagging along.”

“No of course not… please follow me to my office and I’ll answer your questions as well as I can.”

When they got to the room they all took seats around a desk and sat for a moment before Xander whipped out the card and handed it to Ken.

“What is up with this card? Ryo said it was important and that you’d be able to help me.”

For his part Ken looked stunned. He looked from the card to Xander then back to the card and his mouth gapped the whole time. Xander took this in and decided his surprise was from the name. Maybe he shouldn’t have mentioned the name yet. Ken looked like he might pass out from shock and Willow and Xander exchange confused looks over his reaction. Finally he seemed to be able to pull himself together and looked Xander straight in the eye.

“Where did you hear that name… did he give you this?” Xander thought about this for a minute. To be honest he couldn’t know for sure if he had been talking to Ryo but he was pretty sure it was.

“Uh yeah I believe it was Ryo who gave me it… he said you could tell me what it was.”

“It’s a digimon card… past that I don’t know… but if he gave it to you there will be something up with it.” At this point Willow broke into our conversation.

“Why don’t you tell us what you know about digimon first and then we will work on what this card means?” Ken nodded in her direction and then went into his tale.

“Most of what you saw on the tv was real. In fact I am the reformed digimon emperor. Since Digimon are real the sightings that people saw 12 years ago are real too. At that time we were doing pretty much what happened at the end of the second season. Since then we tried to cover our tracks and get all the digimon info out of public hands. As much as we’d like everything to go as it happened in the show it’s just not realistic yet. If you want to know how digimon were made well… we only have theories are self.”

Willow and Xander nodded when a thought came to Xander’s mind.

“Ryo… as in Ryo The Brave Tamer?” Ken nodded at him and continued his speech.

“Yes the games were based off my experiences with him… but I haven’t seen him in 15 years. My fellow digidestined believe that the Tamers we have heard about are the ultimate form of digidestined with the full power one would have. The power to truly aid your digimon in battle. There are runes all over the digital world that me and Izzy translated that talk about just that. Ryo is a Tamer and if he gave you this card it can mean only one thing… you are digidestined.”

Xander groaned while Willow squealed. He so did not want this. The last thing he needed was to become a digidestined. He had enough weird in his life without adding this to it.

“So what do I do now?”

Ken looked thoughtful for a moment before he took out a card scanner.

“I guess the best thing to do would be scan it and see what happens… but that approach is risky since we have no way of knowing how the card will react.”

Xander nodded and Willow asked;

“Is their anything we should do… like tie ourselves to the ground or something?”

Ken laughed and said;

“You don’t have to worry if this does anything it should only effect Xander-san”

Xander wasn’t so happy with that but nodded for Ken to go through with sliding the card in the slot. All three of them took a deep breath and Ken quickly swiped the card. Almost immediately the device sparkled with electricity and dropped out of kens hands. After a few minutes it died down and nothing more happened. Xander laughed.

“So his plan was to electrocute me… funny”

He spoke to soon for in the next second a light came out of the scanner and when it dimmed down Xander and the scanner were gone.

Izzy’s Hotel Room

Izzy blinked at the card in his hand and then looked up at the two people staring expectantly at him. Granted that look was for a different reason in both persons case. Buffy wanted to know what was up with the card and Andrew… well he just wanted to hear Izzy talk. Personally he wanted to get out of the room, the air was getting thicker with tension as everyone waited for him to speak. On top of all that Buffy had told him about her weird encounter with a Jenrya Lee and Ryo Akiyama. He had no clue who this Jenrya character was but Ryo was The Brave Tamer.

“Buffy you’re a digidestined.”

“A what now” was followed almost immediately by a “Why can’t I be one too?” Koushiro sighed and went into a description.

“A digidestined is a chosen child or in this case woman who has the gift to save both the digital and human world with the aid of a digimon.” He looked at both and noticed that while Andrew was excited Buffy was close to livid. This was not good. She was insanely strong she practically broke his door down.

Anyway last night when he had been investigating the card he had found a hidden code in it. This code had a special program on it that when activated would take (more then likely) Buffy through the digital world to another unidentifiable point. The code for that one the card had been weird. He had recognized in the first half hour that they were star constellations and those seven points could be used to find an area in space but that was all theoretical.

“I don’t want to be ‘chosen’ I already save the world enough as it is.” This statement shocked Izzy out of his thoughts. She already saved the world. He looked at her expectantly and noticed that she noticed he had heard her. It was then her turn to go into a description.

“This is much better with a stuffy British accent but ‘Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world. She alone will have the strength and skill to...” and from their both groups went into explaining their end.

“Wow this is prodigious. Who knew so many things existed in the human world. Maybe some of them evolved into the digimon we see now or vice versa. This opens so many new theories.”

“Glad you’re excited about this but what does this card mean to me?” Izzy quickly sobered up and looked Buffy directly in the eye. He had a feeling she wouldn’t like what he had to say.

“The best I can tell is that this card will take you somewhere when you scan it. Basically your journey begins then. If you don’t scan it; it will eventually pull you into the digital world regardless.”

“So I have no choice huh… figures. Ok do it.” Izzy shook his head and ran the card through the scanner. Much the same thing happened this time that happen with Xander. Only this time when the light faded all three were gone from the room.

Random planet being attacked by the Ori

“Damn it Ryo I thought you said it would just take the girl!” The mega digimon MegaGargomon yelled at his companion Justimon as he ducked a blast from an Ori fighter and then quickly dispatched it.

“Hey it’s not my fault. You never got around to checking my cards. I had no clue how much power would be needed to convert a Slayer here.” Distracted by the moment he took to talk; Ryo took a hit to the chest and fell backward. Jenrya quickly got in front of him and took out the enemy. They couldn’t stay long and they couldn’t be seen by anyone but the Ori. Which made their job all the harder. After awhile the ships stopped coming to the area and things calmed down. Jenrya and terriermon de-digivolved while Justimon watched their backs.

When they got over to the four bodies that had come through the gates moments before Terrriermon spoke.

“Wow he really messed up huh… how do you take that many people by mistake?”

“Terriermon… be helpful go put the address in for Ruki’s planet.”

“Ok Jen-chan” The small bunny/dog like creature made his way over to the DHD and typed in the appropriate address and watched as the ring powered up.

“This never gets old” He laughed and Jenrya rolled his eyes.

When it was finished spinning and the worm hole opened Jenrya pushed an unconscious Xander through.

“I hope he doesn’t get hurt… Ruki will give him enough damage as it is.”

“Momentai Jenrya… besides he’s used to strong women he’ll be fine” Jenrya nodded at his friend and had him dial the next number but before he could dial out someone dialed in. when the wormhole established out came Takato and Guilmon.

“He… Sorry Lee-kun… change in plans” He looked around and noticed three bodies instead of two and looked questionably at Jenrya. For his part Jenrya shrugged and said;

“We overestimated the power it would take to bring Buffy through.” Takato smiled and put in the new address. Then he walked over to the red haired man and gasped.

“Is this Izumi, Koushiro-sama?” Jenrya rolled his eyes and nodded his head.

“Yes… now let’s get them through.” At this point Ryo and cyberdramon had de-digivolved and walked over to help. Takato held Izumi, Ryo held Andrew, and Jenrya held Buffy. Together with their digimon they walked up to the gate. Before Ryo went through he looked back at Jenrya and noticed something behind him. On closer inspection it was a prior. But before he could get the warning out of his mouth a blast came out of the prior’s staff and straight into Jenrya’s back.

Startled Jenrya dropped Buffy and fell to the ground unconscious. Ryo quickly threw both Buffy and Andrew through the gate and turned around with both Terriermon and Cyberdramon flanking him. Then after a moments pause he charged the Prior.

Cheyenne Mountain

Takato looked at all the guns pointed at him and sighed. Why couldn’t things have been easy just once? After a few minutes he noticed the lack of Akiyama-kun and Lee-kun to follow him. He was worried. Something must have gone wrong and now he couldn’t go back. Beside him Guilmon growled and the guns focused onto him. Suddenly two figures flew threw the event herizon. Takato managed to catch Buffy while Guilmon got Andrew. Both were still unconscious but more or less unharmed. After placing them down he looked worriedly at the gate as it closed. At this point he could only hope they were ok. It wasn’t like they were staying long anyway maybe this was better. But deep in his heart he had a bad feeling.

“What now Takato-mon?” Guilmon asked as he nudged Takato’s arm. Takato shrugged took and deep breathe and yelled.

“Help… these people need medical attention.” It worked the guns lowered slightly and a med team ran in and started taking care of his companions.

“Don’t fight them Guilmon let them take us were ever they deem fit… k”

“k” The red digimon grinned and together they were escorted out of the room and into a cell.

The End?

You have reached the end of "San Greal ou Sang Real" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Dec 06.

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