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Original of the Species, the Slayer and the Saiyan

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some Eddingsverse and SG-1) A new Super Saiyan comes to Earth. But can he cope with the madness that are the Scoobies?

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Anime > DB/DBZ
Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
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Chapter twenty five

Chapter Twenty five

'Becoming 2'

The final chapter already. For this part at least. Thank you guys for your kind reviews and let's hope that if you are still interested it's not to long before I get to post part 2.


Put your hands up. Back away from the girl slowly.”

A policeman enters the library, his gun pointing at Buffy. Another one also enters, gun drawn.

“Look, I didn't do anything,” Buffy responds as she slowly gets up and backs away.

“Do it! Now,” the first cop yells.

The second one, a female cop moves over and examines Kendra, her guns still pointing at Buffy.

“This one's dead,” she says looking at her partner.

“What about up there,” the other says.

The female cop looks up the stairs to level with the book stands. She can see Xander laying unconscious on the ground.

“Xander...,” Buffy groans and wants to go to him. The female cop however grabs her.

“Get her out of here,” the first cop says and the female cop starts pushing her outside..

“Wait,” protests Buffy as she's being handled, “just see if he's OK! Please!”

The female cop doesn't care and hands Buffy over the male. He leads her out of the library with Buffy giving into depression at having failed her friends. Only outside the library does she start to object again.

“Please. You don't understand,” she says.

The cop however is not impressed.

“You'd do well to keep your mouth shut, missy.”

Then Snyder walks into view flanked by two more cops.

“But I didn't do anything,” says Buffy, still not having seen Snyder.

“Why do I find that so very hard to believe,” says a very gloating Snyder. It's only then that she notices him.

“You know this girl,” the first cop asks.

“Buffy Summers.” Snyder smiles, “if there's trouble, she's behind it.”

“You stupid little troll,” hisses Buffy, “you have 'no' idea!”

“Attitude problem. Serious,” says a still gloating Snyder.

“Look, I just wanna know if my friends are OK,” pleads Buffy with the cop as she tries to go back into the library..

“All right, that's enough,” the cop says and takes out his handcuffs.

Suddenly a blast hits the cop, electricity arcing his body. Yelping in pain the police man falls to the ground.


As Snyder and the other cops turn around they face an angry man, heavily battered and bruised but with ink black pupils filled with hate staring at them.

“You,” says Snyder shocked, eyes big as saucers.

“Snyder, you bastard! You know! And still you pester her,” Belmovekk says furiously, “I am going to enjoy ripping you apart, limb by BLOODY LIMB!”

As if to add force to his words a white flames appear around the man. The cops pull out their guns and point them at the man. Snyder however knows better and runs away.

“Freeze,” one of the cops, a female one says, “put your hands up slowly!”

“Police,” the man says, spatting out the word police as if it were a curse, “you, police?”

The man spits on the floor in contempt.

“People die in this gods forsaken place and you label it gangs on PCP and do NOTHING,” Belmovekk says as he slowly walks towards them, “and the one time you should be doing nothing you interfere? You are not police, you are something I try to scrape of my boots when I have stepped into something that came from a dogs ass. Leave this place before I lose myself and kill you all!”

The female cop starts firing her gun, as do the others. Most bullets bounce off against the man's white flames, although some manage to get through and bruise him. The man however does not care and let's out a terrifying roar, then charges the police officers. In less then one second he has knocked them all down, then he prepares to kill them all, deadly energy attacks charging in his hands.

“Don't, Belmo” asks Buffy as she rips off the handcuff from her hand.

Belmovekk looks at her. For he few seconds he says nothing. Then the energy attacks disappear. He pants heavily but the rage in his eyes seems lifted. Then new attacks form.

“For you I will spare them,” he says, then fires of similar blasts as had hit the first cop. Electricity starts to arc around the fallen policemen and they start whimpering in unconscious pain.

“But these vermin deserve a lesson that corruption, incompetence and turning a blind eye comes at a price,” the Saiyan says as he spits on them, “where are the others?”

“They're hurt,” Buffy says, “Kendra is dead, Xander seems badly hurt.”

“Go,” Belmovekk says, “I will take him to the hospital.”

Outside the school however come the sounds of more police sirens and the ambulance services.

“There is no time,” Buffy says, “look at you, you can't even stop bullets anymore. Come, I'll take you to my house.”

“No. I-i-it's impossible. There... there's been some terrible mistake,” Joyce says to the two SDPD detectives questioning her.

“And you have no idea where your daughter is,” the detective who identified himself as Stein asks her.

“She said she was going to her friend Willow's house,” Joyce lies, “she knew what was going on but she'll be damned if she turns her daughter over to these clowns, “maybe she slept over?”

“Is that Willow Rosenberg,” Stein asks.


“Second victim,” Stein says to his partner as they nod in agreement.

“What,” Joyce asked, was Willow also hurt?

“Your daughter has a history of violence,” the detective asks again, “doesn't she, Ms. Summers?”

“I think you should leave,” Joyce says, suddenly a hint of steel in her voice.

The detective can take a hint. He won't get anything more from her.

“You call us, OK? If she decides to stop by,” he says and gave her a card, “be best if she just comes in.”

The two detectives leave and Joyce closes the door. She goes into the kitchen and throws the card into the waste basket.

“You did great, mom,” Buffy says standing in the kitchen and takes her mother's hand to squeeze it gently. Belmovekk sits on the other side of the kitchen counter, his eyes closed and resting with his head against the wall.

“They actually have the gall to accuse you,” she snorts, “part of me refused to believe the police was this inept until this happened.”

“You'd better believe it,” Buffy sighs.

“They are covering things up,” coughs Belmovekk, some blood coming from his mouth, “it is as I feared, they know. They just do not care. Buffy has been a nuisance to them and now they think they have a chance to get rid of her. Bastards! I would kill them all if it were not for that damn Judge!”

“There will be no killing,” says Buffy, “maybe some vampire slayage but no killing humans.”

“They've made their choices, young lady,” coughs Belmovekk not sharing her concerns.

“Not all of them,” she says. “it can't be. Don't punish the innocent with the guilty.”

“Have it your way,” the Saiyan replies and closes his eyes again.

“Can you take care of him, mom,” Buffy asks, “I have to go to the hospital and check on my friends.”

“But Buffy, shouldn't he go there as well,” Joyce asked concerned as she sees the blood coming from Belmovekk's mouth.

“No hospital” Belmovekk says, “just rest.”

“You heard him,” Buffy shrugs, “he's tough, he'll make it. It's my friends I worry about. Besides, he's an alien, they'd cut him open!”

“Be careful, Buffy,” Joyce calls after her.

“Ain't I always,” she smiles and puts on a black woolen cap.

Arriving outside Giles' apartment, Buffy notices the doors are open. At the hospital she'd met with Xander and Cordelia. It turned out Xander had held his own against Drusilla's minions but when Drusilla killed Kendra and came for him he thought it prudent to save at least Willow and live to fight another day. He had gotten away with only a broken hand, Willow however was still unconscious. With the prognosis not looking good. The biggest surprise however had been that Giles was still missing. So the first thing Buffy had done afterwards was go to his apartment to see if he was there.

The apartment looks deserted in which case the front door standing open looks like a bad sign. So she enters the place fearing the worst and feeling very worried.


No answer.


“I don't think he's here,” a voice says. On the stairs stands a short man in a leather jacket and a hat on.

“And who are you,” Buffy asks weary.

“Whistler's the name,” the man says as he tips his hat.

“What are you doing here?”

“Actually, I'm waiting for you,” Whistler says.

“Why,” Buffy asks, still weary.

“Cause I-I-I need a date to the prom,” Whistler jokes.

Wrong answer. In no time Buffy has him by the throat against the wall.

“I have had a REALLY bad day, OK,” she says in her best you are about to die tone of voice, “if you have information worth hearing, then I am grateful for it. If you're gonna crack jokes, then I'm gonna pull out your ribcage and wear it as a hat. Talk!”

“Hello to the imagery,” Whistler replies, “very nice. It wasn't supposed to go down like this.
Nobody saw this coming. I figured this for Angel's big day. But I thought he was here to 'stop' Acathla, not to bring him forth. Then that Saiyan came and changed everything.... now he's a creep again. Everything is in flux. Now it's up to you make things right. What are you gonna do? W-what are you prepared to do?”

“Whatever I have to,” Buffy replies and lets go of Whistler's throat.

“Maybe I should ask, what are you prepared to give up,” the guy asks as he straightens himself out..

“You don't have anything useful to tell me, do you,” Buffy snorts, “what are you, just some immortal demon sent down to even the score between good and evil?”

“Wow. Good guess in one,” Whistler grins, “Whistler's the name and I work for the Powers that Be.”

“Well, Mr. Whistler, why don't you try getting off your immortal ass and fighting evil once in a while,” Buffy says unimpressed, “cause I'm sick and tired of doing it myself.”

“That's the way it is, kiddo. In the end, you're always by yourself,” Whistler says, “you're all you've got. That's the point. That Saiyan should not have interfered. He shouldn't even be here. Now everything is in flux. Angel is awakening Acathla, vampires and demons are starting to do chi related stuff.”

“Spare me,” Buffy snorts and leaves not hearing anything useful.

“The sword isn't enough. You gotta be ready,” Whistler calls after her, “you gotta know how to use it!”

Buffy doesn't reply and slams the door shut behind her. No sooner is she outside when she sees Spike standing there, leaning against the wall, smoking a fag.

“How you doing,pet,” he grins.

“It never rains when it pours,” Buffy sighs and lunges to hit the bleached vampire.

In Willow's room at the hospital things are looking up. She's regained consciousness and Oz has arrived, cutting short the tour of his band.

“I'm OK, Buffy,” Willows says speaking through a phone, “really. I mean, I don't feel good, but... I'm awake, and I know my name and who's President and how many fingers, so they don't think my brain got mushed at all.”

“Thank God,” says Buffy relieved, speaking through the phone in her house, “so sorry I can't be there.”

“I know,” Willow sighs, “I'm sorry I didn't get to cure Angel.”

“Don't be. It just wasn't meant to be,” Buffy sighs as well, “I know I'm never gonna get him back the way he was. It just makes it easier.”

“Any luck finding Giles,” Willow asks.

“Yep. I got a lucky break.”


“You wouldn't believe me if I told you,” Buffy says looking into her living room.

“Have we met?”

Spike looks around to Buffy's mother who looks at him inquisitively.

“Um... you hit me with an ax one time. Remember,” Spike says and makes a gesture of holding up an ax, “uh, 'get the hell away from my daughter.'“

“Oh,” Joyce says, not really remembering as those were still the lets repress anything happened days. So both return to their uncomfortable silence.

“So, do you,” she asks, “uh, live here in town?”

Before Spike can answer he senses a familiar presence and looks around.

“You,” he hisses.

“You,” hisses Belmovekk as he limps into the living room, supported by Buffy, “I'm going to enjoy killing you, you bastard!”

The Saiyan somehow manages to throw himself upon Spike.

“Hey, look, flag of truce here,” Spike manages to get out before Belmovekk starts squeezing his throat shut.

“Let him go,” says Buffy as she tries to pull of the Saiyan from Spike, “he came here to help.”

“This bastard is responsible for everything,” hisses Belmovekk, ”him, Angelus and that crazed woman of his.”

“Listen to what he has to say,” says Buffy.

“Never,” replies Belmovekk with murder on his heart.

Then Spike grabs Belmovekk by the hands, a chi flame glowing around him and slowly but surely he manages to twist the Saiyans hands away.

“You should listen to your pet, Big Scary,” Spike says with a big grin on his face, “although technically, you're not that scary anymore. The judge roughed you up good?”

Spike now gets up, still holding Belmovekk by the handsand driving the large Saiyan unto his knees.

“Enough, Spike,” Buffy says.

“Fine,” replies Spike and lets the Saiyan go who falls panting to the floor.

“Are you alright,” says Joyce as she kneels concerned beside him.

“I will live,” the Saiyan replies and pants, “I am just so very tired.”

“The Judge drained him dry,” Buffy says, “not even Super Saiyan could help him. And then the bastard blew up.”

“The bastard drained me alright,” grins Belmovekk as Joyce helps him to sit next to her on the couch, “but he got a little bit more out of me then he bargained for. I am afraid he could not take it. Few can. But do not worry, a few days rest and I will be back to normal.”

“To bad,” says Spike and sits down again, “look Big Scary, me and Dru, I admit we did rebuild the Judge. Thought we could use it against you. Ever since that church fire we knew you were the real enemy. Figured that if we took you out, we could deal with the Slayer. You see, when Dru got better from Angel she also inherited everything he knew and could do.”

“That we knew,” said Belmovekk refusing to look at Spike .

“Well, what you didn't knew was that Angelus came to us the day pet here had a good snog with him,” Spike continues, “then the Big Scary here pulled a whammy on us and starts blackmailing him with that curse. Which I have to admit was bloody brilliant, mate.”

“Why thank you,” Belmovekk replies without much feeling as Spike continues on..

“So Angelus has us bidding his time. Over time he manages to double cross you, feed you falsehoods mixed in with truths. Cause while we may have the Judge to take care of you, who knows how far you've souped up the Slayer here and her friend. By the time Angelus and her parted ways she was quite ahead of him and he did lack that nifty gravity gym of yours. Then one day he comes across a certain mage called Ethan Rayne.

“I'm so going to kill that bastard,” mutters Buffy as she hears his name.

“Quite an unlikable fellow,” agrees Spike, “but he did conjure up this cool spell that increases our powers. Angelus and Dru figures they are now superior to the Slayer. But we were still not sure if the Judge could take the Big Scary out in time. And Angelus did fear being re-souled in retaliation. Then one night he learns that the Watcher's honey has the curse. So a plan starts to form. And then along comes Acathla. And now everything changes. The Judge may or may not defeat the Big Scary here but if Acathla sucks the world into hell, that would surely do the trick.”

“That still does not explain why you are here,” says Belmovekk, finally looking at Spike, “and last thing I heard you were in a wheelchair.”

“Angelus has been making the moves for his girlfriend,” says Buffy. Belmovekk looks at Buffy, then Spike and starts to laugh.

“It's not funny, mate,” Spike says looking insulted, “I was in that bloody wheelchair for months and he's been making my life a misery. To be honest I preferred him when he was still Droopy Boy and fawning over the Slayer here. He's madder then Dru now. Besides, as I told the Slayer, I don't want the world to end. I like it quite as it is. I've enjoyed its pleasures myself for a century, I hope to enjoy them for many centuries more.”

“And the wheelchair,” Belmovekk asked.

“Funny things, these spells,”Spike smiles, “Ethan did his Halloween prank and that Harris wanker not only gets to become superman, he stays like that. Me, I found I could suddenly walk again after Ethan did his spell to increase our strength.”

“Then if you hated Angelus putting his moves on your girlfriend, why didn't you do anything about it,” Belmovekk asked as Joyce took his hand, “you seem to have collected some skills these days. Why come to us?

“Because he and Dru were way stronger then me. They knew stuff I didn't. I had to pick it up from watching them practice and training the boys,” Spike replies, making some mock kung fu moves to illustrate his point.

“So what now,” asks Belmovekk after thinking it over.

“Now I go down there, rescue Giles and stop Angel,” Buffy replies.

“He has Giles,” asks Belmovekk surprised.

“Must have been the point of the whole exercise,” shrugs Spike, “he tried to awaken Acathla earlier but it didn't work. Must have needed the brainiac to figure out why.”

“Then we have no time to waste,” says Belmovekk and tries to get up. No sooner is he up as he falls back down on the couch again.

“Don't,” says Joyce concerned, “you are in no condition to do anything.”

“And even if you could I don't want you to,” Buffy says, “you've done quite the amount of damage. You failed to re-soul Angel, now even vampires know this chi stuff. You've only managed to make things more complicated. It wasn't supposed to happen like this.”

“Now I may be a bit down and out, young lady,” Belmovekk says surprised, “but how would you know how it was supposed to happen?”

“When I went looking for Giles I met this guy at Giles' home,” Buffy says, “claims he was some balancing demon called Whistler, working for something called the Powers that Be. He said that Angel was supposed to stop Acathla, not awaken him. That because of you the vampires and demons will get stronger. That because you failed to re-soul Angelus he will awaken Acathla.”

“And you believe that,” Joyce asks surprised.

“He made some good points,” Buffy said and points at the door, “when this is over I want you gone. I never want to see your face again.”

“I can't, young lady, I have....responsibilities,” Belmovekk says, evading her eyes, “something that needs to be done.”

“Do them somewhere else,” Buffy hisses as she gets up and signals for a leering Spike to follow her.

“Now you wait here, Buffy,” Joyce says angrily as she goes after her, “I've had it up to here with your histrionics. Belmovekk has gone out of his way to do whatever he can to help you.”

“Making things only worse,” replies Buffy and walks into the kitchen. Joyce follows and grabs Buffy by the shoulder.

“Like you haven't,” she says.

“You don't understand, mum,” Buffy says, “he could have re-souled Angel and we wouldn't have been in this mess.”

Joyce shakes her head in disbelief.

“So some stranger comes by, says a few words and you believe him over somebody who has stood by you? And what do you think would have happened if Belmovekk had never come? Would that have prevented you from fucking that vampire? He'd still have lost his soul and you would still be in this mess. Only then you would have no one to blame but yourself. I'm not stupid Buffy. You brought that Angel along before. I may not have recognized a daughter being the Slayer but I did notice a daughter being very much in love with somebody.”

“He could have re-souled Angel, mum, he lied to me.”

“I know,” Joyce says without blinking, “he told me.”


“He told me everything, Buffy. He said that between two lovers there shouldn't be any secrets. He told me what he had done and why he had done it.”

“Jesus, did everybody know but me,” Buffy says throwing her hands up in despair, “Giles knew, Xander knew, and now you.”

“And I totally agree with his reasons, Buffy. Even with a soul that Angel would have been nothing but trouble for you.”

Buffy turns her back towards her mother.

“That would have been my decision to make!”

“Buffy,” Joyce says as she takes hold of her daughter, “you may be the Slayer and a champion of this world, but you are also a teenage child and a legal minor. Until you are an adult we have to make decisions for you in your best interest.”

“I stopped being a child when I was called, mom,” Buffy replies looking over her shoulder, “I didn't ask for this but now I have no choice. Now I have to kill the love of my life. I want that man gone when I come back. I will not live with him under the same roof.”

“That is not your decision to make, Buffy,” Joyce counters, “he's the father of my unborn child. He tried to do what was best for you. Something your own father has stopped doing long ago. Don't hate him for that.”

“Are you finished,” Buffy says and breaks free from her mother and looks at Spike, who has watched the whole exchange with amused interest.

“Let's go.”

“So Buffy's going for the big showdown,” says Cordelia as she paces nervously in Willow's hospital room, “huh? Wish we could help.”

“Well, I'm no longer the buttmonkey but that Drusilla cut me aside as if I was nothing,” says Xander and nurtures his broken hand, “it's like she was on steroids or something.”

“I wanna try again.,” says Willow as she sits up straight.

“Try what,” asks Oz holding her hand.

“The curse,” answers Willow, “we never got to finish it. Maybe we 'can' restore Angel's soul.”

“I don't like it.,” says Xander shaking his head, “you're talking about messing with powerful magic, and you're still weak.”

“I'm OK,” says Willow casually.

“You don't look OK,” Xander replies and looks at Cordelia, “does she?”

Cordelia nods in agreement.

“You should listen to him,” Cordelia says, “the hair, it's so flat, and the lips...”

“Could we stay on topic here, honey,” Xander says.


Xander looks at Willow again.

Cordelia shrugs.

“Look, it's not a good idea.”

“There's no use arguing with me,” Willow responds, “do you see my resolve face? You've seen it before. You know what it means. This can help Buffy. If we turn Angel back soon enough, we can stop him from ever awakening Acathla.”

Oz gets up looking all puzzled.

“OK, I pretty much missed out on some stuff, didn't I? Because this is all making a kind of sense that's... not.”

“Go with Cordy to the library and get my things,” Willow says lookign up at her boyfriend, “she'll fill you in.”

“Sure,” says Oz, having faith in the girl he loves and kisses her hand, then looks at Cordelia, “I'll drive.”

“Xander, go to Buffy,” Willow says as they have left the room, “tell her what we're doing. Maybe she can stall.”

“But I...”

“Resolve face,” Willow says again.

“Be careful,” Xander says and leaves.

At the school library Buffy and Spike slip past the police crime scene tapes and enter the library.

“So this is where it all happens! Why are we here again, pet,” Spike says as he examines the HQ of his former enemies. Former until this is over of course.

“I need to have that sword that was blessed,” Buffy says as she rummages through Kendra's stuff, “it can stop Acathla.”

“Good call,” shrugs Spike, “you know, I expected more of this place. So many plans were foiled from here. Yet it looks so...dreary.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Spike.”

“No matter, once this is over I never hope to set foot in this bloody town ever again.,” Spike says, then looks at a chalk victims outline on the floor, “hey, this were Dru bagged herself a slayer?”

“If you start gloating I'll kill you anyway,” Buffy says as she gives him a hard stare.

“Can't help but admire the work of a loved one, pet,” Spike shrugs

“And don't call me that,” she says.

“You do know this is a crime scene, don't you,” Snyder's voice says behind them, “but then... you're a criminal, so that pretty much works out.”

The school principal stands there, still gloating at her misfortune.

“You know I didn't do it,” Buffy replies as she looks up to him, “the police will figure it out.”

“In case you haven't noticed, Summers,” Snyder gloats, “ the police of Sunnydale are 'deeply' stupid. You other friend was quite right in that department.”

“The troll has a point,” says Spike, “I've never been to a place where I can get away with so much stuff from the Filth as in this place.”

Snyder examines Spike, appraising him, then looks at Buffy again.

“It doesn't matter anyway,” he continues, “whatever they find, you've proved too much of a liability for this school.”

Snyder takes a deep breath and his face starts sporting the biggest gloating smile it can muster..

“These are the moments you want to savor. You wish time would stop so that you could live them over and over again. You're expelled.”

“Want me to kill him, pet,” Spike says and is about to slip into his game face.

Buffy however takes forth the blessed sword and holds it up, examining the blade.

“You never ever got a single date in high school, did you,” she says without giving Snyder a look.

“Your point being?”

“My friend was right,” Buffy says, “you are something to scrape of your shoes that comes from a dog's ass.”

Buffy nods to Spike to follow her and leaves the library, making sure to pass very close to Snyder with the sword. Spike shrugs and follows her, also making sure to pass closely by Snyder, who's starting to feel very uncomfortable.

“Love what you did with the school,” Spike grins.

Once they are left Snyder starts to shake and grabs a chair to steady him. Having steadied himself he fumbles inside his pockets and takes out his cell phone and dials a number.

“It's Snyder. Tell the Mayor I have good news.”

“So what are we doing here, pet,” asks Spike as they stand outside Giles' apartment again.

“I need to ask a few questions,” Buffy says “stay here.”

“Bloody sun will come up in an hour,” Spike mutters as he fumbles with his coat

“It won't be long,” Buffy replies and goes. in.

Inside the apartment a certain balancing demon is raiding Giles' kitchen when Buffy enters. He sees her but continues to check out the refrigerator.

“Whistler,” She says, “what did you mean, the sword isn't enough?”

The balancing demon grabs a bottle of beer and opens it. He doesn't like the smell.

“You know, raiding an Englishman's fridge is like dating a nun. You're never gonna get the good stuff.”

Buffy puts the sword on the kitchen table.

“Tell me how to use it,” she asks.

The demon takes a swig, then looks like it's vile before looking at Buffy.

“Angel's the key,” he says while putting the bottle down, “his blood will open the door to Hell. Acathla opens his big mouth, creates a vortex. Then only Angel's blood will close it. One blow will send 'em both back to Hell. But I strongly suggest that you get there before that happens, 'cause the faster you kill Angel, the easier it's gonna be on you.”

“Don't worry about me,” Buffy replies casually.

“It's all on the line here, kid.”

“I can deal with it,” says Buffy sadly as she grabs the sword and makes to leave the apartment, “I got nothing left to lose.”

“Wrong, kid, how very wrong you are on that account, ” Whistler says once she's gone and takes another swig of the beer, then looks revolted again, “I hate this job!”

“And now,” Buffy asks when Spike has lead her to a manhole cover in a deserted street.

“Here we go beneath. Spike replies and removes the lid, then jumps in. No sooner has he disappeared when Buffy hears something.

“Buff! Wait for me!”

It's Xander, flying towards her and then landing beside her.

“Xander,” she says happily. These past days have been hard on them and their friendship but she's glad he's here.

“Cavalry's here,” the young man grins holding up his injured hand, “cavalry's with his hand in a casket but it's here.”

Buffy grabs the young man and hugs him.

“Why, Buff, I didn't know,” Xander says, then responds and holds her as well.

“Thank you,” Buffy says almost choking, “this means a great deal. But you're not here to fight. You get Giles out, and you run like hell, understood? Angel and Drusilla, they're to strong for you to handle.

“I'm not exactly useless any more, Buff,” Xander responfs, “ If I must die beside you, then I gladly will. When the end comes I plan to be there beside you. I've sworn an oath on that.”

“Dear Xander,” Buffy smiles and caresses his cheek, “I know you will. But not today. I'm not planning on dying.”

“Good, cause I was planning to live forever,” smiled Xander.

Buffy lets go of him and removes the cloth on the blessed sword.

“I'm gonna be too busy killing.”

For a moment her chi flame comes alive and this time it envelops the sword as well, it being loaded with her chi..

“Alright, now you're talking, Buff,” Xander nods approvingly, “it looks good on you. What is it?”

“It's a present for Angel,” Buffy says as her chi flame disappears again.

That reminds Xander of what Willow wanted him to tell her.

“Willow. Uh, she told me to tell you....,” he stutters, then he stops and looks around, “where's the B-man? Shouldn't he be with you?”

“Home.” she says, “the Judge drained him drier then a vampire ever could. He can't even stop bullets any more. Besides, after his betrayal I don't want to have anything to do with him. What did Willow wanted to tell me?”

Xander closes his eyes and curses deeply inside, then he opens them again and looks her squarely in the eyes

“Kick his ass!”

“Are you two bints coming along or do I have to do this alone,” Spike says, his head sticking out of the manhole cover.

“What the...Spike,” yells Xander surprised

“Tell the dolt I'm here to help you before he goes all medieval on me,” Spike says and disappears inside the hole again.

“What is going on here, Buff,” Xander asks angry.

“Come,” she says and takes him by the arm, “I'll tell you on the way.”

At the deepest levels underneath the Hellmouth Angelus and Drusilla lead a group of vampires who stand before the statue of Acathla. Angelus starts to chant in latin.

“Acathla... Mundatus sum... pro te necavi. Sanguinem meum... pro te effundam...quo me dignum... esse demonstrem.”

Drusilla steps next to Angelus and hands him a knife.

“You will be free,” Angelus chants as he accepts the knife and cuts across the palm of his hand, blood starting to rip.

“And so will we all,” he finishes.

Suddenly a vampire cries, and turns to dust. As everybody turns around it's Buffy holding up the blessed sword.

”Hello, lover,” she says.

“I don't have time for you,” Angelus says bored

“You don't have a lot of time left,” Buffy retorts.

“Coming on kind of strong, don't you think,” Angelus snorts, “you're playing some deep odds here. Do you really think you can take us all on?”

“No. I don't,” she smiles. While she's been grabbing everyone attention Xander is off looking for Giles and Spike is encircling the others from behind. Then he makes his move and rushes Angelus, his chi flame emerging and savagely batters his rival with everything he's worth.

“How do you like this,” he yells putting his hatred for the months of Angelus treatment into his attacks.

Meanwhile Buffy tries to attack Drusilla but gets sidelined by their minions, And they are proving to be quite a handful as they also have been trained in the arts of chi enhanced fighting. Still, they are still weaker then her and slowly but surely she grinds them down, one at a time.

“Painful, isn't it,” grins Spike ferally as he continues to beat Angelus into a pulp.

“NO,” yells Drusilla and tackles Spike, freeing Angel in the process.

“I don't want to hurt you, baby,” Spike says as he gets out from under her and faces her..

She continues to attack and Spike punches her brutally in the face, sending her reeling backwards.

“Doesn't mean I won't.”


A beaten and tortured Giles sits bound in his chair “


Giles lifts up his head slowly and sees Xander beside him, fumbling with his ropes.

“Xander,” he says weakly.

“Can you walk,” Xander asks concerned.

“You're not real,” sighs Giles dejected.

“Sure, I'm real,” says Xander.

“It's a trick. They get inside my head, make me see things I want.”

Having undone the ropes Xander gets in front of Giles and holds him by the shoulders.

“Then why would they make you see me,” the young man says.

“You're right,” nods Giles, “let's go”.

As they make their absence Buffy continues to battle the minions, using a large improvised stake in the right hand to dust one and her left hand to blast another to pieces.

Drusilla meanwhile continues to battle Spike, who despite his months of being seemingly bound to a wheelchair proves to be her equal. Somewhatish.

Angelus however gets by and starts shaking his head. When he's come to his senses he looks around. Spike has betrayed him and fights Drusilla, his last two minions won't last long against Buffy. He takes a look at Acathla and knows he has to seize the moment.

Buffy manages to kill another vampire then blasts the final minion. Before she can react further however Angelus makes a run for Acathla and with his bloodied hand he yanks out the sword. A light comes from the statue, then disappears as the sword gets pulled from the demon's heart.

“No,” Buffy yells desperately.

“Oh yes, lover,” Angelus grins holding up the sword triumphantly.

Buffy makes for her sword and prepares to face Angelus. Drusilla however allows herself to be distracted and looks at Acathla.

“Oh... Here he comes,” she says taken by the lightshow coming from the statue.

Spike uses the distraction and puts both handpalms to the sides of her hand and starts blasting her with wave after wave of chi blasts at point blank range.

“You almost made it, Buff,” Angelus grins madly in triumph.

“It's not over yet,” replies Buffy holding her sword.

“My boy Acathla here is about to wake up,” Angelus gloats, “you're going to Hell.”

“Save me a seat!”

Both chi flames come alive, enveloping their swords as well, charging the weapons with deadly chi.

Then the fight starts and both of them clash, chi flames blazing as fighting starts in earnest. Back and forth it goes. Attack, parry, counterattack, parry again. They turn out to be quite evenly matched and for now the fight could go either way.

Meanwhile Spike has blasted Drusilla into unconsciousness. When she collapses he gently and lovingly picks her up.

“Sorry, baby,” he says regretfully, “wish there was another way.”

He takes his sire and makes for the exit. On the way he passes the Buffy/Angelus fight and watches. Buffy is good, probably just that bit stronger but the vampire is more vicious and fueled by madness.

“God, he's gonna kill her,” Spike says, then shrugs. Not his concern. He turns around and leaves for the exit carrying Dru.

The fight continues for a while but slowly but surely Angelus drives her further away from Acathla. Occasionally one of them fires a chi blast as well, but they are mostly weak. Their hearts are more into some old fashioned murder using their chi laiden swords..

Meanwhile from deep within the Acathla statue come growling sounds and noises as the demon starts to awaken and the lightshow intensifies.

“You hear that,” grins Angelus nodding backwards to the statue, “he's coming.”

“Not if I can help it,” says Buffy and goes on the offensive, driving Angelus back until Acathla comes back into view. A lucky slash manages to scrape Angelus on his left arm. He growls in pain and furiously counterattacks. This time he manages to drive Buffy further away from Acathla into one of the other rooms. In desperation she tries to stab him and gets blocked, a kick that also gets blocked. Angelus grins evilly. He can taste victory now.

Then she misses with a thrust and her sword gets deflected to the ground. Angelus steps on the tip and the sword falls from her hands. Disarmed Angelus puts the tip of his sword on her throat and picks up her blade. He has her now pinned against the wall.

“A blessed sword,” he says and examines her blade. Then he stabs her with it through her side, pinning her against the wall, and breaks it off in two. Buffy cries out in pain.

“I've always wanted my own butterfly collection,” he says, “I guess I have to settle for you.”

Buffy looks up to him with big frightened eyes and the vampire drinks in her misery.

“Ah, the smell of impending death, how I missed it,” Angelus gloats, “so, that's everything then, huh? No more weapons... No friends... No hope.”

She knows she has lost. She closes her eyes.

“Angel,” she whispers softly.

Angelus however is in full gloating mode.

“Take all that away... and what's left?”

Angel raises his swords and strikes for her.

Suddenly a massive blow hits Angelus and sends him crashing into the wall to Buffy's left.

“She still has me,” a voice says panting heavily.

Buffy opens her eyes. It's Belmovekk.

The saiyan looks like he's been through Hell and back, still limping but he has murder in his eyes.

“I am going to kill you, Angelus,” he yells and fires chi blast after chi blast on the vampire. Snarling with pure hatred the Saiyan unleashes whatever remains of his chi and dust rapidly envelops Angelus.

“DIE,” the Saiyan yells still firing, slowly closing the distance between him and the dust cloud enveloping Angelus. Then the Saiyan collapses exhausted and falls on his knees.

“It is done! I am sorry, young lady,” he says panting.

“Look out,” she yells.

From the dust cloud Angelus emerges and lunges for the Saiyan, grabbing him by the throat. Belmovekk is to exhausted to resist.

“Old man, you should not have come,” Angelus says angry, the Saiyans assault did hurt him, “now I'm going to torture you while my boy sucks the world and your precious Buffy into Hell. Fitting revenge for having you boss me and knocking me around.”

“I do not fear you, vampire,” Belmovekk spits at Angelus holding him against the wall.

“Tough talk for somebody pinned to a wall,” grins Angelus, wiping away some blood from his face, “payback is indeed a bitch. God, all those times I lied to you and fooled you was precious, but this... I guess the credit card commercial was right. Some things are priceless. Let's see. How shall I torture you? I have to admit, I've always admired the way you tortured that Tarakan. Shall we dance?”

“Neither pain nor death will scare a Saiyan,” Belmovekk says as he closes his eyes, then he starts to smirk his most infuriating smirk, “I will gladly join my people in Hell if I can still take you with me.”

Belmovekk started to glow, electricity arcing around his body.

“What the...,” mutters Angelus surprised.

Energy started to whirl around the Saiyan.

“Suicide attack,” grinned Belmovekk opening his eyes, “told you I was going to take you with me. For hate sakes I will spit my last breath at you!”

“NO,” yells Angelus with a hint of hear and lets go of Belmovekk.

“Yes,” grins the Saiyan and closes his eyes, focusing on converting his mass into energy.

“Not like this,” yells Angelus and starts to hit the Saiyan with everything in his arsenal. Energy attacks, punches kicks, all rain down on Belmovekk without much result until a lucky blow to the side of of Belmovekk's head has him collapsing to the ground, the light show coming to an abrupt end.

“Ha,” Angelus yells victorious as he gives the Saiyan a vicious kick, “concentrate on that!”

He lunges for his sword and raises it for a killing blow, chi enveloping the blade.

“I win,” Angelus grins.

“No you don't,” comes Buffy's voice, “MASENKO!”

A yellow blast hits Angelus and sends him flying backwards in front off Acathla. Angelus shakes his head and looks up to see Buffy advancing. She's still bleeding from her pierced side but she can take it. She hold her hands in front of her.

“Nobody ever stays down these days,” he mutters and gets up. From the mouth of Acathla a vortex of energy emerges and starts to slowly expand. Angelus sees it and smiles victoriously.

“So what are you going to do now, lover,” he grins, “it has begun, your blessed sword is broken. I win!”

“I'll just have to destroy the both of you then,” Buffy says sadly.


She cups her hands in front of her.


She withdraws them to her right side.


Blue energy starts to glow between her hands.


Angelus starts to look worried. This is new to him, he can sense that she's gathering some serious power between her hands.

“NO” he yells and tries to attack her. Then his eyes glow bright red for an instant and he collapses to the floor.

Shocked by the sudden turn of events, Buffy holds her attack in stand by but still charged. Angelus gets up from the floor. As he looks up she can see that his madness is gone and looks at her with teared eyes.

”Buffy,” he asks in a tone of voice she hasn't heard in months, “what's going on?”

While she looks confused and Angel looks around in even greater confusion, she still holds her charged attack.

“Where are we,” he asks, “I-I don't remember.”

“Angel,” she cries, her resolve melting.

”You're hurt,” Angel says and comes forth to touches her gently.

She looks down at her wound and feels his gentle touch on her arm. She closes her eyes, taking in his smell, the one she missed so much.

“Oh, Buffy... God. I... I feel like I haven't seen you in months,” Angel says as he kisses her on the lips.

Buffy feels her resolve melting.

“That is because you have not,” Belmovekk says behind her, leaning against the wall, “you lost your soul when the two of you made love and you became Angelus again. See that demon behind you?”

Angel looks behind him. He clasps his mouth in shock as he recognizes the demon.

“A-Acathla,” he exclaims.

“You awoke him,” Belmovekk said, “he will suck the world into hell. Unless...”

“Unless the blood of whoever awakes him dies with him,” Angel nods. He understands.

Behind them Acathla's face starts to move and the vortex grows even bigger. Angel looks at Buffy again and the energy attack she's still holding. He understands and smiles at her.

“Do it,” he says gently, “it's OK. I love you.”

“I love you,” Buffy replies tears streaking her face, ”close your eyes.”

He closes his eyes and she gives him one last kiss as the intensity of her attack starts to grow again.

“Live happily for me,” Angel says, “and you, take care of her.”

“I will,” Belmovekk says.


Buffy unleashes the Kamehameha wave and lets it slam into Angel. It pierces the vampire and together with his blood slams into Acathla.

“Buffy,” yells Angel one last time, then he and Acathla are sent careening into the vortex. Once they're gone the vortex disappears, as if sucked in after.

Silence returns to the room, broken by the sobs of Buffy crying as she falls to her knees.

“I am so, so sorry,” says Belmovekk as crawls towards her and tries to put his arms around her in an attempt to comfort her.

She shakes of his attempt to embrace and moves away from him.

“GET AWAY FROM ME,” she hisses with pure venom, “you don't EVER get to touch me again.

She lashes out with her chi and pushes him away. Belmovekk staggers back and falls over on his back.

“Damn it Harris,” says Spike still holding an unconscious Drusilla, “this is the third time I have to go back to that hole.”

Both he and Xander are walking as fast as they can through the underground tunnels.

“You and your floozie can leave after I check that Buffy is alright,” says Xander not giving a damn about Spike. All he cares about is helping Buffy and the Saiyan.

“Why do you even need me,” mutters Spike, “didn't you come along the first time?”

“I had other things on my mind,” the young man snorts impatiently

“Bugger! First you lot, then the Big Scary, now you again. I feel like a bloody tourguide,” Spike mutters and points, “there, go through that tunnel you wanker, I'm out of here.”

Spike runs away carrying Drusilla leaving Xander behind. Xander makes a half hearted attempt to stop him but changes his mind. He recognizes the tunnel anyway. He goes trough the tunnel and emerges into a familiar space. It's deserted. The huge Acathla statue is gone. A sword lies abandoned on the floor.

“What the hell happened here,” Xander says as he looks around. Plenty of debris of the battle but little sign of any survivors. Where the statue used to be is now an empty spot. Bad sign. Missing statues usually mean trouble. Then again, the world hasn't ended and that would have been an escapable effect. So maybe it was a good sign.

“Buffy! Belmovekk,” Xander yells as he looks around.

Around a corner comes a muffled noise. Xander moves quickly.

“Buffy,” he says worried. Instead he finds the Saiyan sitting against a wall. Belmovekk looks like he's been to Hell and back and then some. He has a blank stare and just talks softly to himself.

“Belmovekk,” he says as he kneels down next to him and takes him by the shoulders, “what happened? Where is Buffy?”

It takes a while for the Saiyan to react but then he looks up in Xander's anxious eyes.

“I failed her, Xander,” is all the Saiyan says, “I failed her.”

As Belmovekk sinks back in his depression and he has made sure he's alright Xander looks further for Buffy but cannot find any trace of her except a broken bloodied sword. Finally he returns to Belmovekk and helps carry him back to the surface.

“Willow, are you sure you should be out of bed,” Giles asks as the Scoobies stand outside of Sunnydale High. The sun is shining brightly again and in now does it look as if anything of the misery of late could never have taken place.

“Look who's talking,” says Willow. Both look like hell, she in her wheelchair, he with several broken fingers.

“Touché,” says Giles.

“Any word,” asks Cordelia worried.

“He refuses to speak,” says Xander shaking his head, “all he says is that he failed her. I think he's going to crawl in a bottle and won't come out for a long, long time. As for Buffy, I guess you guys haven't seen her either.”

“No,” says Willow sadly.

“But we know the world didn't end, 'cause... check it out,“ says Oz and looks around. It's a bright and sunny day.

“That we know,” says Giles, “Xander said the statue was gone and he's taken me back there again. Whatever happened, at least we were spared that.”

“I think the spell worked,” Willow nods, “I felt something go through me.”

“Plus the Orb did that cool glow thing,” adds Cordelia.

“Well, I think it wasn't in time,” says Xander, “ maybe she had to kill him before the cure could work. Or god forbid afterwards. It's the only explanation that makes sense.”

“Well, then, she'd wanna be alone I guess,” says Oz.

“Or maybe Angel 'was' saved, and they want to be alone together,” says Willow, the other alternative to horrible for her to contemplate.

“Perhaps,” says Giles without much conviction. Silently he agrees with Xander.

“Well, she's gotta show up sooner or later,” says Cordelia, ”we still have

“Yeah,” says Willow, “she'll be here in a while.”

The Scoobies nod and enter school, Oz gently pushing Willow's wheelchair.

Across the street Buffy watches her friends go to school. Sighing sadly she turns around and heads for the bus depot.

(cue dramatic music)

Yahweh (U2, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)

Take these shoes
Click clacking down some dead end street
Take these shoes
And make them fit
Take this shirt
Polyester white trash made in nowhere
Take this shirt
And make it clean, clean
Take this soul
Stranded in some skin and bones
Take this soul
And make it sing

Yahweh, Yahweh
Always pain before a child is born
Yahweh, Yahweh
Still I'm waiting for the dawn

Take these hands
Teach them what to carry
Take these hands
Don't make a fist
Take this mouth
So quick to criticise
Take this mouth
Give it a kiss

Yahweh, Yahweh
Always pain before a child is born
Yahweh, Yahweh
Still I'm waiting for the dawn

Still I'm waiting for the dawn, the sun is coming up
The sun is coming up on the ocean
This love is like a drop in the ocean
This love is like a drop in the ocean

Yahweh, Yahweh
Always pain before a child is born
Yahweh, tell me now
Why the dark before the dawn

Take this city
A city should be shining on a hill
Take this city
If it be your will
What no man can own, no man can take
Take this heart
Take this heart
Take this heart
And make it break

Lyrics by Bono with The Edge


Some on Spacebattles where I beta posted this before were disappointed with the ending, thinking it to much like the series. But I always wanted it to end like it did in the series. The series 2 finale is probably the best of the whole series and I liked how it divided them all. Usually they kill the big bad, they all get together for a group hug as Xander makes some snide comments. Now they are divided and she's heartbroken for having killed the love of her life. Why change something's that perfect? For me the interesting part was in getting there.

Part 2 has gone extremely show up till now, writers block, real life interfering, but I'm happy to report that at least the first three chapters are more or less finished and I'm thinking of posting them ahead of schedule after they've been beta read. Part 2 is shaping up to have more crossover action, the return of SG-1 and more deviance from events in the Buffyverse. Or not. Who knows where my muse will lead me? Of course, nothing related to DBZ is possible without a list full of powerlevels and I'll post some soon.


To be continued in Original of the Species part 2, The Mayor & the Saiyan

Still to come (and some work done) after that:
Original of the Species part 3A, The Robots & the Saiyan (Adam)
Original of the Species part 3B, The Robots & the Saiyan (Cell)

The End

You have reached the end of "Original of the Species, the Slayer and the Saiyan". This story is complete.

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