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Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After the fall into Glory's portal Buffy winds up in the world of Anita Blake

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: RichardHeatherSinFR151017,99583359,7041 Jun 031 Jun 03Yes

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I could catch the outline of two 'somethings' up in the rafters. I'm sure the bigger of the two was Olaf. From the top of the Storage containers I jumped once more a got a hold on one of the metal beams to pull myself up.

With the lights below me, my night vision kicked in and I could tell Jean-Claude and Olaf apart. From a look at Olaf's left hand I could also tell that shifting doesn't make you grow back missing limbs as fast as just healing regular wounds.

He was moving as fast as he could, trying to evade the reach of Jean-Claude, but he wasn't as fast as a Master Vampire on his game. I ran along the beam and closed in on the two as Jean-Claude leaped upon the gigantic werewolf.

Chunks of fur fell to the floor as well as a good amount of blood. Olaf growled and scraped at the vampire and I neared even closer.

Jean-Claude took an unlucky break and lost his footing. The werewolf took advantage of the moment and tossed him off of the rafters. I wasn't concerned with Jean-Claude. He could probably take the fall okay. That's one good thing about being dead. You're hard to kill.

However with Jean-Claude out of the way it gave me room to do a little work. I pulled one of my stakes out of my jacket and let it fly. Over the years I have become proficient at the flying stake throw. I could keep my bragging rights. The stake imbedded itself to the hilt into Olaf's shoulder.

I knew it wasn't going to harm him in the long run, but I wasn't trying to kill him; just trying to get him to let go of the rafters. He had to let go in order to remove the stake. Quick healing doesn't do any good if the weapon if still stuck in the wound.

He did as anticipated and let go to grab the stake. I leaned back as far as I could and leaped to the other side tackling Olaf and in the process knocking both of us off of the rafters. The fall was only about twenty feet and I had a cushion to land on. Olaf wasn't as lucky.

We hit the floor and Edward was inches away waiting for me to get out of the way so he could make his kill. I gave him his chance.

I thought I was going to go deaf from all of the gunshots fired mere feet from my head, but I got over it. Jean-Claude pulled me away just in case. I really wasn't in the mood to argue.

I looked over to see Richard sitting on the floor by the crates. Anita was tending to his injuries. I limped over. My leg felt as if it was going to fall off. I just wanted to sit down.

I grunted a little as I slid down the side of the crate, next to Richard. His eyes were seriously glassed over.

"Olaf pumped him full of tranquilizers. He's going to be a little loopy for a while." Anita explained.

I smiled and closed my eyes for a second.

"Buffy?" Anita asked, concerned.

I opened my eyes back up. "Huh?"

"Those scratches on your arm."

I looked at my left arm. "S'ok Olaf just scratched me when we fell. He didn't get a chance to bite me, so I'm cool."

I think Richard tried to focus on my arm. It was hard to tell, with his head swaying back and forth. He looked seriously drunk.

"Buffy, that's one of the ways that you can catch lycanthropy. He didn't need to bite you. Just a small scratch from a werewolf is enough, and you have four nasty looking cuts."

Great. Just Great.


We got Richard and Buffy back to my house and emptied the rest of Cherry's medical bag to fix the wounded ... Buffy. I let them have my bed to recuperate. I know ... I'm an old softy. Whatever. Buffy saved my ass and I owe her one, and she got a serious thorn out of my side to boot. I'll never have another dream about Olaf ringing my doorbell and asking me out on a date. That's enough to send shivers up my spine in itself.

They slept the entire night and all of the next day before waking up Thursday night. Buffy's wounds were healed over and had shown only a little pink scar where they used to be. We don't know if it was her slayer healing or side effects of the lycanthropy virus. It's only three more nights until the full moon. I guess we'll find out then.

From what Buffy says, she's been fighting the monsters for over five years. Now there's a chance that she will be one. She's a little nervous, but I think she'll deal with it just fine, as long as Richard stays by her side. And knowing Richard, the world's biggest boy scout, can you expect anything different?


Next .... BS:VH II Decisions to be Made

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter". This story is complete.

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