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The Pure Hellmouth of St. Trinians.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A romantic-comedy, horror fic with Giles' dad, and sizzling lesbians.

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Movies > St. Trinian's films(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR181231,49922513,33330 Oct 0611 Nov 06Yes
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Chapter One;The Happiest Days of your Life?

“The Pure Hellmouth of St. Trinians.”
A Seattle Slayers Interlude By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or the St. Trinians series of films. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with the St. Trinians series of films.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English! This story is written almost entirely using English idioms.

Timeline: Set post BtVS S7 in my Willow and Kennedy universe. For St. Trinians set just before the beginning of ‘The Pure Hell of St. Trinians’. Most of the story takes place in about 1960.

Words: Quite a few.

Warnings: Lesbians, strong language and violence.

Summary: A rom/com/horror Fic; featuring a Hellmouth, Giles’ dad, strong language, some violence and sizzling lesbians!

Note: There were five St. Trinians films based on the books and cartoons of Richard Searle. The first three were in black and white and made in the 50’s. The other two films were made in the 70’s and 80’s and did not really stand up very well against the earlier black and white films.

This fic is based around the third black and white film, ‘The Pure Hell of St, Trinians’. This film opens with St. Trinians being burnt down. I’d often wondered how the school came to such a fiery end. This is my explanation.


The Pure Hellmouth of St. Trinians.
By Dave Turner.

1:The Happiest Days of your Life?

Willow lay in bed in that happy state between being fully awake and fully asleep, she felt warm and comfortable. Her hand reached out to the left side of the bed and felt…and felt…the left side of the bed!

“Huh?” She said coming slightly more awake and searching around for Kennedy.

Willow always slept on the right side of the bed, Kennedy slept on the left…maybe she had got herself turned around in the night? Willow felt over to her right. Nothing! In fact it seemed that her bed had shrunk over night and Kennedy had disappeared. Panic started to rise in her chest, she opened her eyes to see a nicotine stained ceiling that might, at some time in the dim and distant past, have been painted white.

Eyes wide open now she raised herself up onto her elbows and looked around. She found herself in what could only be described as a dormitory. It held maybe another dozen beds each with its own sleeping figure. Watery sunlight crept around the edges of threadbare curtains to illuminate a scene of devastation.

Willow saw carelessly discarded clothing (which appeared to consist of old fashioned school uniforms) littering the floor. Here and there she could see discarded bottles that she strongly suspected had until recently contained strong drink! The smell of overflowing ashtrays assaulted her nose, and some pretty heavy duty snoring assailed her ears.

“Ken?” She called softly; there was no answer.
“Ken?” She called again this time a little louder.

“Humm?” Came a sleepy reply as the figure in the bed to Willow’s left started to move. A head appeared from under the sheets and blankets and turned to face her.

“Ken?” Said Willow in confusion. It was Kennedy but there again it wasn’t. Whoever it was, was too young to be Kennedy and her hair was too long and Kennedy never wore frilly nighties…ever.

“Will?” Said the almost Kennedy as she sat up in bed looking around, “What…who…where?” She said asking in seconds the three most important questions in the world. ‘What happened?’ ‘Who am I/you?’ And ‘Where am I?’

“Who are you?” Kennedy demanded as she sat bolt upright in bed.

“I’m Willow!” Exclaimed Willow as she crawled a little further out of bed. By now Willow could see that this ‘Kennedy’ impostor was wearing a nearly see-through pink frilly nightie, something that her Ken would never wear: worst luck!

“No you’re not!” Said the girl as she swung her legs out of bed and faced Willow. She seemed to notice what she was wearing for the first time. For a piece of clothing it showed far too much of the wearer and what it did cover you could see right through; Willow found she was not too upset about this.

“Aagh!” Said the girl looking down at herself.

Slowly Willow swung her own legs out of bed and sat facing the dark haired girl. She looked down at her own night clothes; a white, cotton full length night gown with far too many frills and embroidered flowers on it to be decent. Taking a deep breath Willow pulled at the neck of her gown and looked down inside at her body.

What she saw was the body of an adolescent girl and not the body of a woman in her late twenties who had given birth to a child. The girl on the other bed seemed to be doing the same sort of inspection and coming to the same conclusions.

“Oh crap!” Said Kennedy.

“Ditto.” Replied Willow, “If this is the PTB messing us around I’m going to be a very cranky Witch!” She hissed.

“Shud the f’up!” Came a sleepy voice from one of the beds. The comment was accompanied by a shoe that arced through the air towards them; it clattered to a halt at the foot of Willow’s bed.

“I think we better continue this discussion outside.” Said Willow.

The two women/girls stood up and started to head for the door. Kennedy looked down at herself then looked around for a robe. Seeing one lying on the floor she picked it up and put it on.

“Horrible thing!” She said referring to the frilly nightie.

“Oh I don’t know,” Mused Willow, “I thought it looked pretty good from where I was sitting.”


“Okay we’ve done the ‘who’…” Said Kennedy as she and Willow stood in the corridor outside the dormitory.

“Now we’ve got to figure out the ‘what’ and the ‘where’.” Continued Willow, “right, what’s the last thing you remember?”

“Going to bed.” Replied Kennedy, “You?”


“You don’t remember anything odd?”

“Nope,” Sighed Willow, “Didn’t feel any magics or anything…So where do you think we are?”

Kennedy looked up and down the corridor taking in the worn carpet, the peeling wallpaper, and the naked light bulbs.

“You know I went to a boarding school in England?” Ken asked; Willow nodded her head. “Well one of my teachers was an old dear who’d taught at schools all over Britain.”

“Will you be getting to the point soon; the floor’s freezing!” Asked Willow.

“Sorry,” Said Kennedy, “Well, this sounds like one of the places she’d taught at years ago.”

“So, you think we’re in a British girl’s boarding school?” Queried Willow.

“Uh-huh.” Agreed Kennedy, “Of course I could be wrong.” She added.

“That begs the question ‘why’?” Pondered Willow.

“Someone’s coming!” Exclaimed Kennedy as a figure came around the corner and started to walk down the corridor towards them.

“You girls are up early.” Came a female voice from the direction of the figure, “I’d have thought you’d all still be sleeping it off after last nights party.”

The figure was a woman in her early forties dressed in a ratty old dressing gown and slippers, a cigarette hung from her bottom lip.

“We were looking for the bathroom Miss.” Kennedy piped up, “We’re new.”

The woman looked at the two girls trying to place them.

“Oh yes.” She finally said, “You’re the two new American girls aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss.” Said Kennedy.

“Huh?” Said Willow.

“Well it’s down the corridor on the right,” Replied the woman, “There should be plenty of hot water this time in the morning…run along now before I get everyone else up.”


Half an hour later Willow was struggling with her stockings.

“Are you sure these dresses are supposed to be so short? People can see the tops of our stocking! Ken?” Willow was clothed in a black pinafore dress and white blouse; she looked at her partner while she struggled to do-up her suspenders. Kennedy sat on the edge of her bed already fully dressed. She had a look of total dismay on her face.

“Ken?” Willow said with real concern, “What’s wrong sweetheart?” She asked sitting down next to her lover.

“Will.” Gasped Kennedy, “The badge…”

Willow looked down at the school badge embroidered on the bib of her dress.

“What about it?” The badge consisted of a large black ‘St. T’ on a white background.

“St. Trinians.” Whispered Kennedy clearly in shock.

“St. Trinians?” Asked Willow, “Is that bad?”

“BAD!” Screeched Kennedy, the other girls in the dorm turned in surprise to look at the two new arrivals, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?” Kennedy snarled at the girls, she let her inner Slayer off the leash for a moment. The schoolgirls backed away, reluctantly.

“Calm down.” Soothed Willow as she patted Kennedy on the shoulder, “Is it a rough school?” She asked.

“Rough? HA! If only.” Laughed Kennedy, a hint of insanity creeping into her voice, “This is the school that other schools got threatened with if they didn’t buck their ideas up! It’s legendary…for all the wrong reasons. Do you know how many times the place burnt down?”

Before Willow could answer Kennedy carried on.

“No one knows! The Police lost count…you know the head mistress ended up in jail…on more than one occasion, and there were rumours that the rest of the staff should have been in jail…or worse!” Kennedy subsided for a moment.

“Worse than jail?” Willow asked confused. “Okay,” Said Willow thinking rapidly for a way out, “We get out of here as soon as we can and phone Buffy and Giles; tell them what’s happened and they’ll come and get us. Then…”

“Won’t work.” Announced Kennedy a look of anxiety on her face.


“It won’t work!” Kennedy turned to Willow and grabbed hold of her shoulders, looking deeply into Willow’s eyes she said, “St. Trinians closed in 1960, we’ve not even been born yet, an’ Giles must be all of about four!”

“No! That can’t be.” Cried Willow, “Maybe this is a modern copy.”

“Look at our clothes Will…no modern fibres; look around have you seen a cell phone or an iPod?”

Willow cast an anxious look around the room. Its inhabitants were watching Willow and Kennedy surreptitiously out of the corners of their eyes. There was, however, no sign of any modern technology.

“Look Will,” Whispered Kennedy, “If this place is half as bad as I think it is I don’t want you out of my sight.”


“No listen,” She went on urgently, “I’ve still got my Slayer strength and training. I tried a few things out while you were in the shower. I’m not as strong as I should be, but I’m still stronger than anyone here. Until we figure out how much magic you’ve got I don’t want you wondering off by yourself, okay?”

“Okay.” Replied Willow looking around with panic in her eyes.

“How much magic did you have when you were sixteen?” Asked Kennedy.

“None!” Wailed Willow miserably, “I never enjoyed being sixteen the first time round, I don’t want to have to do it all again.”


Breakfast consisted of a strange grey concrete like substance that Kennedy assured Willow was porridge. The other girls appeared to arrive in the dinning hall at whatever time seemed to suit them. No one looked to be in charge or care what the girls did. There were a group of adults, all women, sitting at table in one corner of the hall smoking and whispering.

“That must be the staff.” Said Kennedy as she chewed her way womanfully through a spoonful of porridge.

“Wonder what they’re talking about?” Asked Willow. The women did seem to be deep in discussion about something.

“Maybe it’s time to try a little magic.” Suggested Kennedy.

“Okay,” Replied Willow, after a little thought she said, “Here goes.”

Willow made a surreptitious gesture with her fingers and muttered some Gallic words under her breath.

“Anything?” Asked Kennedy after a minute or two.

“Well,” Willow hesitated for a moment, “I got something but not as clearly as I should.”

“But you heard something?”

“Yeah,” She said her eyebrows coming together in perplexity. “They’re saying something about ‘getting out quick’; and ‘emptying the safe’ and ‘making a run for it’. They all seem very worried about something that’s going to happen soon.”

“Any idea what?” Asked Kennedy.

“No, but they all think it’s going to be bad.” Replied Willow.

“Maybe that’s why we’re here?”

“Could be.” Willow agreed. “We need to find stuff out, make with the research. Wonder if this place has an Occult Library?”

“Anything’s poss…”

“What’re you two whispering about?” Demanded a girl of about Willow and Kennedy’s apparent age. “Sitting there muttering to y’selves, what’re you plotting?” The girl was a bit taller than Kennedy and a lot heavier. Willow noticed she had scared knuckles, obviously from hitting people.

“Huh? We’re not doing anything!” Gasped Willow guiltily.

“An’ what’s it to you if we are?” Demanded Kennedy standing up.

“Think you can take me squirt?” Growled the girl, and she did actually ‘growl’.

“With one hand, bitch!” Replied Kennedy coldly.

“Um Ken…” Said Willow trying to attract her girlfriend’s attention. They were now at the centre of a wide circle of interested girls.

“Now, now girls.” Came a well-spoken woman’s voice; everyone looked around to see the source. An elderly genteel looking woman was heading across the hall towards the rapidly dispersing crowd of girls.

“I see you’re making our two new arrivals welcome Marigold.” Said the Woman.

“Yes Miss Fritton.” Said the hulking form that was Marigold.

“Marigold?” Giggled Kennedy under her breath.

“I’ll see you outside later.” Whispered Marigold before smiling sweetly at Miss Fritton, “I was just about to explain where the school office was Miss.” The girl weightlifter explained innocently.

“No need now Marigold,” The woman seemed to take a perverse pleasure in using the large girl’s name as often as she could, “I’ll take charge from here.”

Deprived of any further entertainment the staff and pupils went back to chewing their porridge into submission.


“Now girls,” Said the tall, refined, grey haired woman as she looked down at Willow and Kennedy. “I’m Miss Fritton; I’m the Headmistress, now when you’ve finished your breakfasts I want you to come along to my office. Will you do that?”

“Yes Miss.” Replied Kennedy promptly, Willow mumbled something and looked blankly at Miss Fritton.

“Your little friend looks a bit confused dear.” Said the Headmistress to Kennedy.

“It’s all a bit strange to her Miss,” Replied Kennedy, “She’s never been to a Boarding School before.”

“Oh I’m sure she’ll get used to it…Well I must be off.” With that she turned on her heel and walked across the hall deftly dodging the lumps of porridge that were flicked in her direction.


Eventually the girls admitted defeat and left the porridge to celebrate its victory in its own porridge like way. They got up and started to make their way towards Miss Fritton’s office.

“Hold my hand.” Said Kennedy as they got up from the table.

“In front of all these girls?” Asked Willow looking around.

“Especially in front of all these girls,” Replied Kennedy, “I’ll explain later.”

As they got to the door of the hall Kennedy brought Willow to a halt and very deliberately kissed her on the lips in front of the whole room. The kiss was greeted by whistles and catcalls.


“What was all that about?” Demanded Willow sounding slightly cross at her girlfriend, when they stood outside the dinning hall.

“Sort of marking my territory.” Replied Kennedy with a grin.

“What!?!?” Snapped Willow pulling her hand away from Kennedy’s.

“Look,” Explained Kennedy, “Boarding school is kinda like the jungle…survival of the fittest, okay?”

“Okay.” Replied Willow doubtfully.

“Now I’ve just marked you as my property…”

“You did what!” Squeaked Willow shocked, “I’m not anyone’s property.” Then in a more normal tone, “I’m my own woman…so there.”

“Will,” Replied Kennedy earnestly, then turning towards her girlfriend she said, “At home you’re the powerful, confident and beautiful Willow the White, most powerful Witch in the world. Here you’re ‘New-girl Rosenberg’, who may or may not have any power; you’re a victim waiting to happen.”

“I am?” Moaned Willow thinking back to her days at Sunnydale High.

“Yes,” Said Kennedy sadly, “Now I’ve just told everyone in the school that you’re mine. Mess with you, you mess with me. After I’ve dealt with that Marigold girl no one will want to mess with either of us.” Kennedy said confidently.

“Is it really that bad here?” Asked Willow timidly.

“Can you imagine a really bad thing?” Asked Kennedy as she led Willow along the corridor, “Ordinary Boarding School was bad enough…St. Trinians…is a hundred times badder!.”

“So after this Marigold thing we’ll be able to move around separately.” She said seeing the reasoning behind Kennedy’s plan, “Sneaky Slayer-girl.” Added Willow as she kissed Kennedy on the cheek and rested her head on her shoulder.

“That’s me.” Replied Kennedy, “Oh! One other thing.”


“Until I’ve dealt with Marigold stay close huh?” Pleaded Kennedy.

“My pleasure.” Replied Willow slipping an arm ‘round Kennedy’s waist, “So, what are y’going to do to Marigold?”

“Nothing lethal…honest!” Replied Kennedy with a smile.


As they walked they noted the damage that had been done to the interior of the school over the years. There were so many knife and axe marks in the woodwork that they hardly noticed holes made by mere darts. There were areas that had obviously been scorched by fire at some point in the past. What worried Willow the most was one particularly large brown stain on the floorboards half covered by a moth eaten rug.

Willow nodded towards the mark, “What’s the betting that Spike or Angel would have looked at that and said ‘Blood’?”

“From what I’ve heard of this place,” Replied Kennedy, “That’s a big yes.”

“Looks like we’re here.” Said Willow looking up at the door and disentangling her arm from Kennedy’s.

The sign on the door proclaimed; Miss Amelia Fritton Bsc. Headmistress. The door was daubed with paint and ink plus a few other things that Willow felt were best not looked at too closely. She knocked on a fairly clean looking spot.

“Enter!” Came the voice from inside.

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