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BS:VH III To Err is Human ...

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Buffy Summers: Vampire Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Something old has a Buffy acting a little weird

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: RichardHeatherSinFR15817,1661820,5213 Jun 033 Jun 03Yes

Chapter 8

A lot of people have never heard of Anita Blake and are now addicted to her world. If any of you want to know more about AB then visit my site at you can see the books the author, Laurell K. Hamilton, has put out so far.

Chapter 8


Stars swam in my field of vision and I didn't know what was happening until the action was over. John saved my ass. Whatever he did knocked Raina for a loop because once I regained control of my visual senses I noticed Buffy's body laying quite still in front of John Burke's house.

"Anita, can you stand?"

I wasn't taking any bets just yet, but I knew I couldn't sit there any longer not knowing what happened. "What did ... you do?"

Concern washed away from his face. "What you asked. I exorcized the spirit."

I reached over and felt for a pulse at Buffy's neck. Strong and regular. Just as it should be I guess. It's not as if I have ever seen an exorcism before. I didn't know what to expect.

"Didn't you need to throw holy water and chant some scripture?"

He smirked. "Wrong religion." He shrugged. "Me, I like the short and simple method."

He helped me to my feet. "Well that was entirely anti-climactic. Not that I'm bitching or anything. It seems everything that I'm involved in recently has been life and death, period. The bad guy always dies in the end."

John brushed something off of my shoulders. I looked down and saw white crystal's falling away. "Salt?"

He nodded.

I looked up when I heard the sirens. Someone called the cops. Well I guess there are thoughtful, concerned citizens in St. Louis.

"Come on. Give me a hand." I bent down and grabbed Buffy's shoulders. "It was a drive-by, okay? Buffy can't be questioned about this by the police."

He arched an eyebrow. "You owe me big time, Anita."



When I opened my eyes I was starring into the deep dark chocolate of Richard's eyes. He looked a bit more than concerned and cautious. I closed my eyes and thought over the last few days and what I --- no, what Raina did.


It was more than I could handle, and I think it showed. I re-opened my eyes and the depth of compassion on Richard's face made me feel undeserving. So I broke. I covered my face with the same hands that tore open my lover's chest only days before. Hot tears poured out of my eyes and the flush of blood to my face made a bad situation only worse.

A wracking sob jutted forth from my throat. "I'm ... so sorry, Richard."

His strong hands pulled me up and into his broad chest; his arms tugging me closer and closer into him until I couldn't breathe any longer. The thing of it, I didn't care about breathing. I had almost killed the one person that I could spend the rest of my life with. He had taken me into his home and into his life without so much as a blink of his beautiful eyes.

"Shhh. It will be okay," he whispered into my hair while he softly stroked it.

I shook my head in denial. "I hurt you, Richard. I hurt you."

He pushed back a little and took my face in his hands. His thumbs wiped away some of my tears and then he pressed his lips against my own. A warm wind rushed around us and I felt his beast rise and push it's way into me. I gasped into his mouth and my own beast returned his advances. It was like two great furred wolves rubbing along side one another, only the rubbing felt like it was all over my body.

My hands reached up and buried themselves in his long curly brown locks, grabbing it in fist-fulls and pulling him down with me on the bed where I laid. He straddled my hips with his legs and push me down, forcing his beast further into me. My back arched to meet him. I could smell his desire, with my own, mixing in the air. I wanted nothing more than to tear off his jeans, but I didn't want to let go of his hair.

There was a sharp knocking at the bedroom door. I thought I heard Zane's voice. "Hello, lot's of were-creatures out here listening and smelling everything you two are doing."

Okay, that was enough to get me to let go. Richard rose up, not more than half and inch away from my face. His breath was full in my face.

"I'm better now," he remarked.

Oh yeah, he's much better.


"Thanks," I told Zane, "I don't think I want my bed smelling like Richard and Buffy sex."

He flashed his kitty teeth. "Can I go in after they leave?"

He ducked away from my smack. "Pervert."

His eyes waggled.

It was only a few moments until the bedroom door opened and they emerged hand in hand. No, I wasn't going to make a scene.

"We've got to talk."

Richard nodded and led Buffy to the couch, which for once wasn't loaded with the pard. They made themselves comfortable with Buffy trying to press herself into Richard with enough effort than the law of physics would allow. It was sickingly cute.

I felt my eyelids flutter in exasperation. "Buffy, you can never call the munin again."

Richard was more shocked than Buffy, as it should be. He knew the ramifications of denying the munin. I had tried, once upon a time, to do just that. It had nearly driven me insane.

"Believe me, I will never call that bitch again."

"Anita?" Richard said it like I needed to explain myself.

"I spoke to John Burke, Richard. I told him about Buffy's peculiar situation. It's his educated guess that Buffy, being from an alternate universe might have something to do with her reaction."

I tried to explain it as John told me. "Her aura isn't in sync with this universe is the best that I can make sense of it. It's like when we had holes in our aura's, before we joined them."

I had pulled away from Jean-Claude and Richard at one time. Forcing the triumvirate apart. The result was the holes. It made all of us weak and subject to magic and psychic attack; where we would normally be strong we were weak. It's like having a hole in a coffee cup. The coffee leaks out and you put your finger against the hole, but eventually you have to take it away, or it gets pushed away. Then you have leaky coffee again. Not long ago we merged the marks again and repaired our link. Buffy couldn't do that as easily.

"It will take a while for you to equip yourself with mental shields enough for you to even attempt the munin. If you aren't properly prepared next time then Raina could take over again."

I watched as Buffy squeezed. "It will never happen again, Anita. I know what she smells like, now."

I shook my head. "You can't say that for sure, Buffy."

Anger and defiance reared it's ugly head in her eyes. "I'm the Slayer," she growled.

I nearly laughed. "Well, that helped a lot a few days ago."

She pulled away from Richard and stood. Her voice went low and throaty. "Anita, I've slayed more vampires than I can count. I killed my first love and sent him to hell for the benefit of my world. I've killed small-time demons and even a greater-demon the size of a small office building. I've seen the worst the government can do to a person and I've even destroyed a hell-god in hand to hand combat. I really don't think you know what it means to be a Slayer."

I rolled my eyes.

"I have given up my life. It was over when I first had the call. I was fifteen years old. Every time I face a big bad creature of darkness I may lose the first battle, but I learn from my mistakes and I overcome them. I turn my weakness' into strengths and sometimes with only my wits and skills I have saved the day.

"You may think I am being a little cocky? I want you to know something, Anita," she paused and collected herself. "The portal that brought me here? See, if Glory had succeeded in passing through it, it would have opened a rift in every dimension in existence, including this one. Hell demons would have flooded across the dimensions and destroyed entire worlds. I knew I was going to die"

She paused and looked back at Richard. "I sacrificed myself for the life of my sister. So don't think that I won't learn from this and do the same for this man and all of you again and again. It is my life. It is my duty. That's what it means to be the Slayer."


After I finished, Richard rose and took my hand. We left and went to the woods near the lupinar. We hunted and fed. Thereafter we made love surround by the smells of nature and the three-quarter moon. I found out what it means to love again and it wasn't going to be taken away from me. Not by a jealous ex-girlfriend and not by some long dead evil bitch. I'm not invincible. Far from it. But for once I truly believed in myself and my duty.

I would spend the time and effort to make sure Raina never comes back. I would make love to my wolf-king. I would be Lupa and mother to every one of our wolves. I would be a vampire executioner and help keep the three state area safer than any other place in America. I would still be the Slayer.

Now I just have to kill a Nightmare.

End part III

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The End

You have reached the end of "BS:VH III To Err is Human ...". This story is complete.

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