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Buffy and the Beast

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Summary: Dawn accidently ends up in the Beastmaster universe and the Scooby Gang comes after her, but on arrival they are all changed and separated. What will they do?

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Television > BeastmasterFaleohFR1532,9170102,54914 Nov 0615 Nov 06No

The Nature of the Beast

**Notes: Sci-fi will be having another Beastmaster marathon on Oct 29, 30, and Dec18
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
BTVS: Mid Season 6
Beastmaster: After Episode 3: Season 2 (Kyra is dead. Dar and Tao are headed toward

Dar’s homeland.)

Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara (after Tara left, but before she died)

*Having formatting issues, will tr y and fix later...

Chapter 3: The Nature of the Beast

Buffy, Spike, Xander, and Anya all stumbled out of the disorientating light and

fell to the ground. Thankfully, it was dark so Spike didn’t bother to fix his cloak. Before

they could take in their surroundings Xander and Anya gasped, convulsing. Buffy shoved

herself up and knelt next to them.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?” she asked, trying to find a source of their


They both screamed and then began to change. Xander shrunk and grew fur,

finally lying still in the form of a hyena. Anya morphed into a very large snake. She

hissed half heartedly and slowly slithered over to the hyena, nudging him.

Xander yipped softly and tried to get up, but it took several attempts as he tried to

reconcile having four legs. He gazed up at them and whined.

Buffy looked over at Spike who was hiding his face in his hands. At first she

thought he was upset, but then a giggle escaped him. Giving up, he rolled on the ground

with raucous laughter.

Buffy kicked him savagely in the side and prepared another, though he dodged the


“Now Slayer, if you can’t laugh you’ll burn yourself out. Seeing the whelp as a

little puppy dog… that’s just too much,” Spike said.

Buffy scowled, “Willow and Tara aren’t here. Xander and Anya are animals. And

Dawn is still out there alone. I see very little worth laughing about!”

He looked around. “You’re right, the bints are gone. Either Red screwed up or

they didn’t follow. Not sure which one I’d prefer.”

Buffy kicked a rock into a tree, causing a deep gash. “I’m going to wring that

brat’s neck when I find her!”

“My trees had nothing to do with finding your ‘brat’,” a female voice cut in.

Buffy and Spike immediately were up in a defensive stance. Who they saw did

not make them relax. Her face was human, but her ears and neck were green and her feet

were backwards.

“I guess you have to special order your shoes, no malls for you,” Buffy quipped.

Curupira glared at them. “You come here, damage MY tree and then try to insult

my feet? You are lucky I don’t kill you.”

Xander growled deep in his throat and walked towards them, still a bit unsteady.

Anya hissed, climbing up a tree and eyeing the forest demon.

“Iara?” Curupira asked, watching the snake.

“Her name is Anya. Did you turn her into a snake? And Xander into a hyena?”

Buffy demanded. “If you don’t change them back you’re really going to get it.”

“Why would I bother with humans?” Curupira asked. “Not that any of you are

human, at least not anymore. I don’t know where you came from but I’ll tell you the

same thing I told the green brat. Get out of my forest.”

“Not till we find Dawn,” Buffy answered.

“Green brat?” Spike asked. He looked over at Buffy. “That could the ‘bit.”

Buffy nodded. “Where’d she go?”

“I’m not helping you,” Curupira retorted. “I’ve had too many demons invading

my territory today. I’m done.”

Buffy frowned. “We’re not demons,” she said. She looked at Spike. “He may be I


Curupira snorted. “More demons who say they’re not, wonderful. And he’s not a

demon, just possessed. And that snake, who better NOT be Iara, is also a demon. So, one

last time and trust me, it’s the last, GET OUT OF MY FOREST.”

“Bring it on, Footsie,” Buffy replied.

She saw the forest demon start to move and attacked. Curupira seemed surprised

that the attack hit but fought back, dodging Buffy’s next blow and landing one of her

own. Buffy was thrown back a bit but got right back up and began to grapple again. Spike

wanted to help, but he wasn’t able to attack without risking hitting Buffy.

“Ladies, ladies,” another female voice cut in. They took a momentary break from

their scrap to see a beautiful blonde woman in a low cut dress. “This is hardly the way we

greet newcomers.”

“Sorceress,” Curupira greeted with a scowl, taking a step back from Buffy. “You

know them?”

The woman smiled. “Not directly, but I know of them. They are new to our world

and the world has changed them to its liking,” she said with a smile at Xander the Hyena.

The Sorceress gave Buffy an enigmatic smile, “Though some didn’t have much to


“We just want to find my sister, my friends, and go home,” Buffy said, matching

the Sorceress’ gaze head on. “Where are they?”

The Sorceress seemed to think about it, then answered slowly, her smile mean.

“The Red Witch is no longer your concern. She doesn’t belong with humans anymore.

Your sister, if you want to call her that, is… difficult to locate. She has a tendency to

disappear and reappear a bit randomly. The other witch, well, she didn’t quite make the

cut. She’s around here somewhere…”

“Don’t give us riddles!” Spike bit out and tried to grab the Sorceress, but his hand

went through her and she re-materialized a few feet away.

The Sorceress clucked her tongue. “Tut tut, so very rude. You may as well get

comfortable; you’ll be here a very long time. Your world is no longer capable of handling

you.” Then the woman vanished.

Curupira snarled and vanished as well, leaving them to themselves.

Buffy sat down heavily and held her head. “What the hell do we do now?”

Spike sat next to her and sighed. “We go looking for ‘em. They have to be around

here somewhere. We’ll go that way,” he said pointing in a random direction.

“Why that way?” Buffy asked.

He shrugged. “Beats me, but why not?”

They started walking in said direction with Xander trailing behind and Anya

curled around Spike.

“This had better not be too long. This snake is goddamn heavy!” Spike

complained, and then gasped as she tightened around him. “Do NOT do that or I’ll have

you for dinner!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Buffy and the Beast" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 06.

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