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The Beast Within

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Summary: Walsh trys a new serum on an old friend.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansStrangeShyGuyFR151700022,38529 Dec 0629 Dec 06Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Teen Titans.


They had captured Xander two weeks ago. They caught him at the Magic Box where he had been hanging out recently. The last thing he saw was the smirking face of one Riley Finn as he was tranquilized. Every day Riley would come by and taunt him saying that his friends had forgotten him. After two weeks Xander was starting to believe him. On the fifteenth day they had taken him out of his cell and put him through a series of tests. During which he had heard Walsh asking the Doctors about his physical condition.

The next day, the door to his cell opened and in walked Walsh herself flanked by Riley and Graham. Walsh told him “You have been chosen because no one would miss you. However you should feel honored to be a test subject for Experiment #22.”

Xander was then forced up from his bed and marched to a lab where he was strapped to a table. ”This is try #7 of Experiment #22” came from a technician in the upper booth.

“Just what is Experiment #22” yelled Xander from the table.

“You will see... if you survive” was the cryptic response he got from the Doctor just before they injected something into him. The pain from the injection was so great that Xander passed out.


When he next woke up he was back in his cell; however when he looked at his hands he freaked because his skin was a bright green. He quickly checked himself and found that all of his skin was the same color and his hair was a darker shade of green.

His anger at what they had done to him caused him to freak out and begin to attack the walls. It wasn’t until he had broken through that he realized he had become a gorilla. Fear that he wouldn’t change back made him stop but not for long. He heard men coming down the hall to investigate the noise he had made breaking out. He turned and quickly ran away. Later he couldn’t remember how he got out but the next thing he could recall was being in a forest. It was then that he realized that they had created an experiment that had allowed him to transform into an animal.

He ran as fast as he could to Willow’s dorm. He hoped against hope that Willow would be able to reverse what had been done to him. When he got there he saw Willow and Tara fighting and could hear every word.
“Xander is missing and you haven’t even looked for him” shouted Tara.

“Xander probably got killed trying to do something he wasn’t supposed to do.” said Willow “He never listened to Buffy or I and always got hurt during patrol. All I can say is good riddance.”

“He was your friend and that is all you can say about him. You have become cold and heartless I am leaving. Don’t try to follow me.” said Tara as she turned around. She couldn’t see the look on Willow’s face as she did so however Xander could. He watched as Willow summoned a ball of fire and cocked back to throw it. He didn’t even think he ran as fast as he could and pulled Tara to the ground, saving her from the fireball. Immediately afterwards he sprang up and attack Willow. She tried to defend herself but there wasn’t much she could do to stop Xander’s gorilla fist from hitting her and knocking her out cold.

“Your safe” said Xander turning to Tara.

“Who are you?” She asked “Wait a minute, is that you Xander?”

“Yeah, you can blame Walsh and the Initiative for my new color.” Xander replied.

“Walsh did this.” Tara said.

“Yup said I was chosen because no one would miss me I guess she was right.” said Xander in a rather angry tone.

“I missed you.” Tara said in a voice so low he almost missed it.



“Then let’s get out of here.” Xander offered “Unless there is something you don’t want to leave.”

“No, lets leave this town and never come back” Tara replied. That was the last anyone in Sunnydale saw of them.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Beast Within". This story is complete.

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