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Fanart for my favorite stories

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Fan Art

This story is No. 1 in the series "Fanart for my favorites". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Photo manips done by me for my favorite stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Fanart(Past Donor)MethosFR721673,52030996569,5543 Jan 072 Jan 12Yes

Don't Be

Perhaps it was because he was pleasantly talking to a vampire. Perhaps it was because that extra Slayer sense was going crazy inside her head. Or perhaps it was just because she knew that normal people from the 90's didn't wear brown pinstripe suits with red trainers. But one thing was clear: the moment she saw him, Buffy knew she had to kill him.

He was in the cemetery, at night — always a bad sign, in Buffy's book — in a dark, ill-lit mausoleum, chatting, rather amiably, with a vampire. Buffy was on patrol, as usual. The night was cold and biting, the leaves slick beneath her feet. Buffy gripped her stake a little more tightly, prowling through the fallen leaves and moist grass without a sound, as she snuck ever closer to them. She could see their faces illuminated by candlelight, their shadows dancing on the nearby walls.

"Well, yeah, I suppose you could do that," said the strangely-dressed man. British accent — bit more lively than Giles. What was up with the Brits and vampire-demons?

"Course, bit thick, isn't it?" continued the man. "Actively calling attention to yourself by butchering a bunch of humans — not really a smart move, in my book. They tend to get a bit upset about that."

"Not my problem," said the vampire.

The Slayer senses were really strong, now. Buffy had never felt them this strong before. It wasn't a tingle or an itch the way it usually was. No, this was like a light in her head had just gone, ding! And every step she took towards the pair, the feeling got stronger and stronger. Right, Buffy knew the drill. First, get rid of the vampire — might as well, while she was at it. Then came the witty one-liner. Then the slaying.

Summary: The moment Buffy saw the Doctor, she knew she had to kill him.

Don't Be

Don't Be is one of the most original Doctor Who fic's I've read in a long time. Not just the way that The Doctor and Buffy are enemies on first sight, but a lot of backstory written that is actually surprisingly original and works well to fill in some holes from both series in quite an original and surprising manner.

Starting with The Doctor appearing in Sunnydale, events quickly take a turn past more interesting and into a realm of secrets and knowledge that has been kept from both The Doctor and The Slayers alike, knowledge of past acts that could bring The Doctor's wrath down upon humanity as a whole for what it has done.

Don't Be surprised me several times over with it's wholly original take on some aspects of the Doctor Who and Buffy universe, while keeping the characterisation true to the shows and bringing in some original ideas to knit the two universes together in a way I wouldn't have considered before.

This is one I highly recommend for any Buffy or Doctor Who fan out there, you'll find a lot of surprising twists and turns throughout the story and quite a few characters making surprising guest appearances with subtle information that helps knit the entire plot together.

Don't Be is quite a fitting end to the end of this 'experiment' of mine, as this 'Fanart' story has now reached over 215 chapters, I thought it best to end it here before it grows too long. Though I will be starting another Fanart story again shortly, so look out for the sequel to this one appearing with more favourites of mine soon.

I hope you all enjoyed my art and the recommendations I gave to you, along with the idea that I hope you all left the stories I recommended some reviews and love on your travels.

Disclaimer: None of the original photos belong to me, all I own is the time used to make the pics. If there's a fic or a scene from a fic that you would like to see here, let me know and I'll get on it :)

As usual, you are free to use my art wherever you want to advertise the fantastic fics within, all I ask is a note saying that it was me who did the art and a link back here :)

Either leave a review or e~mail me (address on my author page) More to follow soon

AN: Big thanks to all the people that have reviewed with recommendations for me to look at, I do try and get around to all of them, though if they're with a crossover I don't perticularly enjoy reading or are using crossovers with limited artwork for me to work with, then they might not get a space here, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed them any less, so thank you for the recommendations. :)


The End

You have reached the end of "Fanart for my favorite stories". This story is complete.

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