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The Master and The Monster

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Summary: Something is stalking The Master.....

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters shown here.

The shadow of the hunter fell over the Unconscious creature before it. It withdrew its knife, clicking its mandible's as it plunged it into demon's green chest. The creature screamed in horror, twitched once then died. It snarled as drew the blade from the thick armor of the creature.

It bent over the corpse, grabbing its ram-like horn in one hand. With a twist of the wrist it tore the creature's head off with a disgusting crunch. The creature would have been a formidable opponent for a young blood, or even a established hunter. But for an Elder it was barely even worth the effort of smashing the skull. But the Elder Predator was flustered. This was what the Earth Prey called the "Hellmouth"?

The Elder snarled as it brought a mighty fist down atop the horned beast's head. Smashing the skull of a fallen foe was a sign of contempt. The Hunt was going badly so far, nothing really interesting. He growled in pleasure as he rememberd the skull of the great dragon that was the centerpiece of his trophy wall. Maybe he was simply jaded after such a thrilling hunt.

The Elder leapt from roof top to rooftop, switching from vision mode to vision mode in an attempt to secure better prey. He circled the whole town once before settling down. He rubbed the fangs around his neck as he remembered the Thewi-Amedha. The dead ones, Oomans who walked without living, and who drank blood, they who turned to dust when destroyed. Only the fangs where left behind. In his youth they were worthy prey. Now they were not even insects to be crushed. He snorted in contempt, remembering the days when such prey was worthy of him.

He sighed, he would return from this hunt empty handed. He did not care if the youngsters thought he was growing weak, he could deal with any Challenge. He thought of the days of his youth, and found himself moved. He extended wristblades, tossing back his head and letting lose a soffowful roar. It was the cry that signaled the end of his hunt. He was one of the last of his kind to observe such a ritual. He would return to Homeworld. Earth was behind him now.

He turned to the east where his personnel ship was. He was disapointed, indeed even saddened. It was when he felt this sorrow when he saw nest of Thewi-Amedha. He fell into a crouch, stalking closer. As an elder he rarely cloaked anymore, instead he relied on his own stealth.

A great hunter must limit himself after all.

During his great many hunts on earth he had run across many such packs. It was not uncommon to discover such beings grouped together. This nest had gathered around a large stone slab, inside a warehouse. Atop of it was a skeleton. At first it seemed to be that of an Ooman, but upon closer inspection of the skull he discovered....

The Elder's mandibles flared in shock. It was indeed the skeleton of a Thewi-Amedha. But such a thing was impossible! The hunter adjusted his vision mode to get a better look at the gathering of vampires....perhaps this was worth investigation.


The Master let out a loud scream as he shot upward. He found himself in a sitting position. He could hear gasps of shock around him. The ancient vampire shook his head, trying to clear it. The last thing he remembered was....

"The Slayer." He snarled, leaping off the stone tablet.

"Is not here." The Anointed One added.

The Master whirled to see the boy, smileing down at him. He reached out to place his hand on the boy's shoulder, but held it mid-air. He brought it up to his face, examineing it. His smile grew wider as he extended his claws. At last he was free! And it was all thanks to the young creature before him. The Anointed one was his prized vampire, he knew he would pull through, just knew it. He was young, but cunning and tenacious.

"At long last." The Master said. "It was somewhat ironic, the Slayer killing me the night I escaped. After waiting for so long." The Master put his hand on the younger vampire's shoulder. "It will be even more Ironic when she arives home to discover her friends and family slaughtered by me."

"That won't be necessary." The Anointed One said. "She's coming he-" The boy was cut off by a blood-chilling scream. The Master turned just in time to see one of the vampire's pulled up into the rafters. The others scrambled about. Shouts of rage and fear echoed across the Warehouse. The Master heard someone shout "The Slayer" in a panic moments before something pulled him into the shadows, then there was the sound of flesh being ripped. Then the vampires began to panic.

The Master was enraged, he was just about to scream for order when something cut the Anointed one in half. The Master leapt sideways in shock and caught sight of a glowing disk arc high into the air before disapearing into the shadows. THis was not the work of the slayer. Not her work at-

From the shadows something massive roared and the panicking vampires began to charge. He leapt atop the stone tablet, shouting at the fleeing vampires. Berating them for their cowardace. One turned looked at him, looked back into the shadows of the the Warehouse before saying:

"It was nice knowing you Sir!" The vampire said before he turned and ran.

The Master felt himself go red with rage.

"Who the Hell do you think you are?!?!?!" The Master demanded.

"'IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU SIR!'" The being echoed from the shadows.

"Come out and face me!"

"'WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?'" The creature screamed back, before stepping into the light. The Master smiled.

"It's only one of you." He laughed. "Do you know how many of your kind I've killed?"

The creature only echoed his laugh, extending its wristblades and issueing a challenge.


The Elder stroked the brow of his new trophy. His mandibles forming into his version of a smile. The creature was not very strong, but he had fought bravely and died with honor. And for that The Master would be honored with a place on The Elder's trophy wall.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Master and The Monster". This story is complete.

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