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Live from New York

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Heir to Shield and Hammer". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander goes to New York

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Live in New York 2: Rewrite

Title:Phone Live in New York; 2/?
Summary: Xander goes to New York
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy, I don’t anything from Marvel, as I am married and have a kid, don’t own much of anything, please don’t sue.

* * Old Norse

“It’s amazing,” Steve Rodgers thought, “Considering how much I hate the taste of blood, the amount of my own I end up tasting before spitting it out.” Following thought with action, he spit a mouthful of blood and saliva into the eyes of the “ridge headed freak” that was holding him against the wall of Tony Starks studio apartment. As the creature shook it’s head to clear it’s vision, it also pulled it’s right fist back to either knock Steve out or kill him, the creature probably wasn’t sure yet.

As the fist came forward, Steve spun, bringing his own right up to push the fist off target, and into the wall behind him. The crunching sounds of breaking bones and the scream of pain, the once human thing let out convinced Steve that it would have been a killing blow. He then proceeded to break the creatures elbow, dislocate its’ shoulder, and kicking the side of the creatures’ knee, breaking it as well. Steve then moved quickly to one of the wall decorations that Tony had put up, and pulled down an Ivanhoe broadsword, “It’s a good thing Tony doesn’t believe in using fakes when he can have and use the real thing.” Steve thought as he spun around and beheaded the vampire that was trying to get up again.

Steve looked around, as he wiped more blood from his mouth with his sleeve. Wanda and Janet were holding there own, using a combination of magic and wasp stings to keep the creatures at bay. Tony was slowing them down with his plasma pistol, and working toward the door to his personal armory. Thor and Simon were being kept busy by the seven foot tall reptilian monster that came in after the vampires had shown up. The only one missing from this gathering was Jennifer, one of the vampires had gone over the railing with her when this all started, about ten minutes ago. “I hope she managed to change before she hit the pavement,” Steve thought, “A fifty floor drop will even slow She-Hulk down.”

Steve’s head whipped around, as he heard pounding on the security door to the stairs, as he watched it and the door frame flew out of the wall, landing on two of the vampires that were trying to distract Simon. She-Hulk stalks in looking like a thunder-cloud in a long overcoat, “Where did she get that,” Steve wondered. Then he noticed that she wasn’t alone, behind her was a young man in a three piece suit, six-foot two, brown hair, looking like he would weigh in at about two forty. “Hmmm…” Steve thought, “Late teens, early twenties, a wooden stake in each hand.”

“Crap,” Steve whispered to himself, “That’s Xander.”

“See,” Xander was saying to She-Hulk, “I told you it made more sense for you to go first.” Steve watched Xander look across the room and almost casually stake the two vampires that came at him and She-Hulk. “Ok, Green-girl,” he said looking at She-Hulk again, “You go help Thor and Muscle boy, I’ll start dusting my way over to Steve... Actually, I think I’ll work my way over to Tony, he should have a cell phone on him.”

She-Hulk stopped and looked at him, “Don’t you think I would have a cell?” She asked looking even angrier.

Xander threw a stake, turning another vampire to dust as it moved to bite Simon in the back. “Easy, Lady,” he said calmingly, “I thought that if you had one it wasn’t on you, or it was in the same shape as you clothes. You can survive a fifty floor drop, cells can’t,” He then looked over at the Lizard demon fighting off Thor and Simon, “and before I got up here and saw that thing,” he nodded at the demon, “I didn’t think I would need one. Now, I have never seen anything like it on patrol, and it is standing up to a God. I suddenly want to make like ET, and get some info from G-man.”

“Oh,” was all She-Hulk said, and nodded as she headed over to help Simon and Thor.

Xander smiled at her and then looked around the room again and his smile dropped, “Steve!” he yelled and threw another stake, right at him.

Steve grabbed the stake as it got within arms reach, and spun, shoving it into the heart of the vampire that had come up behind him, while he watched Xander and She-Hulk come in. As it burst into ash, Steve realized that he was too far away for Xander to be sure of hitting the creatures’ heart, so he trusted him to do it once he had the right weapon in his hand. Turning back, he came face to face with Alexander Harris for the first time

“Hi,” Xander said, “I want you to know that I appreciate that you went to a lot of effort to make me feel home here,” Without missing a beat he struck out with his right hand, staking another vampire, “but a nest of vamps, with almost unstoppable demon is too much… and then the gorgeous, super powered woman falling on the car? You shouldn’t have… really.”

Steve looked at the younger man in shock, then he notice the twitch in the corner of Xander's mouth and realized he was being played, so decided to play back. “Well,” he started, “ Since you fell for the last super powered woman you met,” Steve spun to his right and staked another vampire, then turning back continued, “ We only thought it fair that the next one fell for you..”

Xander smirked at Steve, “Ok, so what’s the real story?”

“I don’t know,” Steve replied, “You might want to ask Tony, since it isn’t an attack at the mansion, so it is probably Start Enterprises, business, not Avenger.”

The two started moving towards Tony Stark’s position, “That’s why you were having the party here, isn’t it?” Xander asked.

“Yep,” Steve replied, “Sorry, it didn’t work out. Do you have any suggestions on for dealing with these six?”

Xander looked at the half dozen vampires that had been heading for the multi-billionaire. There was quite a lot of damage done to them, hanging, useless limbs, scorch marks and wholes burned through, were the norm. “Go through them, with your sword, you are attempting knockdowns and disable shots, I dust them as I come up behind.” Thirty seconds and six dust piles later, “Well, that does it, I’m out of stakes,” Xander said looking disgusted.

Tony spoke up, “Unless those are the only weapons you know how to use, anything on the wall you decide to grab is yours.”

“Cool, thanks,” Xander said looking around at was still up on the walls, “Is that Katana set real?”

“Everything is real, give me a few minutes and could get you the full history of that set,” Tony replied.

Xander looked over to where Simon Williams, She-Hulk and Thor were still struggling with the lizard demon. The demon was keeping a solid hold on Mjölnir even when being struck with it. “Maybe later,” he said, “Do you have a phone I can use? And is long distance a problem?”

“Sure,” Tony said, tossing the young man his cell phone, “Don’t worry about the charges, I think I can afford them,” he said ginning. Then he made his way back toward the door to his armory, if the Avengers heavy hitters were having a problem Iron Man should be making an appearance soon.

Steve knew what Tony was up to, and headed over to help Wanda and Janet finish off the vampires that were still giving them problems, and kept an ear open for Xander wondering who he was calling at a time like this.

Xander examined the Katana and Wakasashi that were on the wall a moment then dial the cell phone in his hand

“Hi, G-man, glad your home,” Xander said to his mentor as he ducked an airborne vamp. Steve headed over to help guard Xander as Wanda and Janet headed over to see if they could help with the demon.

“Yeah, I’ve actually made it to the party Steve and friends had planned for me,” Xander dodged as Steve landed on his back in front of Xander. “Things are running true to course here.”

“For the moment, but I need you to do some quick research for me. Reptilian demon, green scales, looks like the Xorn from the original Star Trek series, but is almost seven feet tall, and is scarily resistant to magical weapons, how do we kill or incapacitate it?” Xander asked as he pulled the Katana off the wall and started to fight of the vampires that were coming after Steve

Xander kept his eyes going over the room, especially on the demon he had called Giles about, during the fight with the vamps, “don’t… have … a… lot … of time…here … Giles.” Xander smiled a little as he watched the fight, Steve glanced over to where the demon and Thor were wrestling over Mjolnir, and it was being held over the demons head, Xander called out, “* Thor, The hammer, drop… NOW*,” Mjolnir, now being held by one who was not worthy, sped to the floor crashing into the demons skull, stunning the demon into letting go of the powerful weapon. “Son-of-a-Bitch, it worked,” Steve heard Xander say to himself.

“Yeah, I’m here, What’cha ya got, watcher man

“Thanks G-man, call you back later if I can…. Hey, Thor…Come here a minute,” Xander called, as he pulled the matching blade from the wall, and ran over to where Thor was looking at him.

Xander dropped to one knee and held up the hilts of the swords he was carrying, offering them up to Thor. In as solemn a voice as he could manage “*M' Lord Thor, God of Thunder, I humbly beg thy blessings upon these blades*”

Thor kept an eye on the fight going on with the demon, but answered, “*what would you do with these blades if the held my blessing*”

Xander replied “*Save our friends return demons to the pits that spawned them and take them where you did bid me, and use them as you would guide me*”

Thor looked closely at the young man before him and asked, “*You would take me as your guide and teacher? Would you listen to me as you would your father? *”

Xander gave gentle snort and shook his head, “No, I would listen to you as if your were a father worth listening to*”

Thor raised Mjolnir over the sword hilts, “*What do you offer for this blessing?*”

Xander looked into Thor's eyes fearlessly, and said, “*to better aid my friends, to better save the innocent, for your guidance, I gladly offer myself*”

Thor smiled, and touched the hilts with Mjolnir, saying, “* My blessings on these blades, *” then touched Xander's newly bowed head, “*My blessings upon thee. *”

Steve watched as Xander raised his head and smiled at the Thunder God, before looking over his shoulder at the fight, and a look of horror replaced his smile as he dropped the swords he held and jumped up and twisted in time to catch She-Hulk as she flew backward toward one of the broken windows, with a force that carried them both through the opening.

A scream of pain could be heard as Steve, Wanda and Janet ran to the window where they saw that Xander had She-Hulk by her right ankle in his right hand and the window sill in his left. They could hear a soft roar, like the engine of a small jet coming from around the building, as Steve grabbed a hold of Xander's wrist in both of his hands.

Xander starts to growl in pain as Steve starts to try and pull him up, She-Hulk was heavy, but he wasn’t letting go. Suddenly the weight at the end of his right arm lessened considerably. Looking down he sees Iron Man taking She-Hulks’ weight, in his arms, and the helmeted head looking up at him, “It’s OK,” he says, “I’ve got her.”

Xander nods and let’s go of her ankle and grabs Steve’s hands in a crushing grip, “Nice catch,” he says to the older man.

“You to,” Steve says as he smile down at the younger.

Once again fully in the building and catching his breath, Xander looks at Thor and was surprised to see a look of worry being replaced with a smile that was full of pride being directed at him, “Well, done,” the Asgardian said as he handed Xander the swords that he had dropped when he jumped to grab She-Hulk. He nodded, looking embarrassed, and then he looked back over to where Simon and the demon were still fighting.

“Hey Muscle Man,” Xander called, “Is it starting to weaken yet?”

“Wouldn’t… know it… from … the punches, but … it dose… seem to be … slowing down a…little,” Simon replied.

“Well, let’s just see if we can continue that trend,” Xander said, a dangerous glint in his eye. He moved in, the longer sword first, “Nobody hurts one of my girls,” he growled and went into his attack.

He wasn’t fancy, he wasn’t smooth, he wasn’t a gentleman, and he came in with only one intention, to wear his opponent down until he could kill it. Every attack drew blood, every block or parry, left Xander in a position to attack again. The demon struck back only to find itself again cut or pierced by the blades that were always there waiting to draw more blood.

Simon had gotten out of the way once Xander's swords had started drawing blood. He watched Xander dance in and out, each strike causing damage, catching most of the counters the creature threw back, avoiding the others. He could tell that the creature was weakening, but he could tell that the young man was weakening to.

Steve could tell that even blocked and parried as they were the demons heavy punches were starting to wear the young man down. Steve started thinking about what Xander had done so far, and almost fell over, when he realized that he had been fighting for his life between vampires and this demon for more that fifteen minutes, after climbing fifty floors at the speed She-Hulk could manage. He stepped forward to try and help when Xander suddenly became airborne, flying backward into the wall between two windows.

Steve and She-Hulk ran to check on him, while Iron Man, Simon, and Thor stepped between them and the creature. Xander shook his head trying to clear it, he knew that if he had tried to stand up to a punch like that, it would have killed him, instead he had started to jump so when it hit he went with it. He looked up, and blinked to clear his vision, and saw how his new friends had arrayed themselves, “No,” he called, “Thor, don’t let that thing touch Mjolnir, it can suck in the magic and use it to heal.” Thor looked surprised but stepped back from the creature, causing it to snarl in frustration.

Thor and She-Hulk switched places, and the other three Avengers took the fight to the demon again, forcing it back away from the magic it would need to strengthen itself again. Thor reached down and took one of Xander's hands as Steve grabbed the other, and they pulled him back up unto his feet.

Xander bent over and picked up the swords from the floor. Then he looked at Thor and again dropped to one knee. There was strain on his face when he lifted the blades and placed the bloody points on the head of Mjolnir and again in a solemn voice “* M'Lord I willingly and with glad heart return the magic that was stolen from thee to its rightful place*”. There was a flash of blue lightning that ran from the swords to the great hammer that knocked Xander back onto his butt.

“That was unexpected,” Thor said as he again leaned down over Xander. “*How is it with you, son*” he asked.

“Fine,” Xander replied automatically, and then stopped and thought about it and moved as if assessing pain and damage. “Great actually, the rush is almost as good as what you can get from a can of a Mountain Dew, after half a case of Twinkies.” He swung the sword is a quick Kata, “Even the swords feel lighter”.

He looked over to the demon fighting with Simon, She-Hulk and Iron Man. He could also see Wanda and Janet helping out trying to keep the thing confused so the other three were less likely to be hit or hurt. They fought like the team they were, helping each other, staying out of each others way, and trusting that each member could follow through on his or her own part. They were doing some damage, but not as much as they should have been, he was the one holding the weapons that could do the damage; he was the one whose faith was being put to the test. He watched for a moment longer and when an open presented itself he stepped in and renewed his attack, motioning the others to move out of the way as he was an unknown and this was not a time to practice team togetherness.

His attack again was brutal but effective. The swords seemed to be working even better, biting deeper and more often. Xander was still tiring, but the demon was failing faster. Then it slipped in its own blood, and Xander struck hard, driving the shorter wakasashi, into its chest. A look of shock was on the demons face as it fell to its knees, and then with a spin to gather momentum Xander removed its head. Over balanced and tired Xander fell beside the demon he had just defeated.

The Avengers started toward their new friend, but Thor held them back, “This is his test, if he feels he needs more assistance he will ask”.

She-Hulk grabbed him by the shoulder turning him so he would look at her, “What do you mean test? Who decided to this was a test?”

“He did by the way her wording of his prayer to me,” Thor replied. “The test will end when he decides.”

Xander staggered to his fee and started to move toward Thor, ready to fulfill his side of the bargain he had made, when he was stopped by a strong smell of ozone. Looking back over his shoulder he watched a milky white cloud flow out of the neck of the demon he had just killed. Xander's eyes widened as sparks and flashes of miniature lightning accompanied the cloud. “Crap,” Xander said with a tired sigh, “I’ve seen this movie.”

Turning back to the group of heroes he yelled, “Iron Man, get out of here. Shut down anything that could be damaged by lightning… and don’t even start about special grounds. Just shot everything off and get out of range.”

Glancing back at the floating cloud as it threaded its way through the room, “Blast,” he thought, “I think it is looking for me.” As the cloud came closer, he moved back towards Thor. Turning and dropping to one knee he stretched out his left hand, still holding the wakasashi, and placed it on Mjolnor's head. Looking up at Thor’s questioning glance he said, “*M’Lord I mean no disrespect, but that magic has got to go somewhere before it causes more damage.*”

“*I understand, young Alexander, and I applaud you courage,*” the God of Thunder replied

“The here we go,” Xander said as he thrust the Katana into the searching cloud… and screamed.

The power that flowed into Thor was almost enough to stagger him, but he held his ground. Xander acted as a conduit, drawing the freed magic through him, the one that had freed it, and focusing it into his God, who had blessed him with the ability to set it free. The boy had stopped screaming, but it was more because he no longer had the breath for it than any additional strength he had. Then it stopped, the last of the magic had been transferred and Xander fell to the floor. The Avengers moved forward to help the young man, and he looked up and them and blinked, and then smiled, “Oh good, you’re all OK,” he said in a hoarse whisper as blackness over took him leaving him unconscious on the floor.

Xander woke up with a start; someone he didn’t know was leaning over him, one hand on Xander's’ forehead and one holding his wrist. He looked down at Xander and smiled, “Welcome back to the living,” the man said in a kind voice, “before anyone else gets in here and starts thanking you to distraction I would like to give you my thanks as well,” Xander looked at the mans face, he was older, maybe as old as Giles, hair still dark, but graying at the temples, a dark mustache and kind eyes dressed in shades of blue, with a red and gold cape over his shoulders.

Xander cleared his throat and replied, in a rough voice, “I didn’t do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done, if they were in the same position.”

The older man smiled, and shook his head, “I would like to think you are right, so I won’t tire you with arguments I would rather loose.” He put his hand out, “Just remember, that Dr. Strange thinks you have done well, and would like to call you friend.”

The two men shook hands, the elder letting his pride in the younger show through. The younger, embarrassed but no wanting to loose the feeling of someone taking notice of his actions in a good way. Then the door to the room opened to admit the God of Thunder and Dr. Strange bowed out, smiling to give the two of them some time together.

Xander pulled himself up and staggered over to Thor. Going down on one knee, he bowed his head, “*M'Lord, the demon has been vanquished, by thy will and blessing. As agreed, my life is yours to do with as you would please. *”

Thor looked down at the kneeling young man, “*You confirm your vow? Your life is mine; you shall accept my guidance, as if I was your father, in praise and chastisement? *”

Xander raised his head, “*Yes, my heart, my life, is yours, I would follow your guidance as I would if you were truly my father, *” Then softly to himself, “I wish you were.”

Thor smiled at the young, then bent down and pulled him into a hug as he whispered, “Wish granted.” Thor then stepped back, and held Xander by the shoulders and said, “* Then I take thee, as my Fosterling. Be it known that Alexander Harris has been claimed by Thor, Son of Odin, as the son of my heart, under My protection and Guidance *”.

Xander's eyes widened as he realized what Thor meant, then did the only thing he could think of… fainted into the arms of his new father.

The End

You have reached the end of "Live from New York". This story is complete.

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