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Summary: There were stupid things to do in life, and then there were the "so stupid, should have just stayed in bed today" kind of things.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,224042,6042 Apr 072 Apr 07Yes
Title: Bound
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al.
Characters: Dawn, Ash
Notes: for the SPN_BTVS challenge week #4, cliché: Magically bound together.
Playing for: Team Roadhouse
Summary: There were stupid things to do in life, and then there were the so stupid, should have just stayed in bed today kind of things.


There were stupid things to do in life, and then there were the so stupid, should have just stayed in bed today kind of things.

Dawn was pretty sure she’d just blundered into one of the latter. The kind of day where she wished that she could find a way to turn back time so that she could just avoid the completely bad situation she was in that was going to make Buffy absolutely freak if she didn’t find a way to reverse it before said big sister came looking for her.

She looked down at her hand, glaring at the empty space that was there. The absolute unmarked skin of her wrist, clear and free of anything like, oh, say… restraints. Completely at odds with what she was feeling. The tight coil of a rope around her wrist, like a freaking leash! She glared and stared until she was sure that there simply was nothing to see and that glaring wasn’t going to be the key to making this entire unfortunate mess go away.

Then she turned her attention to the mullet-haired man standing two feet away – no more, because that was the maximum distance apart that they seemed to be able to move without getting snapped right back at one another like they were tied together with some sort of bungee cord or something – and she gave him a glare, too. Just for good measure. Part of this was his fault, too, after all.

There was the very real possibility that a good portion of it was her fault, though. Not that she wanted to go admitting that out loud anytime soon. Definitely no where near where Ash could hear her, either. She shot another steely glare his way, barely listening as he tried to get the demon to let them out of this.

Yep, that’s right. A demon. A big old, honkin’ annoyed-as-hell vengeance demon. Not that this – Dawn glared at her wrist again – was vengeance that anyone had called down on her and Ash – because how lame would that be? Binding two people together with invisible rope? Not exactly creative in the wish category. Still, it wasn’t a vengeance thing.

No, this was just the kind of thing that came with the territory when dealing with PMS’ing demons that had power to spare and were, say, owed a favor by another vengeance demon. It was also sort of what happened when somoene pissed off said vengeance demon by bickering with their associate in front of her like they were, quote “whining, little children”.

Dawn thought that the demon – Mika by name – had gotten that part right when it came to Ash, but she wasn’t all that sure that she had been acting all that immature. Really, it was Ash’s fault for being so much of a…guy! He’d called her darlin’, and it had been downhill from there. Seemed he wasn’t nearly so meek when he wasn’t taking up space at Ellen’s. Dawn wondered fleetingly if the bar owner would consider doing her a favor and kicking his ass for her. Really, if Ash had just kept his mouth shut –

And if she hadn’t already been in a bitchy mood because two of the mini-slayers had used up all the hot water, leaving Dawn with just cold for her shower right before she had to go running out the door to even get to her meeting with Ash and the vengeance demon, well, maybe she wouldn’t have taken the drawled “darlin’” so nastily. Maybe she would’ve just bit her tongue and smiled, plotted a way to shave off that hair of his while he was passed out drunk one night.

But she was moody when he said it, and that just set her off. Which set him off and in turn riled her up more. Rinse. Repeat. Until they were both sniping at each other and, yeah, probably acting like children.

Now, that plus the PMS-y vengeance demon equaled Trouble.

“Stop,” Mika grated out through clenched teeth, holding up a hand as if to silence Ash permanently if he hadn’t chosen to shut his mouth of his own volition. Shame that he did. Dawn was sure she would have liked to have seen what happened if he didn’t. Mika’s irritated gaze swung her way, like she could read Dawn’s thoughts, and Dawn resisted the urge to crawl under a rock and hide.


“You will be bound together until either two weeks have passed or you have learned to play nicely with each other like the small, immature children that you are,” she growled between sharp teeth, her skin a mottled grey tone with ridges that reminded Dawn enough of Anya’s demon form that she felt a pang of sadness.

Then the words hit her.

“Two weeks?” she squeaked. “You expect me to stay stuck with him for two weeks.”

Mika sneered and it was an ugly expression. Much uglier than a sneer normally was, in Dawn’s opinion. Then again, she hadn’t seen that many pretty sneers. Spike could do it, but –

Wait, she was getting off track. Right now she was supposed to be dealing with Mika the Vengefully-Irritated-Vengeance-Demon.

What a mouthful.

“Two weeks… or until you learn to play nicely.”

And then Mike was gone.

“Well, that’s just great,” Ash drawled.

Dawn shot him a dark look, but silently agreed.


Buffy freaked.

Willow smirked.

Buffy freaked some more when she figured out that Ash was going to have to be in the bathroom every time Dawn showered, and vice versa. She threatened to tear Ash’s eyes from their sockets if he even thought of looking at Dawn in the shower.

It was the kind of threat that made Dawn all warm and tingly inside. Her sister really did love her.

Then Buffy started ranting and raving about how stupid could she be and childish this and immature that, and Dawn took back the part where she felt loved. She just felt like a scolded little girl.

Xander, wisely, chose to just stay out of it. But he did give Ash the shovel talk. Again, Dawn felt loved.

Then he gave Dawn the watch-your-mouth-in-front-of-demons talk, followed quickly by the it-was-just-a-little-pet-name-why-did-you-get-so-pissy talk, and Dawn began to think of ways to make Xander just a little miserable.

Ash… helped.

She thought they might be able to ‘play nice’ together but the fact that he snored and drooled was enough to keep her up at nights and cranky. The one time he’d gotten overly cuddly in his sleep, she’d kneed him in the balls.

Unsurprisingly, it took the full two weeks to get free of him.

When she found herself listening to rock music that pre-dated her by a good number of years later that night, after Ash had sped away from the Council house like his butt was on fire, Dawn figured that something must have rubbed off on her. And, maybe – just maybe – he wasn’t that bad.

But she’d never admit that to him.


The End

You have reached the end of "Bound". This story is complete.

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