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The Matrix Rebooted

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Summary: An alternate end to Matrix Revolutions - double drabble

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matthewFR71204021,64812 Apr 0712 Apr 07Yes
The Matrix Rebooted

Summary: An alternate end to Matrix Revolutions. 200 word double drabble

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for an extraordinarily twisted mind.

"So, Mr. Anderson, it looks like it's time for you to go the way of the dodo."

The dozens of Agent Smith clones simultaneously cracked their knuckles and advanced on Neo. He was surrounded, and knew he had no chance against so many. A red haze filled his vision as he prepared to go down fighting. Looking up, though, Neo realized that it wasn’t his eyes. The sky overhead had changed from blue to bloody crimson, and a harsh sound reached Neo’s ears as a hole opened up in the very fabric of the Matrix.


Not even Neo could move quickly enough to avoid the falling cube, but as it landed on both him and the assembled agents, a smile briefly crossed his otherwise expressionless face. This was what the Architect had spoken of when he gave him the black and white token.

“The sky will bleed, the game will fall, and the world will change. When it does, take this icon and call upon its power.”

Neo looked at the agents and hope flared as he tapped the token twice in rapid succession. The fight had just become a lot more even.



The End

You have reached the end of "The Matrix Rebooted". This story is complete.

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