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At Least She Got To Keep Her Initials...

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Summary: Post Season-Five the Powers honor Buffy's sacrifice by placing Dawn in a normal family in an alternate universe. Unfortunately for Dawn the PtB decide that Seattle Grace is a good substitute for Sunnydale - Mark Sloane, meet your new daughter!

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Television > Grey's AnatomyamusewithaviewFR13209,07118844,03226 Apr 0725 Oct 07Yes


Disclaimer in first chapter, apology and explanation at the end.



Dawn opened her mouth wide, revealing pointy white teeth.

"My," Izzie muttered in astonishment, "What big teeth you have!"

"All the better to bite you with, my dear."

Looking down at the hospital gown, the blonde frowned, "And what strange scars you have!"

"All the better to - " Dawn's words cut off as she scowled, peering around the ex-model doctor to fix a blue-eyed glare at someone cowering against the door. "That wasn't in the script! In fact, none of this was in the script!"

A tall girl with blonde-brown hair shuffled her feet nervously under the combined glares of McDreamy, McSteamy, Montgomery-Shephard, Izzy and Dawn.

"I know, I know, there was supposed to be more. This was supposed to be a chapter - "

"There was supposed to be a plot," Mark Sloane muttered under his breath. A chorus of agreement sounded from the other doctors - and patient - in the room as they voiced their discontent.

"Shush!" Amuse flapped a hand at the group impatiently befoere turning out to face the audience, "I am so sorry about this but I'm going to have to abandon this story - "

"What?! But I'm insane! I'm having psychotic episodes! You're just going to leave them all hanging?!" Dawn's jaw flapped open in shock and anger as she glared at the embarrassed-looking authoress.

"Erm, yes?"

The brunette folded her arms over her chest and pouted, "This sucks, Buffy's stories never get abandoned, she always gets to have a big finsih and go off with a hot guy - "

"Moving on then..." Amuse shrugged helplessly, "I'm sorry guys - readers, reviewers, everyone - but I've lost all respect for Grey's Anatomy. Izzy's screwing George - "


Sighing, the author turned to the now-irate blonde, "You are. He married Callie Tores, you had a torid affair with him, and now you're just this big ol' walkin' slut-ball of pure emo torture. Your storyline sucks."

Addison spoke up curiously, "What about me, will my marriage resolve?"

"No, you'll go on to make a spin-off show that's only slightly less ridiculous than the original. On the plus side, Taye Diggs will co-star."

The redhead leaned against the wall in thought before nodding and smiling, mollified.

"Anyways, I just can't write these characters anymore. I don't like any of them anymore. I might do a different crossover at some point, but IF I do, I'll probably end up killing off at least half the cast - starting with Izzy - "


Amuse rolled her eyes, "You annoy me. Where was I? Oh yeah, anyways... any crossover with this show will be a long time coming. Maybe never. I'm so sorry that I'm not going to continue this, but yeah. It's over. Finite. The End. El Fin - "

Dawn sighed, "Alright already, I think they get it!"


It's Over.
The End.
El Fin.

A/N: Sorry all, but that's just how I feel.

The End

You have reached the end of "At Least She Got To Keep Her Initials...". This story is complete.

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