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Where Do I Go From Here?

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Summary: After the battle with the First, Buffy finds fragile peace in Rome with the Immortal, but it's soon shattered after the people she trusts endanger her sister. Now she's searching for her true home and it will take her farther then she had ever expected.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John Sheppard
Highlander > Buffy-Centered
heathenseyesFR1525,4271399,91713 May 0725 Nov 07No

Chapter Two: The Beginning Of The End

Disclaimer: I own nothing of either SGA or BtVS.

Author's Note: This takes place after Sunnydale become a giant crater.

Hope you enjoy the chapter!


Buffy rubbed tiredly at her eyes, hoping the action would dispel one of the doubles she was currently seeing.

Two doors, two locks, two hands with two keys.

Her lips began to turn downwards as she swiped her hand again aiming for what she believed was actually the door lock. Only air brushed past her hand.

Okay, well, that answered that then.

Moving her hand a couple of inches over, she moved her hand again, smiling as she felt the resistance as her key card slipped through the door’s lock.

The smile quickly faded as nothing happened.


Stupid technology.

Frowning, she attempted to swipe the magnetic key to her room again. Somehow she kept missing some thing. She had to be missing the stupid thing in some way 'cause the door wasn't budging.

No cool little green indicator for her, instead the red light seemed to blink mockingly at the Slayer, and Buffy stifled the urge to poke her tongue at the inanimate object.

Ah-ha, there it was.

The little green light. She loved the little green light. The little green light meant she could get a little rest.

The Slayer nearly giggled when she heard the familiar click of the lock rescinding and thankfully stepped into her hotel room. Yep, definitely needed some sleep. Was it a bad sign that she was starting to daydream of sleeping? Hopefully not.

Ah, home sweet home. Or at least, what passed for her home for the last few months.

It was funny in a way. Okay, it was funny in a really sad kind of way, but sad funny was still funny. When they had defeated the First all those months ago and closed down the Hellmouth, Buffy had thought that it was finally time to rest.

Boy had she been wrong.

Really, really, scarily wrong in a sad sort of way.

They’d never imagined the repercussions that were to follow after the First‘s defeat.

Around the world Potentials had awakened becoming Slayers, there was no more Chosen One. Buffy and Faith had become one of hundreds in the passing of a moment and both of the women had assumed that there would never again be a Chosen One. Instead, they would get to be one of many.

For the first couple of months, the Sunnydale survivors had worked tirelessly to rebuild the Council. They had scoured the world to find the girls whose lives they had irrevocably changed, working to train the young girls and women in how to handle their new found powers. As the days and weeks passed, slowly the survivors became aware of something else.

Sunnydale had been a nexus of power, a supernatural hot spot, and when the town had become one big pock mark in California, the demons and vampires mostly had possessed the sense to leave before their home had gone boom. Now that the dust had settled, they began to reemerge.

The demons and vampires that had fled from the destruction started to finally pop up barely before the second month of Sunnydale‘s destruction had passed. Their presence became known in cities around the world and death tolls were increasing everywhere.

Police agencies and the press reported a surge in violence, an unexplained clumsiness involving bar-b-que forks spiked, gangs on PCP were terrorizing people, and it seemed like too many people had taken the spirit of Halloween too far.

All the normal people simply ignored the signs they saw. They decided to stay in after dark and be careful of the people they invited into their houses. Sunnydale’s aversion to the truth of vampires and other types of ghoulies had become world wide. And thus the fun had begun.

The Hellmouth survivors realized that it was their fault, even if it had been inadvertent, and they had to fix it.

At first it wasn’t to bad. There were hundreds of girls to battle against the emerging bad guys. Even half trained, the new Slayerettes were still able to defeat pretty much whatever problem they faced. It was amazing what happened when a demon was faced with a group of five to ten Slayers. The bad guy generally went splat pretty quickly.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after the sudden spike in supernatural activity that the other shoe had dropped.

During a small scale Apocalypse, a group of mini-Slayers were nearly all wiped out, only four of the ten girl team survived. Kennedy had been in charge of the group and as she carried in one of the injured girls, she told the others how during the fight it seemed as though all of her strength had been drained.

From all around the world, Giles began receiving calls from other team leaders of the same thing.

Slayers were losing their powers.

The only ones who remained untouched were Faith and Buffy. While the mini-Slayers remained stronger than usual, they retained none of their previous capabilities. Willow searched for the answer to the sudden loss of powers in the Slayerettes and as the days passed the search remained fruitless. No one could understand why.

Giles postulated that perhaps it was because they had tipped the balance too greatly, after all, Faith and Buffy had gained no addition prowess. Their powers remained the same and only their skills changed, becoming more honed as they continued training and learning.

As the mini-Slayers’ powers continued to wan, the group came to the decision that until they resolved the issue, the girls would be better served to return to the Council grounds to be retrained to compensate for their loss of abilities.

In return, Buffy and Faith were sent on more and more missions, the mini-Slayers used less and less as they were called back to the new Council's headquarters.

Three months since the decision had been made, and Buffy hadn’t seen her friends or sister once. Well, she’d seen Faith once.

In Toronto.

For about an hour.


Buffy’s mind shied away from the memory. From the questions that had been nagging at her for the past couple of years. It wasn’t her job to question why. It was her job to kick ass and ass she kicked, just more often than she had used too. In truth, her life had become one continuous battle, one encounter after another, and she was tired.

She was tired of it all. She was constantly on the move, she never stopped for more than a day, and she always seemed to feel drained recently.

The last time she had spoken to Giles, she had mentioned her lack of energy to the Watcher. He had assured her that they were beginning to send out teams of mini-Slayers again, they simply had to be careful about where the minis‘ were sent though…there were complications he was unable to share with her. No, he still hadn’t heard from Xander and Andrew, yes, they were both looking for the few mini-Slayers that still eluded them. No, he couldn’t tell her why it was so important for them to find them as soon as possible. Yes, he would tell her as soon as she returned. Of course, he wasn’t hiding anything from her. Would she like some back up? He was certain that he could perhaps send some of the more able girls to help her with this demon she was being sent after. Oh, he hadn’t mentioned where he was sending her? Oh, dear lord, where was his mind? Rome. And while she was there, perhaps….

Buffy had listened to him stutter and stumble over his words, idly wondering what he was keeping from her as she twirled the phone cord around her finger. In the end she had declined his offer for backup.

She already had a list of names of the girls who had died because of her failures in Sunnydale, she wasn’t willing to add to the list.

One little demon, she could handle it.

After all, she had taken out a nest of vampires a couple of months ago. Freaky things could only be killed by beheadings, a fact that would have been nice to know before she had gone into fight them. How bad could one demon be?

She had listened to the silence her question had provoked from the Watcher. The Slayer had felt a small twinge of guilt at the mention of the vampire nest she had encountered. She knew that Giles still felt guilty at his lack of forewarning about the vamps. Apparently, the type she had gone against had been incredibly rare, thought to have been extinct. When he had finally spoken again, it was only to tell her to take care and not let her guard down.

Buffy had sensed there was more, something hidden that he wasn’t sharing, and once upon a time, she would have asked. The question never was voiced though because while she had been on the phone with Giles, she had also been trying not to fall asleep in some airport she couldn‘t even try to remember.

That had been about sixteen hours, seven stopovers, and countless cups of coffee ago. She was in Rome finally, she’d finally managed to reach her hotel where there was a bed just waiting for her, the very same hotel where she could hopefully manage at least a couple of hours before night fell, and she had to hit the streets to go out looking for the golden eyed demon.


Some sleep without any dreams. The very thought was delicious.

A frown crossed the Slayer's face as a tendril of unease began to spread through her.

The dreams. They had begun only recently and of late Buffy awoke more tired than when she had fallen asleep because of them. When she had spoken to Giles, she had almost told him.


Something had made the words falter in her mouth. In the end, she could only bid the Englishman farewell and hang up, her worries still fresh on her mind even if they had remained unvoiced.

Yawning she laid down, wondering as her mind drifted into unconsciousness how hard it all could really be.

What was one more demon?

One more demon.

One more….

Her breathing became shallow as sleep began to steal over her and dimly she could her a song calling to her, reaching across the stars, beckoning to her.



She was surrounded by it. As far as she could see, the ocean stretched for what seemed an eternity. Above her, the sun slowly set, the sky dark red, and its fading reflection caused the water around her too appear as though she were surrounded by a sea of blood.


A breeze whispered past her causing the Slayer to shiver against its slight touch. Her eyes closed as her mind attempted to deny the truth, her body seemed to hum, her senses were overwhelmed, and softly, almost to imperceptible to hear, Buffy listened to the song.

The coldness of the metal beneath her knees permeated through her flesh. The city that had once seemed so alive, as though it were a sentient being, not just a creation of metal, now lay silent.

Beneath her, Buffy felt the metal shudder. The once fabled city was no more. She and the others had failed and soon the universe would suffer for their incompetence. They would fall upon the unprepared worlds like a plague, feeding upon each world, and destroying countless lives and civilizations as They sought to feed their hunger.

The pain around her throat increased and she felt the nails just barely break the skin as its- no, his grip tightened.

She gritted her teeth stubbornly trying to keep her face down, attempting to avoid the amused gaze she felt staring at her. Her struggles were ineffectual. He was so much stronger than she was, she was so tired. So very tired and the voices she heard beckoning….

It would be so easy.

Buffy found herself unable to stop him as his other hand rose to tip her face towards his. Slowly with an almost infinite care, he tilted her face upwards, and her eyes opened.

Looking up, her hazel eyes meet the blue ones of her captor and he smiled, the rows of his pointed teeth making him seem feral, the look at odds with the gentle expression he regarded her with.

A faint breeze rippled through the air it's caress causing his white hair to dance as he began to laugh at her struggles.

That laugh.

Dear god.

It slipped seamlessly into the song Buffy heard and she felt as though it were echoed by others, countless others, and even though their minds were shielded against her own, dimly Buffy could feel their hunger.

“Such a foolish little creature,” he rasped, and suddenly it was night.

Their surroundings changed.

Trees sounded them. The night’s sky stared down upon them, the moon shone with a brilliance Buffy had never before seen. It’s radiance almost like a benediction as it looked down upon them. The soft light from the moon fell upon him, making his pale skin and long silken hair seem to glow against the darkness that surrounded them.

A breeze softly brushed past them, continuing into the night, and caused the leaves of the trees to softly rustle. Buffy felt the dampness of the grass seep into the leather of her pants, and the air filled with the scent of the crushed grass beneath them. The sweet scent mingled with the aged leather he wore, the smell almost lost within the scent of the creature.


He smelled of death and something within him called to the Slayer. Buffy ached to move, to fight against the song she felt flow through her body. She was the Slayer.

The Slayer.

She ached to move and couldn’t. Too much. It was all too much. The beauty of everything, the scent of crushed grass mingling with leather, and blood. And the song. It called to her. Pleading, begging, asking softly to be embraced.


Buffy realized the blood she smelled was her own, she felt his grip tighten minutely and a rivulet traced its way from the spot his nail had become embedded in her neck. The red drop slid down her neck, trailing down her chest, and disappearing between her breasts.

She listened to the leave rustle again and the Slayer marveled at the gentle sound. Such an innocent sound, such serene surroundings. Such beauty. It was all tainted by what was happening around them.

All around her, Buffy could hear as people screamed. From the corner of her eyes, she watched as figures ran, beams of light fell upon the terrified figures seemingly straight out of the heavens, and the Slayer felt sickened by the look of stark terror as they disappeared before her eyes. Sheep. They were sheep voices said, the words echoing within her mind. Buffy shook her head in disagreement. No. They were people. People. People she needed to help. She needed to--

Buffy felt as his hand loosened from her neck and she gave a small cry as his nails withdrew from the flesh he had pierced, the sudden absence of pain caused the Slayer to lose train of her thoughts as she finally took a full breath, her throat protesting as she breathed the air in greedily. The fingers slid over the bruises they had caused, the blue eyes watching in interest as the marks faded within moments.

His touch became feather soft as he continued to explore and she shivered, though whether it was from his touch or the cold, Buffy was unwilling to discover which, she was already afraid she already knew the answer.

Still she kneeled before him, unable to move. Her mind screamed for her to act, to kill the creature standing in front of her, to hunt the animals that inflicted such harm on the people whose voices she still heard crying, but her body remained still, caught in the song that she heard, mesmerized by the thousands of voices whispering softly.

The bloodied finger tips crossed her collar bone, briefly caressing the slight scars at the hollow of her neck.

Sensing her inner turmoil, his smile softened, and gently he fell to his knees before her as his hand continued it’s journey.

Delicately, the roaming hand traced its chosen path, languidly following the collar of her shirt, the slope of her shoulder, the lines of her neck, the curve of her jaw, coming to a stop as he stroked her cheek.

His touch soft, so very soft, and so very cold.

Buffy shivered again, her body warring against itself. Around her she listened to the cries of terror and the Slayer within screamed in rage as it beat upon the cage that had been built around it.

She was the Slayer.

She could save them, she could fight, she could do some thing, any thing, she wasn’t supposed to simply let these things continue unchallenged. She cried out in frustration, the sound never leaving her lips.

She couldn’t do anything because she heard them, she heard their song. A part of her listened to the cries that surrounded her and wanted to hunt, wanted to revel in the fear that she felt in the air. It was so thick. Their pain. Their terror. So very thick, she could taste it.

Her mouth opened of its own accord and her tongue darted out, licking her lower lip, savoring the fear she tasted. A shudder rippled through her as she felt the creature’s thumb fall and trace the path her tongue had touched. He hand drew back, pressing his thumb against his own lips, and his smile widened. Moving closer to her, he brushed back the blonde hair that had fallen in her face, his hand stopping to cup her face, his thumb brushing against the side of her mouth. Buffy yearned to open her mouth again, to taste the flesh resting against her mouth, and the song grew louder, its beat echoing within her, the melody rushing through her.

She closed her eyes, struggling against herself. She felt…fevered. This wasn’t her.

She felt as the creature…no as he…no the creature. Not a he. It was a thing. A monster. She felt as it-he, shit! She felt him lean towards her, his lips gently brushing hers, before it continued the path his hand had wondered moments ago.


Struggling, she shook her head. No. She was the Slayer…she wouldn’t…she couldn’t….

Sensing her struggle had come to an end, the creature raised its lips from her neck to her ear, and whispered softly, its breath almost a caress against her skin.

“You have failed, you could be the queen of queens. You could rule us all, and instead you spit upon our gifts. I shall enjoy this.”

She moved to break away and one of his arms circled her arms, holding her closer to him, a bare hands breath away.

She felt him smell her hair, the brush of his breath painfully hot against her chilled skin, and his head dropped. The cold lips fell to hollow of her neck, his tongue briefly caressing the scars there before he pressed a kiss to the marks.

Buffy braced herself for the feel of its teeth upon her neck. Waiting for a pain that never came.

Instead she felt the hand that had only moments ago touched her cheek fall to rest upon her breast, stopping right above her heart to lazily touch the chilled skin.

She shivered as his touch caused goose bumps to blossom across her chest and she felt him laugh against the hollow of her neck as he took joy in the reactions his ministrations caused.

Softly, he laid his palm against her flesh and then there was pain.

The Slayer screamed in agony as she felt it taking her life, the last thing she was aware of as she died was the creature’s lips smiling against her neck while he drank her life away, leaving nothing but a husk, his lips smiling against her neck even as the song continued to beckon, calling to her from across the stars.

Buffy felt herself surrender as her life fled away and suddenly the pain eased, stopping with a suddenness that left the Slayer breathless. She felt the power begin to return and the hazel eyes watched confused as the skin that had begun to wrinkle only moments ago start to smooth, the flesh filling in, the years she had felt being drained away returned.

The creature lifted its head softly and smiled lazily at her, the blue eyes danced merrily, a fire beckoning to her from within the icy depths.

"A promise," he whispered softly. In the soft glow of the night, Buffy stared dazedly at him. The moonlight fell upon them, seeming to make his white hair appear as though it were spun from the moon's very beams.

The blonde shook her head, some thing was missing.

Too quiet.


The screams.

The air was empty of the cries that had filled it only seconds ago. Now there was only the soundless song that filled the Buffy's body and mind. It's tendrils reaching deeply into her, farther into her soul than even the Slayer's essence could reach, and something responded, softly answering in kind to the song's beckoning.

The creature nodded. Seemingly satisfied and his head dipped down again, the lips falling to the hollow of her neck again, his mouth brushing against the sensitive skin, his hand still on her breast, the fingers softly kneading the still pained flesh.

"A promise," he whispered again, his words almost lost within the song that called to them both, thousands of voices echoing the threat...the promise.


Buffy woke screaming. Struggling to sit up, she ripped at her night shirt, heedless of the ruin she was making of the material. She had to see…she had to see….

Dazed, she looked upon the untouched flesh of her breast. It had felt so real, even now she could feel the pain upon the spot above her heart from where he-it had feed.

Her other hand rose, brushing the sweat soaked blonde locks as the fingertips brushed against the hollow of her neck, tracing the scars that still marked her, the reminders left to her from Angel and Dracula all those years ago. The creature's lips had smiled against them even as he had feed.

She could still feel his lips. She could still hear the song.

A cry tore from Buffy’s lips and she ripped her hand away from her neck as though burned.

Lunging for her phone, she fell out of the cold comfort of her bed, her breath ragged as she dialed a number.

A shaking hand pressed the phone to her ear and the blonde rocked back and forth, back and forth.

Praying that she would answer the phone. She didn’t know who else to turn to. Please Faith answer the phone.

Silent tears falling, she listened to the ringing, drawing her knees tightly against her chest.






***Hope you liked the new chapter. Sorry for how long it took to update and I hope the wait was worth it.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Where Do I Go From Here?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Nov 07.

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