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Island Hunting

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Summary: A young werewolf in search of a cure for his curse tracks Drusilla all the way to Sydney. Little does he know his plane will crash on the way to L.A. Buffy, Angel and all their little friends will be in flashbacks.(Title Might Change)

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Television > LostAlotofCheeseFR1811,2830258228 May 0728 May 07No
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Marcus. I created his 'breed' as well.

New York City, One Year Ago

Buffy screamed orders to the slayers beneath the pounding rain, ordering them to move around a corner the beast. This werewolf breed wasn't like others though, more resistant to silver, although it was still ultimately fatal, you couldn't just bonk one over the head with something silver and expect it to die.

Angel had run into these things in the past. According to him they were incredibly strong and tough. Not all that in the speed department though. One of her charges nicked the thing in the side with her silver tipped spear and leapt back as it slashed at her. While it's back was turned a second slashed at it's back and it howled in fury, turning on it's attacker.

Faith stood beside her, ready with the tranq gun. It had been filled with a wolfsbane solution as well, for an extra kick. Buffy didn't like outright killing werewolves unless she had too, but if things got to rowdy....she glanced at Angel, who was crouched in a tree above the battle. They had tracked it all around central park, eventually cornering it at the park's heart. All it would take from her was a nod, and Angel would drop down from the trees and inject the thing with a lethal dose of cyanide and silver nitrate.

The werewolf howled again, gripped one of the slayer's spear and backhanded her, sending her flying. It bounded from the circle of slayers and leapt atop the prone girl, preparing to rip her throat out. Buffy nodded to Angel who sighed, jumping down right behind the werewolf, raised the syringe high....the werewolf was already turning around before he even jumped down. The thing lunged again, tackling Angel to the ground. He jabbed the thing in the shoulder, injected the fluid....the werewolf leapt up, howling. The syringe shattered on the ground, not even half empty, the werewolf was wounded now but nowhere near enough to kill it.

The silver in it's veins caused the beast to go berserk, it backhanded another slayer and trampled another as it made it's escape, howling in pain. It fell onto all fours, accelerating as it ran.

"Natasha! Help Christina and the others! The rest of you with me!" Buffy shouted. She turned to her companion. "Faith, hold down the fort, with Drusilla in town...."

"Got it B." Faith nodded, walking towards the prone slayers.

Angel grabbed the tranq gun and followed suit, knowing that if things got bad he wouldn't have an easy way of killing it.

Buffy heard a howl, stopping to sniff the night air. The scent of pollution clogged the air. Angel stopped beside her, his keener senses picking up the smell of wet dog.....and blood.

"Damn it!" She hissed when she caught the smell. She raised the sycthe over her head. "This way." She shouted, pointing to her left. She and Angel rushed ahead of the other slayers, it was only a matter of time before they caught sight of the werewolf.....with a human form screaming beneath it. Angel stopped aimed for the very center of the creature's form and fired. The creature tossed back it's head and let loose a mournful howl, turning to the group. Angel fired again, this time aiming for the creature's heart. The beast charged them on all forms, but the creature constantly slowed down, it stumbled most of the way. Before it was even half way to they oncoming group it had stopped, panting. It stood on both legs, stepping to the left.

Angel reloaded the weapon, aimed.....fired. The beast looked down at the darts sticking from it's chest and stomach. It drew in air to howl, tossed back it's head and fell over.

"Get that thing secured!" Buffy shouted, she reached the thing's victim, hoping he or she was alive. "Angel I need help over here!"

Angel ran up beside her, she was already kneeling beside the now still form. He grimaced when he caught sight of who the werewolf had bitten, thus infecting with the virus.

"Jesus Christ." He whispered. "He's just a kid."


Marcus awoke, startled by the sounds of shouting.

"Ana?" He growled. He rolled over, eyes widening in horror and rage as he saw figures running throughout the camp, kicking and punching his fellow survivors. One grabbed a small child by the arm and dragged her toward the forest. Marcus leapt up, mentally screaming at himself for not being on alert. The beast within him raged at what it perceived as a threat to it's territory. Marcus growled silently.

He stood and prepared to fight off the attackers. While he was stronger than any other fourteen year old, his strength was hardly at a supernatural threshold, but he could use it to startle and throw off the attackers.

A strong hand squeezed his shoulder, he whirled around to catch sight of a dirty looking man wearing rags. The man sneered at him, revealing dirty teeth.

"You're coming with me!" He growled, punching him in the face, he was a mountain of a man, with bulging muscles and little hair. The blow should have knocked out the significantly smaller Marcus, but the angry wolf within would not be dominated so easily. Marcus lashed out with a ferocious uppercut. Startled by young boy's strength, the man stumbled back.

Marcus pressed the attack, aiming to punch the man in the jaw. The attacker ducked the blow, darted to the side with surprising speed and punched the boy in the back of the head. Marcus stumbled for a moment, but whirled on his attacker, backhanding him. Their strength was matched, but Marcus hopped that Angel's training would give him a edge.

The man wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth.

"Boy, that was a mistake." He said, pulling out a knife from his dirty pants. He waved the knife. "See this? Take a good look Boy, cause this is going right into your heart."

"You're gonna need more than that to put me in the ground." Marcus growled, hunching over and spreading his arms wide. The two circled one another. The man lashed out, but Marcus grabbed his arm and punched him in the elbow. There was a great crack and the man cried out in pain, stumbling back.

"H-How?" He sputtered. Marcus twisted the arm, causing another scream and forcing the man to his knees. Marcus picked up a rock, holding it over his head and preparing to smash the man's skull in.

"Puh-puh-please!" He begged, tears in his eyes. "Have mercy?" He asked the boy. He opened his mouth to speak again but....

Marcus smashed his head in before he could say a word. The Boy winced as he heard the body fall. Marcus dropped the rock, staring at the corpse. One year ago, such an act would be unthinkable for him. Even if he had been attacked, he wouldn't have been able to kill the attacker. But the beast within made it possible.

It was amazing what a person could do, once they had seen what he had seen. Been forced to do what he had done. He had killed the man in a moment of passion, The Wolf has affected him, as it had before. Marcus turned from the corpse, ashamed, but unable to stop some part of himself from exalting in the death. This was his nature as a werewolf, it was within him to hunt and kill.

Marcus saw that the attackers had retreated, but they had taken the children with them. He looked out into the jungle. Tomorrow night, he would hunt.

The moon would soon be full.
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The End?

You have reached the end of "Island Hunting" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 May 07.

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