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Brothers and Slayers

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Summary: Xander buys the Walker's Ranch house...things get romantic and fun and sticky from there...Kevin/Xander

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Television > Brothers and Sisters(Past Donor)CallmemasterKentFR1844,4241175,7672 Jun 0721 Aug 08No

Ojai says goodbye

I just beta-ed so it should look a little smoother now...

Brothers and Slayers…or Brothers, and Sisters, and how Slayers and Scoobies changed the Walker family. Disclaimer I own nothing by Joss and Mutant Enemy and I don’t own Brothers and Sisters in anyway shape or form; nothing…seriously it’s all ABC and their people.

So for Kevin this is just after the family’s stay at the Ranch house(Northern Exposure) and post break up with Scotty (mistakes were made part one I think)…
And Xander Post Chosen…present day… Xander has been since bi whenever...

Tommy, Sarah, and Kevin followed the potential buyer quietly. He was tall, handsome with a natural tan that gave his skin a charming glow, his only flaw that the brood of evil could see was his missing eye.

“He’s like a pirate with that thing.” Tommy said quietly.

“Well shiver me timbers.” Sarah said smirking.

“He’s not a pirate; I bet it was its just embarrassing eye infection. Kevin defended the plaid clad man who strode through
their family house.

“That doesn’t even make any sense.” Sarah hoarsely whispered.

“Is the house and surrounding area connected to the orchards?” The man asked spinning on his heel, letting his brown hair be tossed seductively about his head. Kevin’s mouth practically watered.

“Well yes and no.” Tommy supplied.

“Two answers and yet I’m still in the dark.” Xander said smiling.

“Well we were going to just sell the orchards by themselves. But then the buyers made a play for the house when we realized we may be able to sell the ranch and a bit of the property for a much better price, and we would also know it wouldn’t be plowed over because someone would be buying the house, which means a lot to the Walker family and the fact that it will still be standing after this mess. Well that’s something.” Kevin said taking almost no breath. That maybe the only reason he got to explain without his siblings butting in (which they do so well, and so very often.)

The pirate of plaid smirked. “You remind me of my friend, with the babble; it’s impressive.” He kept walking around the kitchen and now opening door ways and running his large hands over all the furnishings. Kevin had opened and closed his mouth to say thank you a few times but just kept watching Xander...his brain was in ten places at once and four of them wanted to be flirting with Xander.
“It’s a great house, open, beautifully made, you wouldn’t have any objection to us sprucing up the barn and maybe building a structure on the land?”

“Well it’ll be you’re land so I don’t see why you’d want to ask us?” Tommy said giving the tiniest tilt to his head to show his curiously.

“You guys love this place; it has your family written all over it. I would have to take away some of the spirit of this place because of my brood.” Xander said with warm sympathy.

Kevin grinned, yeah selling the ranch was awful but look who they were selling it to. It couldn’t be all bad, could it?

“Well I think that would be fine, if you agree to buy it, that is.” Sarah said.

“I think I decided to buy it when I walked in the door, I have a few people to conference with is all.” Xander said taking out his phone. “Would you just excuse me?” He said. They nodded and he graciously stepped out.

“Will it’s beautiful, and there are enough rooms for just about all of the Scoobies and the fang gang, and if I remodel the barn we’ll have a guest house, and there is a nice little plot for.” He lowered he voice “Slayer gym.” He listened intently with several voices throwing out points he had to sort through all the different voices and questions.

“Well Xander it sounds lovely but is it in the council’s budget?” Giles asked, obviously doing paper work and balancing the world on his shoulders.

“It’s expensive but we have plenty of cash G-man, and besides.” Xander looked inside at the chatting siblings. “I got a good feeling about this place.”


“So Mr. Harris.” Kevin started as they were walking back to their cars.

“Please call me Xander.”

“Alright, Xander.” He said glancing at Sarah.

“What do you think you’ll be doing up here?” Sarah jumped in.

“Well I have a group of friends that’s more like family, I think this will be our little pow-wow meeting place.” All three of the Walkers smiled to know this would be a place for family.

“And we run a set of schools together, the structure I was talking about building, well that would be a place for the girls to get out into nature and still get some training done.” Xander continued.

“Training facility for Girls?” Tommy asked his face losing some of its joy.

“Yes, we run several schools for gifted and talented young girls.” Xander said casually.

“Sounds very interesting.” Kevin said slightly curious.

“It can be.” Xander said smiling enigmatically.

So what do we think?...I meant to write more Escape or Grey’s family tree or even Tweed (my Quantum leap story)…stupid Kevin, sitting in my ear saying “Isn’t Xander cute?”

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