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The Faithful Departed

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Summary: 'The Departed' never showed:Dignam’s wife was Faith, Costello the mob boss faced problems with Drusilla edging into his drug empire with Orpheus, a shanshued Angel. Fluffy - until character deaths

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Movies > Departed, The(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR1839,8310796720 Jun 0726 Jun 07No

She kissed me, and I only bought her one round

Title: The faithful departed
Author: Kiwikatipo
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN all recognizable characters and situations they belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of this. Joss Whedon created Angel and Faith et al. William Monahan created Dignam and Costello et al. I DO NOT PERSONALLY SUBSCRIBE to racist and homophobic views expressed by characters. This story is obviously FICTION and is not meant to be a slur in any way on the fine people of South Boston.
Main Characters: Shanshued Angel, Memory Restored Connor, Reformed Faith, Asshole Dignam, Madolyn - the psychologically fucked psychiatrist
Minor Characters: Damned Drusilla, Vampire Gunn, Patronizing Wood, Souled Harmony, mad as an evil hatter mob boss Costello
Rating: F18
Warning: Very frequent coarse, racist and homophobic language.
Boston Dialect: You will be spared me typing “I pahked the cah.” But g’s will be frequently dropped and atrocities against grammar committed.
Timeline: May 2004 to May 2007
Angel post Not Fade Away, The Departed Pre and during movie
Pairing: Faith/Dignam all the way through and other pairings you can be surprised with.
Summary: Angel now human and with visions that will kill him eventually, moves to Boston to help Faith stay on the straight and narrow. Faith falls in love with a Massachusetts State Trooper.


Massachusetts State Trooper, Sean Dignam resolved never to eat doughnuts on the job. Aged twenty-four, two years out of the training academy in New Braintree his physical fitness remained high unlike his older partner Derek Finnegan. The two men sat drinking foul coffee in their police car parked undercover beneath trees by the main highway.

“This Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence? The little wanna be Crips and Bloods gang bangers were shootin’ each other… if the B.P.D. gets the little fucks gun possession rate down…?” Finnegan swilled his heavily sugared coffee around in his mouth. He plucked at the belt uncomfortably constricting his burgeoning paunch contained in its blue uniform. “Are you fuckin’ gettin’ what I’m sayin’?”

“Yeah, kill nits so you don’t get fuckin’ lice, I’m hearin’ yah, I ain’t deaf, impressed by yah genius deductions but not fuckin’ deaf.” Dignam heard and spouted back shit every day following the glorious career path of most of the male members of his family.

A battered Buick filled with teenagers sped past them, going twenty miles over the speed limit on the icy highway.

Sitting in the back seat of the Buick, fresh out of foster care and back under her mother’s careful and loving guidance, fifteen year old Faith Lehane resolved never to ingest psilocybin containing fungi again. Shrooms tasted okay, if consumed in the middle of a peanut and jelly sandwich, but last week for the first time Faith freaked out, it wasn’t like she found God more like the Devil, horror show visions of Dracula and shit. The whole downer of an experience left her with a pounding headache for a day afterward too. Maybe Faith was becoming allergic to magic mushrooms or something. Good thing Mom always kept a handy supply of pain killers if not food in the top kitchen cupboard in slum sweet slum.

Although Mom recently pulled her act together to a surprising extent, Faith optimistically gave her mother three months before she fell off the wagon again.

Mommie dearest went apeshit at Faith for trying to go out with her boyfriend Ronnie tonight, Faith needed to sneak out her third story bedroom window to keep the peace. The athletic feat paid off. For here Faith was - enjoying this nice drive in the country, sort of. She was kind of squashed sitting in between Ronnie and his fat friend Mike. She couldn’t see much.

Hmm, Faith took another gulp from her can of beer, could she hear a siren?

“Fuck, Staties!” The driver of Faith’s vehicle redoubled his speed.

Dignam always enjoyed hot pursuits and sure enough the Buick’s plates came up as stolen. Some bleeding hearts complained law enforcement officers pursuing joy-riders resulted in too many deaths. If the retards that drove the vehicles fucking pulled over in the first place there wouldn’t be any - would there?

And speaking of impending deaths the Buick was taking the corner too fast, breaking through the roadside guard rail and flying straight into the nearby river.

The car remained afloat for two precious minutes, the hood of the car pointing downwards due to the weight of the engine, the front and back seat occupants were unable to open the car doors because of the water pressure. Ronnie successfully wound down the car window beside him and struggled out, yelling at Faith to follow him. Faith was a wicked good swimmer. Her escape however became impeded by Mike clutching onto her leg in panic as the car submerged. She successfully landed a hard kick into his face causing him to release her. She groped her way in the murky darkness towards the open window Ronnie escaped through, pushing herself off the car door and fighting her way to the surface of the river.

Her denim jacket, wool sweater, jeans and chunky boots hindered Faith’s swimming ability, the winter garments weighed her down and the river’s strong current fought against her. She panicked, choking in a lungful of freezing muddy water, going under.

A strong arm reached down and grabbed her floating long hair, pulling her up to the surface so she could breathe beautiful, wonderful air. And that was how Trooper Sean Dignam saved high school student Faith Lehane’s life.


Faith didn’t see why her watcher Diana couldn’t swing her fake ID to get her actually freaking inside the venue the vamp was hanging out at in the nightclub district. Faith could have got hold of some new fake ID for herself easily – connections, baby. But Diana said Faith’s previous life lay behind her and hanging out in the alley where a female vamp brought her recent victims would be sufficient.

Faith was glad her former existence stopped because lets face it, people, high school drop out, unemployed, living hand to mouth, virtually on the streets, Faith’s life before she was discovered to be a potential three months ago, sucked.

In contrast her calling as a slayer rocked, Faith got off on being a superhero the past two weeks. Being a slayer was a career path no dweeb high school advisor ever suggested to her strangely and Faith was so damn good at it too. She guessed there were some occupations aptitude tests never fully covered.

The fire exit door opened, a skanky female vampire flounced out leading her enthralled male prey by his belt buckle.

Faith did a double take and recognized State Trooper Dignam, the heroic asshole who saved her from drowning two years ago. Ronnie and the other guys from the Buick booked it straight away leaving Faith to face the music alone. Dignam was her freaking hero for fifty-two minutes after he risked his own life to rescue her and repeatedly dived in the freezing river trying to save Mike who ended up being pulled from the river downstream dead the next day.

Dignam sadly proceeded to ruin the knightly deeds by listening to his lard ass partner recognizing Faith as ‘one of those Lehane losers from the Southie projects, and this little sweetheart was gonna end up in juvie soon just like most of the dear folks of her fucked up family who were in and out of the state pens on steady rotate’.

“Sir? Screw you.” Faith informed the tubby cop immediately perhaps not that intelligently looking back.

“I froze my balls off savin’ shit like you? What a waste of my fuckin’ time.” Dignam roughly handed Faith over to the arriving ambulance crew. “Look after her, huh? The little bitch’s had a hell of a shock.”

So Faith never did get to thank Mr. ‘Short for a Statie’ properly. She even missed a golden opportunity to speak to him outside a courtroom where she’d been subpoenaed as a reluctant witness against Ronnie and crew; well this was her big chance tonight.

Faith strutted up to the feasting vampire, tearing her off Dignam’s neck. Okay, maybe Faith prepared to show off just a little, she enjoyed prolonging the kill and engaging in battle with vamps, something Diana often fretted about. But Diana wasn’t here, the nice old broad suffered from a bad head cold causing Faith to tell her English watcher to wait in the car.

Staking vampires blew Faith’s mind it was such a freaking buzz. She roundhouse kicked, punched, leaped, spun and ignored Dignam’s repeated shouted instructions to break it up or he’d fire.

“Bullets don’t work on the undead, douche, so yah gonna have to put your dick extension away.” Faith intended to thank Dignam practically by life saving repayment not by fancy words or nothing, he was still an asshole Statie who dressed up like a Nazi by day. She backed the vampire against the wall and staked the fanged bitch hard. The vampire exploded in a customary gratifying dust cloud. Faith loved the way they did that.

And that was how Faith the Vampire Slayer saved Trooper First Class Sean Dignam’s life.

“How the fuck did you…?” Dignam ascertained pretty early on in the piece a vampire attacked him - he’d heard things, it was part of the reason he was in the club but he didn’t expect some type of fucking smart mouthed teen angel to come to his aid and she looked vaguely familiar. He tried to staunch his bleeding neck wound. “Faith Lehane?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Faith liked to be remembered, to make an impact on guys and Faith did not look like a drowned rat this evening or the urban underclass, on the contrary, in her brand new leather pants paid for by an indulgent grandmotherly Diana, Faith looked freaking hot. Thank Christ slayers didn’t need to wear lame spandex leotards like Super-girl – camel toe city. On the other hand Faith needed a cool superhero exit line, after which Faith intended to go back to Diana’s, eat and call up her boyfriend Kenny to take care of her rampant horniness.

Faith was real turned on mysteriously, and for someone probably a decade older than her and with sad taste in clothes, (brown? he shouldn’t wear those colors with green eyes and dark brown hair) the muscular five foot-eight Dignam seemed Johnny Depp-like at this moment. So Faith decided not to say anything, she locked eyes with him, leaning towards him slowly.

Dignam’s mind (busy working overtime processing the fact vampires were real) let his body respond to the hungry expression in Faith’s eyes. Dignam’s body decided that he narrowly escaped death without passing on replicating DNA into the human gene pool and this sad state of affairs needed to be rectified immediately with the fertile looking female in front of him.

The unexpected lip melding, messy wet kiss proved to be very pleasant for both parties, for the briefest second it seemed certain they would end up screwing against the wall.

But Faith who didn’t understand what the hell had got into her - she was completely into her musician boyfriend and hated cops, and Dignam whose privately career ambitious kill-joy gray brain cells started to scream. ‘Minor Alert! Minor Alert! Stop thinking with your fucking wiener and start thinking with me again!’ reluctantly disengaged themselves.

Faith turned her back and walked abruptly away. Shit. How freaking bizarre.

Dignam stared bewildered after her, what a fucking weird night.

“Hey, Faith!” he yelled at the girl’s retreating back. “Thanks, bitch!” He owned fucking manners at least.


Robin Wood if extremely careful with himself could walk around his hospital room unaided although the action quickly tired him. He settled back into bed, manfully suppressing a wince – pushing the button on his drip that administered him more morphine. He pricked his ears at the footsteps coming into his antiseptic living quarters for the past two days.

“Faith?” he queried, searching around trying to pinpoint her exact location.

“You got any other invisible visitors?” The chair beside the bed scraped along the floor as Faith positioned it so she could sit opposite him. She leaned forward and pulled the blanket back over him snugly.

“That still freaks me out in a non wuss way of course.” Robin’s eyes tracked his blanket seemingly floating in mid air for a second.

“Uh huh, if you say so, dude.” Faith was real surprised at how glad she’d been over Robin remaining alive after the battle on the Hellmouth and how in spite of her aversion to hospitals she kept visiting him here.

“Novelty aside of watching you drink water, how much longer are you planning on being transparent?” Robin rested his head on the pillows and turned his head towards the chair Faith’s voice came from. “Willow and Giles come up with a plan yet to stop you going back to prison?”

“Yeah, Xander thought of all the finer details, got his mind off Anya.” Faith crossed her legs. “There were two Faith Lehanes’ ya see. Nadia - the slayer from Latvia who died this mornin’, Willow put the spell on to make look like me, (we knew she wouldn’t recover) she did the crap I pulled, her fingerprints are now on the official Californian records. I arrived in Sunnydale ’98 after the death of my Watcher, became Giles ward seein’ I was still legally a minor at the time and not only am I not an ex-con anymore, I’ve got a Sunnydale High School Diploma comin’ my way. Willow said she’s gonna make sure the edges are burned.” The Disney cartoon version of Faith’s life Xander dreamed up left everyone speechless and ashamed as to what could and should have been.

“So what’ve you been doing with yourself the past three years if you weren’t in a coma or in prison?” Robin found the solution full of practical merit, Naida’s family had been killed by the First Evil’s Bringers last year they wouldn’t miss their daughter’s body.

Faith stretched her hands out in front of her, she could see herself even if others couldn’t see her. “Long John Silver’s idea again, I’ve been in Cleveland, Ohio, workin’ as a life guard in a public swimmin’ pool. The Scooby-snacks are thinkin’ about setting up a base there soon. Don’t get me wrong – anything’s better than prison but I’m not gonna spend a second longer than I need to in ‘the mistake by the lake’.” Faith could see by Robin’s grimace at the thought of life in the Midwest literal hellhole he wouldn’t either.

And that was how the white witch Willow Rosenberg magically made the reformed rogue slayer’s past completely respectable on paper.


“Yeah? Fuck you and the Shetland pansy pony you rode in on, pal. I’m finished with your unit’s X-files shit once and for all.” Dignam placed his cell phone in his pocket and strode through the corridor to his office. Vampires fucking existed, werewolves fucking existed, demons fucking existed and Dignam got transferred from the secret department in the Massachusetts State Troopers that dealt with them in conjunction with the Boston Police Department five fucking years ago.

Thank Jesus H. Christ he only dealt with murderous brutal human crime lords these days in the undercover division.

Dignam made sergeant and he should be staff sergeant due to his pristine record but his abrasive personality hampered his progress up the ranks. He wasn’t married either – a family man got regarded more favorably for promotion. This frustrated him, because he wanted fucking rug rats to play football with in the back yard of the triple decker wooden house in Dorchester he’d purchased last year as an investment and some sweet smiling wife to come home to who had his dinner waiting in the oven.

Dignam’s ideal mate naturally was good looking, not some blue stocking bore but not so dumb she’d lose the kids in a shopping mall either, high spirited like his mom, a Catholic on paper only and not a regular church goer because he liked to lie in Sunday mornings when he got the chance, not listen to some faggot in a frock tell him how to run his life.

And that was when Sean Dignam determined to marry the next woman he came across that met these important specifications.


Faith experienced a rude awakening in more ways than one. She lay naked beside Robin who came up from New York to visit her in her new apartment in Dorchester. They decided to call their relationship quits because they were too different for things to work between them any longer but the sex had always been good between them and they shared one last sweaty boink for the road the previous night.

So that explained why Robin’s arm was around her as Faith woke up to the sun’s morning rays in her bedroom, but who the hell did the bare back of the naked guy belong to on the other side of her?

Faith hadn’t woken up to a situation like this since she was eighteen in Sunnydale.

Was the mystery man some sleeping beauty burglar? Goldilocks? Faith nudged him. The man turned over.



And that was when Faith and Angel first discovered he had been sent back to Earth by The Powers That Be after dying outside Wolfram and Hart in Los Angeles - sent back as a human.


Faith and Dignam’s paths next crossed at their local grocery store.

Faith pushed her shopping carriage around the aisles gingerly, she’d taken a hell of a beating wiping out a nest of vampires the night before and her cracked ribs were in the process of mending. She wore sunglasses to cover her black eye.

“So yah nigger boyfriend knockin’ you 'round or are you still staking vampires?” Dignam passed her down the discounted dried apricot packet she’d been reaching for. “I saw you together comin’ out of the pub last week.”

“The guy’s my ex, he never hit me and I guess affirmative action must be workin’ out real well for you.” Faith tossed the apricot packet in her grocery carriage.

“Hey, it seems fuckin’ unfair on the surface, Blacks being eleven percent of the Staties when they’re only six percent of the Greater Boston population but they commit half of the crime so it evens out. I’ve got no problem with it, I’m fuckin’ sensitive like that.” Dignam explained displaying his liberal side.

“Yeah? And here I was thinkin’ you were only a prick.” Faith pushed her carriage away towards the frozen food section. Angel jonesed for ice-cream something chronic.

“And here I was thinkin’ you’d be dead or inside by now.” Dignam remained beside her.

“You think? Yah far more multi-talented than you first come across.” Faith scooped up the ice-cream.

“Why are you back in the fuckin’ Hub of the Universe?” Dignam performed a quick background check on her after he spotted her last week and couldn’t work out why she returned to Boston, none of her immediate family remained alive.

“I got all misty eyed missin’ the potholes.” Faith made her way to the check-out, Dignam followed her. “If you want me to answer any more retarded questions yah out of luck.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Dignam smiled at her cheerfully. “I could make some trumped up excuse and haul you in for questionin’ or you could have coffee with me this afternoon.”

“Why not ask me to blow you while yah about it?” Faith handed over her money to the check out operator. “You buy me a drink tonight and I’ll explain how fuckin’ blackmailin’ me’s gonna hurt you more than me.”

And that was how Faith and Dignam’s first date came about.


“Do you still stick your tongue down guys’ throats after savin’ their lives from vampires?” Dignam asked her as they shared their third drink together in the neighborhood bar that evening.

Faith matched his smirk in remembrance. “As you put it, maybe, maybe not. Are you an asshole 24/7?”

“23/6.” Neither of them dressed up to meet each other, they were still clothed in grocery shopping clothes of the earlier Sunday morning. Dignam sat opposite her at their small table and felt relieved her black eye no longer bloomed prominently on her face.

“I’m one of the nicest guys you could meet. I always check with suspects if they wanna get hit with the white pages or yellow pages before I start beatin' them up in interrogation rooms for example. Mr. Fuckin’ Consideration For Others - that’s me.” Dignam folded his arms, he either postured intimidatingly, or closed himself off in body language.

Faith appreciated the guy’s lack of falseness and his hometown humor. Californian men were so unnervingly touchy feely or fake. Cleveland males were deficient. Dignam was a Statie, therefore as a Lehane she should rightfully hate his very guts but she didn’t.

Dignam’s brain followed the same pathways as Faith’s. She came from scum, she was part of the supernatural world he wished to have no dealing with what so ever - he liked her.

And that was when Faith and Dignam started to fall in love with one another.


AN: 1) Next chapter Angel centric.
2) How do I know Dignam’s first name is Sean? William Monahan said so in an interview.
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