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Beyond the Gate

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Summary: Ronon Dex drabbles and ficlets...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories(Recent Donor)kribbyFR1579300122,76922 Jun 0724 Jun 07No

Bicycles and Crossbows

Missing Scene
Episode 3 x 15, 'The Game'

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of SGA.

Word Count: 100

A/N: Anyone know of a good fic prompt/table for SGA?


“What do you think that is?” Teyla tilted her head towards Ronon. They had briefly paused as a bizarre journeying device conveying a young male passed.

“Uum.” Ronon’s first response accompanied a rumbling clearing of his throat. Two circles, one significantly larger than the other…a seat as a base and a place to grip and to control the entire apparatus.

“Not sure.”

Ronon wondered if the others knew. It was clear both either didn’t care or weren’t surprised. He doubted it would help with wraith annihilation.

He shrugged and moved off to handle a sleeker crossbow.

Now this had worth.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking