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Prescience and Providence

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Willow in Atlantis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This story continues the romance between Lieutenant Aiden Ford and Willow Rosenberg.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Other(Recent Donor)kribbyFR1515,372031,83225 Jun 0725 Jun 07No
Disclaimer & etc.

I do not own any of the publicly recognizable characters from either the Stargate Atlantis series or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

This is the second story in my Willow in Atlantis series.

In the first story, (Not My World Anymore), Willow dropped into the Pegasus Galaxy after falling into a portal. She fell in love with Lieutenant Aiden Ford, killed a few wraith (s), and hung around.

Timeframe: Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis… the first story was set around Episode 5, ‘Suspicion’. This story is set around, Episode 6, ‘Childhood’s End’ (which deals with suicide instead of wraith culling *minor warning*… but this is a happy romance—no death here…)
Season 4 of BTVS… after Oz left… pre-Tara romance…more A/N/Summary stuff at the bottom… not trying to bore anyone.

Chapter 1

Aiden had just stepped out of the puddle jumper after a distinctly uncomfortable jaunt. For the first time, riding shotgun had sort of meant riding like a bat out of hell or maybe it more so meant being the bullet exiting the main cylinder of a P-90 on single shot.

If he were a drinking man he could do with a single, a double, or even a triple shot of whiskey or maybe of vodka. Or even better yet a half and half mixture of both—triple sized. Something, anything fiery to burn away the memory of riding with Dr. Rodney McKay.

At least they knew the brakes worked. After McKay had over accelerated through the open wormhole he had to stop suddenly or otherwise go directly through Stargate Operations. It all reminded Aiden of when he had first learned to drive. It had taken just one near miss for him to fully, at the drop of a dime, recognize the difference between the brakes and the accelerator. That drop of a coin had not been figurative. He had been sixteen and in a long line at a fast food drive through when he had learned not shuffle the feet over the brake and the accelerator when you wanted to sit still.

He wondered if McKay had driven straight through Dr. Weir’s office if he would have been ‘grounded for life’. Probably not. Aiden had a suspicion that Dr. Weir would keep or try to keep her science and other staff as satisfied as possible. After all, McKay had stopped, just in time. Fate decided life in Atlantis by the flip of a coin. McKay did seem to balance on the edge of said coin and even though he claimed and complained and outwardly appeared not to be a gambling man, McKay was the second biggest gambler in the Pegasus Galaxy. Weir had to be the biggest, after all, she had allowed him on Sheppard’s team… and though she was frowning as they exited the puddle jumper, she had not asked for the metaphorical keys.

If only his brain could tell his legs that he was on solid ground then he would move forward. He didn’t feel the slightest unease or shame at his shaky legs. Not a single marine (who knew what was good for them) would call him out on it. Never mind the quivering muscles and queasy stomach, they were in the jumper bay and he had quite a few miles to go before the day would end. Aiden adjusted his dark green cap. The reverb from the forward acceleration had knocked it askew. His hair peeked out of the side and he knew while he needed a hair cut he was likely not to get one. He loved the feel of Willow’s fingers delicately touching his scalp and tangling in his tight curls. If Major Sheppard was allowed to spike his hair with moose then he was surely allowed to have his hair almost reach his nape. Aiden turned his lips into a small smirk; they were in another galaxy and living dangerous lives.

He twisted his body at the waist and reached back inside the puddle jumper to gather the assortment of flowers he had gathered on their trek back to the puddle jumper. No one on M7G-677 would care or miss the wild plants. He couldn’t get his head around it all. A whole planet of people who committed suicide on the eve of their twenty fifth birthdays… it didn’t make Milky Way galaxy sense but out here it… worked. They would rather die than be wraith food and they had created a religion around that idea. To be culled was the opposite of a peaceful death. Being culled meant no peace and no eternal rest. They sought to snatch their power back and control their own lives by ending them, the last moments, of the last day, of their twenty fourth year.

After the rough landing and their resulting trek to what Aiden was mentally calling Peter Pan Village #1 and then the discovery of the Z.P.M. that powered the planet’s defense systems—defense systems that dropped both wraith and Lantean ships out of the sky and stopped wraith stunners from working… McKay had dismantled the shield, borrowed the Z.P.M. and they had hightailed it back to Atlantis. McKay would spend a few hours running tests and such. Aiden wasn’t so sure what they would do next. Would Weir allow them to appropriate the Z.P.M.? Appropriate was only the polite way of saying steal. Dr. Weir would have to make the decision as to the worth of the villagers’ lives. Were they worth more than the expedition members lives? Aiden knew what she would say. McKay was wasting his time.

Aiden nodded his head at Dr. Weir as she approached. He adjusted the plants in one arm and caught the half empty rations bag that McKay tossed towards him.
He heard McKay’s voice as he struggled to catch the second tossed bag.

“Come on… come on Ford. We don’t have all day.”

Aiden felt his smile change into a grimace. He wasn’t sure why he was expected to be speedy when his role was to catch tossed ration bags. McKay was the one doing the tossing—he controlled the speed.

“So when did the Lieutenant turn into a pack animal?”

Aiden heard the soft voice of Dr. Weir over the rumpling sounds of the vinyl bags. She had to be careful with her gentle disapproval. If she gave him even the slightest inkling that she considered him abused he could justify dropping all the bags and just carrying the flowers and hightailing it to the infirmary to visit Willow.

“Oh please, Elizabeth—those bags aren’t even heavy! They are just dried food—those whatchamacallits-- MRE’s.”

Aiden agreed with McKay. He changed his grimace back to a slight smile.

“He’s got the gold anyway, Ma’am.” Aiden spoke directly to Dr. Weir. “One ‘borrowed’ Z.P.M.” He shifted his eyes because he couldn’t look at her directly when he spoke the letters Z.P.M. He adjusted the packs in one hand and shrugged one shoulder to better organize the flowers.


Aiden heard the incredulous question in that one word. He didn’t want her to ask him to explain. McKay was the ‘borrower’ after all.

“See Elizabeth on M7G-677…”

Aiden heard McKay begin his explanation. He nodded a good bye to Dr. Weir. This was the last place he wanted to be. He was relieved when she gave him a slight frown and a nod. He was dismissed. Thank goodness.

Aiden wasn’t particularly sure why McKay had handed him the rations pack. They were surely mostly full… maybe they were missing a power bar or two but no matter. He would stop by and make sure they were replenished and then he would drop by the weapons room and pick up a tranquilizer. Somehow going against kids that had only bows and arrows with a P-90 didn’t sit well with him. The fact was that McKay was a member of their team. The odds were that the arrows would be fired towards them. What was the countdown to them returning to the planet? One hour? Two hours?

More than enough time to get everything done… the idea of being given the ancient gene inoculation had also occurred to him. There was a one in two chance that the next time they went off to another planet McKay would fly the puddle jumper. He wasn’t so sure if those odds were good enough. A one in three chance sounded so much better.

Willow leaned against the countertop in the infirmary. She had inserted her arm through the opening in one of the mice cages and she was hard at work, cleaning. At least that is what she was supposed to be doing; instead she was allowing the mouse she had named Merlin to nibble a not-cheese Pegasus Galaxy created cheesy substance off of her finger. She had other things to be doing. She had a whole list—herb cataloguing, note taking on the various Beckett experiments going on in the lab, reading and review in the ancient database, and even sterilizing a sink full of glassware. Somehow Merlin had stopped her. She had been working at full blast for quite a few hours and he was her break.

Truth be told, she’d much rather kisses from Aiden be her break but she didn’t have much choice. He was out on M- something planet and she was whittling the time away. She wondered if anyone had picked up Amy the rat—and she stopped wondering. There wasn’t much point. A. Buffy lived in her dorm room so the odds were she would feed Amy. And B. she could easily just send off an intergalactic email and ask her the question. She would do that.

Willow pulled her hand out of the mice cage and moved towards the sink to wash and sterilize her hands. What she would say to her friends. Over the last few weeks so much had happened. She was fully integrated as an honorary Atlantis Expedition member. She had quite a few uncle and aunt type friends. Dr. Zelenka, whom she called Dr. Z, Major Sheppard—well John, Dr. Beckett—whom she called Carson and Jonathon the chef. She also had Dr. Weir, Teyla and Charin. She found that she couldn’t relax near enough to actually call Dr. Weir by Elizabeth, her given name. On the other hand Teyla had instantly turned into a big sister. She gave the best advice. Teyla was also like a daughter to Charin and Charin was now her magical mentor. Overall, Willow felt and knew she belonged right where she was. Whether it was fate or providence—whatever had deposited her in the Pegasus Galaxy had ‘done right’ by her. She was as happy as she had ever been.

Willow wandered over to the small metal table. Her surprisingly sturdy PowerBook sat unopened. She quickly flipped it open had a seat in the spinny stool and booted it up. She wondered if there would be an email waiting in her inbox… lately things seemed to be heating up in Sunnydale. She was sure her friends could take care of themselves but sometimes she just wished she could be there to make sure they were taking care of themselves. The last she had heard from them demons called ‘The Gentlemen’ had swept into town and filched everyone’s voice. Buffy had of course saved the day and over the course of the save-age had picked up a new boyfriend, Riley Finn—the TA for the Psych class they had been taking together, and a secret military man.

Willow did want to know how things were going for Buffy and Riley. She didn’t have any really high hopes. Unlike Aiden, Riley seemed to be the epitome of all the blah military man stereotypes. He was who he was—not much more. Aiden on the other hand had layers and layers on top of layers. Maybe it was better said as depth and more depth and even more depth. But it wasn’t as if he were hiding anything. Every day she learned more and more about him… but the truth of the matter was that things were vastly different between Buffy and Riley and Willow and Aiden. The first and most obvious difference was that she was in love with Aiden and vice versa. Buffy was just boinking Riley. Willow had an idea that if it were a decade later she and Buffy would be exchanging boinking advice. They were far from there yet.

She opened up her email server and set off to write

Subject: Amy & putting the ‘grr’ in girl…


Hey Buffy- how are things? So you were kind of light on the details… what exactly happened with the Apocalypse^3? You said there was an earthquake and then some demons wanted to open the Hellmouth and you stopped it… well you and Riley stopped it…

Then what happened?
Is the Hellmouth still oozing evil vibes?

Okay, maybe this is something to ask Giles—but you might want to check on it.
How are you and Riley? What about Xander and Anya? What about Giles and Olivia? I guess you can see where my head is right now. I keep on thinking about everyone and I worry for a moment and then I stop. I guess I am trying to console myself by thinking that everyone has to be okay if they are paired up somehow. Does that make sense?

So did I tell you about how I have this funky Ancient gene? I was reading in the database here about how the people who built Atlantis were Ancients. They keyed all this technology (most really not interesting stuff) to work only for folks with this specific gene—well really to work for only specific people- ancients. The gene is really rare and I have it. For my purposes it just means I can wave my hands at doors and stuff and they open and their ultra cool neat and all that space ships—if I could fly—well I could fly them! How neat is that! No license but in a pinch and with some lessons I could go from zero to ten thousand g’s in a few seconds! I know you have no idea what that means (and I kind of don’t either) but that’s what Aiden says that his bossman Sheppard says.

Oh and by the way he is still great. Yep. You know I mean Aiden, right? Sheppard is okay—he is great too but so not my type, mainly because he is all old and his hair doesn’t curl. Suddenly I love curly hair.

Oh so before I forget, AMY! You’ve been feeding her right? Of course you have. Duh. Well, if she gets too troublesome you can probably hand her over to Giles. I am sure he’d love a pet. I bet he would. Or maybe he won’t—hmm. Just don’t give him to Xander! Remember what he did to his demon egg? Exactly.

Oh so when you get some time make sure to write me!!!!



Willow felt the need to utter a deep sigh but she held it in. While she missed her friends, she couldn’t spend the entire day sighing. There was no hiding from the fact that she was somewhat stranded in another galaxy. She was frankly lucky she was able to send and receive messages from them. She knew they were okay and she was sure that at some point the Atlantis expedition members would regain contact with Earth. When they did she would see them again. There was worry, yeah but she had hope. There was just no way that with so many brilliant scientists they wouldn’t figure out how to get back to Earth. Willow felt reassured and raised her hands and held them still above the keyboard. She said the words of the spell and felt magical warmth infuse her hands. The message was sent.

She got back on her feet and twisted to the side raising her arms above her head in a stretch. She was ready to get back to work. Willow moved back to the mice and stood over them. She dipped her right index finger back in the tiny jar of not cheese cheesy treat and went right back to indulging dear Merlin. Merlin was their star mouse—he was loaded with the A.T. A. or Ancient Technology Activation gene and sixty percent—instead of just fifty percent of people that were given a shot of the A.T.A. retrovirus directly using Merlin’s DNA became carriers of the A.T.A. gene. Merlin was the magic mouse. Willow stopped herself from snorting. No one had heard her thoughts. Her geekiness was safe though it was kinda obvious everyone already knew she was geek queen.

Wraith Queen. She’d almost forgotten. She felt a chill settle over her head and lower as a weight onto her shoulders. Weeks had passed and still she hadn’t a clue as what to do about the Wraith in the basement—well the brig. She kept forgetting the thing that Dr. Beckett had said countless times. ‘Lass, this isn’t your problem.’ In truth it kinda was her issue. There was an evil life sucking alien in the basement- brig that was hemmed in by the force of her spell. And if he, the alien, was gonna be calling her Queen, there was a pretty good chance that there were other Wraith out there that believed she was their queen. Who the heck wanted to be the queen of life sucking aliens??? She was glad she was sitting down. Another sigh escaped her and as she exhaled she felt that weight settle even more firmly on her shoulders.

She looked up to see Dr. Beckett entering the infirmary from the side door. He’d been running quite a few tests on random wraith body parts. While he hadn’t specifically asked for a quiet infirmary that is what he had gotten. It seemed as soon as everyone knew he was working on something as potentially as important as ‘something or the other to do with stopping life sucking aliens’, it seemed that everyone had given him complete peace to work.

Had the need not been so dire Willow might have made a joke or two about the gin making apparatus and supplies she had discovered a scant two weeks ago. The problem with joking with Dr. Beckett was that while he was far too respectable to make jokes about any embarrassing health condition he would surely ‘get you back at a later date… when you least expected and least needed such a diversion. Though she doubted anyone other than McKay had ever or even would ever make the list. The most Dr. Beckett ever even did to McKay was not reassure him when he was suffering from extreme hypochondria. It was no wonder so few had any fear of Dr. Beckett. Willow hid a smile behind her arm as she heard Dr. Beckett’s footsteps approach the mouse cage.

“Morning, lass.” Willow lifted her eyes to briefly smile at her boss. Dr. Beckett’s voice was gruff and he cleared his throat as he spoke. It was as if he were only just waking when in reality he had been awake for quite a few hours. It was likely that these were the first words he had spoken in a very long while.

“Oh, while you were away you missed some serious excitement.” Willow opened with an insanely false and cheerful statement. She was mostly trying to lighten the worry she saw in the crinkles around and in the blue of Dr. Beckett’s eyes. She could tell he had entirely too much to think about and obviously few answers. Otherwise, instead of taking a respite and drinking bad coffee he would be reporting favorable findings to Dr. Weir. She waited until she saw Dr. Beckett’s mouth turn upwards in a small smile. His eyes lost a little of the drained look and gained a bit more life.

“What that?”

“Well, Merlin here learned perpendicular static muscular contraction.” Willow paused as the confusion settled on Dr. Beckett’s face.

“Static muscular contraction?” Beckett repeated with a confused look. His statement was a question.

“Yep.” Willow smiled and waited the requisite seconds to drop the pitiful verbal bomb.
“If provided with enough stimulus… in Merlin’s case, not-cheese, Merlin will balance and position his body on the inside roof of the cage. In fact, he has the actual ability to keep his entire body upright for—a good half of a second.” Willow smiled. “So actually he is only playing. Sorry, nothing learned here.”

Beckett gave Willow a smile. Though the humor was weak, he appreciated the attempt. He suspected he would tweak her joke and set McKay up.

“You do know in few weeks we will be testing the offspring for the gene.” He paused as he watched Willow’s eyes light up. She was visibly thinking and about to burst out with a rash of words. He smiled inside before the movement reached his lips. Beckett heard the military shuffling sound of regulation boots.

Willow turned her head to the door to see who would enter. It was Aiden. She gave him a wide grin. Aiden was wearing slightly loose green cargo pants and a standard issue t-shirt. He approached her with an easy walk and with one arm hidden behind him. Willow doubted she could really grin any wider, maybe if he wasn’t wearing that standard issue t-shirt. She felt a blush creeping from under her collar. She really had to get that in check. .

“Hey.” Aiden walked over to where Willow sat. He noticed the blush and mouthed the word ‘Baby’. He wanted to chuckle a bit as he watched the blush spread. He loved that he could fluster her just a little. Even though she didn’t really know it, she had the same power. He didn’t mind in the least. On his morning runs, Stackhouse had almost stopped making jokes about the tree he’d likely crawled out under and his status as the consort of the Wraith Queen.

He moved his right arm to the front. He had flowers for his woman. They weren’t roses and they really weren’t even close. He recognized they had to be some sort of hot pink Hyacinth-like thing. The flower used to come up every spring in his grandmother’s front yard.

“Aiden!” Willow slipped off the rounded stool and wrapped her arms around him. She ignored the flowers, well not really. Aiden was still holding them as she reached up to hug him.

“Wait! Wait!” Beckett briefly jogged towards the couple. He had seen Aiden enter the room and actually completely ignore his presence, never mind that. The fact was he was holding almost flowers of the Liliopsida class.

“Hold up lovey dovies!”

Carson held out his hands for the flowers. Aiden slightly rolled his eyes and stretched out his arm to hand Dr. Beckett the flowers.

“Hey! Those are mine!” Willow had to offer some protest. Here Carson was taking away her hot pink pretties!

“Uh huh, right lass. If these are anything like Milky Way galaxy hyacinths then the seed pods can be eaten. They taste like green beans. And you can make tofu out of the mature seed and…” Carson’s words trailed off a little. What was he doing? Taking his assistant’s flowers? She was giving him the most forlorn look. It was the someone stole my puppy look.

“Okay, okay—you can have one!” Carson chose one moderately perfect specimen and handed it over. He had assuaged his burgeoning guilt.

Willow grinned. She hadn’t been that saddened. But she had at least one stem. She figured she would clip one flower from the tubular and slip it behind her ear for the rest of the day.

“Um. I pulled them up fully and wrapped the bulbs in wet cloth. I hope they will transplant to the Lantean soil.” Aiden offered the information to a shuffling away Beckett and a grinning Willow left twirling the removed flower.

“Great job, son. These will definitely keep.” Beckett had moved over to the far cabinet and had begun seeking out a few pots to transplant the flowers.

“Is there a good crop of these on the planet?” Beckett was thinking a mile a minute. This was actually a much more interesting task than working with wraith body parts.

“I saw a whole field of ‘em.” Aiden slipped back to Willows side. He gathered his arms about her waist and lowered his head to her head and gave her a quick kiss. She felt wonderfully soft in his arms. He felt her body relax and she moved her back closer to his chest. She could make him forget where they were. He gave her a quick squeeze and he let go. Dr. Beckett was struggling. He’d covered the entire floor with a mass of black flats and pots.

“You need some help there doc?” Aiden spoke the words and moved towards Dr. Beckett.

“Sure. Thanks.” Carson handed four pots to Aiden.

“Looks like we need to head to the mainland for some native Pegasus Galaxy soil.”

“And a Charin visit!” Willow chirped up from her place at the table twirling the flower. “I bet these have some witchy powers—or maybe they are just pretty food... either way—I still would love to visit.”

“Sure, lass. Sure. I’ll put in a request for Major Sheppard to either fly me to the mainland or Aiden, can you see about putting someone else on the schedule to get in some flying time? Carson looked up from the mess he’d made on the floor to catch Aiden’s nod. He turned back to his mess. He sighed.

“I wonder if the people on the planet cultivate these plants for food? I wonder what they call them? I wonder if we can trade for the flowers or whatever products they make out of them? I wonder if we can set up a harvestable field on the planet?” Willow kept twirling her flower and chattering away.

She didn’t notice the silly grin on Aiden’s face and she didn’t notice the nods that came her way from Carson and she didn’t notice that Dr. Weir stood in the doorway.


Dr. Beckett hit his elbow on the cabinet door and he would have cursed except for the fact that he had immediately recognized that the person saying Willow’s name was in fact his boss.

Elizabeth had walked in to the infirmary hearing high level negotiative reasoning coming out of the mouth of her newest expedition member. With a little training there was a pretty good chance that Willow Rosenberg could morph into a background or even forefront negotiator. She already had a good understanding of some of the surrounding questions and issues that would likely come up when bargaining for a product.

“Good morning Dr. Weir.” Willow still wasn’t a hundred percent sure how to interact with Dr. Weir. Dr. Weir could alternately give off a severely annoyed school teacher vibe or a doting –you-are-the-star-pupil school teacher vibe. Willow was rather sure she hadn’t said or done anything to get the doting vibe and she surely hadn’t said anything to make Dr. Weir severely annoyed. She really saved that face for Dr. Kavanagh and Major Sheppard when he got behind on mission reports. It seemed Dr. Weir was surprised and Willow hoped it was in a good way.

“Good morning, Willow.” She smiled. I overhead your suppositions about this…” her words trailed off as she wondered if she could guess the name of the plant. She couldn’t.

“Pegasuscynth.” Aiden offered with a lopsided grin. He knew he didn’t have a chance of the name sticking, but why not give it his best shot. That was his life motto after all.

Willow giggled at the groaning sound coming from Dr. Beckett’s corner.

“Good lord! You can’t merge the two words Pegasus and Hyacinth and come up with Pegasuscynth! That’s an insult to the Greek gods and the entire galaxy!”

Carson didn’t really think anyone was listening to the rest of his protest. He couldn’t be heard over Dr. Weir’s laughter anyway. He went back to re-organizing the mess he’d made. When he finally surfaced he heard Dr. Weir telling Willow that if they established peaceable relations with the people of M7G-677, maybe she could head join her in overseeing a trade agreement. Carson intuitively knew Willow would make a fine negotiator. Thus far she’d successfully mediated many an argument between Dr. Zelenka and Rodney.


“Yea?” Carson was mostly hoping Ford wouldn’t ask for the return of any more of the plants. He had plans for the, good lord, Pegasuscynths.

“I came in here to see if I could try out the gene therapy.”

“Sure, sure. Give me a quick minute.” Carson hurriedly finished the closet organization and went to gather an already prepped syringe. He considered asking Willow to give Ford the gene therapy but he noticed her and Dr. Weir having a mini-conference at the front table. Willow had her hand on her laptop and she was obviously paying complete attention. She’d solemnly nod every few seconds and interject with doubtlessly pertinent questions.

Holding the syringe, he went back to where the Lieutenant waited.

“Up you go.” He indicated that Ford should arrange himself in a sitting position on top of the nearest infirmary bed. Once Ford had settled he grasped Ford’s right arm and inserted the needle. Carson was so intent on doing his job and doing it well, he didn’t notice Rodney McKay walking right up to him.

“What’s he got? Malaria? Chicken pox? Measles? Mumps? Ruebella?” Rodney looked from Ford’s arm to Carson’s face. Carson was rolling his eyes. Why did this doctor always consider infectious diseases a laughing matter.

“Doctor-Patient privledge. I am not at liberty to say.” Carson didn’t bother to hide his smirk.

“What!” Rodney let out a minor howl. “What do you mean, you are ‘not at liberty to say’? I work with this man—in close quarters. We walk through the same forests! We walk on the same grass! If he has measles or mumps then I need to be the first to know! It was those kids wasn’t it? They gave you something??? See—I knew you shouldn’t have given them chocolate.”

Rodney continued on. As always, he was enjoying his rant but a part of him was still waiting for someone to stop him. In all things, he craved knowledge. He was quite sure Ford didn’t have any diseases. He really just wanted to know what the heck was going on.

“Gene inoculation.” Aiden said the two words. He just wanted to end Rodney’s rant.

“Oh.” Rodney slumped a little. The truth was far less interesting.

“Don’t think this means—IF IT TAKES-you get to drive the puddle jumper.”

“It’s pilot.”

“Whatever. You know what I mean.”

“Oh yeah—I have answers about the ZedPM. Where is Elizabeth?” Rodney half pivoted, looking for Elizabeth.

“Oh, there she is… with Firebug—Ford you can be ready in 5- 10 min, pack more chocolate—but not for the hellions...” Rodney was walking backwards, away from Ford, while giving the directions. “Oh and peanut butter power bars—the soft ones…. And I am thinking a stunner—did you see that Cleya and Casta duo?” Rodney visibly shuddered. “Four foot tall hellspawns.”

The rest of the A/N…

Summary: This story continues the romance between Lieutenant Aiden Ford and Willow Rosenberg. It is set in the Stargate Universe. This is not a rewrite of the episode ---rather an extended imaging with a focus on the character of Aiden Ford and with the background of Willow—being in the universe. I have played around with a few characters… notably Janus from the ‘Letters from Pegasus’ episode and presumably from SG1’s Season 8 episode ‘It’s Good To Be King’ and Ares from SGA’s ‘Childhoods’ End’.

This will be 4-6 chapters…there went Chapter 1. The title might change.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Prescience and Providence" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jun 07.

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