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Doyle and Death

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Summary: Doyle gets the vacation he deserves

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DC Universe > SandmanDragonSFR1318600185630 Jun 0730 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Sandman or Angel. Nope, I don't own either. There is a little PTB bashing, only a little. And I'm trying to be funny, note, trying.

Doyle was a bit relieved when he died. All his life he had awful visions. He had ear splitting headaches about things he didn't really want to see. He couldn't go out into the streets in his true form because he was a demon. Correction, half demon, the other half was human.

When he worked for Angel, he finally found a purpose in life and a paycheck. Now that he was dead, he wondered where he'll go. Sure he did some good but he also did some bad.

Hopefully he did enough good to stay out of hell.

Doyle watched as Angel and Cordy hugged each other in sorrow. He was going to be missed.

Doyle waited, unseen by the other living things, waiting for death. He was quite bored.

"Hey, sweetie."

Doyle whirled to see a young girl with too much makeup looking at him. She looked Gothic, except her disposition was more cheery for any Gothic person. She had a silver ankh with her and a book. She was on the top catwalk. She placed her book down on the edge and jumped down to his level.

"Hi, you dead too?" Asked Doyle to the girl.

"I'm not dead Doyle." Doyle blinked at the girl. How did she know his name? "I'm Death."

At this Doyle blinked again. "Aren't you suppose to be this skeleton with a black cloak and scythe?"

Death rolled her eyes. "I could dress up like that for you, if you wished. But I prefer this form to the other." She muttered under her breath. "Go to one costume party and now everyone expects you to be in that form."

"Uh, yeah I like your form too." Doyle gulped, did he just hit on death? "No, disrespect meant."

Death laughed, amused at Doyle. "Thanks for the compliment."

Any other conversation was stopped when a voice interrupted the conversation. A person materialized, in robes and adorned with blue symbols.

We are here for Doyle

Doyle recognized the voice. It was the Powers That Be.

"He's mine now. You came too late." Death said calmly to the voice.

The messenger paused, as if to confer with his boss before speaking.

Lady Death, it is an honor to be in your presence. However, Doyle had work to do.

Death snorted. "Right. Doyle deserved a vacation. Besides, you guys already have champions."

If you will not relinquish him, we will resort to force.

"You are merely the voice of higher powers, do you wish to piss off one of the Endless, especially me?" Said Death still smiling. Doyle got the goosebumps when he saw the smile, it was just like Cordy's but scarier.

The messenger paused and didn't speak for a good five minutes.


"He did his task, so leave him alone."

All the while Doyle watched as the two apparently very powerful beings fought over him.

Let him choose then.

"Very well. Doyle, what do you want?"

"Uh..." Doyle paused. "Can I think about it?"

Death nodded. Doyle thought about what he wanted. After some thought he decided on what he wanted. It was something he always wanted.

"No disrespect meant but I think I want to rest."

"You heard the man, he doesn't want to participate in your mission."

We will fight then, you leave us no choice

Doyle watched as the idiot prepared himself to fight Death. Then the book that Death brought with her fell on the messengers head. Said messenger collapsed.

"Wow that was anticlimactic." A thought struck him. " The is some book."

"Yeah, I got it from my little brother's library."

"Oh." That was some little brother, thought Doyle a bit of shock still in his system.

"So, where do you want to go."

"You were serious?"

"Of course. I don't choose where you go. You do."

"Um, Hawaii?"


She grabbed her book and faced Doyle. "Just take my hand."

Doyle took her hand and disappeared.

The beat of wings was heard.

Death smiled a little. Now that one job was the done, the other must be finished as well.

She walked over to the messenger and waited patiently.

"What? I'm dead?" Asked the messenger, a bit dismayed.


"But how?"

Death showed him her book. It was titled, "How to kill Messengers in 101 ways". It was written by Shoot the Messenger.

"A book?" The messenger was appalled.

"You were lucky it was on number 57."

"Why is that?"

"Number 56 was getting skinned alive and Number 58 was death by frogs."


Death looked at the messenger. "Didn't you died while facing down two lions?"

"Yep." The messenger was proud then sad. "Only to be killed by pieces of paper."

"My brother's stuff is lethal."

The messenger nodded.

"So, where do you wanna go?"

"I wish to go home."

The messenger clasped his hand with hers and disappeared. The beat of wings was heard again.

Death was alone again.

She flipped open the book and started reading.

Lucien was quite strict on when his books should be returned and she wanted to finish the book.

"Number 89...."


There we go, another one.

I think I'm going to do one on Dream. Should I?

The End

You have reached the end of "Doyle and Death". This story is complete.

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