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As the Whirl Wind Blows Across The Sands of Time..

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Summary: Xander has see the raise and fall of Nations, Empires and Planets...Now will he see the fall of the Universe?

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DuneLLNFR1832,4252218,3431 Aug 0729 Oct 09No


'Our world was once a hell. It became a paradise. Then the Old Ones came and back to a hell it was returned. The Shadow Men created a great warrior...and so the price was paid by She who was scarified. And ever since She has paid it for the world. Others were called to the fight - we went soft, we lost our edge...'

-From The Deathbed Conversations With Rupert Giles.

Hope growled at the Harkonnen soldier as she slammed him against the wall, her dagger slid into his stomach.

They had been betrayed!

By the the Baron, not that the Baron's betrayal was a surprise, Her Lord had known that the Baron could not be trusted. If demons walked the universe they would wear the skins of Harkonnens.

"Where is he?" Hope snarled in to the face of the dying soldier.

The soldier smirked, "For the Baron!" The soldier's eyes rolled back in his head, going limp it was only because Hope had him pinned that the dead soldier still stood. Hope made a face and pulled her dagger from him. Watching blanking as the body fell to the ground.

A dark haired version of herself strolled up to Hope and asked, "Well?"

Hope threw the other womon a glare, "Just the same answer, Charity."

Charity nodded. "We will find him."

Hope snorted at her sister. "Of course we will fine him. Do you want to be the one to explain to the Conqueror that we lost his Consort...Because I'm not doing it."

"Yeah, I kind of like where my heart's at... You know in my chest." Charity said.

Hope rolled her eyes, "That's nice to know." She turned and walked back in the melee of women fighting Harkonnens.

Charity watched her go with a sigh. She wouldn't want to be the Second in Command of the Amazons for anything.

Because if the Conqueror didn't kill Hope for this fuck up, losing Lord Harris, Queen would.


He came awake slowly his head pounding. Gingerly he touched the back of his head as he looked around the dark room. He idling wondered where he was, what he was doing here and why.

A Harkonnen soldier came into the room. He didn't know how he knew that this soldier was a Harkonnen just that the soldier was one.

The soldier gave him a dark smirk, "The Baron is waiting..." The soldier grabbed him by the arm and yanked him up, "Do as your told and you might live, Lord Harris."

His only thought as he was pulled from the room was, 'Who is Lord Harris?'


Baron grinned down at the dark haired young man that was strapped naked to the bed.
He had waited years for this...and the best part is...that the Conqueror would never know what had happen to his Consort and even if he did the Houses would do nothing. So sure in this the Baron was he trailed his fingers down Xander Harris's chest. Watching avidly as the young man tried to get away from the touch.

Oh, yes, the Baron was definitely going to enjoy this.


Queen shook as she heard the screams come from her Second from behind the doors to the brig. She had listened as Hope tried to explain to the Conqueror as to what happened on Kaitain. Queen knew that the Emperor was as much at fault as the Baron. The Emperor had feared Lord Harris's sway with the Houses.

As the screams quieted to small whimpers a slim blond figure of Spike walked out of the brig he growled lowly grabbed Queen by her long dark hair pulling her toward him, "You stupid bints are from the blood of the greatest female warriors ever born and yet none of you can protect your Lord! Know only this...should I find my consort less then well. Every one of you shall pay the price for it!"

Spike shoved her way so harshly she hit the ground. He stared at her for a long moment letting his words sink in and enjoying the smell of her fear when she realized he spoke an absolute truth.

She and all her sisters would meet their deaths by the Conqueror's hand.


The hot rays of the sun beat down on him. He had crawled through the harsh sand. Crawled because both his legs had been broken. He was also sure at least one of his ribs was too. Bloody, battered and beaten he still had crawled. He wished he could have died. It was just by luck that he had made it to his cave before the sun had hit its peak. Still he wished he hadn't. Wished that the cave had been farther away... Wish death to all Harkonnens! The Baron he would kill...slowly, so slowly. So he could feel and watch each flinch, each moan of pain...

He was...thirsty.

He was...hungry.

He a lot of pain.

He was Harris.

And he would have his revenge.

The End?

You have reached the end of "As the Whirl Wind Blows Across The Sands of Time.." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Oct 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking