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Xander Harris and the Dimensional PortKey

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Summary: Dawn hits the reset switch. This is a complete rewrite of the series. Minor changes at first with departures becoming increasingly significant as the series goes on.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Soldier Xander
Stargate > Dawn-Centered
MedvedFR1822,18102312,14322 Aug 0723 Aug 07No


AN: Short update today, just to get the ball rolling. Expect a longer chapter by the weekend. As you can probably tell, I am rather new to the whole writing thing (and the formating of this place is a bitch to get it to look like I want it). Learning as I go along. My writing style will likely evolve (or, more likely, randomly shift around) until I find my groove. No teacher better than experience.

For those of you expecting the Stargate side of the story, be warned: it is gonna take a while. I am writing in the gaps of the Buffy TV series until then. After all, the changes necessary to get everyone to the point I want them... they take time.


“Two weeks!” She screeched, startling the few nearby girls and drawing the attention of the whole locker room. Embarrassed, Buffy steered her taller friend to a corner to continue more quietly but without losing any of her intensity. “Two weeks she grounded me, and, for what? Breaking a door that obviously needed to be replaced anyway? I probably did them a favor!”

“Well...” Emily began, trying to choose her words carefully. She had never seen Buffy like this before and had no desire to be turned into powder like the bathroom door had been. “I think it had more to do with the trip to the hospital to remove 29 splinters from your sister's back.”

Buffy glared. Apparently she hadn't chosen her words carefully enough.

“I mean, harsh.”

Dropping down unceremoniously on a nearby bench, Buffy let her chin sag to her chest. She looked twelve.

“I know. I know.” She muttered petulantly. “I shouldn't be so self-absorbed, but it was an accident. How the hell was I supposed to know I would go all Karate Kid on the door.”

“How may not be as important as why.” Emily said. Seeing the confused look on her friend's face, she sat down next to her to finish her train of thought. “It just seems weird that you would punch a door. I mean, you punched a door. You could have easily broken your hand and then where would the cheer-leading squad be?”

Buffy furrowed her brow. Emily was right. She had been off all day. Ever since that odd dream and the destruction of the door (which meant it was going to be soooo wonderful taking a shower until it was replaced) she had

I mean, you have been really aggressive today.” Emily held up her hand and ticked off her fingers. “You nearly bit my head off when I said you missed a button on your jacket. You broke your locker door and had to get a new one. You sprained Isabel's wrist when you flipped her at tryouts. And last, but certainly not least, you scared off the nummalicious Mark because you were practically hunting him like a lion would a wounded deer. What is with you?”

Buff smiled weakly. “Hormones?”

Emily snorted, then quickly covered her mouth and looked around to make sure no one had heard her. Lucky for her, it looked like the locker room was already empty. She checked her watch. 'No wonder, its already getting close to five.'

“Well, I gotta bail. My mom wants me home for 'quality family time'.” Emily said, complete with sarcastic finger quotes around the suspect phrase. Buffy didn't even look up. “You gonna be ok?”

This time Buffy met her eyes, glad Emily was there. “Yeah... yeah, I'll be fine. Maybe I am just a little to wound up. First day of real school and all. Varsity Cheerleader tryouts are rough on a Sophomore. I just need to relax. I'll have plenty time to over the next couple of weeks.” She groused.

Emily gave her a quick one-armed hug and wrinkled her nose. Buffy hadn't showered yet. Pretending to gag, which brought a rueful smile to her friend's face, she left the smaller girl on the bench and picked up her gym bag.


The brunette stopped on her way the door and looked back to her blond friend. It suddenly struck her oddly, that word. Friend. Emily and Elizabeth had been hanging around each other ever since kindergarten. They hung with the same crowd. Their parents moved in the same social circles. Cheer leading time was a passion both of them shared. But, only recently, over the past summer, had they truly become friends. It was a good feeling.

“Thanks.” Buffy said softly.

Emily just smiled her trademark megawatt smile and left the locker room. It was the last time they would ever see each other alive.

A dagger streaked out of the darkness towards the back of Buffy's head.

AN: Hmm... I said this was a rewrite... and neither the title nor the summary of the fic mention Buffy at all. I wonder...





The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Harris and the Dimensional PortKey" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Aug 07.

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