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Waking Up To The Married Life: Dawn Summers-Scott

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Summary: Dawn wakes up and finds out she's married to a certain blonde Scott brother. BtVS/OTH

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Chapter One: What The . . .

Waking Up To The Married Life: Dawn Summers-Scott

This story is a response to SlyLychee's challenge "Waking Up To The Married Life":
A Scoobie wakes up one morning next to a complete stranger. A stranger that he/she has supposedly been married to for the past two years. Pictures, a home, and the rest of the scoobies all point to a reality that he/she cannot remember, but is obviously true.
The Scoobie has to learn to get along with his/her new spouse and perhaps even remember the forgotten feelings of love. And what if she wakes up to find out it's all a dream? Or slayer prophecy?
- IF the main character is Buffy, the new spouse must know about her slayer status
- No kids please! (unless they're super cute of course)
- BtVS/Supernatural situation with Buffy and Dean.
- Highlander/Angel with Cordelia and Methos
- Charmed/BtVS with Cole and Willow
- Dark Angel/BtVS with Alec and Dawn
- Veronica Mars/BtVS with Veronica and Angel

Buffy the Vampire Slayer postS7 x/over w/ One Tree Hill A.U. post S4 Dawn/Lucas Disclaimer: I do not own One Tree Hill or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its characters.

Chapter One: What The . . .

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The alarm clock droned on and on and on. Dawn groaned and reached out her hand to turn it off, her eyes still closed. Thankfully, the annoying wake-up call ceased its incessant noise. Dawn rolled onto her side and hugged her pillow, fully intent on going back to sleep.

Suddenly two very manly arms snaked around Dawn’s waist, cuddling her close and a man’s voice whispered in her ear, “Good morning, baby.”

Not knowing who had possibly done this, Dawn furiously kicked her way out of the bed and stood up. In doing this she realized there was a man in her bed, a very attractive man, and all he wore was a pair of purple and blue plaid boxers. He had a very well-toned body, muscles, six-pack abs . . . obviously an athlete. However, none of that matter because . . . Dawn was pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be in her bed.

“Dawnie, what’s wrong?” the guy said. He had a very caring, concerned voice that only confused Dawn even more. Who was this man and why he was acting as if he knew Dawn? “Honey, did you have a nightmare or something?” He crawled over the bed to the side Dawn was on, stood up and came toward Dawn. Dawn inched backward, entirely terrified of this man and what he might do. Still, he continued toward her.

“Stay away from me!” Dawn shouted as she held her hands up.

“Dawn, you’re scaring me,” the man whispered affectionately, concerned.

“I’m scaring you!” Dawn hissed, unable to believe the nerve this guy had, “You know my name, you act as if you know me, and I have no clue as to you are or why you’re here.”

“Just tell me what’s wrong,” he said.

“Get out!” Dawn yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Okay, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but I’ll go, give you some space to chill,” the man said, “I’ll be at the café.”

Dawn ignored all of this, “I said get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The man nodded, picking up jeans, socks, a shirt, and shoes off the floor and quickly put them on, “I love you.” He said before going out the door.

For a while, Dawn did not move from the spot she’d been in. She had no idea how deal or react to the present situation and felt as if she had no one to turn too. Where was her sister Buffy? Where was Giles, her sister’s mentor and father figure? Where were Willow and Xander, Buffy’s best friends’ as well as Dawn’s? Where were the other people in Dawn’s life: Faith, Robin, and even Andrew?

She looked around the room, still firmly planted to the same spot. It was a bedroom, a fairly large one at that, with dark blue walls and a black ceiling. It was a very elegant bedroom, similar but very different to the ones Dawn had seen on TLC’s Trading Spaces or While You Were Out. On the walls were black and silver light sconces with blue candles in them. There were black dressers placed periodically around the room with pictures in frames and knickknacks on top of all of them. Dawn could not see what the pictures were of from where she was standing so instinctively she moved to the nearest dresser to see better.

She was shocked to find that she and the mystery man were in many of the photographs, smiling and acting very much like a serious couple. Dawn’s friends and family made several appearances but so did many people Dawn did not know. There was also one small child in particular who seemed to make the most appearances both in a group and individually. But the Dawn from the pictures looked so comfortable with the people that the Dawn of the real world had no recognition of. How was that possible?

Dawn moved on to the next dresser to the left, going away from the bed. In these pictures more of the people Dawn did not know were featured. There was a couple who were seemingly on their wedding day. They were smiling, happy, and content. And also, young. The man had short, black hair and a goofy grin on his face. The woman, noticeably shorter than the man, had long curly brown hair and a necklace with a single opal pearl.

In another picture was two adults and two female children. The woman had medium-length, curly blonde hair and a big smile. The man had long, spiky brown hair and cute elephant-sized ears. The older child had blonde hair and she too, was smiling. The younger child, however, was seemingly in the middle of a fit, pulling her own blonde/brunette streaked hair. The woman was trying to hold on to her and still smile. Dawn chuckled.

Dawn moved on to the next dresser. This one had blue lace cloth across the top. The pictures, though, were all of the one small child Dawn had noticed before. The child had brunette hair with natural highlights of blonde and couldn’t even be a year old. She was so adorable, and oddly familiar. Dawn and the mystery man from before were also in the pictures with this little girl, both separately and together. On one frame, a picture containing just the child had a named engraved in a beautiful gold script below it. ‘Emily Anne Scott’ the script read. Whose child is this?

Suddenly a loud, horrific noise wailed on from Dawn. She jumped, automatically raising her hand up to her mouth. Turning around, Dawn saw and heard that the origin of the horrible noise was coming from the side table where the mystery man had slept.

It was . . . a baby monitor! The noise was the sound of a crying baby!

Dawn’s jaw dropped at least six feet to the ground. What the frijole was going on!? The noise continued on, not lessening or fading but becoming louder and stronger. Dawn rushed over to the side table and pulled the cord for the monitor out of the wall, silencing the deafening noise coming from it.

However, Dawn could still hear the crying. Only this time it was droning loud and clear form outside the room. Dawn raised her eyebrow in confusion, “Huh?”

Curiously she went to the door, opening it. The noise was clearer and Dawn followed it down the hall. Then she came upon a door that was open just a little. Dawn pushed the door and it creaked. The crying was so loud now that Dawn could feel her eardrums vibrate.

She pushed the door open all the way and went in. She saw a room that was completely purple. It was a baby nursery! In the middle of the room was a crib. There was a baby, standing up and hanging on to the railing. It was a little girl, dressed in pink footy pajamas.

“Mumma!” the young child wailed, reaching out her hands. It was the child from the picture, Emily! Wait, ‘Mumma’? Dawn looked around. There was nobody in the room beside Dawn and the child. So why had the child directed that word . . . to Dawn?

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