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The Life Debt

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Summary: A mistake was made, now a price must be paid. When a warrior breaks one of his race's most cherished laws by accident, his son must restore his family's honor. But what exactly was his father doing? And how does Buffy fit into all this?

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Predator is owned by FOX, Buffy is naturally owned by Joss Whedon. I own The Predator Original Character.


The vampires didn’t make it obvious they were guarding the building. A homeless person taking shelter in a bus stop, two teenagers making out in the alleyway, and a middle aged man with an expanding paunch eating Wendys in his car. Unlike the home grown vamps that lived in Sunnydale, these creatures seemed to be intelligent.

Buffy grinned. `Maybe this’ll be interesting.’ She thought to herself, running dainty hands up and down the White Oak stake that she had hidden in her coat. She sat crouched in a tree in the park, across the street from the bar these vampires were guarding. Angel had said that there was a new demon in town called Brimstone He was a ridiculous, theatrical, spit-fire demon who was a little to big for his britches. But he was rich, which bought him these quality minions, and smart, which made him especially dangerous.

Buffy was tired of letting Big Bads make the first move, she decided to bring the fight to the demon who was operating out of this scummy little bar. Buffy moved on the vampires, expecting the vampires to be as unfocused as the ones in Sunnydale, it would teach her a lesson in underestimating her enemies. She was half way across the street when the Hobo leapt up, vamped out and wielding a shotgun. The fat guy in the car had a Glock which was trained on Buffy’s forehead. The smooching “teenagers” both had throwing knives, which Buffy didn’t doubt could be used to deadly effect. Buffy froze, she had no defense against the firearms, and couldn’t get close enough to either of them to disarm them.

“Wow, Summers, the Vamps out here must really be stupid, not to use guns on some stupid little cheerleader like you, I could just squeeze this trigger and BAM! All that power for nothing, just because of a piece of metal the size of my thumb tip. Lucky for you Brimstone wants to meet you in person.” Fat guy continued to blather on about the ‘Joys of the Modern Age”. Hobo just kept his shotgun trained on the girl’s center mass. He was shaking, scared.

“You must be the new guy.” Buffy addressed the Hobo, ignoring Fat Guy. “Hi I’m Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and I’m gonna be sending you back to hell tonight.” She stepped toward him offering her hand in a gesture of mock friendship.

Hobo stepped back.

Buffy smiled inwardly.

“You have nothing to say to him.” The teenage vampire said, hefting her knife. “You have nothing to say at all.”

“What kind of gun is that?” She asked, craning her neck to see the weapon better. “Nice, guns aren’t my specialty, but they work I suppose.”

“Shut up, bitch!” Fat Guy shouted.

She took another step toward Hobo, who retreated to the sidewalk.

Teenage Girl stepped forward, cursing wildly and hefting her knife to throw. Buffy ducked, rolled and plunged her stake under the girl’s rib cage angling the weapon up and into her heart.

“Mandy!” The boy cried, but he backpedaled, keeping a safe distance from The Slayer. Hobo brought his gun to bear, but Buffy tossed the knife, which wound up in his eye, he screamed and fell back. Fat Guy cursed and fired wildly with his handgun, but Buffy was already taking shelter behind his car. The bullets impacted Teenage Boy, and he screamed in pain and went down. A stake through the heart and another dead vampire, but Hobo was already getting to his feet, clutching at the knife sticking from his eye, his hand slipped on gore and he couldn’t pull it free. Another throwing knife, this time in his crotch, sent the vampire down, this time he would stay down for a while.

Three down, one to-

“Surprise.” A fifth vampire pressed a handgun to Buffy’s head. She dropped the stake.

This was it. She was dead. The fifth vamp was tall, bald man with a bad fake tan and four copper teeth. He looked at the two piles of dust and the struggling Hobo and snarled, vamping out.

“They were good kids. Billy and Mandy, as evil as Ronald Reagan and McDonalds. Now they’re dead, Roberts is maimed and I’m short on good help. You little slut, I’m gonna blow your brains out and lick them off the sidewalk you piece of sh-ARGH!” Buffy kicked his knee out and he fell atop her stake.

“Never. Ever. Insult Ronald Reagan in front of me you damn hippy.” She spat. She grabbed his handgun and leapt up to deal with Fat Guy….

Who wasn’t there. Instead there was a pile of smoking dust. Blood splattered the car. She studied the remains. The Glock was a few feet away, the barrel had been crushed as though it was made of tinfoil. She knelt to examine the remains, noting a trace of ozone scent in the air surrounding the pile of dust. Something had killed this vampire quickly and silently, and she hadn’t noticed. Angel? If so, where was he? And why didn’t he attack the Fifth Vampire? Something didn’t add up.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a scream of horror and pain from within the bar. She whirled around, dropping the handgun and rushing for the door. She stopped when she saw the spot where Hobo had been lying.

Blood and dust.

She ran into the bar, stake at the ready. She found a slaughter. Demons, vampires and humans alike were scattered all over the place. Most of them were dead, in pieces, a few intact, but horribly mutilated. A few were still alive, but where horribly maimed. A vampire with one arm and a lower half dangling by a coil of intestine crawled toward her, sobbing in fear and pain. She ignored him, advancing instead on the center of the bloodbath. Suddenly a Keiros demon was tossed from behind the bar and landed, tentacles still flailing, at her feet. All of its heads were gone.

From the far end of the bar a Biker vampire dragged himself from the pile of bodies, stood up and hissed defiantly at whatever had tossed the demon. The thing responded with a SNICKT sound that drowned out the moans and screams of the survivors of the melee. A giant creature, some parts metallic, other seemingly reptilian leapt from behind the bar to the vampire himself, who threw a punch at it’s metal chest. The blow never even landed. Two blades that seemed to grow out of one of the metallic forearms lopped off the Biker’s arm at the elbow. With it’s other arm, the strange creature backhanded him across the room.

There was a flash of light. The smell of ozone. And a blast of blue energy raced from the thing’s shoulder to blow apart the vampire mid-air. Buffy was shocked and frightened by the display of violence and power. Then it noticed her. It turned to her, snarling deeply. She now saw that the metallic parts where indeed armor. It covered the chest, crotch, lower legs and shoulders. A metal mask with glowing yellow eyes stared at her.

She could see no other details in the poor light. The thing snarled again and this time it sounded almost frustrated. A deep roar from behind alerted Buffy to the presence of a Rock Elemental. She whirled in time to see he was covered in smoking craters and deep gouges. The elemental looked like a tall bald man made from obsidian. Sapphire eyes blazed hatefully at the apparition that had invaded the bar. He opened his mouth to roar again, revealing teeth the size and color of corn kernels. The creature tossed something at the Rock Elemental, which embedded itself in his hide, just between the sapphire eyes. It was a long metallic shaft covered in glowing red symbols. Buffy noticed that the symbols changed, and each time they changed they seemed to shrink. Almost like a countdown….

The weapon exploded in his head with a great blast of blue flame. The Rock Elemental feel to his knees….and looked up at the Invader and snarled. He leapt at the strange demon and they both went crashing into a wall. The two thrashed around, The Invader slashing with metal wrist knives and the Rock Elemental pounding away at the metal faceplate.

What he did not know, was that he couldn’t damage the metal no mater how much he tried. The thoughts of retribution for his wounds still in his mind when The Invader fired it’s shoulder mounted weapon directly into the forehead wound. His head disintegrated, and the Elemental went limp. The Invader shoved the beast’s dead weight off him and stood, snorting in disgust….Then turned back to Buffy. She took a fighting stance, ignoring the carnage this creature had created and focusing her mind at doing what she did best.

Killing stuff.

Unfortunately for her, The Invader was much better at it. It drew a long metal shaft which extended into a longer metal spear, then assumed a much more impressive battle stance. She went in for a kick and it swept her aside like she was trash with a sweep of the spear. She smashed into the wall and slid to the floor, several ribs broken. The Woman shook pain from her body and dragged herself up, spitting blood at the thing’s feet.

“That’s it?” She asked. It snorted at The Girl and moved on her, but she was faster than it thought. She dodged to the side, avoided a swipe of it’s wrist blades and delivered a bone shattering upper cut. The creature roared in surprise and grabbed for her, but she ducked, dodged….and the thing’s knee connected with her groin. Even though she lacked certain sensitive organs that made the move more effective on males, she cried out in pain and was again slammed to the floor.

It grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the floor. It had to be seven feet tall at the very least, and it was well muscled, lean by it’s own species’ standards, but a hulking brute compared to humans. She gazed expressionless into the thing’s twin eyeholes. Two glass lens masked the thing’s eyes. She was surprisingly composed as she stared her death in the face, detached, as though watching an action movie or reading a poorly written story. Suddenly the thing looked down at her body, she felt an electric tingle in her belly, it didn’t hurt, but made her extremely nauseous. The thing dropped her and backed away, making a gurgling noise of horror. She just lay their, exhausted and in pain.

The thing reached for it’s metal gauntlet….the one that didn’t contain the wrist knives and flipped open a hidden panel. The thing fumbled with what Buffy guessed were controls. The sounds of beeping and hissing cut through the silence of the bar like a knife. Whatever this Invader was here to do apparently wasn’t important any more, because The Thing disappeared in a shower of blue sparks, leaving a broken and bleeding Buffy to the oncoming darkness that was closing from the edge of her vision…..


Whoo! What a rush! Hope this gets your blood pumping! Please R&R. Suggestions are always welcome.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Life Debt" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Aug 07.

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