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My Life for You

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Living in Seattle". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: **Nominated for 2008 Crossing Over Awards**He saw her dancing in the moonlight.

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Television > Dark Angel > Buffy - Centered(Past Donor)CharlotteFR181164,643127118,15827 Sep 0711 Jan 09No

Chapter One

TTH FFA Buffy Summers / Ben (Dark Angel)

Summary: He saw her dancing in the moonlight.
Characters: Ben/Buffy
Pairing: Ben/Buffy
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Year 2016 Pre-Seattle for Ben

My life for You

He watched. That’s how it always started. The watching to determine worthiness of the potential sacrifice to Her. The Blue Lady. Because when he found the right one, she would accept him and he would never have to fear the nomlies again. So many times he had been disappointed and by default, so had She.

No longer. Since he had begun searching, it was the first time Ben had been drawn to a woman. He saw her dancing in the moonlight. Destroying some of the most fearsome nomlies he’d ever seen. Her might was such that with a single blow, their very bodies disintegrated into dust and blew on the wind. He was drawn to her like a moth to flame and Ben knew he would have to be cautious to avoid incineration. It was almost time.

He was waiting in the shadows again. There was always a tangible change in the air when he was nearby; almost a scent just out of range. Buffy had first sensed him two weeks ago and once more she felt a breathless anticipation that she hadn’t experienced since sneaking around with Spike. Only without the guilt-ridden angst fest. She always knew it was him. Her body would flush in reaction every time and Buffy was tired of trying to satisfy the arousal he caused on her own. Though not entirely human, she knew instinctively he was not something she had been called to hunt and so she had tried to wait for him to make his move. And she desperately needed something other than slaying in her bleak existence. Dawn was in her thirties and had a life of her own; though still connected in a big way to their world. She was now head of the New Watchers Council since Giles’ death, married and happy; something Buffy wouldn’t want to change for any reason. But everyone was growing old around her and she was cursed to live for as long as the PTB determined they needed her. Willow’s handy spell to activate all of the potentials into full Slayerhood altered Buffy’s already altered state of being and here she was… Eternally twenty-one. No new slayers were being Called after a current slayer died and they figured that was the consequence of activating the potentials. After her fourth ‘death’, a distinct lack of blue lightening had blown Andrew’s ‘Immortal Highlander’ theory to pieces. Geek boy watched way too much SciFi.

Buffy knew she was in a slump. She avoided Willow and Xander because they insisted on her finding some ‘normal’ guy to settle with; conveniently ignoring their own current relational issues and the fact that anyone she found would inevitably grow old and die. Faith continued to encourage her to find a boy-toy. The other Chosen slayer wasn’t suffering from immortality, but her lifeforce had been altered as well. Faith seemed to be enjoying her extended longevity… a lot. But Buffy had never warmed to the whole ‘get some, get gone’ attitude. But something needed to happen before she slipped up and said the ‘W’ word. Then again, if her stalker was half as tasty as the glimpse she got last night, she might reconsider. He was bulkier than Spike had been, but leaner than Angel. The brief glimpse of him moving in the shadows kinda reminded her of a large cat. His hair could have been dark blonde or light brown; it was hard to tell in the dark. She never felt threatened by him and she had tried several times to get a closer look, but he always disappeared too quickly and all she was left with was a hint of earthy maleness hanging in the air.

Buffy scanned the area once more and sighed gustily. Demonic activity had slowed down to a trickle in the last month and if she didn’t know better, she’d think there was another Slayer in town. It was entirely possible her stalker was helping her out.

‘Time to shake things up a bit.’

She turned and ran full out down an alley; stopping only long enough to leap for the retracted ladder of the apartment building’s fire escape. She was up the ladder and on the roof before he crossed the mouth of the alley. When it looked like he might move on, she scraped her shoe on the ledge and she could almost feel his gaze narrow on her position.

‘Come on already!’

She could practically feel his indecision and sighed exasperatedly. “Come on up. I think it’s time to stop the stalker act, don’t you?”

She moved back and then he was right there; just a few feet separating them. ‘Holy moly! Please don’t be a card carrying psycho…’ She smiled and gave a mental shrug. ‘But then again, it might make things interesting. It’s not like he can kill me permanently.’ Buffy took a step forward and he reacted, unexpectedly moving into a combatant form. She rolled her eyes and held out her empty hands to her sides, palms out. “I don’t want to hurt you. But I will if you try to hurt me.” She tilted her head and met his confused eyes. Buffy let her Slayer sense out and when it made contact with him, he stiffened for a minute before relaxing into an easier stance. A look of wonderment crossed his face and she offered him a friendly grin.

“Hi there. I’m Buffy if you didn’t already know and what should I call you? Because mysterious stalker guy is a mouthful.”

He stared at her with an air of cautious confusion and he tilted his head to mimic her before smiling in return.

Buffy quirked a brow at him. “Are you going to tell me your name?”


She started to reply but scowled as a growl sounded behind her. She whipped around and staked the fledge that had used her distraction to sneak up on them and when she turned back, Ben was gone. Of course.

For the next week it was back to cat and mouse and Buffy wondered who was in which role. She still felt no menace from Ben and also an increasingly overwhelming attraction. An attraction with no viable outlet. It got bad enough that she went out to the local meat market; but no one caught her eyes despite numerous attempts.

The more he watched Her, the more Ben became convinced that she was the physical embodiment of The Lady. Her numerous attempts to catch him unaware and speak with him was puzzling. None of his other subjects had ever been aware of him while he stalked them. Much less attempted to speak with him other than to beg for their lives at the end. These things only further supported his rising certainty. When She spoke to him from above, Ben thought he might have a coronary despite the superior physiology provided by Manitore. His body’s reactions were also a curiosity. Whenever he grew near and near was a relative term since she could sense him if he was as far away as fifty yards; his pulse would quicken and his skin would open up, releasing a light sheen of sweat. It had to have some sort of odor, because that’s when She would become hyper aware of him. The raging erection he always walked away with was disconcerting. He was a normal male with all working parts, but sex had never been a priority for him. Until he saw Her. Now it took all of his concentration to override the urges of his body.

When she had invited him to join her on the roof, he hesitated. Curiosity won out however and he could tell she had been startled at his speed in reaching her. She was smaller up close than he expected, but there was no mistaking the power she exuded. She startled him by stepping forward and his body reacted accordingly, just as he had been trained since birth. A promise to not hurt him if he didn’t hurt her was followed by a smile that took his breath away. A wave of something warm and enticing washed over him and Ben realized he had missed her question and found himself smiling in return.

“Are you going to tell me your name?”

Her voice did strange things to his stomach and then he noticed movement behind her. He answered quickly. “Ben.” He took advantage of her distraction and leapt to the alley below. His heart pounding uncomfortably as he blurred back to his squat; Ben wondered what he was doing. There was a strange clenching around his heart and he wondered what it could be. His dreams were strange that night and when he woke, Ben felt the need to see her again. That maybe, if he told her about them, she would understand and not think he was crazy. It took him a week of watching to find an opportunity in which he felt best to contact her. He cautiously approached the coffee house she visited every morning and was happy to see her at her usual table, idly flipping through a magazine. When he reached her, Ben noticed there was second cup on the table and turned to go, not wanting a confrontation with whomever she was having coffee with.

“It’s for you.”

Her voice stopped his retreat and he turned back around in surprise.

“Come sit with me Ben.” She invited. “I think it’s time we stop dancing around each other."


I do have another chapter planned, but I wanted to get this posted before someone else beat me to this pairing. I had started another story for a different pairing and someone posted before me. *pouts. I didn't want that to happen again.

Let me know what you think!
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