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Second Chance.

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Summary: Buffy has a second chance at love when she woke up pregnant.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter Ten




Title: A Second Chance.

Ratings: Strong R

Summary: Buffy has a second chance at love when she woke up pregnant.

Disclaimer: All characters from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy productions and the world of Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret productions, and Gekko Productions. This fiction is purely for the entertainment of the writer and the readers, not for commercial benefit. 


Chapter Ten


Jack swiveled around his face and my lips touched his instead. I remained motionless for a second. But the touch of his lips on mine, it sent a shock wave through out my entire system.


I closed my eyes as he wound a hand through my hair. My hands slowly crept up, to rest around his shoulders and he put his arms firmly around my waist, pulling me closer to him  His kiss was surprising gentle and moist. My senses were reeling from the taste and scent of him, every nerve tingled in my body.


After what seemed like an age Jack raised his mouth from mine, leaving me burning with fire inside.  His gaze captured mine and I was transfixed, his eyes were glowing with a savage inner light.  My heart skipped a beat and I licked my hot swollen lips; his eyes followed the movement. 


He bent his head down to recapture my lips. The kiss wasn’t as sweet as before, instead it was more demanding.


I felt as if I had never been kissed before. It was more than the joining of two lips; it was more of  a declaration of intent. His firm lips were demanding a response and I was quite eager to give. I moaned, given myself freely to the passion of kiss. He growled his approval and his hands tighten around my waist and I gasped.  He tore his lips away with groan breathing harshly.


“I want you,” he growled.


“Oh Jack.”


He nibbled at my earlobe sending shivers of delight up and down my spine; my body grew heavy and warm and I ached for his touch.


“Touch me,” I begged squirming in his arms. 


I reached out, pulling his warm bare shoulders towards me, but I felt a barrier between us --my clothes. I mewled, intent on removing the barrier. His hands replaced mine, unbuttoning my top, while soothing me with small biting kisses.  His hands, when they skimmed my breasts were hard and rough, they were soldier’s hands, used to handle weapons; but, I wanted them on my body, I thought arching towards him. He gently outlined the circle of my breast and it surge at the intimacy of his touch.


He undressed me slowly, kissing each piece of skin he exposed as I grew more and more breathless.


I moaned when Jack’s warm lips tugged at my aching breast. Sharp pangs of sensation grew from my belly to my womb as I grew wet with need. He growled low in his throat causing me to let out a whimper as I became lost in the moment.


For that moment I had forgotten that I was pregnant, but as his hands skimmed my flesh I felt the weight of my huge stomach. I could feel an embarrassing flush rising over me causing me to draw up, suddenly feeling vulnerable.


Jack stopped, I bit my lip and not wanting to see the disgust on his face, turned my face away.


“Don’t,” he chide gently, reaching out for my chin with the tip of his fingers.


“You are so beautiful,” he declared his voice full of awe. “There’s no need to hide this from me. This is our child,” he announced gently putting a hand on my stomach.


“And this is the place our child will suckle,” he added cupping my heavy breast.


I shivered, even though the air was warm but it had somehow become electrified. I was drawn to his face.


“You are beautiful,” he said tentatively and finally I started to believe. I slowly moved my arm and I welcomed his gaze. His hands slid across my swollen belly then seared a path from my abdomen and straight to my feet. I could feel moisture pooled between my thighs.


He moved to tease a nipple then his tongue made a path down my ribs to my stomach. In between each kisses, he paused to whisper at how he loved every part of my body.


He took my hands, encouraging them to explore as I could feel the blood in my vein pound through my heart, my chest, my head.  I whimpered,  he echoed it. I begged; I couldn’t take it anymore, the feel of his flesh beneath my hands was divine. 


Jack took a deep breath and moved away, to finish unbuttoning his pants.  He stood before me with no uncertainty on his face.


He was long and thick, but the head was broad and engorged with blood. I licked my lips in anticipation; I wanted to taste him. Seeing the look on my face, Jack hesitated for a second before he slowly moved forward.


Jack moved away, as he removed the rest of his clothing, allowing me to watch, until he stood before me exposed, bare before me.  I took in the sight of him, as he had with me.  I licked my lips in anticipation; I wanted to taste him, every inch of him.


Seeing the look on my face, he hesitated for a moment before he slowly moved toward me; he took my hand and led me to the bed, ‘our’ bed.  We took our time, our hands and bodies becoming more and more entwined.  His hands were strong and masterful, skillfully taking me to the edge, before pushing me over.


As I regained senses, I skimmed my hands over his strong muscles, working my way down, as I trailed kisses behind them; he lay there letting me reach my goal. He was long, thick, and ready; he hissed at my touch, but he let me, trusting me, wanting me to continue.




In the next few months, Jack and I grew closer while I grew bigger.


I had become ungainly--a liability, which in turn made me miserable. But, a least Giles and Xander wasn’t there to witness my surliness, since after a few weeks, both went back to Sunnydale. Giles, was needed on the Hellmouth and Xander, he missed Anya.


But, Willow decided to stay. At first, I thought it was out of guilt, about how I was treated the last few months, but no, she missed ‘us’.  The laughter and friendship we had shared amidst the chaos of life in Sunnydale. 


At first, I think I resented her being there, even if she was a friendly face, but other times I think I used her as a buffer between Jack, and me, especially when things became intense.


Then it happened, I fell hopelessly head over heals with Jack O’Neill, and it took all my might not to announce it both to him and the world.


Falling in love with him, wasn’t the shock I thought it would be, because I believe part of me had being in love with him from the start. It wasn’t the same type of love I had with Angel or with Riley.


I would watch him, when he wasn’t looking, memorize the way he looked, the lines that crinkled at the corners of his eyes when he found something amusing.  What I felt for him seemed, more mature.


Those weeks following the wedding, Jack introduced me to his favorite things--watching videos and hanging with his friends at his favorite watering hole. He even wanted to take me fishing. Eeww.


Thank God, Janet vetoed that idea and it felt that, in the first time in years, I was taking time being me.


Apparently, Willow noticed how happy Jack and Colorado made me and during one of our girls’ nights in, which now included Samantha, Janet and her young daughter Cassandra, Willow broken down. I couldn’t make heads or tail of what she was saying at first, because she was babbling, then I worked it out-- Oz.


Finally after all these months, she was dealing with the grief of the break up with Oz. We comforted her as best as we could, but the only thing we do is just being there. Just as Jack had been there for me when I went through a similar situation.


Every thing continued on similar course, except during my eight month, I had a medical scare that made Jack take me to the hospital. As my doctor, Janet was called right away. We were both scared--this was our miracle child.


Our baby was Jack’s shot at redemption, by being a father for a second time and also my hope for some goodness in my life. Never once have I resented our son being inside me, he was my miracle--a hope for a better future. 


After the examination, Janet sat us down and told us that we shouldn’t have any more sex. It wouldn’t have been such an embarrassment if she didn’t told us in front of Willow and SG-1, my face was on fire for days.


After that scare, Jack treated me like fragile china, even though I could bench press him.  He moved both me and Willow onto the base, it was fine at first, no big deal; it was like I was home. He still hovered, but this time his friends were there to hover too.


Then finally, I woke up with pains. At first, I thought it was heartburn, I had ate a pizza earlier, but no such luck, my water had broken.


You should have seen Jack’s reaction when I told him.  Calm and collected Jack O’Neill was like a chicken with his head cut off. It was so funny; I alternated between gasping in pain and laughter.  Even to this day, Teal’c and Danny who were also staying on at the base would rag him about how he ran to the infirmary dressed only in his shorts without me.  When Jack finally remembered, I was being escorted to the infirmary by two airmen. At the time I didn’t see the humor of being forgotten..  But now, several years later, I’ve grown to appreciate the memory.


The birth according to Janet was an easy one, but of course but I thought that I was being spilt in two.


With one look I fell in love again.



“So that was when Dad told you he love you,” Alex asked bringing me back to the present.


“Hey,” I protested.


“Who’s telling this story?” I asked, tickling him.


“You are,” he snorted in laughter.


“Yes, I am” I admitted, gazing at Jack over the kids heads. “That when your Dad told me he loved me.


Jack gaze was tender as it rested on mine, as we both thought back to that moment after Alex’s birth.


There I was, lying in the base infirmary, exhausted, all the pain forgotten as I gazed upon my miracle--my son.




Everyone including Willow stood there for a few minutes surrounding my bed, admiring the newest member of SG-1.


“He’s beautiful,” Samantha noted.


I gave her a quick look, hearing the undercurrent of jealousy in her voice; she probably wished she was the one with a new baby. During our ‘girl’ talks, Samantha always wished for a stable home to bring a child into, but so far it hadn’t happen. My hands tighten surreptitiously around my precious bundle.


 “Yes, he is,” Jack agreed.


“What are you going to name him, son?” General Hammond asked.


“We haven’t decided,” Jack admitted.


“You could name him Charlie,” Teal’c said.


“No,” Jack said, shaking his head. “He’s different from Charlie; he should have his own name.”


“He is a handsome boy, O’Neill,” Teal’c stated.


“Thanks T.”


After a few minutes admiring the baby, General Hammond cleared his throat. “Why don’t we leave the new parents to enjoy?”


“Yes,” Samantha and Daniel chorused.


 “See you later!” Daniel mentioned as he moved towards the door.


“Bye!’ Samantha said as she and Teal’c followed.


“I’ll call Giles and Xander, tell them the good news,” Willow said, as they all trooped out the door.


“We are alone,” Jack said as he moved to my side.


“Yes,” I answered, my heart hammering foolishly. ‘Where do we go from here?’  I wondered, trying to swallow the bitter feeling welling up in my throat.  I loved Jack O’Neill, I could admit it to myself. But, could I admit it to him?


What if I said it and he didn’t say it back? I would be crushed, I thought dully, as my eyes burned as tears started to fall  down my face.


“Buffy?” Jack questioned. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing,” I said, turning my face away as the tension began to rise up between us.


“There is definitely something,” Jack stated, “Are you in pain?”


I shook my head as I stared at the wall.


“I’ll call Janet,” he stated as he made a move towards the phone.


“I’m fine!” I snapped, turning to give him a glare.


His hands stopped, poised over the phone. “No, you are not,” he said, returning my glare with a glower of his own. “…seeing that you’re snapping my head off.


The baby already attuned to my mood, started to whimper.


Jack sighed. “Here I’ll move the baby,” he announced walking over to take the baby from my arms and putting him in a bassinet.


My arms suddenly felt empty and cold and I folded them, trying to invite some warmth.


“Now, what wrong?” he questioned, moving to sit at the edge of the bed.


I opened my mouth, but it snapped shut when he said. “No-no.” His voice was uncompromising yet oddly gentle and he shook a finger beneath my nose.  “Don’t bother to tell me nothing is wrong. I can see for myself that something is bothering you.”


I was silent for a moment and watched as his gray eyes narrowed with concern. Tears once again found their way slowly down my cheeks.


“Buffy?” he questioned tenderly, his arms encircled me with one hand in the small of my back.


I stiffened.


His hands tightened and he whispered in my hair, making soothing noises. The touch of his hands was suddenly almost unbearable in his tenderness, and my skin tingled from where it was touched and I found myself relaxing, sinking into his embrace.


“Thank you,” he murmured.


“For what?” I asked my eyes heavy with fatigue.

“For my son---for you.”  His lips brushed against my neck as he spoke. “I’m so thankful for you being in my life. I never thought I would care for another person, again, like I do.”


“Jack?” I said, pushing him away slightly to look him in the eye.  “What are saying?”


He allowed me to push him away, and he moved across room. He began to pace--his hands in his pocket. “Buffy,” he began, “What I’m trying to say is this--I am in love with you.”


A terrible buzzing sound ran in my ears and my breath hitched. I felt my heart stop for a brief second, then it started its rhythmic beat again.


“Yo-you love me?” I stuttered with hope in my voice. I suddenly felt weak, and my body trembled. It was a good thing I was in bed, because if I was somewhere else I probably would have collapsed.


“Yeah.” His tone was gentle, and his gaze tender as he graced me with a sweet smile. He rushed back to my side and taking my hands into his.  “I, Jack O’Neill, love you, Buffy O’Neill.”


“Oh Jack!” I cried, tears spilling over on my cheek. My heart felt as if it could burst. “I never thought you would love me, the way I do you.”


“You love me?” he exclaimed, taking me roughly into his arms.


“Hmmph. Just had a baby here,” I said, squirming out of his arms.


“Sorry,” he muttered with a sheepish grin. “You love me?” he asked his voice soft and tender.


“Of course,” I scoffed as if loving him was enviable –and it probable was. “You are the most loveable person Jack O’Neill. I couldn’t help but fall desperately in love with you


“So you are desperate--uh.”


“Yes I am desperate--desperate for you.” I could sing like a heavenly host choir that was how light my heart was. I was happy, but there was something I needed to know.


“When did you know you love me?” I asked.


“It was gradual,” he noted ruefully, settling down beside me. “Probably started the day I proposed. When you told me off that day, I knew that you’d care if I was injured or not. No one has care about me--outside my team.”


He glanced down for a second, before looking straight at me, “And that’s when I knew that I wanted you there, always caring about me. You fit me, it was as if piece of my soul was missing for years; and when I met you, everything just clicked. When you asked me why I was marrying you, I knew it was more than an attraction, but I had denied it, to you, and to myself that it could be love.  Buffy, you are my better half and if I didn’t know it then, I know it now--it was love.”


 My throat felt tight. “Oh Jack,” I started to cry, and a warm glow of happiness flowed through me.


He took my face into his hands and our lips met. The kiss was as tender and light as a summer breeze. He could kiss me like that forever, because it was coming home.




“The end,” I pronounced.


“Ahh, come-on,” Alex protested. “That can’t be it. What happened when you brought me home?”


“It’s your bedtime, young man,” Jack stated, moving the sleeping girls to a bed. 


 “But dad,” he whined.


“No buts,” Jack said firmly as Alex pouted, I watched as my son resigned himself to his fate crawling into his bed.


“I will tell you more tomorrow,” I said, tucking spider man sheets around him.




“Promise,” I said as I soothed the sheet over his warm and cleaned body.


Jack and I walked towards the door. We paused, looking on our miracles--not one but three miracles. His hands rested on my mine and I looked up into his face.


He hadn’t change much over the years, I mused. More lines--but what do you expect when one is happy. So what if there was more gray in his hair? He had earned them.  Beside the obvious small psychical changes, he’s still the same man I felt in love with.


“I love you,” he whispered in my ear, his eyes twinkling.


Not a day passes that we don’t speak those three little words. Sometimes it would become a contest, each of us vying to be the first to say it.


I pouted. “I wanted to say it first.” 


“You can tell me first tomorrow,” he said smiling. 


My mouth turned down at the corner.


“Well?” he questioned, one eyebrow arched.


I gave a huge exaggerated sigh, and muttered. “If you insist. I love you.”


“What?” he asked, his head cocked to one side, a hint of smile in his voice.


“I love you!” I said loudly.


His grin widened.


”You!” I scoffed, hitting him with my free hand. “I love you Jack O’Neill.”


“I know,” he assured me. “But, I like to hear it anyway.”


Jack put his arms around my waist as we both turned back to the children’s bedroom and then for a few minutes then shut off the lights and closed the door. With his arms still around me, we strolled to our bedroom and proceeded to be lost into each other arms.




Authors Note:  Dear readers we come to the end of a Second Chances. When I started out, I didn’t know that so many of you would embrace this story. THANK YOU.  The reviews are much appreciated. My next story is called Warriors of Light. It is a crossover between Buffy and Anita Blake’s world and the end of my series New Beginnings. However I am looking for a beta who knows the Anita Blake’s’ world. With this story I’m looking for someone to help me with continuity and grammar. Please email and let me know.



The End

You have reached the end of "Second Chance.". This story is complete.

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