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Second Chance.

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Summary: Buffy has a second chance at love when she woke up pregnant.

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Chapter One


Title:  A Second Chance.

Author: Lotusja

Genre:  Crossover/AU

Fandoms: BTVS/Stargate SG-1

Spoilers: Take place sometime after Season 5 of Buffy & Season 6 of Stargate.

Pairings: Buffy Summers-Jack O’Neill

Ratings: PG-13

Feedback: Yes Please.

Disclaimer: All characters from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy productions and the world of Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret productions, and Gekko Productions. This fiction is purely for the entertainment of the writer and the readers, not for commercial benefit. 

Distribution:  Please ask and it will be given unto you.

Summary: Buffy has a second chance at love when she woke up pregnant.

Authors Note. : One day I was randomly checking fan-fiction when one word leapt out at me. Surrogate. And with that my imagination went wild. So I asked myself what if. What if Buffy was a baby surrogate for someone and she doesn’t know how she gotten pregnant. I felt that there were many possibilities out there and it would make a great story if someone chose to do it. So here is the challenge that I had to answer myself.


Challenge: The Surrogate.

To have Buffy Summers awake one morning to suddenly find herself pregnant and she had no idea who the father is.

-Story must take place after Season Four of Buffy.
-Have one the Scooby mention that the baby might be a demon.
-Your decision on how she got pregnant. (e.g. Magical means, science, or the old fashion way.)
-Have whoever the father is surprise at being a DAD!
-Chose the fan-verse. But I would love to see an Anita Blake, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Sg-1, Merry Gentry, and Firefly.
-It’s a given. Buffy and father of baby are attracted to each other.

Story started 8.15.06


AN: Thanks to my Beta Sidura, who I took pity on me and edit this story. She challenged me, and questioned the characters motivation, making this story; I believe one of the best I have written, so far.  So thank you.




A Second Chance







Chapter One



Where should I start?  The obvious answer to that question is at the beginning, at least that is what my mentor and father figure always told me.


“Buffy, start at the beginning.”  That is what Giles would say.


I sat in my chair thinking about all the years that have past to get me to this point. My stomach churned with anxiety and I took a deep breath.


My eyes rested on the small figure that was squirming with anticipation.  He smelt of powder and peppermint candy, a treat his father had gave him.  I gazed into the large brown eyes of my six-year-old son, who had been demanding that I tell him a story, since the minute my foot touched the threshold of his room.


The story he wants isn’t any ordinary story; no ordinary story would do for my progeny.  He wants his story.


His story is also my story, and my story is about a journey--a journey to another path in life.  A path, I wouldn’t have taken if wasn’t for him.


It is interesting how our lives have so many different paths.  But, isn’t it up to us to choose which one we would like to go?  Did I choose my path?  Or, was it all mapped out for me?  I wonder about that, even now, and especially when I gaze into his sweet face that looks more and more like his father each day.


I pressed my hand to my chest, taking another deep breath, steadying myself.  The journey I had taken to get to this point wasn’t all sweetness and light, sometimes it was rocky.  Other times it was both stormy and scary.  In the midst, I felt anger, pain, sorrow, confusion, defeat, disappointment and fear; I also felt joy, confidence and determination. 


This isn’t the first time I’ve told this story, and it probably won’t be the last.  My tale is a tale, and just like any other, it has a beginning, middle and an end.But, it was the journey that I had to take to get to that end; that’s what makes it different.


And so, I began, “I was born Buffy Anne Summers, to Hank and Joyce Summers; not Elizabeth as people might suppose.  In a Californian world of Tiffany, Amber, Mercedes, Harmony and Honor; my name seemed ordinary. But, I’m proud of my name, because my mother chose to name me ‘Buffy’.  At first, I didn’t appreciate the name, but as I grew older, it became quite a conversation piece.  It made me stand out.  From birth to age of fourteen, my life was ordinary---so ordinary that I wanted something different.  At the time, I didn’t know what I was wishing for.  Do you know of the adage don’t wish for something, you might get it?”


He sat there shaking his head, causing me to smile.


“Back then, I was the typical teenager and by age fifteen, my life had grown to be quite a frivolous one.  But, whose teenage life wasn’t?”


I waited for him to answer but he didn’t, instead he sat there listening to my every word.


“My Freshman year of High School was a year of endless dances, pep rallies, boys and the mall.  I was an average Californian teen, and the only thing I had to worry about was if my boyfriend Tyler was going to ask me to the spring fling; soon that all changed.  It wasn’t gradual, as some changes are, it fast and as unexpected as snowstorm in June.  In an instant my life changed.”


I thought about that day and frowned; I pushed myself into a standing position, moving over to the windows that overlook my front yard.  I stood there silently, watching the lights of the neighborhood being switched on and off.  The memories began to crystallize in my mind, and unconsciously, my eyebrows furrowed.


“Looking back, it was ordinary spring day.”  I continued, my gaze focusing on a neighbor garden gnome. “At the time, when the stranger approached me, I never knew that my life was about to change.  He seemed creepy, a man old enough to be my father.  At first, I thought he was one of those perverts that preyed on young girls, but soon it become apparent he was not.  I was told that it was my destiny to fight vampires. Vampires? I questioned in disbelief. Not only was this guy creepy, but he was nuts too, and I told him that. “Vampires don’t exist!” I annunciated that, as if I was talking to a child or a slow person.”  My frowned deepen as I remembered the conversation that happened several years ago, as if it was happening now.


“Come with me,” he announced.


“Where?” I’d argued, as I looked around, making sure no one saw me talking to this nut job.  


“To the cemetery,” he continued.




“To see for yourself, that vampires do exist,” he snapped.


The memory of that day was bittersweet, because Merrick died saving my life. 


I rolled my eyes.  “I remember thinking, I’ll indulge the creepy man, I could run away if he tried something.  That night I followed him to a cemetery, and later as I sat on a freshly dug grave I chose to believe what my mind had fought so long--vampires do exist.”


“As the spring slowly turned to summer, life as I knew it was gone.  Who had said, change was good for the soul?  To me it wasn’t.  My friends, my schoolwork and my home life, everything changed that season.  The season of change had blown into my life like a hurricane, wiping out everything that I knew was safe and secure.”


“I had no one to turn to, no solace at home, my parents were divorcing, no solace with my so-call friends. I was adrift; cut off from a world that didn’t know the underbelly of evil that exists right beside them.  But then, from what I thought at first to be a fresh start, turned out to be a nightmare; as after the divorce my mother had move us to picturesque town called Sunnydale.  That’s when I found out that destiny was a bitch!”


“Pardon my French,” I murmured, looking to see if my son was paying attention.  He was.  I cleared my throat. “Where was I?” 


There was silence.  I swallowed and gave him a sickly smile. “Ah yes, destiny.”


“Destiny was leading me to place I didn’t want to be; ‘A Hellmouth’.” I stated, “That’s right, Sunnydale was built on a Hellmouth.  Once there, I had to fight not only vampires, but also demons, succubae, werewolves etc.  You get the gist?” I asked. “Whatever creatures we thought were myths, they existed.”


“But this time I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t crazy.  Others knew about ‘The Seething Cauldron of Evil’ that was waiting to snatch up us out of our beds and devour us whole.”


His eyes widen in fright.


“But this time, I wasn’t alone.  On my first day of school, I met your Aunt Willow and Uncle Xander.  They were a godsend, without them and your Grandpa Giles; High School wouldn’t have been bearable.  But still their friendship wasn’t enough; I still sacrificed, including all my romantic relationships.”


“In the end, Sunnydale became my prison and I thought I would never leave; so I focused on College instead.  It was a place I thought I’d never be able to go.  Your Aunt Willow and I became roommates and college became a different sort of adventure.  But, while Aunt Willow blossomed and excelled, I become withdrawn and retreated into myself.  College was not the same as High School.  Everything was bigger, broader; I couldn’t cope.  Nothing was the same and I don’t deal with change too well.” My mouth twisted wryly as I admitted that. 


I moved from the window and back to the lone chair, sliding graceful into its comforting depths.


“Your Aunt Willow, who was this shy thing in High School, became this social butterfly.  Uncle Xander fell in love for the first time, and as you know, your Aunt Anya is different.”


‘Very different,’ I murmured to myself, thinking about the former vengeance demon.  Xander has always been a demon magnet, former or otherwise. But, he surprised me at how he turned out, Xander who was slacker in high school become Mr. Studious; going for a degree in electronic engineering.  Meanwhile Willow was enjoying school too much, so much that her romantic relationship with her Oz became non-existing.  I think they grew apart, but what I can say, people do grow apart.


I shifted in the chair; as a tight feeling began to form in my stomach.  I clenched my hand, until my nails bit into my palm.  No matter how many times I tell this story, no matter how many years have passed, the memory of this always made me feel uncomfortable.  I know I have to tell it, but each time I visited this part it felt like a wound that has scabbed over; one that I’m constantly picking at so that it never fully heals.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “While in school, your grandmother, my mom passed away; I was devastated.  How could that have happened?  She was only four-two years old.”


‘She wasn’t supposed to die young,’ I thought bleakly. ‘I was!”


“Her death was unexpected and weird, at least by Sunnydale standards, because you see…,” I added in a choked voice, even with all the years since she died my grief knew no bounds.  “…she didn’t die because of the town we lived in.  Her death was different, as in the midst of death by barbeque forks, she was hit by a car.”


A car; I mused, shaking my head at the senseless tragedy.  I’m still in shock, because Sunnydale wasn’t the big city, where such accidents were everyday occurrences. 


“After mom death, I have to move back home and during that time I felt adrift, displaced, I’d lost my focus. I couldn’t concentrate at school or at slaying.  Sensing that I was on the brink of emotionally disaster, both Grandpa Giles and Aunt Willow moved in with me. At first, it was fine, they were there as support, then it all changed; they became restrictive.  They watched everything that I did, as if I was some fragile egg. But, I was still grieving, I wanted peace, but I was unable to get that.  Then there was subtle change, both Willow and Giles became emotionally distant.”


I frowned, remembering how I felt during those troubled times.


“You see your Aunt Willow was ignoring her own pain about the breakup with Oz by becoming little Ms. Outgoing; Grandpapa Giles and Uncle Xander were in their own little worlds, so didn’t take note of what was happening. As I was in my own pain, I was unable to help heal Willow’s.  Slaying had become so automatic that it took almost no effort to dust vampires. However, days like that would soon change; when I got up that morning I had no idea what would befall me.  “Maybe that should been a clue?” I muttered beneath my breath.


“I got up; did what I needed to do, eat, train and patrol.  Then Grandpa Giles admonished me to be careful.  You see that was the first time since Mom’s death that I had patrolled by myself.  I was never alone, I was watched constantly, I guess they were afraid that I would do myself in.  But, that was a supposition, because they would never say anything to me.  However, that night, the vamps were as stupid as ever, they practically fell on Mr. Pointy before I could say boo!  Do you know the adage be careful what you wish for?” I asked once again not waiting for his reply.


He looked at me and shook his head.


“It means don’t wish for something you can’t handle,” Jack announced as he entered the room.  He was carrying two, two-year old girls under his arms. He gently dropped them both on the bed beside their brother.


“Daddy!” he squealed. “You are home.”


“Mmm,” Jack murmured, bending to kiss him on the cheek. “It’s way past your bed time,” he admonished, with a slight smile.


Looking at that face, still made me tingle.  Jack and I had been married for six years, and within those six years, I have given birth to three wonderful children.  My son Daniel Alexander named for my friend Xander and Jack’s best friend Daniel, and my twins’ girls Amanda Willow and Samantha Joyce.


Those years haven’t always been bed of roses, but as long as Jack and I are together, everything has worked out, in the end.


“Mommy is telling my story,” Alex announced stressing the word my.


“Your story uh,” Jack noted, walking over to give me a kiss.


“My story,” Alex agreed.  When we decided to name him Daniel Alexander, we didn’t want to call him Daniel, because we already have one.  But, since he didn’t look like an Alexander, and the name Xander was taken, we decided on Alex.  However, Alex knows that his full name is Daniel Alexander.


“I wanted to hear your story too.” Jack assured him, pushing his bottom lip out into a pout. “And the girls might to hear it too.”  He grabbed Mandy from slipping to floor, as she had been jumping up and down on the bed.


In the meanwhile, I’d grabbed Sam who had of course followed her sister. “Do you want to hear a story?”  I asked her as she squirmed and wiggled to get down.


She shook her head no.


“How about you Mandy?” I questioned. “Do you want to hear a story?”


Mandy cocked her little head to one side, then gave a brief nod while pushing two fingers into her mouth.


“See,” I said to Samantha, “Mandy wanted to hear the story.”


I know my daughters too well.  If one says no, then the other follows suit.  However, if Mandy wanted a story, then Samantha would too.


Samantha eyed her sister and brother and gave a jerky nod, and put her own fingers into her mouth.


“Okay, where was I?” I wondered, my eyes twinkling with amusement.  Jack flashed me an answering grin; and just like that, for one brief moment, I forget everything.  I was lost in his smile. 


Then my son demanded that I continued the story; I dragged my self away and gave a deep sigh. 


Now I no longer felt like grinning and my mind veered backward, to the day when my life changed yet again.  During that time, I remembered thinking I wanted a change, something to breakup the monotone of my life, something to stop me from drifting, something to stop that terrible pain of loneliness I had been feeling.


I made a wish, which was something of a no-no.  But, that was destiny in the making, again!


“I could do without destiny,” I muttered aloud.  But destiny, it has a way of getting you, no matter how far or how long you run from it.






AN: To those who are waiting for Three Warriors, please don’t worry, I am still working on it. Thanks for the support.
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