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Halloween World

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Halloween Fic. The Halloween spell goes too far. It doesn't change a town for a night, it changed the entire world forever. Ch 1-10 REVISED.

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Full Beta Version

Title: Halloween World -Universe
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Hallow Earth -December 7, 2016

Land of Departure - Kingdom Come Hearts

The soul, in many religions, spiritual traditions, and philosophies, is the spiritual or eternal part of a living being, commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; distinct from the body's physical matter. It is typically thought to consist of one's consciousness and personality, and is roughly synonymous with the spirit, mind or self. The soul is often believed to live on after the person’s physical death, and some religions posit that God creates souls. In some cultures, non-human living things, and sometimes other objects (such as rivers) are said to have souls, a belief known as animism.

Ever since October 31, 1997, on the world now known as Hallow-Earth, it has been shown that souls manifest in many forms.

The Asian youkai and the foreign ayakashi are bodies only limited by their spirits, as opposed to mortal creatures who are spirits limited by their bodies. They are natural shape shifters because of this fact. Shadow magic users have a second spirit in their hearts, reflecting their soul’s qualities and can released as a demon or a god. There are many magic users that use their souls to gather and focus magical energies and there are many fighters who manipulate their spiritual energies to increase their healing, physical abilities, and release destructive special techniques. The two most common forms of souls are Soul Reapers and Hollows.

A Hollow is a powerful soul that loses its connection to humanity due to anger, depression, and sadness. When those souls lose those connections, they shatter and reform as soul-eating monsters driven by their instincts and emotions. They devour the souls of the dead and living, creating new hollows in the process. When a powerful soul is able to connect to their inner soul before they become a hollow, they are able to manifest part of their soul as a soul cleaving sword and become a soul reaper charged with cleansing the Hollows and guiding the untainted souls to the Soul Society.

Long ago, in another world, a man experimented with the heart - the emotional manifestation of the body and soul- and created new abominations. The Heartless are hearts corrupted by darkness, lacking a body or soul. The Heartless appear as a variety of types, categorized as either Pureblood or Emblem. Both reproduce by taking more hearts and transforming them into Heartless in a similar fashion to Hollows.

Nobodies are creatures without hearts, existing as the body and soul of characters that lost their hearts to darkness. As they lack hearts to possess light or darkness, they are "nothing", yet still exist within the Kingdom Hearts universe. Unlike Heartless, Nobodies are able to attack with definite planning. Members of Organization XIII, a group of Nobodies central to the plot of the universe, kept their human form because they possessed strong hearts, while weaker Nobodies assumed malformed, inhuman forms. In many ways they are similar to the Espada of the Arrancar, monsters without humanity that have taken human form and possess far greater power.

The only hope to stop the Heartless and the Nobodies are the Keyblade wielders. The Keyblade is a key-shaped weapon able to combat darkness and free hearts from a Heartless form. It also has the ability to lock and unlock all manner of doors and keyholes, as well as the ability to seal the "heart" of a world, preventing it from being destroyed by Heartless.

Keyblade user Sora, with Donald and Goofy, has arrived at the world called the Land of Departure. The Land of Departure is a castle built high up on a grassy mountain and is surrounded by flowing water. The castle is a golden building decorated with stained glass windows with tall spires protruding from the roof.

They too have felt the summons of that world along with so many other Keyblade Wielders. The time has come to rebirth the knighthood of Keyblade Wielders. One might call the Land of Departure their home world. It is in this world that Keyblade apprentices are trained, and ultimately, take the Master Qualification Exam to become Keyblade Masters themselves.

Once they have earned the title, they remain to train new apprentices or strike out on their own to choose from many possible paths. Greeting them are Master Eraqus and many other Masters. Sora muses to Donald and Goofy that when the time comes, he looks forward to being a Keyblade Master in the Land of Departure and training new apprentices.

Sora turns and sees something that shocks him severely. He sees many of the members of Organization XIII, each dressed in pure black hooded clothing with their unique weapons. There are also dozens of people who are also dressed similarly to the infamous and extremely powerful Nobodies. They include his Nobody self Roxas, Kairi’s special nobody Naminé, and a Nobody version of Riku which reminds Sora of a replica of Riku created by Vexen.

Sora watches as two Organization members walk on stage next to Master Eraqus. Sora recognizes them instantly as Axel; "The Flurry of Dancing Flames;" and Demyx; "The Melodious Nocturne." The first controls fires and uses twin Chakram, and controlled the Assassin Nobodies. The second controlled the Dancing Nobodies and has a water attribute, which he controls with his music weapon Sitar. Sora notes that while they wear white versions of the hakama style pants and knee high silver trimmed boots and leather gloves of some unknown length that disappear under bell shaped sleeves, they also have arm bands marked with a symbol resembling a red heart over a gold cross with what resembles gold Japanese kanji over the heart. The kanji is the Japanese word “Kokoro” meaning mind/heart/spirit or the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.). Sora looks at their faces and sees true emotions, those that can only come from a heart and not imitated emotions like the Nobodies possessed before.

“One of the re-birthed Order's first missions is to help the members of The Organization regain their hearts without using destructive methods. By doing so, we have gained a powerful ally.”

The birth of the Hallow-Earth created many new Keyblade masters with connections to other warriors of the soul. It has allowed many to find and manifest their hearts, both good and evil.

Another Universe - Dawn of Destruction

Dawn Raven Summers's Girl Gang has been busy since they arrived in the DC Universe through a dimensional tear. Dawn, Demona, Nico, Lucy, Illyana, and Shego made their first appearance when they stopped Slade's invasion of enhanced robots in Jump City.

Since their appearance, the universe and especially Earth has been filled with stories of death, destruction, and defacement. The hundreds of super villains that once plagued the super powered heroes of Earth have been reduced to a couple dozen terrified weaklings. The majority have either been brutally killed, accidently killed, or disappeared without a trace. There have even been some cases where the villain or villainess disappeared for a short period, only to return as a normal person with no memory of their past crimes or traces of their costumed personality.

In Metropolis, the central branch of The Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories, usually shortened to S.T.A.R. Labs, found the remains of the organized crime organization Intergang.

In Gotham, The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, commonly referred to simply as Arkham Asylum, has vanished completely. The few innocent people, namely the few members of the staff who haven’t become corrupt or gone insane in the dark halls of the Gotham building, were found on the hill side without a large part of their memory.

The pranking has also continued, getting more bold and explicit.

Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira) learned that not only were her people cursed with an “oblivious nudity” curse, but hidden cameras recorded them to half a hundred porno sites on the internet.

The Flash found himself stuck in a giant hamster wheel for eighteen hours.

A powerful chaotic spell caused every reflective surface in the Watchtower space station to show super heroes and heroines without their clothing.

Even the great Zatanna Zatara, skilled and powerful user of magic, found herself dressed like a playboy bunny during her magic acts.

Now the pranks are over.

Now death has come.

The skies above several cities of the DC universe Earth have turned blood red and creatures have descended in the name of conquest and destruction.

In Metropolis, Superman, also known as Clark Kent and Kal-El, is sent flying through half a dozen buildings causing massive structural damage. He’s clothes-lined on the other side which sends him tumbling, then grabbed by the ankle and tossed into the sky. As Superman soars through the sky, for once not under his own power, he stares at his opponent.

It’s a tall, lean muscular man with dark brown hair and beard. He’s dressed in a black body suit with a long black coat and red-tinted goggles. He also wears a set of black gloves with glowing kryptonite green circuitry and knuckle plates. On his chest is a symbol resembling a “Z”, the symbol for the House of Zod.

The evil Kryptonian delivers a brutal punch that sends the last son of the house of El into the ground. The impact is powerful enough to create an explosion that shatters windows and sends cars flying. The street caves in making the resulting crater even larger and explosions expand from the impact as gas, electric, and water lines rupture

In Gotham, Batman stands on a rooftop holding a badly injured and bleeding left arm. Around him, hundreds of buildings are burning under a demonic red sky. In front of Batman is a demon that resembles a nightmare that has been dead for some time. The demon stands as tall as Batman with a thin body and a narrow face. It has pasty white skin and long dirty hair that’s a mix of brown and dark green. Its eyes are glowing green with black sclera and his grinning mouth is far wider than a human’s and filled with sharp teeth. It has long arms ending in sharp nails and long legs ending in leather shoes. What disturbs the Bat the most is the purple suit the demon is wearing and the playing cards held in his long fingers.

“Hi Batsy.”

“Joker. You’re dead.”

“I’ll be saying the same thing,” says the demon Joker, then it laughs as it throws its razor-sharp metal cards at superhuman speed.

In Central City, The Flash is struck hard in the stomach. The force of the impact creates a spherical shockwave before the Flash goes soaring into a wall. He collapses vomiting blood and other fluids, while curling into the fetal position. He looks up to see a woman with dark skin and hair dressed in white. What’s unusual is that she has a piece of bone in her hair and a circular hole in her chest going completely through her body.

In the Atlantic Ocean, King Arthur Curry / Orin of Atlantis, also known as Aquaman, is held in the air by a blue-scaled hand. His opponent is a humanoid male with an athletic build and aquatic features. The man has dark blue scaly skin, sharp teeth like a shark, silver eyes, and long barbed tentacles instead of hair. He stands on the surface of the water dressed in the clothing of a ninja warrior with a massive sword on his back.

The invaders attack every major city and superhero after superhero begins to fall. Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), The Atom (Ray Palmer), the Red Tornado, Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe), Doctor Light (Kimyo Hoshi), Plastic Man (Patrick O’Brien), and many others are smashed into the ground by invaders from another Earth.

“Who are you?” is the question asked by defeated heroes and victims.

Their reply is the same.

“We are from Hallow Earth. We Are superior. We are the Akatsuki.”

Then there is a reply.

A split second before Zod can drive his hand through Superman’s chest, a black claw slashes Zod across the face, tearing flesh and sending the insane Kryptonian flying for a hundred kilometers. Superman looks up to see Dawn offering him her hand.

“Lux lucis Olympus purgo Obscurum.”
(Light of Heaven to cleanse Darkness)

Joker screams as a bolt of white power rams into his back. He was seconds from gutting Batman, but now he can feel his far superior demonic strength and speed fading. The metal playing cards shatter like thin pieces of glass and his purple suit is shredded into burning pieces by the holy magic. The white light emerges from his chest seconds before it fades. The Joker turns and the Batman can see that the Joker’s back is one massive third degree burn with the spine clearly visible through the hole in the center. As smoke rises from his mouth and bleeding body, Joker (and Batman) sees a red-haired blue-skinned woman with wings and a tail standing in the shadows.

In Central City, the badly injured Flash barely avoids a crimson energy blast fired from the Hollow woman’s mouth. The blast incinerates part of the evacuated school building. He managed to attack her several times, but the attacks continued to fail. Hitting her faster than a machine gun caused little damage because her skin is stronger than iron. He tried to ram into her, but with his injury he can only move at the speed of sound and that isn’t enough against a Sonido Mistress. Even long range throwing attacks fail because she can fire destructive energy blasts and produce an intense crushing pressure in the surrounding area. Suddenly, the inhuman woman screams and the Flash’s eyes widen. The demonic Illyana stands holding her glowing sword, while the Hollow woman’s left arm lies on the ground slowly dissolving into glowing white particles.

In Metropolis, Zod uses his enhanced heat vision to fire two extremely powerful beams of energy at Superman and Dawn, but Dawn creates a barrier that stops the attack. The intense heat of the beams is enough to superheat the ground within a five hundred meter radius of the barrier, creating a molten glass crater. Zod lets out a scream of rage and soars towards the two, when another figure appears in front of him and punches him.

There is a thunderous explosion that is heard across America like an immense bomb detonating.

As Dawn’s barrier collapses, Superman looks up at the new arrival. He stands six foot three, two hundred and twenty six pounds, with blue eyes and short black hair. His lean muscular form is clad in red and blue with a cape. On his chest is the “S”-like symbol of the House of El. Superman also notices an armband on his right arm with the number six in three different alphabets (Japanese, Greek, and English).

“It’s nice to see you, Kai,” says Dawn.

“It’s good to see you are alright Dawn,” says the Superman Kai. “We couldn’t find you until these Akatsuki scum opened the rifts wider to invade.”

“Who are you?” asks the Last Son of Krypton.

“I’m Kai-El. Superman 6 of Team Hallow-Justice. Warrior of Hallow-Earth. It’s nice to meet you, analogue father.”

In the depths of space, the moon sparkles in the heavens making it seem magical. On the surface of the moon, the magic is lost as the true cause of the sparkle is a cloud of dust caused by a destructive impact. Zod lies embedded in the moon’s surface, his face caved in, and a cloud of dust and crystallized blood swirls in the low gravity.

Oz Chase

Planet Seed is an unusual Earth-like planet with system planets similar to Earth’s planets. On October 31st, 1997, the chaos magic created a civilization in the system. The immense power broke down matter and reassembled it at a sub-atomic level, first creating cities in certain parts of the planet, then creating people to exist in those cities. Some of the places created were from Earth, while others came from an alternate Earth such as Onogoro Island. In the depths of the planet, hundreds of machines appeared, neutralizing the little atomic power the new world possessed. On the surface of the planet’s moon, military and civilian bases appeared, and then were filled with life. In orbit around the planet, many space stations and ships appeared, before being filled with living, intelligent humans. There are two forms of humanoid life. One are near pure “wise men” known as Naturals, while the rest are genetically enhanced individuals known as Coordinators.

In their time line, The Bloody Valentine War was a war between the Earth Alliance, an alliance of four major governments on Earth; ZAFT, a nation of space colonies located at L5; and the Three Ships Alliance, an alliance of Earth Alliance moderate factions, the Clyne Faction, and the neutral Orb Union. The Second Bloody Valentine occurred because of terrorists loyal to the former ZAFT leader Patrick Zala and LOGOS, a shadowy military-industrial organization that used anti-coordinator terrorists Blue Cosmos as nothing more than a cat’s-paw. Due to these wars, they became paranoid about secret super-weapons, such as giant gamma laser GENESIS (Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System) and “Orbital All-Aspect Tactical Cannon" Requiem. They blamed such a weapon until they fully learned they were not in their Solar System any longer.

The Humans and Coordinators came together to survive and grow stronger in the new universe. Years later, they made first contact with life beyond their solar system. The two “extraterrestrial” species were The Abh and the people of Jurai. The Abh are space-dwelling people that are the rulers of an interstellar civilization with a feudal government and social structure.

The history of the Abhs shocked the bio-engineered Coordinators and Japanese-descent Naturals. The Abhs were originally engineered to be slaves (bioroids), meant to be used for deep space exploration. Their creators were a group of ultra-nationalistic East Asians trying to recreate a “purified” version of their culture in space. One group of these bonded explorers left their space metropolis and chose not to return to their creators and instead formed their own independent state.

Unfortunately, their fear that their creators would send a punitive force to destroy them was too great and eventually these pioneering Abhs decided to launch a preemptive strike to destroy their creators’ space metropolis. In the process they discovered that their former masters were not strong enough to put up sufficient resistance resulting in their destruction. This created a sense of collective guilt among the founding fathers of the Abhs which they try to ease through adopting, protecting, developing, and passing on to their descendants the culture of their metropolis of origin.

Since that point of First Contact, the Seed System has gained access to advanced space technology including gravity-manipulating generators used to create shields and ship gravity, and warp drives that enable them to contact many other races. They also quickly learned to avoid ships from Hallow-Earth, since they are some of the most chaotic and destructive in the known universe. They can’t always avoid them.


Daniel Osborne, famous lycanthrope of Hallow Earth, turns to see Itachi and Cordelia Chase run up to him and his companions. One is Iria, while the other is a beautiful athletic blonde standing six foot three.

“Cordelia. Itachi. It’s been a long time.”

“It’s been near impossible to find you since you left,” says Cordelia.

“I’ve been having some odd adventures and been finding more leads on those stealing Hallow-Earth technology.”

“Do you have the reports? I want to get back to Hallow-Earth and the kids.”

There is a coughing sound.

“Oh,” says Oz looking embarrassed. “These are my friends. Iri of the planet Myce and famed bounty hunter. The other is famous bounty hunter and metroid hunter Samus Aran.”

Oz waves his hand over a point on his chest and a black symbol appears. As he waves over it a second time, the symbol glows white before transforming into a small rectangular piece of technology similar to a memory stick. He hands the stick over to Cordelia. She places it over her bare arm and the same strange symbol appears on her arm. The memory stick glows white, then shatters into particles that shoot into the symbol. The glow of the symbol fades, then the symbol itself fades back into her flawless skin.

“What’s that?” says the blonde beauty, not wearing her bio-mechanical power armor for once.

“Encoded data on a magi-tech memory stick with built-in hidden storage seal,” says Oz. “It’s the data I’ve been collecting since I came to space. I’ll soon be returning to Hallow-Earth, but there might be a few more surprises, so I’m giving them a copy of the files.”

Suddenly, there is loud screaming and the group turns to see the small space colony they are on being invaded by a hostile race. Despite their resemblance to insects, the creatures have endoskeletons as well as exoskeletons. Also unlike insects they have fang-filled jaws instead of mandibles. Their skulls are triangular and flat, with a ‘birthmark’ between their large eyes. Their two front legs are actually long tentacles they can use to manipulate objects.

“Brood,” says Cordelia with disgust.

The Brood are a race of insect-like, parasitic, extraterrestrial beings that appear in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Brood possess wings, sharp pointed teeth and a stinging tail. They have a hive mentality and mindlessly follow a queen. To reproduce, they must infect other races with their eggs.

Hallow-Earth decimated their population, destroying entire planets and groups of zombie-like Acanti and Starsharks. When the other space-faring races learned of this, they joined in the destruction of the creatures. This resulted in the death of the Empress and nearly all Brood Queens. In less than month, the race was on the verge of extinction and this group is the last colony.

The Brood invading the space colony are desperate. They escaped the extermination of their race by hiding inside an Acanti - space whale. Now that the poor creature has finally died, they were forced to invade the colony that recovered the body. They doubt they can conquer the entire colony but they need a new means of space travel to escape the Hallow-Earth hunters.


The Brood cry out in pain as their link with the last remaining Queen is severed. The dead Acanti, tractor beam hauled in by the Seed Colony ships, is consumed by a blinding white light. It is incinerated in space and the holy nature of the flames magnifies the pain of the surviving Brood , who have a supernatural origin.

Itachi moves at speeds far beyond the human or Brood ability to trace and uses his sword to slice through the joints and eyes of the Brood. In the blink of an eye, the air is filled with alien blood. Some of the monsters have almost comical looks on their hideous faces as their heads fly away from their bodies.

Samus Aran, now dressed in her power armor due to a special update from Hallow-Earth opens fire with beams from her right arm cannon. The armor of the Brood may be able to stop low level weapons, but the bounty hunter’s cannon causes them to explode into fiery fragments.

Cordelia moves like an aggressive dancer releasing blue-white flames that incinerate any bug stupid enough to get close to her. One Brood tries to jump on her from above, but she does a hand stand and releases a twin blast of flame from her feet into the creature’s face. She then leaps to her feet, jumps into the air, and comes down with two blades of flame that bisect two Brood attacking a pair of teenagers.

Iria rams the barrels of her rifle into the mouth of a Brood after avoiding the stinger. As she pulls the trigger, the shot tears through the internal organs before exploding into burning fragments. The weapon was designed to be used against Zeiram, a monster with vast resistance and regenerative abilities, the overgrown insects are nowhere near as durable. The Brood explodes and the shot also destroys the Brood behind it.

Oz grabs a metal table, while transforming into his hybrid form, then hits the Brood with it like a giant fly swatter. The Brood are crushed by the force of Oz’s attack, which also cracks the concrete floor under the creatures. On large Brood rams it’s stinger into the wolf-man’s neck, creating a spray of blood. The Brood quickly learns his stinger broke on impact and is then torn in half by Oz with the ease of peeling a banana.

Those Brood that have enough sense to avoid the Hallow-Earth hunters and their friends, don’t get very far. The Gundams and other mobile suits used by the Coordinator pilots shoot them with armor-piercing bullets, slice them apart with energy swords, burn them with lasers, or just crush them with their giant metal feet. Those that try to escape into buildings, hallways, or air vents are out maneuvered by the superior intellect of the enhanced humans. Some places are separated from the colony and ejected into the cold depths space, where they can be later destroyed. Some places have the artificial gravity boosted to over ten thousand times Earth level for a split second, long enough to crush the bugs into paste. Some places are flooded with super-fluid coolant turning the invaders into Brood ice statues that are easily shattered and disposed off.

There are a few deaths caused by the surprise attack and many injuries, but in the one attack the Brood have become extinct.

Sunnydale - Holy Forge

“An wvil Mr. Rogers plans to rule the world with an army of zombie Teletubbies!”

“Is he high?”



“Only partially.”

“So the evil Mr. Rogers?”

“A zombie animated by a minor demonic spirit.”


“The demon spirit has illusionary abilities. It can create imagines of a horrific zombie army, but is limited by the host’s mind.”

“The scariest thing in Mr. Zombie Roger’s brain was Teletubbies!?”

“It must have been a stereotypical Mr. Rogers.”


“Minor Demonic Spirit. Holy items. Salt. Blessed silver. Fire.”

Smith and Wesson are two clerks that work at the Holy Forge blessed weaponry shop.

John Smith is a young man with blue eyes, pale skin, and long flowing black hair reaching his shoulders. He’s dressed in a black suit with a white collar that makes him look like priest. Around his neck is a silver Rosario - a cross with a rosary bead in the center- connected to the collar

Jack Wesson is another young man with red-brown eyes, scarred dark skin, and short wild snow white hair. He’s dressed in a red T-shirt and black biker leathers. He also carries a pair of demonic-looking machine pistols and a menacing black sword on his back. On his ears are a set of gold ear cuffs, which many in Sunnydale would recognize as power limiters.

“Did you hear about Survivor Hallow-Earth Australia?”

“Survivor? The reality television show?”

“Some idiot sorcerer at a private network pulled mainstream characters from movies and books and dropped them in the middle of nowhere filming it for reality TV. Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, the couple from High School Musical, Wolverine from X-Men: The Movie, the Golden Trio from Harry Potter, Bella and Edward from Twilight, and the warriors from Lord of the Rings.”

“How did he manage to capture Hallow-Earth warriors?”

“He didn’t. He used a spell to summon alternate versions using the original movie DVDs and books. As if this world needs any more analogues. The colony forces are still looking for the hidden film site but Australia is a big place. Their best hope is the Pokémon grapevine.”

The ignorant would think that Smith was a warrior of light and Wesson was a warrior of darkness, but in truth it’s the opposite. Smith is a demon from the depths of hell who was accidently summoned to the mortal plane during the Colony Wars. He turned the Dark Council sorcerer that summoned him into a woman and kept her as a sex slave for several years. He spent most of his time killing anyone that got in his way, drinking all manner of booze, and having sex with any woman that caught his eye. When he attacked a colony, an angel trapped on Earth sealed him in the form of a priest.

Wesson is an angel who spent more time getting high with his fellow slacker angels than doing his job. He was finally caught smoking weed by the more powerful angels and sent to Earth. He was sealed in the body of a hunter who had recently been killed by a Hollow, and has spent the last few years working in Sunnydale. The power limiters weaken his holy aura enough that he can function in Sunnydale Society, while Smith’s Rosario keeps him in human form with a very weak demonic aura.

“Where were you last week?” asks Wesson.

“Some guy got fed up and kidnapped all door to door salesmen and those strange church people and puts them in deathtraps. This stupid outfit had me mistaken for a priest. The nut has lethal puzzles that if you didn’t solve or get right, you would die an extremely violent death. I couldn’t die even sealed in this form because of my demon immortality, so I ended up being killed six times before I found my way out. The spirit detectives investigated and found the others, after the souls of the first killed informed them.”

“Maybe I should have chosen a different outfit.”

“No kidding. Do you know what kind of rumors they say about a priest and a constantly pregnant nun?”

The former Dark Council Sorcerer Edward Von Eon that summoned Smith to the human world was turned into a permanent sex slave first, then when Smith was sealed in a priest, she ended up as his nun/wife. An exposure to Valentine magic proved that while most sex slaves are sterile, this one wasn’t. She gave birth to a single child the first time, then twins the second time, and triplets the third time. Eve (as she’s called now) is pregnant for the seventh time with the predicted septuplets, which will bring the number of offspring to twenty eight. The devil in human flesh wonders which god is laughing his divine ass off at him.

“I choose that form because the Rosario belonged to an Italian priest.”

“No way!”

The two clerks look up to see a group in soldier fatigues talking to a man with a mullet. What’s most striking is that the leader of the soldiers and the man with the mullet are identical except for the hair style.

“I never realized how much you two look alike,” says the blonde woman.

“Indeed,” says the tall, muscular, African descent man with the gold tattoo on his forehead.

“I think I look better with short/long hair,” they say at the same time with the same voice.

Smith turns to Wesson with a look.

“SG-1. A team of explorers/soldiers from an alternate Earth galaxy. Our probes recently made contact and with our magic and technology, including how to build zero point energy modules and Stargates, we were able to connect Hallow-Earth to their Stargate artificial wormhole network. The four-eyed scientist is Dr. Daniel Jackson, the tall dark warrior is Teal’c, the brainy woman is Samantha Carter, and the leader is a Jonathan “Jack” O’Neal. The mullet is intelligent (by human standards), optimistic action hero Angus MacGyver.”

“The point?”

“Two live action series with the heroes played by the same actors. I guess this is their first time.”

“You think?” says the duo again.

Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal’c then experience another aspect of Hallow-Earth physics as they sweat drop at Jack and Angus getting into a heated discussion about fishing. The two finally agree to vacation together on a Hallow-Earth claimed planet named Oceania and have a fishing competition.

Sunnydale - Hospital

Dr. Xander C.H. Harris walks towards his next set of patients looking a little tired. He’s been dealing with nobility and various violent patients. One needs to be handled with care, while the other ends up creating a major mess every single time. He had to take a hybrid water/sonic shower a few minutes ago after defeating a sentient skin disease.

The first patient is a man standing six foot four with dark curly hair, dark eyes, and a thick mustache. He’s asleep and sealed inside a containment capsule with IV lines feeding in nutrients and medication.

One of the nurses comes over to explain the case to him.

“The patient is Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV. He spent years as a member of the US Navy in his world, before becoming a largely penniless private investigator "beach bum" in Hawaii who, despite irregular employment, nevertheless managed to live a comfortable existence thanks to celebrity author Robin Masters's offer of the guest house on his Hawaii estate "Robin's Nest" and use of his red Ferrari 308 GTS in exchange for quality control of the estate security. He became involved not only in typical "P.I." cases but also a wide variety of adventures involving espionage, covert operations, paramilitary escapades, and ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous.’ ”

“I used to watch Magnum PI, Nurse Haruna. I even wore Hawaiian shirts.”

“How horrible.”


“He passed out in a bar drinking one of the top drinks. When another patient did a scan to determine if he was alright, they found out he had a parasite.”

“A parasite?”

“His mustache is actually a sentient extraterrestrial parasite attached to the maxilla of the skull. It also explains how a Hawaiian PI could survive the severe Hallow Earth conditions, since the parasite regenerates its host. The parasitism is in the form of tendrils extending into the frontal lobes of the brain granting the parasite total control over the host. Despite those abilities, the organism has a low tolerance for alcohol.”

“Freaky fashion strikes again.”

This isn’t the first time Xander has had to remove a mind controller masquerading as something else. There were extraterrestrial creatures resembling bats and disguised as hats. He and his staff had to use sound waves to remove them, then regenerate the brain tissue. There were aliens disguised as pantyhose that infected a girl’s school with the teacher being the first host. After the hunters managed to stun the school, it was Xander who had to design a method to defuse the alien tissue from the host neural tissue and restore their original minds. Then there was a mind-controlling nanomachine colony that disguised themselves as watches, cellphones, and PDA. Xander has to use a Washu-designed computer virus to destroy the machine infection in a hundred people.

Xander examines the scans for several minutes.

“Tell the surgeons to keep the parasite and patient sedated at level four. Remind them that the more active the parasite, the faster it can regenerate the host tissue to prevent its removal. The surgeons should disconnect the neural connections first and stabilize the brain before attempting the removal of the parasite. If it becomes necessary, cut the bone to the remove the parasite, then perform reconstruction.”

Xander looks at the parasite scan.

“Tell them also to be careful of the eggs. The parasite was attempting to use Magnum’s DNA to fertilize its eggs before spreading them to other hosts. The sedation prevented their release, but they will be fully developed within twenty four hours.”

The second patient is a centaur child/colt. The boy’s upper human part has blue eyes, an average build, and rainbow-colored hair. His lower body belongs to a small species of chubby-bodied colorful horse with rainbow colored stars on his haunch, pink hide, and a rainbow colored tail

Xander looks down at the file and sees a grinning man with dark blue eyes and dark hair dressed as a stereotypical Texan. The height is also listed as over six foot, while the boy can’t be over five foot at most.

“Is this is correct file?”

“John Ross Ewing, Jr., more commonly known as J.R. Ewing. He was a character from the series Dallas. In his universe, J.R. was a covetous, egocentric, and amoral oil baron, who was constantly plotting subterfuges to plunder his foes and their Texas-sized wallets. This cunning allowed him to survive in what was Texas of Hallow-Earth and he managed to create a small empire despite the destruction of most oil producers.”

Xander winces remembering the petroleum creatures that had decimated the world’s oil fields. They forced the new generation to choose eco-friendly power sources like wind, water, solar, geothermal, magic, and dimensional coupler instead of oil like it was before October 31st, 1997.

“He tried to welch on a bet and was turned into a centaur. You should never try to cheat a black market wizard. It wouldn’t have been too bad if the horse component didn’t come from My Little Pony. As the result, his mind is suppressed by the naive Star Strinkle persona and he’s constantly getting himself into dangerous situations.”

“How are the magic users doing on a cure?”

“They can’t revert him to human because the wizard implanted a tamper-proof life force bomb. If the equine genetics are removed, the patient’s cells will react and self-destruct. A massive explosion on both the physical and spiritual level that could damage the hospital and the patient’s soul.”

“Have they attempted to change the species of horse?”

“Uh... No.”

“If they change the species to a non-sentient species and age him to adulthood, then the Sprinkle persona should fade and JR shouldn’t have that much problem with being a centaur. He has a herd working for him at his ranch. Also, tell them to be careful. Those cute little ponies have dangerous potential.”

“What do you mean?”

“You haven’t read the ‘Potential Evil in Cute’ article have you? My Little Pony had a hell spawn named Tirek. He had a form of black magic that turned those cute little ponies into giant long tusked dragons.”


“He called it the Rainbow of Darkness.”


Xander leaves the nurse to figure out how the words “rainbow”, “darkness”, and “black magic” can go together. The next set of patients are oddly familiar.

“Jill Riley. Shauni McClain. Casey Jean Parker. Stephanie Holden. Caroline Holden. Neely Capshaw. Baywatch!?”

The people in the beds were ordinary life guards and people who dressed as life guards for Halloween ‘97. The chaos magic not only gave them the memories, personalities, appearance, and athletic abilities of the cast of the American television series Baywatch, but it later gave them abilities to survive the chaos of Hallow-Earth. The Los Angeles County Lifeguards all possess aquatic superhuman abilities ranging from Water Freedom - no negative effects under water and enhanced strength and endurance above water with a decrease in agility - to hydrokinesis - the psychic ability to manipulate water with the mind.

Xander notes that the entire cast of life guards are pregnant. Xander winces and reminds himself to buy “Instant Spring of the Drowned Girl” since it will make the male cases easier to deal with. He looks down at the file and his eyes widen.

“Mitch Buchannon was possessed by demon and transformed into a tentacle monster called The Hoff!? Now the entire cast is pregnant with monster babies. Why aren’t... Oh the reason they didn’t have abortions is the babies have connected themselves to life force of the mothers. They’ll also become incorporeal demons if their supply of energy is cut off, which would endanger the surrounding people.”

Sunnydale - Tough Love 9

Dumb heroes can be just as dangerous as cunning villains. The worst of these well-meaning idiots could be sent to “Tough Love 9,” a corrections facility designed to teach common sense and responsible use of their super-powers. Although there’s a big difference between idiocy and personality traits like impulsiveness, naivety, or an aversion to academic learning.

“Case 5-5-6: Ash Ketchum. Pokémon Trainer. Accidental destruction of property and eco-terrorism. $240,000”

“Case 5-5-7: Kazuma Shell-Bullet. Alter User. Destruction of property. Accidental injuries.$1,250,000”

“Case 5-5-8: Luffy D Monkey. Devil Fruit User. Destruction of property. Theft of food. $778,000”

“Case 5-5-9: Takuya Kanbara. Digimon Legendary Warrior of Fire. Pyromania. $800,000”

“Case 5-6-0: Usagi Tsukino. Sailor Senshi. Roof damage. Sound pollution. Indecent exposure. $250,000”

“Case 5-6-1: Excel. Minion of ACROSS. Destruction of toy store. Extreme bloody violence. $6,600,000”

“Case 5-6-2: Goku Son. Saiyan Warrior. Property damage due to careless training. $12,000,000”

“Case 5-6-3: Mantaro Kinnikuman. Superhuman Wrestler. Property damage. Impersonating a government official. Cowardly desertion under pressure. Theft of rice and beef. $2,000,000”

“Case 5-6-4: Gourry Gabriev. Magic Swordsman. Destruction of property. Failure to pay food bill. Defacement of monument. $75,000,000”

“Case 5-6-5: Sonsaku Hakufu. Dragon Toshi. Destruction of property. Indecent exposure. $950,000”

Tough Love has been completely destroyed eight times by its patients/inmates.

“Tough Love’s ninth incarnation lasting longer than a year. Priceless.”

Sunnydale - Coffee Talks

Dr. Xander Cho Hakkai Harris and Dr. Joyce Tsunade Senju-Summers meet at the coffee machine after another long shift. They are joined by several other doctors and nurses, including BlackJack, Dr. House, Dr. Fran Madaraki, and Doctor Voyager with an enhanced mobile holographic emitter. One may wonder how a hologram can drink coffee, the answer is the coffee machine downloads the data into the mobile emitter and the Doctor gets a holographic cup with holographic coffee, and the reactions are pre-programmed into his sensory inputs.

There is also a traumatized janitor with the group. Mr. A. J. Williams is a middle aged man standing six foot one with an average face, short brown hair and brown eyes. He’s dressed in a work jumpsuit composed of sheer thickening fluids and carbon nanotubes, constructed on a nano scale, meaning that while it’s soft as denim normally it can harder and stronger than steel on impact. It’s also corrosive proof, radiation resistant, fire proof and contains antimicrobial materials that kill germs with a touch. The jumpsuit has a hood and a filter/oxygen mask. He also has a modified hybrid chain sword (a fusion of sword and chainsaw) on his back, a sawed-off shotgun with mystical runes in a hip holster, and his mop is actually a magi-tech sorcerer’s staff with a mop head on the base.

“Did you hear about Lady Jade?”

“Jade Chan ran away again?”

“Yep. What’s interesting is that as punishment for her previous rebellions, Magia-Misteria has issued as reward saying that any ‘approved’ prince or nobleman who re-captures Jade shall marry her.”

“Ouch. What do they mean by approved?”

“They are hoping for a Wise Prince as opposed to the spoiled brats. Kind, honorable and well-intentioned, but with an aura of sadness and melancholy. Something that will balance out Jade’s excitable nature, without domination.”

“Maybe Moro, the son of Prince Ashitaka and Mononoke Princess San or Shin, the son of General Shang and Mulan. They’re both powerful warriors, but they’re kind hearted and their honor is unquestionable.”

“Mulan was a cross-dressing soldier, not a princess.”

“She became a princess when she saved the eggs of a dragon princess from the Dark Council. The Dragon King gave her rule over one of the reclaimed Thousand Kingdoms. The original royal family in that area had been slaughtered to the last child by Madara’s assassins and the neighboring kingdoms couldn’t afford to fight over the land.”

“I’m surprised doctors gossip this much,” says Dr. House.

“Hey. We need the news to prevent surprises,” says Xander, drinking his coffee.

“Big news is that Princess Typhona, daughter of Daikaiju Kaiser (Giant Monster Emperor) Godzilla and Echidna, is dating Nibbles, the Guyver-enhanced dragon adopted by me and Jiraiya,” says Dr. Summers. “Godzilla isn’t too happy about his lil’ girl growing up.”

“Just what we don’t need. A hundred meter tall, six hundred ton angry father that can breathe atomic fire,” says Xander. “How tall are the kids again?”

“Typhona is growing up fast. She’s already reached the forty meters mark and scientists think she’ll reach a hundred and twenty. Nibble’s length has increased to fifty meters with a hundred and fifty meter wingspan. Scientists say he’ll also reach a hundred and twenty and a wingspan of two hundred and forty. He’s also thinking about changing his name from Nibbles to something more mature like Matrix or G-Dragon.”

“A teenage Daikaiju,” groans Doctor House.

“I thought our worst problem with Nibbles was the Winnie Incident.”

The group shudders at the memory of the infamous Winnie Incident. A group of trainers had Nibbles test out his flying ability. They wanted to see how far he could fly and how fast, but they underestimated the power of a bio-boosted advanced dragon and the speeds it can reach. The little dragon, barely over twelve meters long at the time, traveled from the ruins of Los Angeles, California, United States to the ruins of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, breaking the sound barrier with ease. Over twenty five hundred kilometers in less than thirty minutes made the little dragon very hungry and it found a colony protected by a magic bubble barrier. A barrier designed to stop dark magic and weak monsters, not armored dragons moving at supersonic speeds.

Inside the bubble, there were many anthropomorphic animals and children’s story characters including the famed Winnie-the-Pooh created by A. A. Milne.

Nibbles’ hunger proved to be great as he devoured bear, pig, tiger, rabbit, donkey, owl, kangaroo, gopher, and various other wild animal meat. When Joyce arrived to retrieved Nibbles, the only survivors were traumatized human children, Christopher Robin and his little sister Darby, surrounded by the blood-stained bones of various animals. They found Nibbles with his snout in a honey pot.

“Hallow-Earth doesn’t have good and evil, it has shades of grey ranging from bad boy to evil incarnate.”

“I heard Boba Fett tricked Jabba the Hutt into solving the Lament Configuration of the Cenobites as revenge for some past misdeed.”

“What misdeed would warrant being tortured by sadomasochistic demons for all eternity?”

“Jabba possessed all the memories of the other universe Jabba up to the point he was strangled by Princess Leia. He wanted to hire Jango Fett to assassinate her, but he refused. Jabba then tried to have Jango killed and nearly succeeded. Boba was only recently reunited with his father and was seriously pissed off. What’s worse is that he almost lost his father before, when scientists kidnapped Jango to cure the surviving clone troopers from a bio-weapon.”


The group turns to see a man crawling on the floor leaving a trail of blood and other fluids. He’s a thin man with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose, and yellow, uneven teeth. He also has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face, and cold, black eyes. He’s dressed in black, which with the blood and fluids makes him look like a drowned bat.

“Severus Snape, recently appointed lesser god of infertility and sterility.”

To combat the Valentine population booms, dozens of unlucky individuals have been appointed as spirits of infertility and platonic lethargy. Suffice it to say, they are VERY unpopular and cop a lot of flack.

“What happened to you?” says Mr. Williams as he magically mops up the blood, but doesn’t try to help Snape.

“I walked too close to the maternity ward. (Cough) I tell people I only affect those above (hack! cough) thirty, but the parents hit me like I was the demon of (cough) miscarriages and sudden infant death syndrome.”

Suddenly, a girl appears behind Snape. She’s a cute girl with blue eyes and pale purple hair done in ponytails. She’s dressed in a European style school uniform and above her head is a golden halo. In her hand is a kanabo – an iron spike covered staff the size of a large baseball bat.

“Dokuro!?” says the scared Snape.

A superhuman strike from Excalibolg sends what remains of Snape flying down the hall towards the elderly patient care ward. Ash yells considering he now has another mess to clean up.

“Get Back To Work!”

Dojo Daddies

Martial arts or fighting arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Martial arts all have a very similar objective: defending oneself or others from physical threat. In addition, some martial arts are linked to beliefs such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism or Shinto while others follow a particular code of honor. Many arts are also practiced competitively, most commonly as combat sports, but may also take the form of dance.

Sunnydale has many martial artists who when not defending the colony or fighting each other, can be found at either their private training areas or the large dojos owned by some of the strongest. At the Sunnydale Martial Arts Center, many of the tournament fighters and well known martial artists have gathered to train.

There are people using exercise machines ranging from the simplest design to advanced technology. Some people train wearing weights and resistor rods, while others train in a machine that boosts the gravity/air resistance. There are self-repairing blocks of wood and stone, and self-repairing practice dummies covered in sensors. There are padded rings where a fighter can fight a living opponent with combat experience or a “solid light” holographic opponent that can change strength in a second.

There are also medical facilities which contain some of Sunnydale’s best doctors and the best medical technology including scanners that can measure the size and strength every muscle, bone, and organ down to the last nanometer. The unique machines measure various forms of energy including life energy, magical power, psychic energy, and spiritual pressure in total and every cell. They can also detect the flow and potential of the subject, detecting the chakra network in the ninja and even the spiritual dragons found in some fighters.

The infamous Valentine events, which even today cause baby booms, affected the martial artists the most. The chakra-manipulating ninjas, ki-manipulating fighters and champions, spirit energy using spiritual beings, and youki-using youkai warriors have produced the largest number of offspring. In a world where there is a literal connection between sex and violence, a world of badasses and blood knights spawns over and over.

Today, several parents and their children are training.

A young boy with brown eyes and dark brown hair stands ready in the ring. He’s dressed in a black leather jacket with a rising sun emblem, a white undershirt, a new pair of fingerless gloves and black jeans. He throws a combination of punches, which each punch producing a large crimson fireball that grows larger with each strike. He ends the combination with a spinning kick. The kick releases a crescent-shaped fiery blast that smashes six target dummies into the protective barriers.

“Good work, Kiyoshi.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

Kiyoshi is the son of King of Fighters champion Kyo Kusanagi and his girlfriend Yuki. He and his sister Yukio are training with their father, learning how to use their legendary bloodline flames, the Megatama.

“You have to be good since the Three Is want to rip you up like a Kleenex.”

“At least they don’t want to kill me like their father wanted to do to you.”

“That’s only because they know death isn’t permanent.”

The Three Is are Ichiro, Izanagi, and Izumi Yagami, the three oldest children of “The Insane Orochi Warrior” Iori Yagami, wielder of the purple flames of the Magatama no Orochi. Kiyoshi gets along with the younger son Tatsuya and his sister Hotaru, but the Three Is want to tear him into bloody pieces for embarrassing them during a trip to Nihon. The environment of Hallow-Earth has enhanced the demon tainted Yagami bloodline to the point where they no longer have shortened life spans and their powers no longer cause negative feedback (i.e. pain), meaning their unique instinctive style has become far more powerful and deadly, which in turn means that Kiyoshi has to train hard or end up needing a new body.


A fist strikes the ground and a pillar of fire and ki energy explodes from the Earth.

Jeff Bogard is the oldest son of “The Lonely Wolf” Terry Bogard and fellow fighter Blue Mary (also known as Mary Ryan). He’s already learned his father’s strongest moves including Power Wave, Burning Knuckles, Power Dunk,
Crack Shoot, Power Charge, Power Geyser, and Buster Wolf. He’s also learned from his mother and their friends. He’s part of a generation Xerox since he resembles his father completely and his opponent annoys him by calling him the Lonely Cub.

“Ninpo: Fuujin no Mai!”
(Ninja Art: Dance of the Blades)

A beautiful woman with long dark hair and an impressive bust moves like a dancer, moving a pair of oriental war fans in a pattern. As she moves, she releases crescent-shaped wind blades that slice several humanoid targets into pieces. The targets are non-sentient protoplasm-based bioroids that accurately show bone, muscle, and organ damage including bodily fluids. The damage from the kunoichi’s technique is gruesome and a hundred percent lethal.

Jeff’s cousin is Maiko Bogard who more resembles her mother Mai Shiranui, then her father Andy Bogard. She’s trained extensively in kampo martial arts and the Shiranui style of ninja arts, but she’s also been trained in other forms of ninjutsu including those used by chakra-manipulating shinobi. Unfortunately for her father, Maiko has also inherited her mother’s flirty nature and “bounce”, making Andy worry about more than Valentine Events.

“That girl is vicious.”

“And bodacious.”

Watching the King of Fighters children train are four mutant turtles in ninja clothing and old robes. In their world, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo were a team who were trained by an anthropomorphic, talking rat sensei, Master Splinter, in the art of ninjitsu. From their home in the storm sewers of New York, they battled petty criminals, evil megalomaniacs, and alien invaders, all while remaining isolated from society at large. In Hallow-Earth, they woke up in the town of Turtleton, home of TMNT fanatics. Unlike the other Eighties versions, who were mostly naive, pizza-obsessed, and child-like, these four are tall, powerful, twenty-first century mutants who have more in common with the dark and gritty original turtles of Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. The more mature turtles travel the world looking to increase their martial knowledge and traveling warriors often end up in the city of Sunnydale.

“SHINRYUKEN!” (Divine Dragon Fist)

A long haired blond dressed in a red gi does a spinning vertical flaming Shoryuken (fiery jumping uppercut).

“SHINKUU HADOKEN!” (Vacuum Surge Fist!)

The blond spins around, cupping his hands at his side before bringing them forward and releasing a surge of spirit energy (or ki) that flies towards the next set of targets. The targets are hit over and over again before being shot into the air covered in flames, then crashing to the ground charred and smoking.

Richard is the second oldest son of Ken and Elisa Masters, after their son Mel. He like his street fighter father is a modified ansatsuken fighter. He’s dedicated to the art like his “uncle” Ryu, willing to go to extremes to learn martial arts and win against the most brutal fighters. Ken is also worried because Richard has showed Satsui no Hado (Surge of Murderous Intent), a technique and condition in which a fighter must be so consumed with the desire to win that they are willing to kill. It may be useful on a world of murderous creatures, but that same power can consume the user as it almost did his friend Ryu and which it did do to Gouki, also known as the Master of Fists Akuma.


Ken’s brother in law Guile is an Air Force Fighting Champion and has Special Forces military training taught by his friend Charlie. Sonic Boom is Guile and Charlie's trademark projectile. It involves two waves of energy released by a quick arm-cross slash. Sonic Storm is a far more powerful version he learned on Hallow-Earth. Guile fires two waves of energy from the air hitting the target on the ground, then explode upwards striking the target again.


Guile whips his arms back and releases a crescent shaped vacuum blade that slices airborne target clean in half. Guile trained with a Japanese martial artist known as Ryu Kumon, who used a series of techniques called Yamasenken that including statue slicing vacuum blades known as Kijin Raishu Dan (Demon God Assault Bombs). The Sonic Assault is a combination of the bombs and the Sonic Boom attack.

Guile turns and almost collapses. His daughter Amy by his wife Julia has grown into a beautiful woman and is currently flirting with some of the other fighters. Fighters may be good in a fight, but they’re brittle in emotional relationship battles.


A young man with red hair and dark blue and white clothing is fighting a woman with short light purple hair and dark purple clothing. They both use Mugen Tenshin Tenjin Mon Style Ninjutsu as their main art, but occasionally add techniques from other disciplines.

The two are Kazuo, son of the Kunoichi of Destiny, Kasumi, and Akane, daughter of the Kunoichi with Murderous Intent Ayane, making them cousins. Kasumi was a leader who became a nukenin to find her missing brother, while Ayane is the hated child of a rape. As children they were close friends, however after learning the circumstances of her birth, Ayane became jealous of Kasumi because Ayane was treated like a demon child in the village. They have become friends again since fighting together against the Halloween Horrors and the Dark Council. Their children have become rivals with Kazuo and Akane fighting every chance they get.

Ren Hayabusa, son of the Singular Super-Ninja Ryu Hayabusa and his wife Irene, is the third man in the three person team and acts like a barrier between the two. Ren is Kazuo’s best friend and Akane’s boyfriend, but it takes every bit of Hayabusa style Ninjutsu to counter the two rivals. Things have gotten even tenser with the official engagement being announced. Ren also has to deal with Tatsuko and Hayate Hayabusa-Valentine, his competitive half-sibling and fellow genin (beginner ninja).

Valentine has become the last name of many illegitimate children born from the Valentine Event. In the event that the parents don’t practice polygamy, the children either keep the mother’s surname; take the father’s surname, or both connected together. Also, many have accepted the surname Valentine when they can't or choose not to accept another's surname or are abandoned. Some newspapers have reported the Valentine family exceeds half a million members.

“So, Jin I heard you are no longer an only child,” he says to companion as they enjoy their drinks.

“My mother went missing at the hands of the Orge, but they were reunited a few years ago. The Valentine Event took care of the rest and now I’m the oldest of six. The problem is there are other Mishima clan members.”

“You mean Heihachi Mishima. Wasn’t he suspected of conspiring with the Dark Council??”

“They couldn’t prove anything, even with scrying or psychics. Grandfather had Dad and his adopted son Lee Chaolan, but he now has nine other children because of Halloween. What’s worse is the Devil Gene is like one of those ninja bloodlines and stronger than ever. Lee has six children of his own, my cousins, and there’s some guy named Lars who’s also a Mishima.”

“What about Jinpachi Mishima?”

Jinpachi Mishima is the father of Heihachi Mishima, thus being grandfather to Kazuya Mishima and great-grandfather to Jin Kazama. When he died, the devil took over his body, resurrecting him and endowing him with supernatural power. He started his King of Iron Fist Tournament hoping to find someone powerful enough to kill him before the evil could consume him. In the world of Hallow-Earth, he was resurrected by a Dark Council experiment as a half-devil hybrid similar to the sons of Sparda. The insanely powerful warrior decimated twelve colonies, eight belonging to the council.

“He encountered a violent, predatory clone of dragon toshi Ryuubi Gentoku. They almost killed each other until the Valentine event made them mate. Now, the dragon instincts of Ryuubi see him and their children as their treasure. The devil blood has also marked her as his mate, so they’ll stay together till the day they die.”

“What did they name the first kid?”

“Kenpachi Mishima. Apparently they respect the Zaraki blood knights.”

In another part of the Center, a young man with amber-colored narrow eyes, white slicked back hair, and a young face sits at the table enjoying his tea. He’s dressed in a loose white shirt, black pants, and black sneakers with a black jacket. Many people who recognize him try to avoid him. He’s the son of the immortals Sohaku Kago and Noriko Shindayuu Inue, and possessor of Dragon Gates.

Sohaku is the first and only person to ever be head of the Kago family, as he has lived for several centuries because of his unique power. Sohaku has the power of the Flaming Dragon's Gate, which enables him to redirect the flow of ki back into the dead, thus giving them life again. He also seems to have some ability to reverse age as he has kept himself, Noriko Shindayuu Inue, and Tetsuhito Kagiroi alive and young since feudal times.

Kohaku Kago has the ability to not only redirect the flow of ki to restore the dead, but absorb ki in all its forms. He can literally drain another fighter of ki until all that remains is a withered husk. At the same time, the absorbed ki can regenerate his body, enhance his physical power, and increase his vast energy reserves. He’s also famous for devouring Gouki/Akuma’s most powerful Messatsu Gou Hado like cotton candy into a vacuum cleaner. He’s also inherited his mother’s mind control ability allowing him to completely control anyone he’s healed/resurrected and control the weak willed with his voice. It’s for these reasons that Kohaku Kago is known as the “Vampire Dragon Prince”.

Since Sohaku and the others sided with the Colonies against the Dark Council, he was able to build an empire. Most of the equipment, properties, and finances were taken from the Dark Council as spoils of war. Sohaku is currently concerned with the growing Takayanagi-Natsume Clan. Currently Mitsuomi Takayanagi and Maya Natsume are on their sixth child, Souichiro Nagi and Aya Natsume are on their third, and there are several analogues who also have children and consider themselves part of the clan. As a result, the sheer number of people is causing a resonance which is awakening the powers of various bloodlines faster than ever.


Three versions of Ranma Saotomes walk into the Dojo followed by their spouses and eldest children. The Saotomes are the heads of the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu kenpo dojos. The first Ranma, dressed in red and black, is married to a version of Akane Tendo who is currently wearing a Chinese dress. The second Ranma is dressed in white and black and is married to Ukyo Kuonji. Unlike the first Ranma, he’s also a weapon user armed with a sword. The third Ranma is a female version named Ranko dressed in the same outfit as the first Ranma and married to a version of the eternal wanderer Ryoga Hibiki.


The ones arguing are Ranma and Ukyo’s son Shun Saotome, Ranma and Akane’s son Tenma Saotome, and Ranko and Ryoga’s son Ryoma Hibiki. Ranma, in any form, possesses a large ego, which is why he can fire the confidence fueled chi attack Moko Takabisha. The children also possess egos and spend their time developing their skills in order to defeat each other. Different spouses cause different opinions, which cause different reactions. Tenma believes in hand to hand combat and will only arm himself with battle gloves or brass knuckles. Shun is a skilled sword user and can turn anything into an extension of his body. Ryoma uses weapons, but dislikes bladed weapons.

The Saotome clan is followed by Naruto Militia Brats. They are the children of the various analogues of Naruto Uzumaki and various women. The five brats that enter are Haku, the daughter of Hinata Hyuuga; Hana, the daughter of Sakura Haruno, Izanami, the daughter of Miki Uchiha (a female version of Sasuke Uchiha); Miroku, daughter of the priestess Shion; and Amaya, the daughter of the false Jinchuriki Amaru. The children of the Naruto Militia have to train every day since they all suffer from a severe addiction to ramen which is not good for their physiques. If they didn’t all possess regenerative healing abilities, the salt alone would have killed them long ago.

“Simulated gravity shutdown in progress,” says an electronic voice. “250G. Spatial distortion collapsing. 200G. Internal space restoration. 150G. Re-engaging safety locks. 100G. Venting atmosphere. 50G. 40G. 30G. 20G. 10G. Normal gravity restored.”

The training chamber opens now that the atmosphere, gravity, and spatial dimensions have been returned to normal. The two people that step out of the chamber both have cuts, bruises, and torn, burnt clothing. The athletic man stands five foot eleven with short spiky black hair and black eyes. He’s dressed in black clothing with a cloth belt and soft shoes. The woman stands five foot six with short spiky black hair and blue eyes. She’s dressed in a black and blue training uniform. She also has a dark brown monkey-like tail wrapped around her waist.

“You did good Ume.”

“Thanks Dad,” says Ume. “I’m doing way better than Pan.”

“Now, don’t go talking about your sister like that. She’s only a quarter saiyan and she was badly injured during the Colony Wars. You on the other hand are half saiyan due to the virus and have been trained hard since birth.”

“Virus. They think that made it so any kid you had with a human would be half saiyan and if I have kids with another half-saiyan with the virus we’ll produce a pureblood?”

“That mad scientist wanted to ensure the survival of the saiyan species because he knew we got stronger the more we fought. Vegeta thinks it’s a godsend, since he learned that in our world the Saiyan species went completely extinct.”

“But the virus only works on those that have human blood. Youkai, wizards, shinigami, and even powerful Chakra Ninja are naturally immune to the virus.”

“It’s still a lot of carriers and when it reaches one of the outer human colonies, it will spread like a wild fire.”

“Did you hear about how Link and Zelda are doing in the new Hyrule?”

“I heard something about a Near Cephiro?”

“Cephiro is that realm supported by the will of the Pillar. She prays for good and everything is good and plentiful. If she has nightmares or anger in her heart, the world is filled with monsters. New Hyrule almost became dependent on the power, wisdom, and courage of its populace.”

“The Triforce?”


The Triforce is an omnipotent sacred relic, representing the essence of the Golden Goddesses who created the realm of Hyrule. The Halloween Event created three versions of the Triforce which when merged and boosted by a few divine powers created a new Hyrule in a magical dimension separate, yet connected, to Hallow-Earth.

“Link and Zelda are doing fine, except they keep having triplets. Their personalities are predictable as well. One child is courageous, but emotional; one is a logical genius, but lacks passion; and one is mix of the two with a severe amount of power added on. I think they are on their third set for a total of nine kids, which is a miracle considering how fertile their world is. ”

“You want to visit?”

“Hell no. Only Mewtwo, that girl he’s with, and crazy swordswoman in yellow visit Hyrule,” says Ume. “It would be as dumb as fighting Kenshiro at close range.”

Saiyan’s have immense superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and vast reserves of spiritual energy, but at close range they would be meat before the sixty-forth successor of the "Hokuto Shin Ken" style. A few gentle taps would be enough to cause their powerful space warrior bodies to explode in an extremely gruesome manner.

Suddenly, there is a sound of howling wind and a bright light outside as someone uses a portal to teleport to the center. Second after the light and sound fade, a group of warriors and their children emerge. They include Emiya Shirou, his wife Saber, and their son Arthur; and Tohsaka Rin with her husband Archer and their daughter Mana. Now a full adult, Emiya and Archer are virtually identical to each other, which makes their children either half-siblings and/or cousins.

“Over here, Archer!” yells a man with slicked back black hair.

“Yusuke not so loud!” says his wife, not caring about her own volume.

Around the table are three partial families. Yusuke Urameshi and Keiko Yukimura with their oldest Rei. Shuichi Minamino and Maya Kitajima with their eldest daughter Mana. Kazuma Kuwabara, his yuki-onna wife Yukina, and his eldest daughter Yukiko.

“Having any trouble with those magical girls in Nihon?”

“Makoto’s daughter Mako is even more boy crazy then her mother. Hikari looks identical to Hotaru, but while her mother was frail, soft, and gentle; Hikari is almost as wild as you Urameshi.”

“You had it easy,” says Yusuke. “I had to help train the Wolverine Clan. Dozens of regenerative wild children, most armed with razor sharp bone blades, some with metal plated skeletons.”

“Try training Justice League children,” says former yoko Kurama. “The various Supermen are Boy Scouts, but those part-Kryptonian brats have picked up pranking from the Militia brats.”

“So... How was the Themyscira colony, Koi? Hime?” says Kuwabara to Yukina and Yukiko.

The Themyscira Colony is an all female colony located on a terra-formed area of the planet Venus. It is the home of various amazons of Hallow Earth and other female only species such as the recently accepted refugees from the Arume and members of the Koorime, or ice maidens, which Yukina is a part of. Koorime are able to reproduce without males using parthenogenesis, but they can still mate with males.


The Engineer, Angela Spica, stands before a giant glowing entity. The entity resembles an immense humanoid female with a bald head, purple highlighted eyes, and three mask-like additional faces, one in front and the other two on the sides.

The Regess is the ruler of the Invid. She shared the throne with her husband, the Regent, until his death on Optera. The Regess once lived on Earth many millions of year ago. The life force they needed was growing naturally there, a plant they called the Flower of Life. The Invid were a species born from the same planet as the humans and the Robotech Masters (Tirol). The life of peace changed when a new race of beings closed in on the planet.

The Invid Flower of Life was stolen by an alien race called the Haydonites who, after capturing a large sample, bombarded the surface of the Earth to eliminate all traces of the flower on Earth. Regis and other Invids survived and chased after them forcing them to abandon the Flower of Life on the swamp world of Optera. The Regess found the world that now grew the Flower of Life and regained her strength, soon the flower spread across the whole planet, and the Invid began to flourish again.

As the Regess became strong again, she armed her once peaceful race with weaponry and armor. Each becoming a class of soldier that would fight to reclaim more of their precious Flower of Life and avenge the loss of their first home world. This lead to The Third Robotech War, which pitted the Army of the Southern Cross, various Terran resistance groups, and ultimately the Robotech Expeditionary Force against the Invid. In the end, the there was no conclusive victor to the war, although the Invid did ultimately cede control of the Earth. In the aftermath the REF immediately fell under attack from the Haydonites.

Regess’ daughter Ariel, also known as Marlene, was the first Invid with the ability to pass as a Terran. She, like a million other characters, has found a home on a Hallow-Earth colony. The Valentine Magic has also resulted in Regess becoming a grandmother half a dozen times over.

“You have found a new home world for my people?” asks the Regis.

The screen behind Spica and facing the Invid Regis activates and shows a green-blue world with one moon. It then zooms out to show a another small planet, two gas giants, and a dozen dwarf planets similar to Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris, which orbit Earth’s sun.

“The Machina space probes located a verdant, uninhabited world upon which you and your people can dwell in peace. This planet is covered in a vast array of plant life, but has extremely low amounts of less evolved animal life. The most advanced mammalian life on that world is a type of small rodent. The system is located in a remote section of space, where space travel is extremely difficult due to spatial anomalies creating a strong defense.”

The picture on the screen changes to a blue-tinted black and white video of two fleets of space ships engaged in a massive battle. Energy beams slice through hulls at all angles before the ship’s momentum tears it apart. Glowing missiles shoot from ships in random directions, before striking the target ships from all angles. The ships are covered by small explosions, before detonating in massive fireballs. Finally, the ships fire missiles that glow far brighter than the ones before and massive spheres of destruction form in space, expanding until all of the ships are consumed.

“This is a video of the past, approximately three thousand four hundred years ago. It’s surprising because it proves that extraterrestrials existed in the universe before the Halloween Event. Our historians and magic users found out that the planet was terra-formed by another race, but there was conflict between two colonization fleets which came from separate, rival empires. The use of WMDs resulted in the destruction of the fleets and the creation of the Dead Space.”

“The Flower of Life can grow on this forgotten planet?”

“We used an AI space probe to transport a small sample to the planet and the Flower of Life is already thriving and spreading like a weed. Our analysis by the nano-machines loaded in the probe indicates any plant will grow on the planet. We even recovered some of the terra-forming technology because we have contact with several plant-based life forms like the Cotati “

“We thank you. We have been having trouble growing the Flower on many worlds.”

“According to reports, the Flower can grow on Hallow-Earth but it changes into various mutant strains. The first sample we grew produced a liquid that can restore spiritual energy instead of the protoculture used by Robo-technology and your people. The second sample produced a magical fluid. The third sample produced what some of the ninja are calling liquid chakra fluid. The fourth became sentient and grew a humanoid body.”

“This world is a violent, chaotic place, but I also see evolution. No matter the danger or destruction, your people adapt and grow stronger. You are also so accepting of other people and cultures. As a gesture of our gratitude, we are willing to share the surplus harvest of the Flower of Life with Machina.”

There is a small alarm. The screen switches to an image of a woman with claws, organic armor, and extensions from her back resembling the bones of immense wings. She stands on a hill overlooking the creation of an army.

“Who or what is that?”

“Sarah Louise Kerrigan, the self-styled Queen of Blades and Commander of the Zerg Swarm.”

The Zerg Swarm are a race of insectoids. Operating as a hive mind, the Zerg strive for genetic perfection by assimilating "worthy" races into their own, creating numerous different strains of Zerg. Unlike the Protoss and the Terrans, the Zerg do not use technology, instead using assimilation of other species and directed mutation to develop traits to match such technology.

“She has completed overseeing the final stages of the merging between the Swarm and the Protoss. The remainder of the current generation of Xel'naga facilitated the process to ensure a smooth combination of the Swarm's purity of essence with the Protoss' purity of form, for the very survival of their species depends on it. Now that the merging is complete, the next generation of Xel'naga has been born, and Kerrigan has ascended to become the eternal heart of their collective consciousness,” says an electronic voice. “It is she who shall guide them across the intergalactic void to begin the age-old cycle once more in preparation for birthing the next generation of Xel'naga. For the Queen of Blades, it is not only a matter of propagation but also of ensuring that the successive generations of Xel'naga will eventually reach perfection, much as the Overmind did for the Swarm.”

“We decimated their species along with the other ‘Viruses’, but Kerrigan managed to escape into a hostile section of the universe. They used a wormhole to reach an unexplored galaxy and Hallow-Earth only found out about them when one of our deep space probes got lucky.”


“I will take my leave, Engineer,” says Regis. “May the light follow you.”

The Engineer clicks a button as The Regis vanishes in a pillar of light.


“Report from Ryo Akiyama and his partner Ken Ichijouji. Evil God Digimon Neo-Millennium-mon has destroyed sectors 2654, 2655, 2656, and 2657. Destined are forming a defense at 2658. Requesting cyber weaponry Level 4 and a hundred Type 4 AI troops.”

“Authorization of Level 5 cyber weaponry. Authorization Code: Omicron 66 Chi 33 Kappa 99 Iota 00.”

“Authorization accepted.”

“Authorization of AI Troops. Number: one thousand. Type: five,” says Spica. “That freak has caused enough destruction.”


The Engineer pauses for a moment, then clicks the button agin.

“Send congratulations to Ryo and Ken. Standard marital gift package.”

Soul Society

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Winner of Mad Scientists Monthly Top 20 for the past six years (Washu keeps on getting second place for having morals), is relaxing in his home with his eldest children. He never thought about having children except as experiments like his synthetic daughter Nemu, but now he enjoys working with them. They each have their own experiments and creative ideas, which can sometimes open up new fields of research or improve his own existing ideas. He’ll never admit that he was near tears when he saw them performing their first vivisection.

He’s currently reading this month’s issue of Seireitei Communication, nicknamed the Soul Society Sun. Nearly every captain, lieutenant, and seated officer adds their own article to the publication. There is also an Earth obituary that doubles as the new arrival introduction, and other articles written by the best of the dead. There is even a Chinese horoscope written by Master Kong also known as Confucius.

The Kurotsuchi family enjoys reading their father's serialization in the journal, titled "Effective Medication for the Brain", which gives detailed instructions on the preparation of medicines and their applications. The medicines range from pure laboratory creations to rare herbal medicines. This month’s addition to the series is “How to control Basic Emotions” detailing how to enhance or inhibit love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness, and fear.

Josef has actually taken to helping his father write articles in the serialization, even writing a few of his own on occasion. Josef's articles are just as surprisingly popular with the readers of Seireitei Communication as his father's are. Josef's brothers muse about the matter and intend to try their hand soon at helping their father write articles for the serialization.

“I wonder if I should include my machine-machine interface designs for network systems,” says Daedalus.

“Grace-mama wrote something about fold quartz cybernetic implant networks,” says Hephaestus.

“That’s how she died the first time,” says Nikola. “She wanted to pull everyone into one group mind with herself as queen and the alien Vajira as enforcers. She didn’t count on her pawn freeing the Vajira and a pilot named Alto Saotome severing her link before blasting her into a billion pieces.”

“How do you keep her from stabbing you in the back dad?” asks Daedalus, “I know Valentine creates bonds, but according to the profile Grace O’Conner is....”

“I modified her new cyber implants to explode if she ever betrayed me. There is a reason I’ve won Mad Scientist Monthly for six years straight”

One might wonder how a family filled with evolutionary biologists and mad scientists can survive with so much greed, treachery, and amorality. It’s simple biology, the most cunning and dangerous is the Alpha. Mayuri is an unholy hybrid of a mad scientist and an outright sociopath, meaning he’s the king of the science madhouse.


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Halloween World: Twelve Years Later by Weaver
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