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The Fairie's Dawn

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Summary: Dawn walks into something that will change her forever. (Spoilers for A Lick Of Frost)

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesnamegoeshereFR1535,0754435,97911 Nov 0712 Nov 07No

Rising Dawn

Still don't own them!!! Tear...

It was strange breaking down in front of a room full people, but I just felt so lost and alone. For awhile I was worried it would be held against me but the only ones in the room was Merry, Doyle, Wynter, Galen, Aisling and me. Merry held me until I finished crying, it had been so long since I had a woman take a motherly role in my life I was surprised I wasn't more awkward. After I was able to talk I told Merry everything from my creation to the end of Sunnydale and the Hellmouth. It was so easy to talk to her, she never questioned what was true and not. And the only thing she laughed at was the child bride to the lord of the dance horror.

I was told that being a princess wasn't easy and it was going to take a lot of work learn my new life. Well its not like it is the first time I had to learn a lifetime of knowledge in a couple of weeks. I had made up my mind, I was going to accept my new life as best I can.

The last couple of weeks have been about me getting used to my new body and not overloading me. I had some background in spell making. So Rhys and Doyle had been teaching me some of the easier spells. They told me that after Merry was completely recovered there were things she could show me as well.

I also spent time taking care of my little sister. Wynter was a sweet baby, her little puff of silver hair was very cute, she got that from her father Frost who was dead. Her green eyes wasn't like mine, they looked like leaves in the wind. Her skin was a stormy gray, so she looked like a fairie princess should. Not that I dislike how I look. My hair stayed long and brown, my grandmother has human brown hair, but now I have a layer of black under the brown, and the more sidhe I am around the more black there is mixed with the brown. But if I am around humans/mortals it looks more brown. My green eyes are exactly like Merry's. My skin is as pale as Merry's if not paler, like a vampire times 10.

I spend most of my time with Rhys, he knows more about the mortal world than the other men and it's easier to talk to him. He also doesn't mind taking me to visit Angel and Spike.

Spike went crazy when they took me away, he thought they were going to kill me. Angel always seems to have something more important going on, like being a puppet, to raise a ruckus. Now I see them all the time.

Aisling is the one Merry has watching over me, like my own guard. He says he doesn't mind, and since Sidhe don't lie I guess its true. I want to ask him about the veil but I blush every time I start to ask. I'm hoping I will learn the answers to all my questions when Daddy Doyle starts teaching me. And that what we're doing now.

So far I have these facts down: the two courts were once one, but one day the split into two, the Seelie and the Unseelie, or the light and dark courts. My mother is going to be queen of the Unseelie and secretly is queen of the Seelie. Many of the guard were once part of the Seelie; in fact many of the court were once Seelie.

“There are other courts that you will have to learn of too. Like the goblin and demi-fey. If you talk to Kitto or Royal, they can tell you more than I.” Doyle was saying.

“Those are the lesser courts, right?” I turn my head to the side in question.

“Yes, but don't ever say lesser court to them, in fact playing into a ego can be very helpful. But don't lie, you can stretch the truth, go around it, and such. In other words, be careful about what you say.”

“Don't lie, got it.” I have heard that about a million times.

Doyle sits beside me, “Many of the guards will be willing to tell you about themselves if you just ask. It will help you learn how we talk and in some cases how we avoid questions.”

“Okay... Rhys has told me about himself but he wont tell me about his eye.” I had told him about Xander and Caleb trying to get the story from him , but he changes the subject.

“It's not something a father wants to tell his daughter. I will tell you it was taken by goblins, but the rest should be told later, and by him.” He smiles, “You have a lot to learn, but you're a fast learner.”

“I know 5 different languages and about a million of different demons. I can handle the Fairie.” I really hope I can.

He laughs and crosses his arms, “How are you at observation?”

I shrug.

“You have been here for two weeks, what have you learned about those in the house with us?”

“Um... Okay, you're the darkness, and my guess is thats due to the fact you black, very, very black.”

He nods for more.

“Rhys was once a death god, he told me that, but the others seem to fear him, and it is a new fear.”

“He has had many powers return to him. Good.”

I press my lips together to think, “Abe loves to play, like the popular guys at school. But he looks like some of the Dracula-wannabes.”

“Good on the party boy.”


“Don't tell a sidhe thank you.”

“Sorry.” I forgot about that one.

“What about Aisling?” He moves his head in to another chair where Aisling sits.

“I don't know.” I move my hair in my face so they can't see me blush.

“You are with him more than any of the other guards.”

“I can't see his face and... You know I can't tell whats going on in his head, like talking to someone over the phone.”

“Okay, I see you point, but why would he wear a veil.” I just want to hide. I don't know why I get like this around him, but I hope it will pass.

“He's Muslim? Wait only women were veils. I don't think it because he's ugly, or scarred.” I really don't know. “He's to pretty.” I say weakly.

Doyle nods, “Sometimes the outlandish answer is right. You can tell a lot from what a sidhe looks like and what he wears.”

“I need to use the bathroom.” And hopefully come back to a different suject. I stood up and waited for Doyle to give me the okay then I ran out of the room and to the bathroom. Please, please save me.

I don't really know if I am ready to do this but Mom, I have to call her mom in the hill, can't put it off anymore. It has been three months. I am going to meet Aunt Andais and the rest of the court, if all goes as planned. It was really for both Wynter and I, but since she's a baby she doesn't have anything to worry about.

I am sitting in a chair and there is a number of people playing with my hair, but since my hair keeps changing colors they can't get it to style as they want. My black dress was hanging up, I loved how it looked on me, but that didn't stop me from being completely terrified. Aisling comes in and interrupts the hair situation, thankfully.

“If you can't figure it out Princess Meredith says to just leave it down,” He walks to my dress and picks it up. “We're running late and you need to get dressed.” He hands it to me, and leans down to whisper in my ear, “Andais is in a very bad mood, she can't take it out on your sister or your mother. You need to be careful.” He take my hand and to lead me to the changing room.

“I'll be out in a minute.” I close the door and get in to my dress as fast as I can. I already know how it looks, with layers of soft black on black falling down to my ankle. The top layer of lace fans out to a train that connects to the light fabric coming off my shoulders, while ribbons drapes at my elbows. It makes my skin shine and my brown hair stand out against the black to make it look less like plain brown hair and more like a fey feature. Lacy black two inch hells finish the outfit.

I step out and look at my guard and escort, “Ready?”

He nods and tilts his head telling me to take the lead. Sometimes I really hate that veil.

As I walk into the room that Merry and Andais is waiting I try to stay calm and regal. Yeah...

“So this is her.” Andais is in a frightening all white dress that some how looks sinister, maybe it's the tight Victorian fit or the fact she look all dark and light in complete contrast.

“Queen Andais,” I bow slightly. I had been taught this, I can do it.

“Hump, just because you act like a princess doesn't mean anything. Don't think I don't know. You are not some magically aged great niece of mine. You became her,” She walks around me and I fight to not turn around and follow her eyes.

“I became as I was created.” It is true I didn't have a choice in who I was, at any point.

“Yes, by the goddess.” She looks like she was questioning even that.

“I have meet goddess' before, but this is the first one to ever change me.”

“Ha! Some mortal girl, you think you know anything?” Her face is inches from mine and I could smell the mint on her breath.

“I know... I- my sister is... was the slayer, I have fought behind her for years; after all she was the one with the power. But now she is jealous, so I know I, you are something special.”

She leans back, “The slayer, I have heard of her. But we fey do not play in demonic games.”

“Even the creatures of dark?” Damn I shouldn't have said that.

She smiles, “Yes we are creatures of the dark. Do you have a dark background?”

“I was meant to destroy the world, and almost did. I have had crushes on vampires and weres. Not to mention almost was forced to marry a demon, I think your love life says a lot about you.”

“Yes it does. What about now?” She crosses her arms.

“I have no time.”

“Hum, I have a feeling that not the full truth. I sure there is someone, one you like more than the others.”

Damn it how the hell did it get here. I really don't want to stuck on this subject, I have a big problem controlling my blushing. I have to think of a way out of this. “I came to LA to see Spike, a vampire who I had thought was dead. I once thought myself as in love with him.” Please take it.

“Fine don't answer.” She turns towards Merry, “She'll do. She can go wait until we talk, have her and her sister leave if you do not need to feed the infant.”

Merry nods and hands to baby to Galen, and I lead the way out into a waiting room.

“I'm going to lay down with Wynter,” Galen says and leaves to go to one of the bedrooms as Wynter snuggles into his chest.

“He has taken the place as father above king.” Aisling says, moving my attention towards him.

“Doesn't he have just as much ground as the others?” I ask not understanding why Galen was the one that left.

“He believes he would not make a good king and that his place is that of a good father.”

“Do you think a man can only be one or the other?” I ask, I don't think so but I wanted to know his thoughts.

“I think it takes a stronger man the Galen is to be both and given the choice he has made the better decision.” He sits down in a chair to the right of the couch I am in.

“Angel had... has a son. He gave him up, gave him different parents and new memories. At first I was mad, after all he did almost what the monks did to me, but when I found out the Connor had been made into a monster by someone that hated Angel I understood where he was coming from.”

“Angel is the grandsire of this Spike the vampire you said you love.” He says his eyes unreadable. Which means something was up.

I laugh, “Vampire I thought I loved, until I found out he was in love with Buffy. After all everyone loves Buffy. So I should have known. In the end he got a soul for her and if he didn't we would have lost to the First, so I guess it all happens for a reason.”

“Your mother will be queen soon.”

“I know.” The sudden change in subject was strange.

“She will be in charge of all the ravens at that point.”

“I know many of them have been praying for that day for a long time.” I smiled at him.

“I want to ask if I can still be your guard, if you wish.”

“Sure, why...” I look up to see someone coming into the room, “Sh- Father.” The last of my fathers has just joined us.

Okay so I'm thinking about a pairing here, maybe even hinting at it. But even if I do its not going to be easy for them. I know Aisling is a strange choice but I think he works well.
In case you're still unsure, Dawn's fathers are Doyle, Rhys, and Sholto. While Wynter's are Frost, Mistral and Galen.
Thanks love ya!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Fairie's Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Nov 07.

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