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Summary: Little series of drabbles that I wrote and it inspired me to do my fanart story (A Decade Long Wish). Faith just wants to go home.

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Smallville > Faith-CenteredKristalFR746740154,24923 Nov 0729 Nov 07Yes

One More Step


Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Buffy/Angel characters.

Notes: This is a series of drabbles I wrote several years ago, although I only wrote four chapters of it because of time/inspiration. Instead of adding more chapters, now that I am inspired again, I decided to do the story in pictures as a fanart story, you should check it out! Another fact that I didn't want to write more chapters is because I haven't watched Smallville in a long time, although I may be wishing for the first season for Christmas!
This is a drabble, which means about 100 words a chapter, so no complaints of making it longer please. I wish I had the time to make it into a full fledge story but I've already been working on one (its 60 pages into right now).
The scene takes place in two times. The italics are taking part in the past and the non-italics are happening now. I just wanted to clarify that.
Its a bit choppy, but I think it fit well for this.
Anyway, one with thine story:

Chapter 1:
One More Step

‘Just take another step Faithie, just one more, do it for me, Faith, do it for Mommy.’

Come on, just a few more steps. Faith you can do this, I can do this. This is home, don’t you remember? Smallville, Kansas, remember? Come on Faith, this is home, with Mommy, and Daddy, remember?

I remember, I remember. I remember Mommy, and Daddy. I remember ice cream at 2:00 pm, and nappie-nap at 3. I remember hugs and kisses, I remember... I remember.

‘Come on Faith. One more step for Mommy.’

One more step. Diiiiing-doooong

I remember you Mommy. I remember that face. Don’t you remember mine?


‘That’s it Faithie. Good job baby, you made it to Mommy.’

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