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Lost In Memory

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Summary: Dawn runs away from home after Buffy's death. She runs to her cousin in Seattle.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyDamiaFR1538,0883487,5971 Dec 078 May 08No

Phone Calls

Note: Inspired by the Michael Buble song "Lost." Originally was going to go into my one-shot ficlet series thing "Life in A Minor" But I realized it's likely to be at least 3 chapters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing involved with Buffy or Grey's Anatomy (though I own all 7 seasons of Buffy and the first three of Grey's, but hey can you blame me?) Takes place post season 5 and sometime during season 2 (after Mark gets there) of Grey's.

I would like to apologize to those that were looking forward to this story continuing at a decent pace. My computer crashed and I was irritated and lost a lot of files ... and then might have forgotten about this story (and the planning for it, so things might change a little, not sure.)

Note: For the sake of the story Meredith is going to empty out her moms office and it will be transformed into Dawns room.


Dawn sighed again as she stared at the phone beside her bed. It was 2 in the morning and the floor nurse had just come through to check on Dawn. The brunette picked up the entire phone and set it in her lap, knowing that she had to do this, had to convince him that this was a good idea, it was what she both wanted and needed. She dialed the familiar numbers slowly, putting it off as much as possible while still forcing herself to go through this. The phone rang and rang and she almost sighed in relief, thinking that it would go to voicemail, but at the last moment a snarling voice came on.

"What?" He demanded. Dawn shrank against the headboard.

"Spike?" She asked in a tiny, hesitant voice. She had put off the call because he was going to be upset, knowing the entire time that he was just going to be more upset the longer it took her to call. She heard a crash and a shout from somewhere behind Spike before everything went silent.

"Bit, where are you?" Spike asked in a deceptively calm voice. She'd never heard his voice so flat and cold. He was really upset.

"At the hospital my cousin works at," She told him after a moment, her voice still tiny. She hated it when people were mad at her.

"Why are you at the hospital, what happened?" He demanded instantly, worry and anger creeping into his voice. Dawn smiled softly, it was nice to know that he still cared, even if she had done something he thought was stupid.

"I pulled my stitches and freaked out a little. Izzy and her friends are taking care of me though," She reassured him.

"Izzy and her friends are ..." He started in disbelief before starting to roar at her in aggravation. He did that when he didn't want people to know he was scared, she knew that. "They shouldn't have to take care of you, what the bleeding hell do you think you were doing? Do you know what it feels like to wake up only to find the worlds gone topsy turvy again?" He demanded. She set her chin mulishly.

"Yes," She said in a quiet firm voice. There was a pause on the other end.

"Then you damn well shouldn't have run off!" He was shouting again, ranting about the whelp and Red and Glinda and Demon Girl. His ranting interrupted every few moments by a choice curse that Dawn was subconsciously filing away for future use. She let him wear himself down with his words, hearing various bumps and cracks in the background that told her he was hitting and kicking furniture or some other hapless inanimate object.

"Are you done?" She asked after ten minutes or so, her voice dry and unimpressed as a teens could get.

"Oi don't take that tone with me. You're big sis told me to take care of you and then you take off, leaving some sorry excuse for a note and making me lose my bloody mind!" He shouted. Dawn hung her head, her fingers plucking at the blanket on her lap.

"I'm sorry," She whispered. "I ..." She trailed off, not sure how to go on.

"Bit, just tell me why," He said with a sigh. She could feel the tears starting to well up in her eyes.

"They were all looking at me like it was my fault. Willow wouldn't let me go with her to see Tara, Xander stopped telling me jokes, Anya told me that I was going to suck away all of her money. Giles left the country ... I'm sorry," She told him, one fat tear rolling down her cheek to land with a tiny splash on her hand.

"Luv, none of what happened was your fault. None of it." Spike said flatly. Dawn sniffed as her tears started to fall a little more freely.

"But it was in some twisted way. It just wasn't in my control." She informed in, her voice wet and soft.

"No bit, it was them Poncy Dagon blokes," Spike told her, his voice derisive as he mentioned the monks. She chuckled a little.

"I can't go back." She told him with a snifff. She heard a lighter and an indrawn breath, letting her know he was smoking.

"Tell me about these people your with," He said after a moment. Dawn smiled at his quick change of subject.

"Izzie is my cousin. She used to be an underwear model," Dawn started. "She's gorgeous and the nicest person I've ever met next to mom. Actually she and mom have the same temperament. She shares a house with 2 other doctors. Meredith is nice, but she seems a little lost. She's sort of having and an affair with of the residents, a brain surgeon everyone calls McDreamy. I don't think he's that amazing, though he has nice hair. The other one she lives with is George. He's nice, kind of goofy and unsure of himself. He's kind of like Xander, but a little more like Tara. I was surprised he wasn't gay until I saw him look at Meredith. It's kind of like how Willow used to look at Xander. Big puppy eyes and a stupid grin, but he's nice. Dr. Bailey is awesome. She's this really short curvy black woman who doesn't put up with anything from anyone, including her bosses, but she's really nice. At least to me. A lot of the other doctors call her The Nazi. Christina is Meredith's best friend. She's like Anya and Cordelia rolled into one with the added focus of being a Jewish Korean surgeon who is a total slob and hates people thinking she's nice. She's my favorite so far." Dawn paused with a soft laugh.

"So they're taking care of you wherever you are?" He asked. She voice an affirmative before he went on. "And where exactly is that?" He wanted to know. She didn't know how to respond to that. She missed him, him and everyone else, but it hurt to much still.

"I'm not going back," She told him. There was a curse at the other end.

"Look Nibblet, you can tell me where you are and I can come check on you, or you can hang up and I'll have Red trace the call to my cellphone," He told her, obviously irritated.

"I'm in Washington. Seattle Grace Hospital," She told him, hoping that this wouldn't bite her in the ass.

"All right then. Tell me more about this place. This Meredith girl to, sounds a bit like passions," He sounded more mischievous now, more like the Spike she and her mother had adopted.


Izzie showed up early, her usual pink to-go cup in her hand. She leaned against the door jamb watching her baby cousin sleep. The teens face was a bit more peaceful in sleep, but it was still drawn pale and bruised in a few places. Izzie had bought a pair of pajama's for the girl and brought them in, she knew Dawn was tired of the hospital gown, anyone would be after 2 days. Less actually. She herself wasn't in scrubs yet, she was still wearing jeans and a pale green sweater, but everyone of the nurses and orderlies recognized her by now. None of them chased her off, visiting hours might not have started but she wasn't doing anything but watching the sad little girl.

"How's she doing?" George asked as he and Meredith came up. Meredith had flowers and George was holding a stuffed black cat. They both entered the room quietly, setting down their gifts before joining Izzie around the door. She was still sleeping when they left to get ready for rounds. Izzie changed in the locker room, her fellow hospital workers asking after Dawn. Izzie smiled at all of them gratefully. Everyone who had met the girl had been taken in by those big blue wounded eyes and her air of hopelessness. It was the sort of thing doctors loved, someone to take care of. Izzie looped her long blond hair up and went out to meet Bailey with the rest of the group.


"Izzie, you got a phone call on 3," A nurse told her while she was finishing up with Meredith on something.

"Who is it?" She asked, she very rarely got phone calls at the hospital.

"Hank Summers, he said it was urgent," The man told her. Izzie nodded her thanks and turned a worried gaze to Meredith.

"Go on, I have this, and I'll check on your other patient," Meredith told her. Izzie smiled gratefully and walked quickly to the nurses station. She entered the little office and took a calming breath before she picked up the phone, pressing for line three and ignoring the people outside the little office who were watching her curiously. Dawn might have only been there for 3 days, but she was well championed.

"Uncle Hank?" She asked.

"Izzie?" A man asked, the line a little scratchy,

"I thought you were in Spain," Izzie started.

"I am, I need to know what you plan on doing with the girl," Hank told her. Izzie jerked back in the chair.

"My roommates and I are clearing out a room for her," Izzie started. He cut her off.

"You're interns, you don't have the money to take care of a teenager, nor do you have the time," He informed her firmly.

"Are you going to take her?" Izzie asked, her tone of voice indicating that she doubted it.

"I don't have room fore her," Hank hedged, obviously uncomfortable with the question.

"Of course you don't. Just like you didn't have time to go to your wife's funeral or that of your older daughter. Or even come check on the daughter who miraculously survived. You're a real piece of work Hank," Izzie told him, disgust in her voice. More people seemed to be drifting over to the nurses station.

"Izzie, you don't understand the time consuming effort I put into my job," Hank started.

"Excuse me?" She asked, clearly offended, "I don't understand time consuming effort? I'm a fucking surgeon, you're a glorified salesman with an overindulged ego who obviously thinks to highly of himself. Dawn is a good kid going through a lot of pain. She needs love and affection and yes, more help than I can give her, but I will give it to her," Izzie told him angrily. She had the focused look on her face that said she wasn't backing down.

"I'll have my lawyers send you the papers for her adoption as well as the those for the child support," Hank said before hanging up. Izzie stared at the phone in her hand for a few minutes before she hung it up.

"So, we get to keep her?" Christina asked at the doorway, not in anyway embarrassed at having eavesdropped on the entire conversation.

"Yeah," Izzie said in surprise, shocked that it had been so easy.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost In Memory" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 May 08.

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