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23 for 23

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Birthday Insanity Challenge Ficlets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Twenty-three stories and crossings of worlds (read: insanity) to celebrate twenty-three years. Multi-cross multi-rating.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsJmariaFR152921,21001613,85310 Dec 0723 Mar 12Yes

Into: World Walker

Series: 23 for 23
Title: Into: World Walker
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I own the World Walker, her sister, Ryan and Kenny, but all other characters mentioned are not mine.
Series Summary: Twenty-three stories and crossings of worlds (read: insanity) to celebrate twenty-three years.
Part Summary: The World Walker sees all in her numerous ‘walks’.
A/N: The prompt for this years exploration into great insanity were a time of day, and a specific season. Why? Because of the incident recorded below. Also, there will be about five of these ‘into’s that feature the World Walker. Quote comes from Patrick Park's Your Smile's a Drug.

23 for 23
Into: World Walker
And When You Say You’re In Love, You Just Sound Like You’re Giving Up

The white metal storm door to the only blue house on the entire block opened quietly. A young woman with short dark hair pushed heavily on the ever-decaying screen door and ignored the protesting squeak as her eyes raked across the ever familiar scenery. She’d seen this same view of her tiny world every day for the past twenty-three years of her life and little had changed in that time. She sighed heavily as the mid-autumn breeze rustled her now tangled hair.

She tore her eyes away from the freshly fallen leaves and turned back to the door where her bent key waited for her. She took a deep breath as she finished her task and bounced door the broken concrete steps of the porch, her fingers brushing past the cracking paint and wood of the white picket fence that lined the walk down to the driveway. Her eyes wandered away from the waiting car and toward the tall, black lamppost that hadn’t worked for at least the last five years. Her attention was drawn away as her companion spoke.

“Can you smell that?”

She cocked her head to the side and took a deep breath, her eyes darting up through the half-full branches of the maple tree to see spots of the clear blue sky. Her companion rolled her eyes at the pose, but the woman didn’t notice.

“It smells like fallen leaves and rain.”

“Oookay, not what I meant. Someone’s burning leaves. It’s not allowed in the city limits, they better watch their asses,” her companion huffed, yanking open the car door.

The woman had turned away from the car, her eyes focusing on a spot just past the boundaries of the leaf covered lawn. People hurried past, things hurried past, some saw her and started toward her while others didn’t. She didn’t blink, didn’t move, her hand resting on the handle of the car door. It felt like she hadn’t moved in a lifetime, but the impatient blast of the cheerful sounding horn shook her and she lost the connection. She turned to stare at the driver.

“What the hell is the hold up, sis?”

“I saw something,” the woman answered, hurrying into the passenger seat.

“Was it Ryan?” the driver leaned over the wheel and glanced at the empty driveway three houses down.

“No. It was a bunch of people -”

“A bunch? The only one outside is little Kenny and he’s on his bike over here,” the driver sighed, pointing to her left. “There’s no one else, sis. You’re gonna be so late.”

The car pulled out quickly and raced down the street, but the woman barely noticed. She glanced out the window at the brightly colored blur of trees and closed her eyes. Behind them she saw the worlds that had so briefly intersected with hers.
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