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None That I Know Of

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Summary: Mark has always been a manwhore. Now a part of his sexcapades are going to bite him in the ass.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyRavenMorbiskFR1825,6201125,32113 Dec 0718 Dec 07No


Chapter 2 - Mistakes

Take a look into the past. See all the things I've tried. Looking for a truth inside but only finding pain


Faith woke up with a splitting headache but sighed happily when she felt it very slowly ebbing away. She thanked whoever for her Slayer healing and quietly made it out of the bed, leaving the naked form. She quickly retrieved her clothes, putting them on while making her way the to bedroom door. She took one last look at the sleeping form and sighed defeated. He came through with his promise; he made her forget even if it was just for one night.

“See ya, loverboy.” She muttered under her breath and exited the bedroom. Quietly closing the door she turned around and grabbed her chest in surprise when she saw a redhead sitting in the living room looking at her holding a cup in her hand.

“Morning.” She greeted Faith friendly.

“Uhm, morning.” Faith replied warily and ran her hand through her hair. “I think I’m gonna be goin’ now.” She said giving the redhead a wink and made her way to the front door.

“Don’t you want some breakfast?” The redhead called out “Maybe a little heads up on who you just slept with?” This made Faith stop in her tracks. She turned around but stayed in her place.

“I’m betting it’s your boyfriend.” Faith replied with an amused grin. “Ya can’t blame me for your boy not bein’ able to keep it in his pants.” She had never encountered a girlfriend being so calm about another woman coming out of her boyfriend’s bedroom. The woman gave a faint smile and walked to a dresser on the other side of the room. She took a picture and looked at it for a moment before turning back to Faith.

“Here, take a look at this.” The woman held out the framed picture. Faith hesitated for a second but then approached the redhead and took the photograph. “That picture was taken over two years ago.” Faith stared at the picture with Buffy laughing in the arms of the man she left sleeping.

“I didn’t know.” Faith breathed out. She really didn’t know. Buffy rarely talked about him, she only said his name was Mark but unfortunately Faith never bothered to ask her one-nightstand’s name. He made her the perfect offer and that was all she needed.

“He did.” The woman snorted and sat back down. “You’re Faith, Buffy’s sister.” Faith’s head snapped up at that statement. Her guilt had somehow doubled in just that little sentence. “He still has memorabilia of Buffy. Pictures, letters, tiny gifts, things like that.” The woman shrugged and took a sip from her cup. “And you, Faith, are on a lot of pictures along with Dawn, Willow, Giles and Xander.”

“Don’t tell her, please.”

—End Flashback—

“B, I’m so sorry.” Faith took a step towards Buffy but the blonde just took a step back. Faith was very aware of the crowd they were attracting but it didn’t seem to sink in with her sister Slayer.

“Do you get a kick out of sleeping with my boyfriends?” Buffy spat at the brunette. She tried to calm down though when she felt a small hand slip in hers. She glanced down and noticed that her daughter still firmly held Liam’s hand.

“That’s not fair, B.” Faith replied staring at the blonde with a mix of anger and hurt. “You know I was messed up back then.” She cast a worried glance at Mark who had stood up by now and was watching the two women.

“Where you ever going to tell me that Liam’s…” Buffy swallowed hard. She couldn’t say it. It wasn’t the fact that Mark had slept with Faith; it was the fact that Faith slept with Mark and didn’t tell her. Faith had become so much more than an ally since Sunnydale.

“I didn’t know. I-” Faith breathed out heavily and ran her hand through her hair, trying to steady her emotions. She cursed the Scoobies acceptance at this very moment. If they hadn’t been so great to her over the years she wouldn’t even have thought about apologizing to Buffy for sleeping with Mark.

“How could you not know?” Buffy asked trying to remain calm. She knew Faith wasn’t the most celibate person but the Faith she had grown to know to love wasn’t the type anymore for just sleeping around.

“We never got to name swapping.” Faith replied with a small shrug. She thought Buffy would know by now that Faith didn’t always ask her stud-for-the-night’s name.

“Excuse me, ladies.” A tall black man with grey hair had walked up to them but regretted it instantly when Buffy shot him a glare while Faith quirked her eyebrow at him for interrupting their discussion.

“Shut up.” Buffy snapped and turned her attention back to the brunette in front of her. “Does Xander know? Did you at least tell him?” She asked and was rewarded by a death glare coming from Faith.

“Of course he knows.” She hissed angrily. Xander was the first to know she was pregnant and, even before they started their relationship, declared him being the father when they had asked Faith whose baby it was. They had told their friends that they had slept together after a heavy night of slaying; it wasn’t until Faith was in her second trimester that they officially started dating.

“Really?” Buffy pulled up her eyebrows then let out a bitter chuckle. “Because I would think that if my fiancée had a child by my surgeon-”

“He never asked who the father was.” Faith cut the blonde off. “Why are you so freakin’ mad at me? I didn’t know he was your ex.” She threw her hands up in frustration. “That fuck on the other hand had pictures of us and the rest of the gang.” She said pointing at Mark.

“Ladies.” The graying black man tried again but kept his distance. “Do you mind discussing this somewhere else?” He quickly asked when he got both women’s attention.

“There’s no need, we’re done.” Buffy replied shooting a final glare at her sister Slayer.

“B.” Faith sighed frustrated taking a step closer. Buffy ignored her and took her daughter in her arms, causing Liam to start crying at the loss of Mackenzie’s hand.

“Come on, Mackenzie.” Buffy murmured and took off. Faith picked up her son, trying to soothe him but he kept reaching out for the honey-blonde girl in Buffy’s arms.

“Why are you angry at auntie Faith, mommy?” Faith could hear Mackenzie ask just before Buffy entered the elevator. Faith stared at the elevator, hoping Buffy would just come back out so they could talk it through in a serious manner, not surrounded by nurses and doctors.

“Faith-” The sound of his voice snapped her back to reality and she didn’t like it. Chocolate brown eyes stared hard into confused blue ones. The only sound Faith could register was Liam crying, she didn’t hear the whispers around her or the orders Bailey was shouting at her interns.

“If I were you, I’d leave her alone.” Giles had stepped in between Faith and Mark, for Mark’s own safety. Faith nodded her thanks at the Englishman and left in the direction of Xander’s room.


“I told you I hate Seattle.” Mark said sullenly taking a swig from his beer when he noticed Meredith sitting next to him. He wasn’t the most loved person and he didn’t easily make friends but Meredith Grey came close enough to being a friend.

“You did say that.” The intern nodded her head in agreement. “What are you going to do or whatever?” She asked him with just a trace of concern hidden in her voice.

“Get drunk.” He simply said ordering another beer. Joe right away gave him another while eying him carefully. He didn’t know exactly what happened but he knew it messed with Mark’s head.

“Take a girl home with you.” Meredith said his unspoken plan. “Sleep with her.” She rolled her eyes at his nod. “Seriously? Two women you slept with showed up today with their, your, kids.” Mark groaned and emptied his beer in one swig before turning his head wearily at the dirty-blonde.

“You’re not cheering me up.” He told her tiredly and just a little irritated. Like he didn’t know what happened less than two hours ago, he was there. He got punched by one of said women.

“I wasn’t trying to. Seriously.”

“It really wasn’t my fault.” He countered getting a doubtful expression from Meredith. “Buffy left me for cheating on her and I thought she sent her sister to see if I’d changed.” He heard himself say the words and knew it was a lame excuse.

“Which you obviously didn’t.”

“Have you seen Faith? Who can resist that?” Mark asked shocked that Meredith thought he could be able to refrain from a woman like Faith.

“Weren’t you seeing Addison back then?” Xander had been bragging about his three-year old son but now it was out that it wasn’t really his Meredith did her own calculating.

“Addison left the next day.” Mark was on his fourth beer since Meredith sat next to him and he wasn’t planning on leaving any time soon. He’d really done it this time. With Buffy he was reliable, at least until she was out on her business trips that sometimes lasted for a few days. Then Addison, his best friend’s wife. What was he thinking getting involved with Addison?

“I have to go.” The sound of her beeper confirmed her statement as she slid of her stool. “I got one more question though.” Mark waited for her to continue. Even if he didn’t want it, Meredith was still going to ask him. “You were miserable, seriously, when Addison had an abortion, now you’ve got two kids. What are you going to do about it?” He didn’t know what to say to that but figured that was Meredith’s idea, to get him thinking about it.


Faith had stormed in his hospital room a little over an hour ago with tears threatening to spill but just like Xander figured, she didn’t let them out. She would only do it when she thought he was sleeping and even then it was rare.

“So my brilliant doctor Sloan is Liam’s biological father?” Xander asked his fiancée. He softly stroked Liam’s head as he slept. He had fallen asleep just a few minutes ago, tired from crying and wanting Mackenzie.

“Only by blood.” Faith’s voice betrayed her need for her lover’s forgiveness. “You’re Liam’s dad in every way possible.” She couldn’t help the helplessness in her voice but it was there and Xander heard it.

“You slept with Buffy’s ex-boyfriend.” Xander didn’t want to upset Faith even more but he was still wrapping his head around everything Faith just told him. He never asked who Liam’s real father was because he wanted Faith to tell him herself when she was ready but now that she did it was a little overwhelming.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” Faith was close to pleading him to forgive her. It was a little mean of Xander to think it but moments like these really convinced him that Faith did love him and wasn’t sleeping with him for the appearance.

“It’s okay, come here.” He gently picked up Liam and placed him on top of him, making room for Faith in the tiny hospital bed. “At this moment, I’m really glad me and Buffy never dated.” He said with a little grin as Faith lied down on her side next to him.

“Shut up.” She replied with a barely audible chuckle. She looked at her son, sprawled across Xander’s chest drooling slightly, with a smile. They were so good together, that was all that mattered to her.

“No, I’m just saying, I’m seeing a pattern here.” Faith lifted her head up a little to face him. “You slept with Riley, were very cuddly with Angel, dated Robin and now slept with Mark. And let’s not forget the proposition you made to Spike.” He pointed out grinning slightly.

“What does Robin have to do with this?” She asked wondering. Robin had been great to her, up until the moment he died in battle, just like he wanted. They had stopped dating about three weeks after the battle of Sunnydale but still remained fairly good friends.

“Buffy went on a date with him, once.” Xander answered her question. He thought she knew seeing as they dated for almost a month.

“Great, I’m the one that sleeps with Buffy’s leftovers.” Faith groaned. “You know what sucks the most?” She asked after a few silent moments just looking at her lover. She was curious to see his artificial eye but it was still covered by bandages.

“I would say ‘you’ but no funny stuff, right?” He questioned then kissed the top of Faith’s head. Faith chuckled softly and crawled just a little bit closer, her head on his chest next to Liam’s.

“She told him we’re sisters.” Faith said her voice tightening as she choked back her tears. “I fucked over my sister.” Xander could tell she wasn’t angry at Buffy for being angry at her. She was angry at herself.

“She can’t really blame you, she didn’t tell who Mackenzie’s father was ‘til after she was born and even then she kept vague about him.” Xander offered. He could see Buffy’s point of view, the hurt, the betrayal but he could see Faith’s point of view as well. If Buffy had just told them a little more about Mark ten Faith wouldn’t have slept with him. Then again, if she hadn’t slept with Mark, they wouldn’t have the beautiful boy that was drooling on Xander’s hospital clothes.

“I’m sorry but visiting hours are over.” Whatever Faith was about to say was cut off by a blonde doctor in the doorway looking at them. She had a poignant expression on her face seeing the three of them cuddled up on the tiny hospital bed.

“Hey, I know you.” Xander said grinning. “You’re Bethany Whisper, aren’t you?” He asked his grin widening. Faith turned in the bed and her grin matched Xander’s.

“Yeah, you’re that underwear model.” She chimed in with her fiancée. When Faith first found Xander’s magazines he tried to hide them and wave it off as nothing but he was pleasantly surprised when Faith told him she had them too but for other purposes. Whenever either of them had a new one, they would both go through them, talking about the girls or the lingerie.

“Yeah.” Izzie smiled uncomfortable. She hated it when people recognized her.

“See, I told you not all models are airheads.” Faith said much to Izzie’s surprise. “This one’s a doctor.” She shot Izzie a grin which she couldn’t help but answer with an appreciative smile.

“Almost doctor, she’s an intern.” Xander countered winking at the intern. “That’s like Kennedy versus you or Buffy.” He mentally slapped himself at the mention of the other Slayer. Kennedy was under Faith’s charge when she got killed while they were fighting a pack of hellhounds up north.

“Get some sleep, baby. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Faith climbed out of the hospital bed and gently picked up Liam. He opened his eyes for a second groggily. “Kiss daddy goodbye, Liam.”

“Or not.” Xander muttered goodheartedly when his son just closed his eyes again. Liam was a fairly heavy sleeper. They could fight in his room and still he wouldn’t wake up, just groan a little.

“He’s just tired.” Faith chuckled as she positioned him a little more comfortable for her arm.

“Get some sleep tonight, Buffy will turn around.” Xander smiled reassuringly “If not, just give her a spin.” He then added with a grin.

“Love you, lover.” Faith whispered and placed a sweet kiss on her lover’s lips.

“And love you, almost-wife-I’m-not-going-to-leave-at-the-alter-of-mine.” Xander replied grinning. It had taken a long time but he finally was able to talk about anything that involved Anya. He still loved her and Faith knew but she also knew that she was his future and Anya his past.

A/N: I hope I didn’t overdo it with the ‘Seriously’. I’ve noticed that they use that word… a lot.

The End?

You have reached the end of "None That I Know Of" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Dec 07.

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