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None That I Know Of

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Summary: Mark has always been a manwhore. Now a part of his sexcapades are going to bite him in the ass.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyRavenMorbiskFR1825,6201125,32113 Dec 0718 Dec 07No

Time And Confusion

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: None That I Know Of
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing!!
Summary: Mark has always been a manwhore. Now a part of his sexcapades are going to bite him in the ass.
Timeline: PostChosen Buffyverse; Grey’s Anatomy early season 3-ish. The years don’t really add up so disregard that…
Author’s Notes: When I saw this challenge I was very intrigued. I was sort of wondering the same thing when I saw the fourth season episode ‘Love/Addiction’. Hope you like it; this is my first Grey’s Anatomy fic, so please put up with me.
A/N2: Okay, you might recognize some scenes but that’s just because I thought Frank was freakin’ funny.

Chapter 1 – Time and Confusion

It's about the passions that we ache for. What makes your heart beat faster?

It looked like a long day, it felt like a long day even before it had begun. The interns were staring at the OR board, hoping they could scrub in with one of them but nothing really interesting was planned for today.

“Karev, you’re with Dr. Sloan,” Bailey barked walking up to her interns. “Stevens, you’re shadowing Karev.” Izzie nodded and shot Alex a grin before following him to the elevator. “O’Malley with Dr. Montgomery.” George gave a short nod and quickly took a run to the elevators, hoping he wouldn’t have to wait for another. “Grey, you’re with me.” Meredith shrugged and followed her Resident.

“What are we doing today, Dr. Bailey?” Meredith questioned blindly accepting the chart Bailey gave her. The short, stout woman didn’t respond verbally, she just motioned for Meredith to read the chart.

“Isn’t this something for Dr. Sloan?” Meredith frowned.

“Dr. Sloan is busy so we first have to close off certain blood vessels and after that Dr. Sloan can finish the job.” Dr. Bailey replied “And before you ask.” She turned around to face her intern. “Yes, you’re scrubbing in.”


“How you doing, Mr. Jeffries?” Mark greeted his patient with a wide smile. The man in the hospital bed looked up from his bandaged chest where a tube was sticking out.

“Frank's doing ok.” Izzie and Alex shared a confused look when the man spoke up. “He'd be doing a lot better if the twins were even.” The man continued glancing down at his chest with a small smile.

“The twins?” Alex asked glancing around the room. Dr. Sloan didn’t say anything; he just crossed his arms with an amused smile. He loved his cases; there always was at least someone that missed something in the head. Not that he was one to judge, he just loved those cases.

“Frank's new pecs.” The patient replied looking back up from his chest.

“Who is Frank?” Izzie questioned confused.

“You're looking at him.” Frank winked at the blonde intern. Mark chuckled at his interns then turned to Frank.

“Frank, these are interns. I'm supposed to be teaching them.” He rolled his eyes slightly “Apparently this is a teaching hospital. I'm supposed to be teaching them.” Mark shrugged and turned to Alex “Karev?”

“Frank Jeffries is post op day 3 for pectoral enhancement surgery. There was a slight complication when a seroma formed.” Alex said reading off Frank’s chart.

“And what is a seroma?” Marks asked not even bothering to stifle his yawn.

“It's a build up of blood and fluid under the skin.” Izzie spoke up then cast her eyes downward realizing she was only supposed to watch. “Sorry.” She muttered.

“That concludes today's teaching.” Mark grinned widely. “A tube was inserted into Mr. Jeffries chest to drain the fluid. I want you to monitor him, check the tube for fluid output and change his dressings. Dr. Stevens,” he turned to the blonde intern “I guess you can watch.” With that he spun around and left the hospital room.

“Dr. Sloan,” Mark turned around and faced his all too eager intern. “I hear you were doing a secondary eye-socket surgery.” Alex said trying not to sound to desperate to scrub in.

“Yes, I am.” Sloan smiled but just turned around again and left Alex behind.


Meredith and Bailey entered the hospital room and were immediately greeted by four people surrounding the patient’s bed. Meredith couldn’t help but smile at the four women that stood protective by the bed of the young man.

“Are all of you family?” Bailey asked eying the four women that turned their attention to the two doctors that had entered the room. The young man grinned goofily and gave the short woman a shrug.

“You better get security, they’re like obsessed with me.” He replied then gave an indifferent shrug. “I blame my divine good looks.” A young woman with long brown hair and blue eyes standing by the foot of his bed chuckled.

“If you say family only, I’m kickin’ twinkle eyes over there out, too.” Another, somewhat older and bustier, brunette said nodding her head towards Meredith. A tall redhead standing beside her raised her eyebrows lightly, daring the corpulent woman.

“The beautiful but just a tad aggressive one is my fiancée, Faith.” The young man nodded to the busty brunette by his side “The tiny blonde” Said blonde none to gently pinched one of his legs. “Hey,” He mock-glared at the blonde then continued “that’s Buffy.” He then gestured to the redhead standing on his other side “The sexy redhead,” This time his fiancée gave him a light smack on the back of his head “again with the ‘Hey’,” His voice rose just a little but the tone was joking. “Anyway,” he cleared his throat “that’s Willow and this is Dawn, Buffy’s sister.” The blue-eyed brunette scoffed just a little. “I’m not risking another injury.” Xander sent Dawn an apologetic smile then turned to the doctors with a shrug “Bad for my ego.”

“We’re family.” Buffy replied Bailey’s question, her voice was calm but her eyes betrayed her unspoken warning. Dr. Bailey didn’t respond to the four women she just directed her attention to the intern beside her.


“Uhm,” Meredith opened the charts and read off “Alexander Harris, 25 years old, is here for a secondary eye socket surgery. He lost his eye in a construction accident in 2003.” She said. When she looked back up the bust brunette, she now knew to be Faith, had shifted a little and she could clearly see the young man wearing an eye-patch.

“And what does that entail?” Bailey questioned, seemingly not intimidated by any of the women. Alexander Harris seemed a very friendly guy, he didn’t stop grinning.

“Oh, I know that one.” He raised his hand in the air receiving several rolling pairs of eyes. Willow, who was standing by his head, softly patted his shoulder.

“Xander, let the nice intern do her job.” Willow said grinning at her best friend’s eagerness to respond.

“But I know this one.” Xander responded in a whining tone.

“I’m sure you do but this is a teaching hospital, the interns are here to learn.” Willow said sounding like she was talking to a ten-year old then turned her attention back to the doctors.

“Dr. Grey?”

“Right, it means we’ll be repairing his upper eyelid ptosis, lower eyelid retraction and ectropion.” Meredith could see that the majority of people in the room didn’t know what she was saying “We can also repair the superior suclcus deformity.”

“Suc-what now?” That, Xander never heard of. “I know that with four gorgeous women standing around my bed some might think I’m gay but I’m really not.” He stated frowning then added with a grin “That would be Willow’s thing.”

“Babe,” Faith spoke up lovingly “shut up.” Xander glared at his lover and crossed his arms.

“You’re not the one having a deforming suck thing in your eye socket.” He replied sullenly.

“A suclcus deformity, it’s the sunken appearance of the upper eyelid.” Meredith explained with a smile. Xander smiled embarrassed at the doctor but Meredith just shrugged.

“We’ll use secondary orbital implants to replace your old implant.” Bailey continued in her intern’s place. “This implant includes a removable metal screw that, when together with an eye prosthesis with a small embedded magnet, will provide enhanced movement of the artificial eye.” She finished getting blank stares from everyone but the redhead.

“Those are a lot of words for saying that your implant is going to be replaced with a better one and it can make your artificial eye move.” Willow translated the medical jargon.

“That’s great!” Xander exclaimed. “Question though, what if due to certain past circumstances I wouldn’t have an implant?” He grinned meekly at the doctors. In Sunnydale they hadn’t put in an implant, they just sewn some of it up and Willow did some mojo on it to avoid infections.

“What do you mean?” Meredith asked confused. She thought that he would at least have an implant if he didn’t have an artificial eye.

“We’ll just head out for a while.” Buffy spoke up with Willow and Dawn nodding their agreement. They made their way out the room as Buffy turned to Faith. “Faith?” She questioned but already knew the answer.

“Nah, I’m good right here.” Faith took a seat on Xander’s good eye’s side to keep out of the way of the doctors. Buffy smiled at her sister Slayer and exited the hospital room. Xander took off his eye patch, feeling very self-conscious but when Faith took his hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of his hand he felt a little better.

“His eye-socket is swollen and more red than normal but that can be fixed in surgery.” Bailey said more to herself than Meredith or the couple.

“Dr. Bailey, shouldn’t the orbital be a lot smaller without an implant?” Meredith questioned seeing the size of the eye-socket was just the same as his other, which could be near to impossible. Bailey nodded her agreement and stared at Xander for an answer.

“I tried to fit a golf ball in it at some point.” Xander replied trying to stare back at the doctor as long as he could. “Or maybe that was just Andrew’s way of playing golf.” He shrugged and tore his eye away from the short doctor.

“Excuse me?” Dr. Bailey pulled up her eyebrows.

“You guys sure ask a lot of questions.” Xander shifted in his bed a little closer to Faith, away from Bailey and her stare. “I liked Sunnydale’s hospital better in that area.”

“Yeah but I bet Sunnydale doesn’t have the greatest plastic surgeon.” Meredith said smiling at Xander. She stopped smiling however when she saw Faith narrowing her eyes at her.

“Who’s that?” Faith asked smirking a little at Meredith. Dr. Bailey rolled her eyes at the jealous act of the patient’s fiancée and the intimidated act of her intern.

“Dr. Sloan.” Dr. Bailey spoke up looking at the door entrance. Xander turned his head to see him but Faith was blocking his way. He noticed Faith had closed her eyes and was mumbling some words.

“I always knew I’d get you to my side eventually, Dr. Grey.” Mark winked at Meredith then turned to Xander while Faith turned her head away from the surgeon. “Hello, Mr. Harris.” He smiled at Xander who smiled faintly in return, wondering why Faith was acting like this. “Are you ready to get your artificial eye?”

“About as ready I’ll ever be.” He replied this time with a wide grin but that disappeared when Faith stood up, her back still towards Mark Sloan. “Honey?” Xander sounded worried but Faith smiled at her lover.

“I’m going to fill in some papers, I’ll see you later.” She placed a sweet and chaste kiss on Xander’s lips and squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“With two eyes.” Xander grinned then watched as his lover ducked her head away from Mark. He decided to let it go for now, when he was out of surgery he could ask her. “I’m going to be a real boy and Dr. Sloan is my fairy godmother.” He said grinning like a fool not noticing Mark’s gaze going after Faith until she was out of sight.


Addison was sitting in the break room, enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the blood results of one of her patients. A soft knock at the door made her look up. She smirked just a little and leaned back in her chair.

“You could’ve told me Mark worked here.” Buffy said wrapping her arms around her waist. She had seen the great Dr. Sloan when she came back from the restroom whilst he was telling Dawn and Willow how the surgery went. She didn’t know where Faith was but she knew she had to get away from the waiting room.

“Mark works here.” Addison said with a small smile. If she had known about Buffy’s whereabouts she probably would’ve told her but the blonde was almost impossible to track down.

“Hi Addy.” Buffy smiled and cocked her head a little to take in Addison’s appearance. She thought the redhead looked tired but just like Buffy remembered, Addison didn’t let it show too much.

“Hello Buffy.” Addison replied and motioned for Buffy to come in and take a seat. “How’s Mackenzie?” The daughter, the girl Addison delivered a little over five years ago in the middle of the night in the back of a car.

“She’s doing great.” Buffy entered the break room but didn’t sit down. “Giles is bringing her.” She took a long pause “Maya’s doing great, too.” She tried to gauge Addison’s reaction but her expression didn’t change much.

“Doing great means she’s still alive, right?” Addison replied a little sullen. She had first met Buffy when she came and told her goddaughter she was a Slayer. At first she really thought Buffy had lost it but Naomi confirmed the redhead that there was something odd with Maya and so two weeks later Maya had gone with Buffy and her baby, Mackenzie.

“No, it means she’s doing great.” Buffy rolled her eyes at Addison’s pessimism. “She’s going home next week for a few weeks. You should go and visit her.” Buffy knew Maya missed home, and her godmother just as much.


“How are things with you and Derek?” Buffy asked getting the redhead on another, hopefully less painful subject. No such luck, it Buffy realized seeing the tired roll of Addison’s eyes accompanied by a heavy sigh.

“We’re divorced but we’re trying to be civil to each other.” Addison let out a sigh when Buffy responded with a blank stare “I cheated on him with Mark.” She explained looking away from the blonde. “Then Derek came here and cheated on me with an intern, which I can’t blame him.”

“Yeah but Mark makes it easy.” Buffy replied getting a sullen expression on her face. She remembered her time with the handsome; no scratch that, smoking hot doctor. He was great when they were together but an asshole when she wasn’t around.

“Have you told Mark yet?” Addison broke Buffy’s train of thoughts. She knew Buffy hadn’t told the plastic surgeon otherwise he would’ve told Addison or Derek, just to get it out of his system.

“There’s nothing to tell.” Buffy said indifferently. She didn’t get why everyone who knew wanted her to tell Mark. He made it clear enough by sleeping with half of New York that she wasn’t important enough for him.

“Buffy-” Whatever Addison wanted to say got cut off by a lot of commotion in the hallway followed by a loud thud. Buffy jumped up from her seat and went to see what was going on with Addison right behind her.

“Faith!” Buffy yelled at the brunette hovering over a certain surgeon. “What the hell are you doing?” She asked as she came up to her sister Slayer.

“I’m just doin’ what you should’ve done years ago.” Faith had her fists balled but allowed being led away from Mark still lying on the floor holding his jaw as he couldn’t stop looking incredulously at Faith and Buffy, like he was seeing a ghost.

“I know, and I love you for looking out for me but not here.” Buffy tried to calm Faith down and thought she succeeded when Faith’s eyes softened for a second then a flash of panic crossed her face when the brunette saw Buffy’s daughter.

“Are you okay, mister?” Buffy turned her head and saw her honey blonde girl walk up to Mark with a younger boy with chestnut brown hair not far behind. Mark didn’t reply, he was too busy staring at Faith and Buffy to hear what the girl was saying.

“Boo-boo?” The boy asked and bent down, placing a wet kiss on Mark’s forehead. “All better.” He exclaimed clapping his hands excitedly then looked straight at Faith with his big blue eyes. “Mama, kiss the boo-boo?”

“It’s not just ‘bout you, B.” Faith whispered. Buffy looked at her sister Slayer then turned her head to look at Mark and Faith and Xander’s son, Liam. When she turned her gaze back at Faith her eyes were filled with pain and betrayal as it dawned on her.

A/N: Seriously, I need to stop looking at challenges... I'm sorry for the ones who are still waiting for an update on my other fics... I just couldn't get this one out of my head.
Read and review people =)
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