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Surviving Days

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Summary: Spike meets someone while walking down the street; both are just trying to survive the day. Written for Immortal as part of the 2007 Holiday fic-a-thon.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Spike, he belongs to Joss Whedon. I don’t know who owns Hellboy and everything along with him but it ain’t me.

Notes: Written for Immortal as part of the 2007 Holiday fic-a-thon. I have no beta at the moment so any mistakes are my own. This takes place after the Hellboy movie, after the last season of Buffy and as far as I am concerned Spike survived the last episode intact. The premise is that Spike is helping a group of slayers in New Jersey.

Surviving Days

John Myers all but stomped down the empty streets of Newark, New Jersey. It was late or early depending on how one looked at it but no matter how you spun it, it was 3 am and instead of being asleep in his bed John was stuck searching for Hellboy. The large red demon had broken out of his room again and decided to go traipsing about through town. John was only glad that at 3 in the morning the chance of someone spotting Hellboy was slim; which was good because frankly they were running out of cover stories.

Without looking where he was going John began to cross a street. Being so far into his mental take down of Hellboy John failed to see the car barrelling towards him on the street. John was pushed to the other side of the street only seconds before the car would have smashed into him; the car kept going. John rolled to a stop, ending in a tangled mess with his saviour. Blinking John fought to get himself into a standing position.

Looking over at the other man he took in the black clothes, topped with a full length leather coat. The blonde haired man seemed to be sizing him up. “What the hell are you doing?” John asked, when he felt he’d regained some of the breath that had been knocked out of him when he hit the ground.

The blonde man – though the closer he looked John could see tell-tale roots – raised an eyebrow at him and snorted, “Saving your arse mate or did you not see the car ploughing its way down the street.”

John blinked again, “Car?”

Shaking his head the other man pointed to the fresh skid-marks on the road – the only evidence the driver actually cared about not hitting the pedestrian. “Oh, a- thank you,” John said as he wondered how he’s not heard or seen the car. He really needed a vacation.

Shrugging his shoulders the man in black said, “Don’t mention it, really don’t.” Turning to walk away he was stopped when John called out.

“Can I at least buy you a drink or something? For helping I mean,” suddenly John felt as awkward as he did his first day on the job.

The man turned around, “If ya can find anything open at three in the morning.”

John nodded and stuck out his hand, “John Myers.”

The man looked at the offered hand but didn’t take it, busying himself with finding and lighting a cigarette. It was only have he took a drag did he answer, “Spike. You want ta tell me what you’re doing out here so late anyway. The streets aren’t safe at night.”

“Oh and I suppose you’d be an expert on that wouldn’t you?” John snapped getting defensive. “It’s none of your business what I’m doing out here.”

Spike backed away a bit holding his hands out in surrender, “Take it easy mate.” Mentally smacking himself Spike tried to regain some of his ‘big bad’ image. “Hope you can survive what’s out here better then a car.” He walked away, forgetting about the offer of a drink.

John watched him go, stinging from the retort. Turning to go the other way John stopped when he saw a dark figure land in front of Spike, when he saw who it was he didn’t call out a warning.

Spike dropped into a fighting stance, slipping into his demon face before the creature completely landed. Throwing a punch Spike growled when it was easily parried and he was backhanded into a wall. John cringed as Spike landed, not having seen his face. Perhaps he should have let out a warning after all.

“What are you doing here, boy scout?” Hellboy asked as he came out of the shadows.

“Looking for you, remember my responsibility and all, even at three in the morning,” John said testily.

Hellboy had the grace to look ashamed, even if only a little bit, “Sorry boy scout; needed to get something.”

A groan came from behind them and Spike pulled himself to his feet. He was no longer in demon form. Seeing John standing near the large red creature he shouted out, “Get a way from him, honestly don’t you know a demon when you see one?”

Hellboy snorted, “Who you calling demon vampire?” Hellboy began to advance on Spike, pulling a hunk of splintered wood out of his pocket.

John grabbed his arm, “Hellboy don’t.”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Spike saved my life. I would have been road-kill if he hadn’t pushed me out of the way.” Hellboy glared at Spike and then at John.

“You’re boy there was right distracted, walked right in front of a speeding car.” Spike pulled another cigarette out of his pocket.

“I was not distracted!” John exclaimed at the same time Hellboy said, “He’s not my boy.”

Spike let out a puff of smoke, “Right.”

John narrowed his eyes, “You don’t seem too surprised to see him,” he stuck a hand toward Hellboy.

Spike snorted, “One I’m a vampire by I fault I know what can be out there. Two I work with slayers and three I’ve fought a lot worse.”

Hellboy raised an eyebrow, “What’s a vampire doing working with a slayer?”

“What’s a slayer?” John asked.

Spike took another puff of his cigarette, “One girl to fight the vampires...yadda yadda...only now there’s many of them.”

Hellboy looked mildly worried, “That’s suppose to be impossible.”

Spike snorted, “You’ve never met the Scooby gang.”

Before John could ask what the Scooby gang was Hellboy said, “You still haven’t explained what a vampire is doing helping a slayer.”

Spike shrugged and tossed his cigarette butt to the ground, “I couldn’t kill her, got a little attached.”

“Uh-huh,” Hellboy didn’t sound very convinced.

Spike looked at the watch that had been forced upon, “I’m outta here, better to get back to the house before they send out the hunting party.”

John looked at his own watch, “Why would they send out a hunting party? I was getting the impression they trusted you.”

Spike looked around the sidewalk, “They do but have you ever kept chocolate away from 15 pmsing women?”

John shook his head and looked over to Hellboy, who looked a little scared. He may be a demon but he wasn’t stupid.

Spike located the bag he’d dropped while pushing John out of the way of the car and forgotten about. Checking the contents he was relieved to see that the ice cream and chocolate bars had survived the mess.

Hellboy did snorted at that, “You’re telling me you went out to get chocolate for 15 women because they asked?”

Spike stopped inspecting the bag, “Not a chance mate. I went and got this stuff because 15 women are currently stomping through the house screaming and swinging at anything insight. This is an immunity idol so to speak.”

Spike looked at Hellboy, “You going to keep him out of trouble?” he stuck a thumb out toward John.

“I think I can manage that,” Hellboy said sardonically.

“In that case, I’d say it’s been fun but frankly it hasn’t,” Spike gave what could have been a wave to the two and walked down the street.

John blinked and looked to Hellboy but before he could say anything Hellboy started walking in the direction of the base, using his tail to pull John along.

“Let’s go boy scout.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Surviving Days". This story is complete.

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